The Man Picked up by the Gods – Prologue#3

Edit: 2016/03/07 added names, edited a few lines, and fixed some wrong names. Particularly Martial God = Teagle; Melia = Sage.
After the three main gods returned home, they called the souls of two elders.

“Oi!… what the?[Man]

“Where is th–!! Teagle? Is it Teagle!?” [Woman]

“Melia!? How!?” [Teagle]

“Ah… looks like you’ve come to” [Gayn]

At that voice the 2 elders came to notice the three gods and turned around.

“Wh-who the fuck are you?!” [Teagle]

“Wait Teagle! You people are, gods, right?” [Melia]

“Precisely, you did well figuring that out. It was us that brought the two of you here.” [Gayn]

“Because of my age, I was being nursed by my husband and should have already died. That I’m here, then does that mean Teagle also?” [Melia]

“Yeah… Of all things the last thing I saw was that piece of shit village chief… And? What did you bring us here for?” [Teagle]

“Well… you see, we want the two of you to lend us your names.” [Kufo]

After that the three main gods explained to the two the exhaustion of mana and the supplementation of it by taking mana from a different world. During that, they also talked about the situation of Ryouma Takebayashi.

“I think, I got the gist of it… in other words this guy you brought from another world is packing quite a bit of heat, so in order not to arouse suspicion you want us to make it so that he is our disciple.” [Melia]

“Exactly, not only did he come from another world and is talented at martial arts, but he is also talented at magic.” [Gayn]

“If you include even the gifts you’ve given him then, he’ll end up going past the realm of geniuses.” [Melia]

“While I didn’t add anything to his martial skills, I made it so he can use various magic. Depending on how he trains, he can grow really fast. Moreover, being able to use both martial and magic skills, he’ll end up reaching an absurd level. So I want to make it so that he was picked up by you guys and was taught various techniques. And besides…” [Kufo]

“This is his status” [Gayn]

When the two elders saw the status, their faces were filled with shock.

“Wh-what is this guy?” [Teagle]

“For Resist Class Skills to actually end up like this…” [Melia]

“Umu, the Resist Class Skills are especially abnormal.” [Gayn]

“From the looks of things, the god of the other world intentionally gave him bad luck and stole the happiness that he should have had. Thanks to that he kept living his life in suffering. These various skills were not given by us so we can’t exactly erase it. But the thing is, once he gets there he’ll definitely get asked how his Resist Class Skills ended up like that.” [Rurutia]

“That’s why you chose our village.” [Melia]

“Well that does make sense, the people around the village are quite problematic. Children and people who can’t fight get bullied a lot as useless trash… but, won’t they find out? All they need to do is ask where that kid’s family is and they’ll find out right there and then.” [Teagle]

“There’s no such worries. Since, a few months after you guys died, the village was destroyed. There’s no one left in that village anymore.” [Gayn]

“What!?” [Teagle]

“What happened?” [Melia]

“Well you see the people of that village were making killing out of the weapon and medicines you guys made, but when you guys died all that went down the drain. In the end they weren’t really able to find a way to make a living.” [Gayn]

“After you guys died, the village head couldn’t make as much money as you two and went mad. The useless people and the children who lost their relatives were then sold to slave traders. And eventually, even the villagers themselves started to get sold to the slave traders. When the villagers found out about that, it became a huge mess and the villagers killed the village head. The villagers then took all the money the village head saved and tried to run away to the village. Along the way though, they ended up falling out and most of them died, the few survivors were then caught by slave traders and were sold.” [Kufo]

“Tch! How helpless can someone be!?” [Teagle]

“They continued to abuse people with lower classes for over 150 years, you know? Considering that twisted tradition of theirs, it’s already plenty commendable that they lasted that long.” [Gayn]

“True… Then from the looks of it there’s no problem. Go ahead.” [Melia]

“I’m also ok with it. Besides we’re already dead. So it doesn’t matter anymore. I was called the Martial God (TL Note: Chufeng!) during my lifetime, but honestly it never really mattered.” [Teagle]

“Rather if possible I would like it if that kid could continue the research I couldn’t finish…” [Melia]

“No problem I’ll let him know. Although I don’t what he will do… is that ok?” [Rurutia]

“Of course, whatever happens is the kid’s choice. After all this is only my selfishness.” [Melia]

“Then in that case tell him where I hid Melia’s book and my weapons. There were quite a bit of stuff I didn’t want to give to the villagers so I hid them before I died. If it’s you guys, then you understand, right? If the boy is going to inherit Melia’s research, then those things will definitely be necessary. My weapons should prove to be helpful.” [Teagle]

Consider it done. I thank the two of you for your cooperation.” [Kufo]

“As thanks I’ll arrange it so that the two of you meet in your next life as well.” [Rurutia]

“My… thank you.” [Melia]

“Why? Why would you do something like that just because we lent you our name after dying? Ah… whatever, I’ll just gratefully take it. To the brat from the other world too! Thanks kid!” [Teagle]

After that the three main gods saw the two elders off, and dealt with the preparations for the next life. And then after finishing the settings at the last moment, sent Ryouma a letter. The 3 gods ran some checks on the world that has been supplemented with mana, and then went back to their everyday lives.







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