Emperor of the Galaxy – Prologue 1

TL Note: This is actually quite difficult to translate… I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry knowing that I actually finished this.
Changed Braubelk to Breuberg as per lygartranslations’ suggestions (ブラウベルク ) 

The human race’s embark to space was earlier than expected. The ground breaking progress of the technology of computers was put to practical use in spaceships. Because of this the development of space technology greatly sped up.

First, the humans developed the moon. And as expected, it was a treasure trove of resources, which greatly changed the problem of energy. It was no longer a problem of exhausting resources. It was now a problem of scrambling for it. With this came the interest of mankind, as well as the struggle for survival.

Among others, the antagonism of America, China, Japan, the Pacific Rim Nations, and Europe became steep. The Pacific Rim Countries requested a significant portion under the pretense of their huge population. But since Europe had already requested the rights for control beforehand, neither of them yielded.

The ones who tried to mediate this, were Russia and India. They went over to the Pacific and mediated in order to gain an advantage. Europe showed great displeasure at this, but because of the overwhelming power of the Pacific and because they were able to secure their own share, they withdrew. This mediation was called the Singapore Treaty.

Since of all things this treaty was signed within the headquarters of the Pacific Rim Nations, it was possible to guess what the true nature of this treaty was. Moreover, this treaty had great influence over the expansion of humanity into space.

Because of the advantage given by this treaty to the Pacific, Russia gained strong influence within the Pacific Rim Nations. Until then, Russia had a slightly weaker position compared to the three countries, Japan, America, and China. But then Russia ended up becoming responsible for mediating between these three countries.

This also had the support of Japan and the ASEAN who was wary of the despotism of America and China. Also, for Japan, Russia was a troublesome issue but after they had settled the Northern Territories Issue
(http://www.mofa.go.jp/region/europe/russia/territory/overview.html) they were able to fix their relationship. And as for Russia, something like the Northern Territories was no longer a big deal since they were already entering an era of space expansion.

Central and South America also joined into this. As for the leading powers of the oceanic countries, Australia and New Zealand, they were already important members of the Pacific Rim Countries, so they had no issues. Korea, Mongolia, Mexico and the Caribbean Countries also joined. After that, the surrounding countries of Russia and a member of EU, Turkey, also joined. They used the overwhelming power and population in order to proactively propagate the expansion to space. But there were also many who had already known much about the know-hows of space expansion.

India didn’t join them. It may be that it was because of their culture that they weren’t able to get along with Russia or the Pacific Rim Countries, and instead chose to walk on a path by themselves. But because they were also unable to get along with America and China, until today they have been estranged.

However, because of their cordial relationship with Japan, they were able to use Japan’s technology to expand to space. An act at which Europe was vexed. Because they were beaten at acquiring the resources in the moon, they were greatly delayed despite having the manpower and the technology. To begin with even if you have the technology, one can still end up behind. And just like that, in the end they were left behind by the Pacific Rim Countries. With the vestiges of the former EU nowhere to be found, it was believed that Europe had once again become content with the borders of the human world.

It was at that moment, however, that fortune paid them a visit. The birth of a new leader, Heinrich Von Breuberg. A man born in Austria and has the lineage of a duke. This man went from the European Parliament’s number one opposition party, the Progressive Political Party, to being a diet member candidate of the European Parliament. With his tall stature, bountiful blonde hair, those blue resolute eyes, and a face that looked like a sculpture from Greece, this young, 25 year old man, managed to charm the people of Europe with his speech.

Before entering the parliament, he first gave the world famous Easter speech. At the same time, the European Parliament began the Easter Festival. During which, they reinstated Greece’s and Scandinavia’s different gods and fused them with the Catholics and propagated it. Although the reinstatement of the old gods was seen at the 19th century, in order for that to become a reality it still took several hundred years. This speech gave a closure to the state of affairs and ignited the fire of the Europeans. The Progressive Political Party also gave their approval and he immediately became the young leader of that political party.Breuberg announced policies one after another. The proactive expansion to space, the protection of the engineers and the scientists, and the protection of the rights of the laborers. All of these things were entwined with the expansion to space.

He also immediately gained influence within the governing party. They then left the party and merged with the opposition. Because of this the power balance in the Parliament changed, causing the Parliament to be dissolved. Putting this together along with the election, the Progressive Political Party had an overwhelming victory and Heinrich Von Breuberg became the chairman of the European Parliament, or the leader of Europe.

He proceeded with his own policies, and through this he was able to restore the power of Europe. And Europe was also able to go into space.

There were also those who did not look favorably upon this effort. The Pacific Rim Countries for one. And among others, countries such as America, China, and Russia was greatly displeased.

In their displeasure, they sent out assassins, only to fail. And what’s worse is that their behaviors were put to light. These three countries’ intelligence agency received harsh criticism, and their reputation greatly fell.

With this they had no choice but to stay meek for a while, and during this period, Europe vigorously pursued its expansion to space. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to do anything. The assassination incident that was brought to light, caused the Anti-European diehards in the Pacific Parliament to be replaced by the moderates. These moderates, however, also considered Breuberg to be someone that cannot be ignored.

However they didn’t expect any results even from the economic sanction because Europe had already managed to get a strong footing in its economy and has even managed to get the resources it needs.

They contracted the Singapore Treaty. Because of that they were able to monopolize a good part of the expansion to space. Even if they were try to cause a war, they couldn’t expect support for that because it everyone knows that the one who made the first move was them. Moreover, the Pacific Countries also had a problem with the other countries.

The peculiarity they had was that they had many countries participating. However, that actually became a disadvantage to them. Because they didn’t have someone who could lead them.

The four countries, Japan, America, China, and Russia, are its leader. However between those leaders, there were plenty of disagreements. And what’s worse is that other countries also participated. In any case, the point is that it was very difficult to progress with any conversation.

This was a clash of interest. And because they were not unified, they were not able to take a resolute position against Europe.

That is something that Breuberg himself acknowledged. He said, “When there are too many boatmen, the boat will not move.” To actually have taken out a Chinese proverb, he was a first rate cynic with a wealth of words.

Regardless though, the power difference was left unchanged. He too also believed that something needed to be done about the Singapore Treaty. And desperately needing to do that something, the only card left to play was war. However, that was not something he could afford to do. If a war were to occur, the opponent would definitely unify. In that instance, the one who would lose would be his side. And so he instead strengthened the influence of Europe.






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  1. dragonmage Avatar

    thanks for the chapter

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    It's a start, but it really doesn't have anything that says, “Read me!” – Gizmo

  3. lygartranslations Avatar

    ブラウベルク – Maybe Blue Bell? Normally I would leave it. Since it is German, maybe Braubach.

  4. Neo Avatar

    Those are great suggestions, thanks. I'll think about it.

  5. lygartranslations Avatar

    Yeah definitely Braubach to be more accurate in the translation. If there were an official translator if it were licensed, they would use Braubach. It could not be more accurate to translate it as Braubach. Or Brauberg. but due to the von, it has to be von Braubach. Braubach is an actual place. and the von is where they are from or of. usually where they are from. It is like the da in Italian, but for German. Like Da Vinci.

  6. Neo Avatar

    Alright, I've changed it now. Thanks for the suggestion and that tidbit.

  7. lygartranslations Avatar

    A bit of research. I would say Brauberg if there was no 'von', With the 'von', it refers to the place of birth of the character or the ancestor that started the family. Since there is the von and there is no actual place in Germany called Brauberg, I wouldn't call it Brauberg. However, Breuberg is an actual town in Germany and there are both people with the 'von Braubach' and the 'von Breuerg' names.
    The best picks for an accurate translation would be
    von Braubach
    von Breuberg
    They are both fairly close to each other in distance and around the same latitude
    I vote for von Braubach which you already changed it to and the place has a richer history so and is more easily searchable

  8. Neo Avatar

    First, thanks for taking the time to research. As for the name I think I'll change it to the second one because Braubach is written as ブラウバッハ, Breuberg definitely seems closer to the original katakana so I think I'll go with that. Thanks.

  9. Anonymous Avatar

    I learned only a little but of Japanese (and German) myself, but I would say the correct translation is Blauberg. Blau is simple the color blue and Berg means mountain/hill.
    Japanese authors often use german colors (rot,-red blau-blue, schwartz-black, weiss-white) for the name of a person or a place.

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    Nothing really grabs my attention…

    Thanks so much for all your hard work though!!

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    Too early to say a thing about it.

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    HI, thank you for your suggestion. It does sound better, so I'll think about it.

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