The Man Picked up by the Gods Volume 1 Chapter 1

~Side Ryouma~

Today was like any other day and I was out hunting to get some food for my slimes. Only, today, some visitors came. They didn’t seem to be bandits, so they were normal people. Within the three years I’ve been living isolated here in the forest, I haven’t met any other humans that weren’t bandits. This was the first time in a long while.

The number of people reflected in my eyes is 5. All of them except for one were wearing armor. That guy who wasn’t wearing an armor was covered in blood and wrapped with bandages. Looks like he’s hurt.

“Ugg… Uggh”
“Hyuzu! Pull yourself together!”
“Camil! Mana is!?”
“Sorry… It’s not ready yet”
“Leav… Me…”
“Don’t say stupid things!”

From the looks of things, they seem to be in a really bad state. I think I should take them with me to my house to let them rest and I could also help tend to their wounds.

In order to do that, I need to go to them and talk to them in a way without being threatening. Hmm… but then, what should I say? “Good day?” Yeah right… the circumstances don’t fit at all! How about, “Hey! you guys! You guys are definitely suspicious, right!? …. Actually I haven’t talked to anyone for the past 3 years so I have communication disorder…”  Something like that?

While I was in the process of thinking up of a way to put down their guard, they spotted me.

“Tch! Who’s there!?”

The man who walked in front pointed his sword immediately but the guy behind him made him stop.

“I apologize for that, just now. We were just being cautious. By the way, who are you? And why are you here? This is a bit too deep in the jungle for a kid so you must be lost, huh?”

Asked the man, but somehow Ryouma’s voice couldn’t come out.

“… Hunt”
“Hunt? Hunting? You?”
“Oh, you hunt by using traps?”

Somehow someway the guy understood what I nodded vigorously to indicate that he got it right.

“But this place is dangerous… ah, whatever. Rather than that, why are you blocking our way?”

I pointed at the wounded man.

“Exactly, my subordinate is wounded, which is why we are in a hurry.”

I hurriedly brought out the potion I made, but seeing that, the guy with a sword from a while ago went in front. I quickly jumped back and showed them the potion.

“Wait! … Is that a potion?”

I nod.

“Wound… dangerous… Medicine… Use”
“You would let us use that medicine”

Hearing those words, the men glanced at each other and carefully took the bottle.

After they confirmed that the contents weren’t poisonous they gave made the wounded man drink it. After a little while, the color of the man’s face became slightly better and they lowered their guard a little.

“I give you my thanks for giving us this medicine. Like this, Hyuzu may be able hold on for a bit longer.”

I wanted to tell the guy who was thanking me to go to my house to get some rest… but

“House… Rest…”

This is pathetic, the words just won’t come out at all. It’s not like he is a bear or something. I tried talking again and somehow someway I was able to get my thoughts across. Somehow…

We came across a bit of a problem along the way, but somehow we managed to reach the cliff. Whenever I leave I would normally use Earth Magic to shut the entrance tight, so I used Earth Magic to open the entrance and invite them in.

“Inside, welcome”
“Thank you”

When everyone managed to get in, I put up the Barrier of Hiding. Seeing that, one of the armor wearing men spoke up.

“This is… Barrier Magic? That’s a pretty unusual magic, huh? Is the barrier, hiding us?”

I nodded my head once and then replied.

“Can run… You five… don’t worry”
“R- Right. Thanks”

Nodding once, we went deep into the cave. As expected, if someone were to suddenly bring you to their place with nowhere to run, you’d be anxious. But rather than that, I wonder what I should do… More or less it’s gotten better but, I still can’t seem to talk properly… 







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