The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 12

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Volume 3 Chapter 12

One month since returning from Renauph.

When I woke up, I went out to the storefront where the morning’s brisk, blue sky greeted me. It’s been quite hot lately, so this is a nice change of pace. It’s also that time of the year where adventurers who use ice magic make the most. So if ever you happen to drop by the guild, you’ll spot quite a few excited adventurers.

A good weather like today shouldn’t be spent inside the mines. And since I’ve been doing nothing but treating those waterproof cloths since I came back from Renauph, I’ll be taking the day off.

With that, I dressed myself, and I went to the town.

I thought of dropping by the store, but the door was closed. Then I remembered that starting from this month, the store will be having regular holidays.

Oh well, I guess it can’t be helped. Like that I walked aimlessly around the town. When all of the sudden, a neighbor called out to me.

“Well if it isn’t Ryouma? What cha doing?” [Poline] 
“Ah, Poline-san. Good morning. The store is closed for the day, so I’ve decided to spend the day walking around the town. After all, it’d be a waste to spend such a nice morning cooped up indoors.” [Ryouma]

Said I, as I walked towards her. At which, Poline-san chuckled.

“Certainly. A weather like this shouldn’t be wasted cooped up indoors. By the way, since you’re free today, why don’t you drop by my husband’s store? He’ll have some feed for your slimes.” [Poline]
“Thank you as always.” [Ryouma]

Following Poline-san, I received some blood, bones, and meat from Zeke-san. There’re quite a bit this time around, so I’m guessing it must be because of the hot weather.

They’ve been a real huge help to me, so maybe I should give them a refrigerator as thanks.  But on second thought, let’s not. That so-called refrigerator stops being a refrigerator when I’m not around after all, so if I gave them one it’d just be a hassle for me. While I was thinking that, someone suddenly shouted in the store.

“Mom!” [Rick]
“I can hear you just fine without the shouting!” [Poline]

The owner of that voice was Poline-san’s mischievous child, Rick.

“Oh, you were here, Ryouma?” [Rick]
“Good morning, Rick.” [Ryouma]
“At least greet properly!” [Poline]

Poline-san poked Rick. And Rick rubbed the place he was poked.

“So, what did you want?” [Poline]
“Oh, right! Toll’s arrived, so I’ll be going now!” [Rick]
“Oh, it’s that time already?” [Poline]

Hmm? Rick’s going somewhere?

“Where’s Rick headed to?” [Ryouma]
“Ryouma, you didn’t know? Today’s the cleaning day for the church.” [Rick]
“Once every two months, the children of this town have to clean the church and do some miscellaneous jobs.” [Poline]
“We do it as thanks to god!” [Rick]

So community service in other words… When I think of it like that, I’m somewhat impressed by Rick, but Poline-san just smiled wryly and said this.

“Don’t be fooled. My kid’s not so benevolent as to do something with that in mind. He’s just spouting some stuff he heard from somewhere. He’s real aim is the giveaway candy.” [Poline]

Rick looked the other way.

“That aside, are you going too, Ryouma?” [Poline]
“Well… I just heard of it today.” [Ryouma]

Should I join? I mean, I don’t exactly have anything planned so….

“Would it be ok if I went as well?” [Ryouma]
“I don’t mind.” [Rick]
“Then I’ll go too.” [Ryouma]
“Alright! Come with me then!” [Rick]

Said rick as he happily raised his right hand as he walked. After I said goodbye to Poline-san, I went after Rick.

“Ryouma! You’re slow!” [Rick]
“Yes, yes. I’m coming.” [Ryouma]

Rick talks cheeky, but he still waited for me. He might actually unexpectedly become a good brother figure who’s able to take care of others.

Like this, I followed behind Rick, and met up with Reni and Toll in front of the church. Going in, the girl in nun clothing told us to go to the chapel by following the signs.

Just as she said, there were signs inside the church here and there. And inside the chapel was a huge crowd of children, and one woman who was in-charge of them. There are around sixty children in total. They seem to have attended out of their own will, but I wonder whether if this is supposed to be many or few for this town.

In any case, we’ll have to sit and wait till the sweeping starts. So I sat with Toll and the others in the chapel, when suddenly light appeared before my eyes… light!?

“W-Where am I?” [Ryouma]

That’s strange, even though I didn’t pray, the light leading to the divine realm still came. And what’s more is that this isn’t the usual empty, white room.

“This is a library, right?” [Ryouma]

Surrounding me were numerous wooden bookshelves full of books. But the bookshelves stood not only on the ground, but also in the air. I had thought it to be only a normal library at first, but now that I’ve taken a better look, I suppose it’s not…

“Oh? So it worked.”

Looking for the unfamiliar voice, I looked up. And there, a thin, young man was floating downwards to where I stood. Well, I should greet him first before anything else.

“A pleasure to meet you, I am…” [Ryouma]
“I’ve heard of you. You are the new otherworlder, correct? Rumors of the otherworlder being quite interesting have been going around, you see.” [Someone]

He knows that I’m an otherworlder. As expected, he is a god.

“I am the god of magic, Fer Noevir. And this space here is mine. It would appear that you are quite surprised at how different this world is compared to the time you met with the other gods. However, you do not need to be alert. It is the same divine realm you are used to. When time passes, you will return. Until then, why don’t we enjoy ourselves?” [Fer Noevir]
“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

So this is the god of magic, Fer Noevir. According to Tekun, opportunities of meeting with this god is extremely rare.

“Don’t mention it. Something to this effect is only a matter of fact. I’ve heard of the four gods you’ve met before calling the soul and consciousness of the living to this realm, and so I thought to take the opportunity to try it out myself. Naturally, I wouldn’t do something crude such as being impolite to someone I called out on my whim.” [Fer Noevir]

From our conversation, I found out that he was in the middle of investigating why I’m able to come here. And by chance, I happened to be at the church, so he decided to take the opportunity and called me. In other words, an experiment.

“I’d be quite pleased if you’d answer some of my questions… do you mind?” [Fer Noevir]

I don’t really have any reason to refuse. Or rather, since I can’t refuse, I just replied by listening. The questions of the magic god started out from my lifestyle, both in my previous world and in this world, to silly questions such as my favorite food, to questions such as what I thought when I was first called here to the divine realm. And my opinions on matters regarding things such as slavery and war. All sorts.

For a while now I’ve just been listening, but I can’t seem to find a pattern to his questions… Until finally, the last question came.

“Thank you for you cooperation. It’s the last question but… what do you think of this world?”

What I think..? Since the questions are so vague, I’m not really sure how to answer. But I think it’s a good world. Of course, I haven’t gone around the world, and my information on it is also scarce. However, the people I’ve met so far have mostly been good people. And I’ve even made friends. Magic and slimes are also interesting, and my life’s been prospering, so I don’t have any complaints. With all that in mind, I think it was a good thing that I came to this world.

“I see… I understand now.” [Fer Noevir]
“Huh? Did I… speak out just now?” [Ryouma]
“You didn’t, I just read your mind.” [Fer Noevir]

Read my mind!? …I didn’t realize it at all…

“Sorry about that. I wanted to be on the safe side, so I read your mind.” [Fer Noevir]
“Safe side?” [Ryouma]
“Unfortunately, not all of the otherworlders were like you.” [Fer Noevir]

Apparently, there are those among otherworlders who drowned in the power they’ve been given, and committed all sorts of heinous acts. There were also those who, despite not having any malicious intent, ended up using their powers incorrectly and caused many tragedies. So it seems he’s observing me. Well, I can understand where he’s coming from. It really is dangerous after all to carelessly go on a rampage after having been given cheats.

“Exactly. As much as possible I don’t want to bring people with dangerous thoughts into this world. The same goes for people who lose themselves to their power. Moreover, we can’t really interfere with the otherworlders normally. The most we can do is have them stop with an oracle, and try to persuade them to make up for their sins. We can interfere in situations where the world’s about to be destroyed, but those kind of situations are rare. Besides, it’s already too late once the situation turns that grim… Anyway, I’m glad that you understand.” [Fer Noevir]

He read my mind again.

After Fer Noevir explained to me while slightly complaining, he seemed to calm down.

“From now on, I’ll be doing a lot of things, but I’ll take care not to drown in power… My apologies for not being able to say outright that I’ll absolutely not do so though…” [Ryouma]
“I can’t trust someone who says something like ‘absolutely’ so carelessly. It’s more than enough for you to think of keeping my advice to the best of your abilities.” [Fer Noevir]
“Thank you very much. I’ll continue to do my best from now on.” [Ryouma]

After hearing those words, the usual light began to shine.

“Looks like the time’s come. I’ll give you one last advice. There is an abnormality awakening in your body… but it’s not really something that rare. It’s limited to otherworlders from earth, but more or less there is an inclination similar to yours.” [Fer Noevir]

By abnormality, he’s referring to how I went into this realm and went off with a divine tool, right?

“Is that true?” [Ryouma]
“I haven’t identified the cause, but there are also people in the past who were able to do things that should normally be impossible. It just so happens that you happen to have a similar inclination for some reason. It’s precisely because Gayn and the others have a precedent that we know there’s nothing wrong with your body or your mind. There were also other people who had that inclination, but there weren’t any one who suddenly died or went mad.” [Fer Noevir]

Come to think of it, Kufo mentioned of a saint dying and removing all diseases from this world. That’s definitely not something that a person should normally be able to do.

…I haven’t really been minding it, but I wonder if I was actually concerned? Since I’m actually quite relieved now that I’ve heard of these words that were spoken just now.

“Thank you for telling me that.” [Ryouma]

At the same time I gave my thanks, the light wrapped around me, and I was brought back to the chapel.

I wonder if my voice reached him. I don’t know the timing for leaving so I’m quite anxious.

What I was thinking might have come out on my face since Toll and the others told me, “You’re making a strange face you know. Is something the matter?” To be honest, I completely forgot about these three…

After that, I tricked the three, and after waiting for a while, the woman who was in charge of the kids, thanked me along with the rest of the kids for participating. Looks like there’s no debut for my magic and scavenger guys here. It’d be faster if I used those guys, but the kids are doing their best to clean up, so I can’t just bring out the slimes just because they’re more efficient. So I just brought out the normal tools, and swept like a normal person along with everyone else.

The sweeping took until afternoon. After we cleaned the church, we had sandwich for lunch. After that was time for the candies that Rick was looking forward to. We were given a pouch with a ribbon tied to it. Inside were four pieces of cookie. All the kids ate here, so I tried eating it too. The baked sweet smelled good and had just the right sweetness. It also had the strong fruit smell of something like jam added onto it. It was delicious.

After we finished eating the sandwich and the cookies, all the kids formed groups and started playing in the garden. At the same time there are those who seemed to be looking at the entrance of the church, waiting for something.

I get the kids who are playing, but what about the kids who are waiting for something? So I tried asking Rick and the others what they were doing.

“What are you guys doing?” [Ryouma]
“We’re waiting for uncle!” [Rick]

The one who answered first was Rick. But that answer only told me that you’re waiting for someone.

“After sweeping, there’s an uncle who comes every time. That uncle teaches us swordsmanship and how to fight.” [Toll]
“How to fight?” [Ryouma]

Hearing Toll’s explanation, apparently there’s a former adventurer who drops by after the kids finish sweeping. That person doesn’t just donate to the church, but also hopes for the orphans who live in the church to be independent when they grow up and have to leave, so he teaches them how to fight free of charge. In other words, a volunteer. And because it’s possible to learn how to fight for free, there’re also kids who admire warriors who join the sweeping on the day of the church’s cleaning.

Even if you say it’s practice, taking into consideration the age, it’s not at a level where it can be considered much. At least looking at from mine or any adventurer’s perspective, but that can’t be helped.

“I get Rick, but why do you two want to train?” [Ryouma]

Rick’s a naughty boy so it doesn’t feel weird when he wants to join the training. But as for Toll… well he doesn’t strike me as that sort of person. Is it just because he’s a young boy that he admires adventurers?

“It’s not bad for girls to fight too, you know? I might get involved with some strange guy in the future, and I need to look after Rick too.” [Reni]
“As for me, my mom told me to train my body a bit… I never intended to slacken that much though.” [Toll]
“It’s because your personality’s so girly! If you train then you can become manlier!” [Rick]
“Y-Yeah…” [Toll]

I see… Or rather, Toll, aren’t you just being pushed around?

As I thought that, the surrounding children grew noisy.

“He’s here!” [Kids]
“Uncle!” [Kids]
“The scary uncle came!” [Kids]

Hearing that, I looked towards the entrance. And just as they’d mentioned, a man with a scary face was there, heading over here.

“Oi! Who said my face’s scary!? That was uncalled for!” [Scary Uncle]

Shouted the man as he walked over our direction. It was the guild master of the adventurer guild, Wogan. Apparently by uncle they meant Wogan-san. The surrounding children seem to have already gotten used to Wogan and they didn’t flinch at Wogan’s loud voice. Rather, there were even some kids who clung to him.

While he was wrapped up with children like those, our eyes suddenly met.

“Oh? Ryouma. What’re you doing here?” [Wogan]
“The store’s closed today, so I thought I’d walk around the town to spend the day, but then I heard about the church’s cleaning day, so I figured I’d participate. I thought an opportunity like this where I could be a part of the community and mingle with the others was a good thing.” [Ryouma]
“Well that’s certainly a good thing… Oh, right. Since there’s still some time, how about you go and help me for a bit.” [Wogan]
“Help?” [Ryouma]
“Yeah, come on, lend me your ear for a bit…” [Wogan]

After a while, I found out that he apparently wants me to help out with the training.

In the open area where children are gathered and separated according to ranking as they practiced their foundations, I took out from my ‘Dimension Home’ twenty scavenger slimes.

“Good! Today we’ll do something more practical for your training! Ryouma!” [Wogan]
“Right.” [Ryouma]

“Everyone! Today you’ll have these slimes as your opponents!” [Wogan]
“The wounds will be treated with healing magic, so please don’t hesitate, and go all out.” [Ryouma]

I think the ones who’ll be injured are the kids though. After all, I’ve been training the slimes until now, and they’ve also learned the Taijutsu and physical attack resist skills. Plus their opponents are just using wooden swords. With a child’s strength to boot too. Yep, the slimes probably won’t get hurt at all.

In any case, I had the slimes focus on dodging, and ordered them to only use their body slam for their attack, so the children should be safe. Body slams will only be able to trip people over at most after all.

“Ryouma, is it ok!?” [Rick]

As Rick asked that, I replied with a, “No problem.” At which Rick expressed that he wants to go first. That wasn’t a problem, so Wogan let him.

Rick wielded the wooden sword that children used. But his eyes were a lot more serious compared to the other children.

The scavenger slime didn’t attack and instead waited for Rick to attack first. Rick looked on at the unmoving scavenger slime, and ascertained his aim. And then he swung his sword downwards. But because he’s mostly only studied the form, his swing was wide open, and he had plenty of openings. But above all else, he was slow. He’s a kid though so I guess it can’t be helped… And as expected, the scavenger slime was able to dodge it.

Frustrated, Rick continued to attack at the slime. And in his frustration, his form gradually fell apart, until he completely forgot it and started just swinging his sword wildly. That went on for a while until Rick started tire. And when he brought his sword up, the slime took that opportunity and rammed its body into him perfectly. He’s not hurt, but because he was lightly pushed away, Rick fell on his tushy.

“That’s enough! Rick, your body’s still too small, and you also haven’t done proper training yet, so it can’t be helped that you lost. But you shouldn’t let the blood go to your head just because your sword missed. Just now, except for the first one, everything was a mess and you were full of openings. Next time, you should focus on making each movement as clean as possible.” [Wogan]

Rick looked frustrated but he nodded his head, and went back to the observing children. After that, everyone took turns fighting the slime, and received Wogan’s guidance. After that, Wogan divided the area and had them all battle with the slimes simultaneously.

During that time I took charge of healing with my healing magic. While Wogan-san patrolled and taught the children individually.

When it was almost dusk, the training ended.

After we sent the children off, Wogan-san and I were finally able to rest.

“Good work today.” [Ryouma]
“Yeah, you too. Thanks for your help.” [Wogan]
“Same here, actually. I took the day off, but I didn’t really know what to do, so this turn of events was quite convenient. Also, regarding that matter… I’ll leave it to you.” [Ryouma]
“Information about the magical beast, right? No problem, leave it to me.” [Wogan]

As compensation for my participation in today’s training, I will be receiving information on various magical beasts in the future. I want to gather as much information as I can on the magical beasts in The Great Forest of Shurus before going. And also, although I’ve already become D Rank I want to become C Rank first before going, since that way I’ll have an easier time entering the forest.

“It’s payment for your service today, so I can have it ready by tomorrow. The information will depend on the subjugation request’s contents though. Still… don’t push yourself, ok? …Though since it’s you, I think you’ll do just fine and come back safely, but still… you shouldn’t let your guard down. Also, if you don’t mind, come help me train the kids again. Your slimes make for really good training partners after all. Accepting the training missions for new guild recruits from the adventurer guild’s also fine.” [Wogan]
“I’ll have to refrain. I’m bad at holding back.” [Ryouma]
“That so?” [Wogan]
“Yes. When I started training the slimes at first I ended up killing quite a few of them too.” [Ryouma]
“… Oi, isn’t that because you were fighting with slimes?” [Wogan]
“Eh?” [Ryouma]
“Slimes can be defeated even by kids as long as they have a weapon you know? If you can hold back enough not to kill that, then that’s more than enough for a human. Or rather, if you hold back that much, then it won’t be training. Besides, haven’t you been capturing the people attacking you all this time?” [Wogan]
“…” [Ryouma]

Now that he mentions it!

“You realized it just now!?” [Wogan]
“Yes.” [Ryouma]

Looks like, after training with the slimes, I’ve actually ended up being able to hold back without realizing it. I wonder why I haven’t noticed it until now? … Maybe it’s because I’ve hurt others before?

While we were talking, the nun brought us some drinks us thanks. And I gratefully accepted it. By the way, the woman who made my status board’s apparently named Riera. And the young girl’s named Bel apparently. Also this church’s apparently being managed by only these two.

When I asked her if they didn’t lack manpower, she said although it’s not easy, she’s being helped out by the orphans and the people in the town so there’s no problem.

Moreover, she also asked me some questions. They wanted to raise some slimes in the church, so she wanted to know whether learning slave magic’s difficult or not. Whether it’s hard to raise slimes or not. And a bunch of other questions relating to slimes. I started off by answering her questions one at a time, until I finally couldn’t take it and just asked outright, “Why do you want to raise slimes?”

“Because after today, I’ve come to realize just how cute slimes are.” [Bell]
“And if I can safely secure them by slave magic, then it’ll also be good as education for the kids.” [Riera]

Is that alright!? To use slimes as education… back in my previous world the most we had were rabbits. Or rather, this world actually had the custom of using animals as a form of education? For the meantime, it’s not like she’s already decided, and they just mentioned that they might do so later.

While we were talking it became dark. Now, I should go back and have supper at home. Drink some, and then sleep. Then tomorrow, I’ll do my best again. 






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