The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 5 Chapter 12

After lunch.

After eating, I consulted with Sebasu about what I was thinking about a while ago.

“I see, live combat training… It’s certainly a good way to see their actual strength, but the bigger question is who they’ll be fighting against.” [Sebasu]
“The magical beasts around this area are really weak… More and more people have also been frequenting the area to hunt, so I think we’ll have to first find a good hunting sp–– Huh?” [Ryouma]

It seems we have a visitor.

Elia and the others noticed that we’ve stopped talking.

“What’s the matter?” [Elia]
“Someone came. It’s probably Rheinbach-sama.” [Ryouma]
“Grandfather?” [Elia]
“It could be anyone, I mean the guy didn’t even make an eek… Wait a moment, how did you know someone came?” [Riera]

Simple, because the slimes I’m contracted to contacted me. And by “contact”, I mean they told me someone came. That’s about the most we can communicate with each other. But while it could certainly be anyone, considering there are flying beasts at the airpad – according to the slimes there – then it’s probably Rheinbach-sama.

The airpad is fully functional with the tower and flags for communicating, but as far as I know, only Rheinbach-sama can use those.

“There’s an area here in the mines rarely frequented by people where tree slimes live. They can’t move, but I can communicate with them like with the other slimes, so I’ve ordered them ahead of time to inform me when someone comes.

Also, because they can’t move and look no different from other normal trees, no one will notice them. Other than the tree slimes, there’re also the stone slimes that look like stones, and the weed slimes that hide in the surrounding greeneries.” [Ryouma]

The tree and stone slimes are completely indistinguishable from normal trees and stones. And the weed slimes aren’t just useful for watching the house, but also for camouflage. After I turn one into a big variant, I can have it wrap itself around me to act as a Ghillie suit. I can also order it to eat the weeds in the fields, effectively removing them for me. I’ll need to be careful though, or I’ll find myself growing lots of weeds. But aside from that, the weed slime is a really useful slime.

“A slime again? Ryouma-kun, just how many slimes are you raising?” [Kanan]
“It’s cause I also end up raising the slimes that are hard to raise from the lab. They research them first, then when they’re done, I take them back home with me. The tree slimes, the stone slimes, and the weed slimes, are examples of that.”

I mentally counted the slimes I have with me.

“Most of it are made up of the scavenger slimes and the grave slimes, but it’s currently about 50,000 slimes.” [Ryouma]
“I’m impressed you were actually able to contract that many.” [Elia]

Elia muttered to herself in a fed-up tone.

Well, it is a bit much, I suppose.

“And just so you know, me being able to tame this many magical beasts is limited just with slimes.” [Ryouma]

Although it barely even mattered at this point, I followed up with that anyway, and then we headed for the airpad. When we got there, waiting for us was Rheinbach-sama’s Ignis Dragon, as well as the person himself.

Hmm? I can sense someone else in here… But because of the Ignis Dragon, I can’t see him… Is it another butler?

As I was thinking that to myself, Elia approached Rheinbach-sama.

“Grandfather!” [Elia]
“Oh, if it isn’t Elia, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I heard you’ve been practicing at Ryouma-kun’s place. How is it?” [Rheinbach]
“It’s been going splendidly, Grandfather. I can use a lot more spells now including Firestorm.” [Elia]
“I see, I see. Ryouma-kun, thank you for taking of my granddaughter. And sorry for the sudden visit.” [Rheinbach]
“Not at all, you’re welcome anytime, Rheinbach-sama. But why all of the sudden? Normally, you’d contact me first…” [Ryouma]

At that moment, a certain familiar female voice reached my ears.

“Rheinbach-chan had nowhere to go.” [???]

When I turned toward the source of that voice, two familiar faces appeared by the shadow of the Ignis Drago. They were none other than the royal court magician, Remiri-san, and the former knight-commander, Shiva-san.

“Long time no see~ Ryouma-chan, Elia-chan.” [Remiri]
“Remiri-oneesama!” [Elia]

Elia’s shocked too… Wait, does she know Remiri-san? Oh, come to think of it, I do recall hearing something about that before… Or rather, it seems Remiri-san is having her call her ‘onee-san’ too. She’s given up on me ever calling her that though.

“Remiri-neesan, Shiva-san, it’s been a while. Are you doing well?” [Elia]
“Of course, I take care of my health, and any injuries hear in no time at all.” [Shiva]
“We’re having the time of our lives adventuring all over.” [Remiri]

Shiva-san became an adventurer after our time in the Town of Departed Spirits. He knew he was still plenty strong despite his age, but he couldn’t go back to being a knight anymore as he’s already once retired from being a knight-commander. So, he became an adventurer instead.

Well, actually, he was asked if he wants to come back, but since he wanted to fight in the frontlines, he turned them down. Besides, if he were to go back there and do the same work he did before, he might end up depressed again…

So, he and Remiri-san became adventurers… Or wait, actually, Remiri-san was an adventurer to begin with. Only, she stopped being one after becoming a royal court magician, so in her case, it’s more of a reinstatement than a new job. In any case, because of their history and strength, they were both made S Ranks. And they spend their time travelling and adventuring all over the world.

To be more specific, they’re travelling around the world while lending a helping hand to those in need. I’ve also coincidentally met them several times.



After we went inside and talked, I found out that the Jamil Family has been very busy because of the tamer guild incident with Matthew.

“It’s because I reacted fast.” [Rheinbach]

It seems he’s had his eye on them for a while now due to their recent behavior. So, as soon as Matthew was apprehended, they went straight to the tamer guild. Apparently, they were already warned that if something were to happen again, they would be investigated even by force. Of course, that was never mentioned officially, so I never knew about it.

And apparently, because of how urgent the situation is now, Rheinbach-sama had to ride his dragon to deliver the order and report of the current head, Rheinhart-san, as soon as possible.

Seeing as how Rheinhart-san has his hands full dealing with the aftermath, it would seem that Rheinbach-sama has completely passed the baton, and is now a full retiree. Shiva-san and Remiri-san went to visit him. And Rheinbach-sama figured that they should go out.

“Going out is great and all, but there’s just nowhere to go. So, I thought I’d drop by your place, and take a look at my granddaughter.” [Rheinbach]
“I see. As I said before, you’re welcome anytime. If you’d like, please see for yourselves just how much Elia’s grown.” [Ryouma]

In other words, it’s a parent observation day. Sebasu-san’s always here, so he doesn’t count, but… With Rheinbach-sama, I’m sure she’ll feel a bit more nervous.

Speaking of which, while we were talking like this, 4 of the girls could be seen visibly jittering. Riera was especially nervous. In fact, she was so nervous, she stood attention and stammered when Shiva-san called her.

Then after Shiva-san heard her last name, it turned out that he’s apparently familiar with her father and her 2 siblings. He praised them and encouraged Riera, and she cried tears of joy.

Then after seeing the girls’ progress, everyone including Shiva-san and Remiri-san, were impressed. And they decided to teach the girls too. Remiri-san taught the magic group, while Shiva-san went to teach the sword group. That fired the girls up even more.

I know it’s for their sake, but… I should go make sure they don’t push themselves too much. Especially, Riera, as she’s way too fired up.


After I discussed my plans for live combat training with the three others who arrived today, we decided to hold it in Trail Canyon. Zombies are magical beasts in the shape of humans, so with them as their partners, they’ll be able to practice both anti-personnel and anti-beast fighting styles. And with the help of my grave slimes, finding enemies will be a cinch. The whole trip will be a lot safer too.

Well, with that, I found myself a great opportunity to find some feeds for the grave slime and to pick up the gods’ compensation for all the food. Gonna need to do a lot of preparations though. Things are about to get busy again.

TL Note: Sorry for all the delays, and thank you for being patient.
In any case, regular releases for TMPG is back again. At least 1 chapter a week will be released, and it will be posted either on SAT or SUN.

Also, Trail Canyon is the Troll Canyon in the past. I must’ve misread it.





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