The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 5 Chapter 13

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Volume 5 Chapter 13

The Next Day.

After deciding that the girls’ live combat practice would be against the undead, I started making preparations for our trip to Trail Canyon. Because of that I’ve been making medicine since this morning but because there were so many, I still haven’t finished yet despite already being past afternoon.

“Rai, I’m filling up the next batch.” [Ryouma]
“Kyuhon.” [Rai]

In front of me was a giant saucer on top of which was a giant mortar, and on that mortar’s side was a metal rod connected to Rai.

I’m standing on the crane situated above that. A simple crane looks exactly like the planks seen in movies that pirates use to push people out of the ship. Anyway, I took a pot full of cut and dried centipedes, and threw it into the mortar. Rai started grinding that down, and I went to prepare the next batch.

The sound of grinding and knife chopping filled the room. Their sounds rang together at a steady pace. Gradually, the knife slowed down, until eventually, it finally stopped. A monotonous job, but it’s not bad.

It was then that Riera, Kanan, and Shiva-san came.

“Ryouma-dono, we got that thing you asked us.” [Riera]
“We’ve already brought it to the lab.” [Kanan]
“Thank you.” [Ryouma]

The girls said they’d help out during their spare time, so I asked them to pick out some stuff for me.

More specifically, I asked them to gather the moss and the mold of the moss slimes and the mold slimes growing in a room in the tunnels. They like places that are dark and damp, so I’m raising them there where it’s dark and has plenty of magic power. In exchange, they can grow me lots of blue molds and slimy luminous moss.

Once I finish filling five barrels of pulverized centipede, I’ll go work with those. These centipedes are big and hard, and even small ones would take an adult some time, so it’s going to take a while.



It wasn’t until it was almost evening when I finished pulverizing the centipedes. Before taking the barrels of powdered centipede, I thanked Rai by feeding him some hay and branch from the tree slimes, then I went to the lab.

“I should… start with the easier one first.” [Ryouma]

I picked out the barrels full of blue mold from the barrels at the corner of the room, and used Alchemy to separate it into its components, and produce penicillin.

Penicillin coming from blue mold is common sense back in my previous world. I used Alchemy again, and––

“It’s done! All the penicillin I need, and I barely broke a sweat.” [Ryouma]

Normally, it’d take a lot more knowledge and work to make one, but with Alchemy, everything becomes so much easier. Although, finding the right mold took a while since they all look similar.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining or anything. In fact, easy work is great since it’s convenient, but the God of Magic, Fer Noevir, doesn’t seem to like Alchemy. I think it’s because Gayn just randomly made it up. And with him being a serious God compared to Gayn and the others, the rushed job probably rubbed him the wrong way.

We’re not very close, but he is a god, and he’s never really said anything unreasonable. He never told me not to use Alchemy or warned me about it.

Our relationship? I guess it’s of kind like a boss and his employee? Oh, but of course, he’s not as cold as the bosses back in my previous life.


As I was thinking that to myself, I finished making the penicillin. And then I used that penicillin to make all sorts of ointments from ones that stop bleeding to ones that treat burns, and even shallow wounds like scratches and grazes. I always bring these with me whenever I go to the Trail Canyon.

They’re necessary especially since the undead at the canyon have started picking up the weapons left by other adventurers, and because they can’t maintain their weapons, their weapons are all rusted and covered in mud, making catching tetanus highly probable.

Anyway, I’ll just seal the remaining penicillin, and store it somewhere cold for when I make more ointments.

“Now, where’s that slimy luminous moss–––Hmm?” [Ryouma]

As I was just about to get to work on the next one, Michelle, Shiva-san, and Remiri-san entered the lab.

“Ryouma-kun, is there anything we can help with?” [Michelle]
“Training’s over for the day, so let us help out.” [Kanan]

Oh, I guess the other ones are making supper then.

“You came at a good time. Crush these chopped mosses until they’re all syrupy.” [Ryouma]

They won’t be using the giant mortar for this, and will instead be using a simple mortar and pestle. I take one for every person, and they start crushing moss. Meanwhile, I grab my cauldron, and start the fire.

While working, Shiva-san asked me what kind of medicine I was making.

“I’m making potions of all sorts from antidotes to ones that recover health. Also, because of this moss’ special trait of storing mana from the air to glow, the resulting potions will last longer than normal.” [Ryouma]

It’s like a preservative for potions.

When Shiva-san heard that, he asked.

“Does it matter that the moss stores mana? I’ve also used a lot of potions back in my days, but I’ve never paid much attention to the ingredients.” [Shiva]

It’s outside of his specialty, so it can’t be helped.

Medicine in this world is divided into three categories: Medicine, Magic Medicine, and Potion.

Medicine is medicine, its effects are solely dependent on the combination of ingredients, and has nothing to do with magic.

Magic medicine is similar but uses ingredients brimming with magic power to create various effects.

Potion is actually a kind of magic medicine, but it’s only the ones that have instant effect that are truly known as potions.

In a sense, a potion is really just healing magic that utilizes the magic power of its ingredients. Which is why its effects wane as time passes, until eventually, it becomes completely useless.

In other words, it has an expiry date.

“So, adding the liquid of the moss to the formula will give the potions a longer expiry date.” [Ryouma]
“So, that’s how it is.” [Shiva]

Around this time, the water started boiling. So, I gathered the liquid moss, and added it into the cauldron. There’re some slimy parts, but those’ll coagulate in the heat. So, I just wait a little bit, then I scoop them out, wring them, and then throw them away. Meanwhile, Michelle started asking a bunch of questions.

“Can you only use that liquid for potions?” [Michelle]
“Of course, not. You can also use it for other stuff like killing undead, for example. Since the stored mana is light mana, having one or two vials with you can be a lifesaver.” [Ryouma]

Michelle thought for a while then she spoke.

“Can you use that in place of magic jewels?” [Michelle]
“In place of magic jewels?” [Ryouma]
“If it stores magic power, then it’s the same as magic jewels. Can’t you use the magic power that normally gets used for healing for something else?” [Michelle]
“It’s possible but it’s not easy.” [Ryouma]

The moss certainly stores magic power, but that magic power is gradually vanishing. So, unlike magic jewels it has an expiry date. It won’t last long in liquid form either, as it’ll only get worse with usage. And there’s no point in storing magic power into it yourself since that’ll just be wasting your own magic power.

Frankly speaking, it’s much better to just go and buy some actual magic jewels. It’s way more convenient and will save a lot of hassle, but apparently, Michelle had a different opinion.

“Can I get some of that liquid? I want to try something.” [Michelle]

Michelle said that with a serious face. And as she got three vials from me, she thanked me.

“I’m borrowing the magic training room for a bit! I’ll report my findings later! Sorry, I couldn’t help out today!” [Michelle]

As she left the lab with those words, Remiri-san spoke.

“Ara ara… Seeing Michelle-chan like that sure reminds me of my days as a royal court magician.” [Remiri]
“Really?” [Ryouma]
“There were a lot of people like her back there… She’s talented too, so who knows? She might actually be a royal court magician one day.” [Remiri]

She laughed as she said that.


By the time we were done working, Sebasu came to let us know supper was ready. So, we went to get Michelle, and when we entered the training room, Michell was there drawing magic formations with sparkles in her eyes.

Along the way, she told me that she tried to use the moss liquid in place of magic jewels for the ink, and she succeeded. Alchemy had to be used to balance the water content, but with this discovery, the cost of magic formations would greatly go down. Michelle had a huge smile as she happily reported that.

Not bad, but I’m not about to lose just yet…





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