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How Extra Chapters Work

Currently, there are four regular chapters every week for Goblin Kingdom and at least three extra chapters. An extra chapter is posted every week every time the donation bar reaches 40USD.

The donation bar grows every time a donation is received. In Patreon’s case, the bar grows at the start of every month or after every charge, while in Paypal’s case, it grows after every donation.

The bar is manually set, so it might take some time before the bar grows. Give it at least 24 hours.


How to Donate

1.) Through Patreon. (Monthly)
Just click on the button below and choose which reward you would like. From here you can specify an amount or just press continue to go through the rest of the donation process. (Note: I cannot enable charge up front as of the moment, so donations will only be added at the start of every month after charge.)

Become a Patron!

2.) Through Paypal



The Man Picked up by the Gods (Revised): $122/$70 (On hold until the series is taken as a main project.)
Goblin Kingdom: See progress bar in sidebar (desktop mode) or at the bottom (mobile)