The Man Picked up by the Gods

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Author: Roy

Ryouma Takebayashi, 39 years old, found himself in a strange white room. The gods tell him that he has died and they are sending his soul to a different world, a world where magic exists.

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Volume 1 
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Volume 2
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Volume 1 to 3
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Volume 4
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  1. As of 11-August-2016, the EPUBs are not available – ecookie’s wordpress site has been marked private, so they’re no longer available. (please remove this comment if the link gets fixed : )

      1. I closed my site but the epubs are still up on Armaells site if you want to adjust the links. Made one for Volume 4 but Darkalter has that covered

  2. how is this novel situation? i heard some info about the author doing a remake. you guys are translating the remake or the older on? can you guys put in the site some info about it?

    1. Ano~ jugglypuff dono, can you brief a bit about the remake, I’ve also heard about it
      Does it mean that the author start the story from the scratch… From the beginning or the author start somewhere in the middle of the volumes?

  3. Thanks for the translation and epubs!
    Anyway, the synopsis should include [Alt. Title: The Slime Lord] LOL.

  4. It seams someone put a bunch of redirect links on your page. May want to look into getting rid of them and finding who is trying to drive people away from your page.

  5. Hi I would like to know if the novel is stopping or if it will continue. If it continue do you have an idea of when will the author release his volume (and if you will translate theme ) thanks for all your translation !

  6. A suggestion for Jigglypuff. i know this may end up as a huge expense of effort, but I hope that this can be corrected. 従魔術 , which you have translated as slave magic, is seriously offending. 従魔 is familiar, so this is similar to what vampires call familiarization, except that in the context of this story, it is done through a magic contract. Please spare me with the ugly term slave magic as it means a totally different thing. If you want to know what it means, read Himekishi ga Classmate.

  7. Hopefully someone will make a PDF for what there is of volume 5. It’s a shame that this got rebooted. (I’ll likely read the reboot, but starting over a story because of a reboot is never something I’m particularly fond of)

  8. I would like to know if you already have a forecast of when it will start volume 6. Since the story stopped in volume 5 with 38 chapters. I really like this story, I hope it continues to be posted here.

    1. the author somewhat wrote himself into a hole. He failed to introduce new ways for the story to continue and grow since everything adventure related already has been done. Now what is left is writing the story around the girls and the kingdom (trouble with nobles and war).

      But since the author didn’t introduce other countries, cultures, nobles and factions previously he hit a wall now.

      So he will rewrite the story to make it work out properly this time….and get to the happy Ryouma+Elia ending.

  9. Hey should i read this or the reboot version…i started reading manga and relly like the characters a lot

  10. Translator sama ive read a different version of this novel rather a different translation? Ive only downloaded it so i dont know who translated it but its different from here. I wonder why? Im sure it is this novel not the reboot.

    1. If you figured it out can you reply here to let me know what it is too? I searched and couldn’t figure it out

    2. Mostly there is less dialogue and less explanation of events. (For instance, in the reboot, the story doesn’t tell you how Ryouma defeated the bandits in Gana Forest. But in the original story that information is told.) Some dialogue has been changed. Some characters have been deleted altogether. Also, some of the story has been changed or removed.

  11. Prefer the original version over the reboot. Reboot has too many chapters where I feel like I missed an explanation somewhere. The original.. though I’ve only read up to the end of Volume 3 so far has lots more story. Some of the characters seem a bit non-essential, but for the most part the author only needed to change a few continuity/ flow issues and needed an editor to go through and change some grammar/ spelling errors.

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