The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 26

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Volume 2 Chapter 26

I was speechless when I saw the flock of rimel birds flying. The sight of the rimel birds spreading their wings and fluttering their tails, with the mine as their back drop, as they descended down to the swamp, was so beautiful that I even forgot to breathe.

As they descended, each one of them went after the grell frogs to feed on. It feels like there’s a bit more of them compared to before, but it doesn’t feel like they came here for revenge. 

For the meantime it doesn’t feel like there’s any danger, however, one of the birds within that flock has been staring at me this entire time. It’s the nightmare variant from before. That bird’s been staring at me all this time without eating anything. It hasn’t even moved its gaze from me once. I wonder if it’s cautious because of what happened before.

I noticed from behind me that Elia had already taken her musical instrument from Sebasu-san. Hmm… I might actually get in the way if I stay here.

“Rheinhart-san” [Ryouma]
“What is it?” [Rheinhart]
“I’ll take my leave for a moment. That higher variant from before has been looking at me all this time, so I might get in Elia’s way if I’m…” [Ryouma]
“I don’t mind.” [Elia]

As I was talking, Elia interjected.

“One must tame a magical beast while facing it. For me to actually blame my failure just because Ryouma-san is here… what an absurd excuse. I won’t say something like that.” [Elia]

Different from her normal aura, right now Elia was emanating an aura full of dignity.

“Moreover, I would like Ryouma-san to watch me while I tame. So please stay there. It’s really reassuring to have you here, Ryouma-san.” [Elia]

Said Elia as she showed me her usual smile.

… Well if you tell me something like that, then there’s no way I’d be able to leave.

“I understand. Do your best.” [Ryouma]
“I will!” [Elia]

After words of encouragement naturally left my lips, I went behind Elia.

Elia took a deep breath several times, then she began her performance.

Just like before, Elia played a calm and comfortable melody. Her piece started quietly, and then gradually it became stronger and stronger. The notes she played changed like the ever changing size of the sea’s waves.

But whether it was strong or soft, the notes echoed clearly throughout the marshland without pause.

The rimel birds began to sway from left to right as they matched the song. Their behavior a far cry from their reaction to the two men before.

Elia’s music continued like that, and eventually it ended calmly.

“…” [Elia]

Elia nervously looked at the rimel birds. But the next instant, all of the rimel birds simultaneously started chirping.

This sound was different from their mocking chirps from before. Right now, their voices resounded like pianos and harps. It wasn’t noise, no. Far from that, their echoing voices were like a musical performance.

That performance continued for a minute, and eventually a beautiful rimel bird flew towards Elia, with 8 more following from behind.

When Elia saw that, she was petrified.

“Elia! The contract! Contract them!” [Ryouma]
“Right!” [Elia]

Elia, having seemingly forgotten, began to contract the rimel birds one after another at my words. From the looks of things, it looks like she was able to successfully tame them.

As Elia finished, she began to contract the last rimel bird, the most beautiful of them all. When she succeeded, she shouted cheers of happiness.

“I did it!” [Elia]
“Good job!” [Rheinhart]
“You did well.” [Rheinbach]
“That’s great, Elia.” [Madam]
“Congratulations.” [Ryouma]
“Congratulations, Ojousama.” [Sebasu]

Elia was able to tame 9 rimel birds in total. Just taming one should’ve been difficult, and yet… Who could’ve thought that she would actually be able to tame so many?

“Please look at all these pretty children I’ve tamed!” [Elia]

Surrounded by the rimel birds, Elia was in high spirits as she caressed the rimel birds while she crouched. The rimel birds also seemed to have become emotionally attached as you can even see some standing on her knees and on her shoulders.

It’s sad that when I saw that, I was reminded of the scene of opening a bag of bird feeds, and all the birds crowding over it. Really, why am I remembering something so useless, when I’m seeing such a touching scene like this?

In fact, this scene is so touching you could paint it, and name it, “The Frolicking Beauty and the Flock of Birds.”

I guess it’s only natural to think that though. Well then, should I try to ride on this flow, and try it for myself?

As I brought out my guitar from my ‘Item Box’, Elia looked at me, as if she had just suddenly been woken up.

“Ryouma-san, is that a musical instrument? You’re also going to tame?” [Elia]
“I’m not as good as you, but I thought I’d try just like you did.” [Ryouma]
“Please do your best!” [Elia]
“Do your best, Ryouma-kun” [Rheinhart]
“We’re expecting good news.” [Rheinbach]

As everyone encouraged me, I did my preparations. And just like Elia, I took a deep breath.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t really properly learned the guitar. I just happened to receive an instructional book and a guitar from a neighbor when he decided to move. Apparently, he didn’t need it anymore. So I played the guitar from time to time to pass the time, while I learned the chords from the book. I just played it because I felt like it, that’s all.

And although I may not be comparable to Elia’s skill, I’ll do my best.

And so, the sound of the guitar echoed throughout the marshland. My choice of piece is something I heard from the TV in my previous world. I didn’t buy the sheets or anything, I just learned it by intuition and practice. In fact, it’s probably already completely different from the original piece.

But even then, I don’t mind.

My music isn’t that good, but it’s not that bad either. And while I’m not really all that confident about this, I still think it’s better for me to play it cheerfully.

And so, just like with Elia’s, the rimel birds also began to sway.

Did they come to like it? It’s kind of interesting seeing them like this.

When the piece ended, the rimel birds quietly stood, unmoving, for a few seconds. And then, just like before, they began chirping as if they were singing.

Afterwards, six rimel birds flew over. But what was surprising was that one of them was the higher variant from before. Wasn’t it cautious of me?

“Ryouma-san, contract them!” [Elia]

Oops, I also got stupefied there for a bit.

I quickly tamed them all, one after another. And without any hitch, I was able to succeed.

“Fuu… Success.” [Ryouma]

At my words, applause and congratulations erupted from the people around me.

“Congratulations, Ryouma-san!” [Elia]
“It’s good that you were both able to succeed.” [Rheinhart]
“Congratulations, Ryouma-sama.” [Sebasu]
“You did it, young master.” [Zeff]
“Even though taming rimel birds is supposed to be very difficult, you two did really well to manage taming several of them!” [Madam]

As the madam said that, everyone’s eyes moved towards the rimel birds we had caught. The nightmare rimel bird I had and Elia’s prettiest bird seemed to get along, as they flew through the sky and jumped on the earth.

That rimel bird is really pretty. The six I’d caught are also pretty, but that one is even prettier as some parts of its color feels like it’s shining.

Sebasu-san, seeming to have realized something, said this.

“… Ojousama, Ryouma-sama, how about calling those two over and using ‘Monster Identify’ on them?” [Sebasu]

Elia was a bit puzzled, but she immediately called hers over and used ‘Monster Identify’ on it. When she called hers back, mine also came back, but it parked itself on my head. Why my head? Oh well, it’s not like its heavy so whatever.

“Eh!?” [Elia]

While I was minding the bird on my head, Elia let out a shocked voice.

“What’s wrong?” [Ryouma]
“This child isn’t a rimel bird! It’s a higher class!” [Elia]

What!? Wasn’t the higher variant of the rimel bird only seen once in 10 years!?

“Really!? Its color is different from mine, but…” [Ryouma]
“Yes, but it’s not a nightmare rimel bird. This rimel bird is called, Phantom Rimel Bird. And it doesn’t use dark magic, but light magic instead.” [Elia]
“There was something like that?” [Ryouma]

I just thought it was strange, but Sebasu-san and the others were speechless because of shock. After they came back to their sense, they seemed so happy that they looked like they’d toss Elia into the air as they showered her with praise.

After they had all calmed down, they explained. Apparently, the phantom rimel bird is also a higher variant of the rimel bird, but it’s even rarer than the nightmare bird as it’s only been seen once in 50 years.


After that, we went to the swamp to catch some grell frogs as per Elia’s training, however, everyone’s attention was at the rimel birds. Honestly, it’s more like everyone’s already forgotten that we came here for Elia’s training.

The grell frogs are actually quite easy to catch as long as you don’t mind the smell. It’s so easy it feels like they’re losing on purpose. But because of that, we ended up catching a lot. It’s also easy because there’s no one else here aside from us. Otherwise, the struggle for the grell frogs would be harder.

After we finished catching the grell frogs, we all went out of the swamp. And then with the help of the cleaner slimes, we all cleaned ourselves… Umm, I wonder if this is ok for training. Didn’t we come here with the purpose of getting used to filth? Well Elia’s slime will also eventually turn into a cleaner slime, so I guess it’s fine?

Actually, I don’t know, but no one’s stopping it, so whatever.

Having finished our work, we were about to go home, but before we did, we rested for a bit.

The madam and Elia were both surrounded by our rimel birds. Rheinhart-san enviously looked on at that scene from a slightly distant place. I had heard that he didn’t get along with bird-type magical beasts, but who would’ve thought that just by being near them they would threaten him.

Rheinbach-sama ordered Sebasu-san to use ‘Warp’ in order to go back to the town quickly, so he could have Araune-san and the others prepare a feast.

Because of that, when our break ended, and we went back to our lodging, a sumptuous, feast with plenty of spices complemented by high class wine was waiting for us.

Naturally, it ended up becoming a banquet with me and Elia being its leading actors. And Rheinbach-san and the others praised us plenty while we ate.

As soon as Elia said she was full, she became engrossed in talking with everyone. As for me, I couldn’t help but eat everything in front of me because of my frugal spirit. I thought it’d be a waste if the food and liquor just ended up thrown away, so in the end, I ended up eating and drinking too much.

It’s been a while since I’d eaten like this… Still, it’s kind of different from my previous life.

There were also times when I drank while being surrounded like this, but it wasn’t this fun. The food from my previous life should be more delicious, but today, it feels as if the food here is more delicious. The wine too.

…Come to think of it, Tekun-sama did say that I didn’t enjoy drinking in my previous life. I guess this is what he means by enjoying drinking. Anyway, I guess I’ll pray to Tekun today.

After the banquet ended, I asked for some of the remaining high class wine to use as an offering, and then I went back to my room.

It’s my second party since coming back to this world, but unlike my previous world, the parties here are fun. Thank you. This is something I received, but please let me use this as an offering.

… Something like this? Anyway, I face the statue and bow my head, and then I decided to sleep.

I’m feeling good today, so I think I’ll be able to sleep well.







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