The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 1 Start– Life in the Other World

In the other world, Seirofuru, within one of the countries, was a man named Takebayashi Ryouma. He was sent to the Forest of Gana in the kingdom of Rifo-ru. As soon as he woke up he took advantage of the lack of people and began his training in Martial Arts and Magic. Three years passed in the blink of an eye and not once has he thought of stepping out of the forest.

“Alright… I guess this is the day’s meal”

Ryouma spent his day to day life gathering fruits, hunting animals, and using magic he learned. It was a comfortable life full of freedom and free of chains.

He made his house by digging a cave out of a cliff with the use of Earth Magic and put up a barrier for the entrance. The earth and sand he got from digging, with a flick of earth magic, were used to create the furniture.

As for meals, there were plenty from the surrounding forest. And with the use of the Neutral Type Magic “Appraisal”, Ryouma could know whatever information he needs. Can it be eaten, can it not be eaten? Without question, Ryouma can distinguish these things. Moreover in his previous world Ryouma couldn’t use magic and because of this was completely immersed in his new found hobby, magic.

Especially the Slave Magic.

Actually, when Ryouma first used Slave Magic, he had only wanted to try it out and caught the slime near him. But somehow one way or another he ended up raising it as a pet and after half a year, something changed. The slime evolved.

When Ryouma woke up that day, he saw the slime and noticed that its color had changed. Somewhat startled, he quickly used his Beast Appraisal ability and found out that the slime had evolved from a slime to a sticky slime.

Sticky Slime
The sticky slime is composed of highly cohesive viscous liquid. It can spit out the viscous liquid, as well as use the viscous liquid hidden in its body to capture its prey and devour it.

•    Strong Stricky Liquid Lv1 
•    Digestion Lv3   
•    Absorption Lv3 
•    Split Lv1

Ryouma pondered on why the slime suddenly evolved and he figured that the culprit must be the Green Caterpillar.

For meals Ryouma generally fed the slime his leftovers and during hunting, he would continuously feed the slime the dead green caterpillars that kept appearing. He figured that was probably the reason. Wild slimes were at the bottom most of the ecosystem. Normally, without being able to catch their own preys to eat, they are only left with the choice of swarming over the corpses of the dead.

With that in mind, Ryouma had his meals every day and the left overs of that meal were given to his slime to eat. In other words, Ryouma’s slime is different from wild slimes and is able to eat every day. Moreover within the meal of the slime were some viscous body fluids. The green caterpillars that spit viscous threads were included in the day to day meal. Ryouma considered this to be a probable hypothesis for the evolution of the slime.

After that day Ryouma caught three slimes and everyday he would continue to feed it green caterpillar. And after two months the three slimes had all evolved into sticky slimes just as he suspected.

Because of this Ryouma’s interest in Slave Magic increased and he caught a large number of slimes and made them eat various things. Speaking of which, because of these the food consumption shot off through the roof… until he thought of a plan to combine his traps with the sticky slimes. Like this he was able to secure the feeds for his slimes.

The end result? Ryouma’s slimes’ current status as of this time are as follows:

Sticky Slime x 153
What started out as 4 slimes, somehow ended up this many after splitting. Also the abilities at the start were only Strong Cohesive Liquid, Digestion, Absorption, and digestion but after a while the slimes also learned Cohesive Hardening Liquid, Cohesive String Shot, and Jump. From the looks of things it seems even magical beasts can learn skills by training. Also it seems it is also possible to learn new skills by combining already learned skills.

After studying the properties of the cohesive class skills, Ryouma was pondering on whether or not the 2 kinds of liquid, Strong Cohesive Liquid and Sticky Hardening Liquid, from the slime will be able to create something. Doing that he noticed that he was able to make something threadlike. Wanting to see whether the slimes will be able to create the same thing in their body, he made them do it. It took some practice but after a while the slimes learned the skill.

Current Skills:
•    Strong Cohesive Liquid Lv4
•    Sticky Hardening Liquid Lv1
•    Sticky String Shot Lv1
•    Jump Lv1
•    Digestion Lv3
•    Absorption Lv3
•    Split Lv3

Poison Slime x 188
This slime evolution is a result of continuously being fed poisonous plants and animal feed. But because of the method of ingesting poison, a large number of slimes died in the process, and only a handful of slimes managed to evolve. After that, due to splitting the slimes ended up with this number.

•    Generate Poisonous Liquid Lv3
•    Poison Resistance Lv3
•    Generate Paralyzing Poison Liquid Lv3
•    Jump Lv1
•    Digestion Lv3
•    Absorption Lv3
•    Split Lv3

Acid Slime x 100
A slime born out of sheer coincidence. Apparently in order for the slimes to consume the hard bones of beasts, the slimes body responded by increasing their digestion ability. After splitting the numbers ended up like this.

•    Generate Strong Acid Lv3
•    Acid Resistance Lv3
•    Jump Lv1
•    Digestion Lv4
•    Absorption Lv3
•    Split Lv2

Cleaner Slimes x 11
Another slime born out of sheer luck. Slimes are omnivores, but they have a particular fondness for drinking water. When Ryouma washed his body, there were some among the slimes that wanted to drink the water Ryouma used. Well, it didn’t seem like it really mattered so he left them alone, and then they ended up like this.

•    Cleaning Lv4
•    Deodorization Lv6
•    Deodorization Liquid Lv4
•    Disease Resist Lv5
•    Poison Resist Lv5
•    Jump Lv1
•    Digestion Lv3
•    Absorption Lv3
•    Split Lv1

Scavenger Slim x 457
Ryouma was unhappy with the fumes coming from the toilet and the place he designated for trash. Remembering how the slimes liked to gather around the foul stench of dead bodies and the case of the cleaner slimes. He decided to catch 20 new slimes and threw them all there. The result was the Scavenger Slime. This evolution is able to turn its digested nutrients into fertilizer and throw it up. It also splits far more frequently compared to other slimes.

•    Disease Resist Lv5
•    Poison Resist Lv5
•    Eat Filth Lv5
•    Cleaning Lv6
•    Deodorization Lv6
•    Deodorization Liquid Lv4
•    Release Stench Lv4
•    Return Nutrients Lv3
•    Jump Lv1
•    Digestion Lv6
•    Absorption Lv3
•    Split Lv6

Like this, Ryouma’s pets numbered over 900. From the start Ryouma had always enjoyed setting additional milestones for himself whenever he played games, and never found any difficulties with doing mindless things repetitively like raising levels. After coming here, with no one to stop him, he had completely lost even the tiniest tinge of self-control.

Incidentally, because tamers normally ignored slimes, no one knew anything of the slime evolutions. And the cleaner slimes and scavenger slimes in particular are new species that have never existed before.

Ryouma’s days were spent like this, continuously indulged with the slimes and his magic. From time to time beasts and bandits would come around but they were all crushed by the number of slimes and traps. And as for the ones who did manage to do something, they were killed effortlessly by Ryouma’s own fighting strength.







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