The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 4 Chapter 10: Training Area

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Volume 4 Chapter 10: Training Area

On the way to the training area, Michelle-san said this.

“Ryouma-kun, could you also give us a tour of the slime research facility? I got interested after hearing you talk about it.” [Michelle]

The other four also seemed to be interested. Honestly speaking, that makes me happy, but…

“Unfortunately, the slime research facility is currently prohibited except for related personnel. I can’t promise you anything.” [Ryouma]

In order to make the most of the research results of the facility we allow tours for our trusted affiliates. We are also brazenly using the abilities of the slimes in the training facility. However, there are still slimes under research and other confidential matters within the research facility, so we can’t just recklessly let anyone enter.

Information is freely shared within the research facility regardless of experience or age, and the research is done together by all the researchers. However, the flow of information to the outside is being strictly monitored.

The facility’s security is also tight. Thirty of the people Rheinbach-sama introduced was hired to guard the facility. There are several expensive magical tools set in place. And even a barrier to defend against invasions through dimension magic or retreats through it has been put up.

“It’s unfortunate, but I guess it can’t be helped.” [Michelle]

Michelle-san seemed to have predicted my response, and she easily gave up the idea.

It’s not strange for research facilities to prohibit entry. People who are able to tour one are considered lucky, so it seems she wasn’t expecting much when she asked for a tour.

“It’s because even though my parents are researchers, I’m not allowed to enter their laboratory.” [Michelle]

Come to think of it, her family is a lineage of researchers. I guess it’s not that strange that she understands how these kind of facilities operate then.

As we talked like that, the northern gate of the first town entered our line of sight.

“Hmm? If we keep going this way, we’ll reach the gate.” [Kanan]
“Are we leaving the town?” [Michelle]
“Yes. The training area is located outside the town.” [Ryouma]

The training area and the magic training area were built at a location about an hour and a half to a two-hour distance walk outside the town for safety reasons. It’s a little closer to Gimuru from the midpoint between Gimuru and my house.

The area was positioned some distance away from the Grell Frogs so as to not affect them. There the trees were cut, and a lot of 150m x 100m was created. And then a rectangular building, rounded on one side, making it look like a smart ball or a pinball, was built on it.

As we passed the gates, I ordered Rai to speed up. At my orders he quickly sped up, and he ran like a horse. Surprised, Riera-san, couldn’t help but ask.

“Ryouma-dono, aren’t we going a little too fast?” [Riera]
“No problem. This kid has more than enough stamina for it.” [Ryouma]

After 2 years, this is what Rai’s skills look like.

[table caption=”Rai (Cannonball Rhino)” width=”270″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left]
Skills, Level
Stamina UP, Lv7
Vitality UP, Lv5
Strength UP, Lv4
Neutral Magic, Lv1
Qigong, Lv3

He had the first three skills right from the start, so his growth as a cannonball rhino was faster than normal. Learning neutral magic as he grew up wasn’t strange either. But the last skill on the other hand…

Qigong Lv3

From what I gather, there’s never been an incident where a cannonball rhinos was able to use qigong, but for some reason, Rai can use it. It’s probably because of me and the mimic slime that Rai turned out like this. I can’t think of any other reason.

In these past two years that I’ve been training the mimic slime, I’ve taught it various battle techniques, allowing it to reach a level where it’s able to somewhat put up a fight against me. One of the techniques I taught it was qigong.

But I also had the mimic slime eat some of Rai’s fur, allowing it to transform into Rai. Because of that there were also times when I had the mimic slime train with Rai. Some time passed, and before I knew it, Rai was also able to use qigong.

Rai had a strong body from the start, so with qigong added to that, he’s easily able to pull the monster carriage. And with him being able to maintain this speed for two hours, we arrived at the training area in no time at all.

On the other hand, although Rai was able to learn qigong, his neutral magic level is low. It would appear that due to the higher efficiency of the qigong which has a similar effect to the neutral magic, Strengthen Body, he doesn’t use his magic much, causing low levels.

Now, going back to the topic…

As I continued to let Rai run with the monster carriage in tow for some time, we stopped by the right side of the road going toward the abandoned mine, and arrived at the training area that’s surrounded by trees.

Before us stood the wall of a building with a number of big windows attached to it, and a boorish gate at the center that was big enough to let two carriages pass. There were four people watching over the gate. When we opened the gate, those men came over. As I called out to them, we entered through the gate.

“Thank you for your work.” [Ryouma]
“It’s our pleasure!” [Gatekeepers]

As they replied, we passed through the gate.

Deep inside, I wryly smiled as I thought on how I just can’t get used to that atmosphere… Then as I was thinking that, Riera-san asked me.

“Those people were?” [Riera]
“Trainees. I consulted Rheinbach-sama, Elia’s grandfather, about the guards of the research facility. Because of that there are former knights amongst the instructors here. Those people back there are trainees of those former knights… Speaking of which, Riera-san, would you like to try out the training here after our match?” [Ryouma]
“Thank you, Ryouma-dono. Yes, I’d love to participate in the training.” [Riera]

She replied immediately… Her voice remains calm, but it seems she’s really happy deep inside.

Beyond the gate was a road enclosed in walls. We proceeded 6 meters through that path, and reached a place to stop our carriage at. I parked the monster carriage beside the other carriages that were already parked, and then I got off the carriage, and ordered Rai to wait there.

As Elia and the others were exiting the carriage, I began explaining.

“This is the training area where magic and other related subjects are taught. The building enclosing this parking is sturdy enough to stand even against magical beasts. Moreover, there are also passages inside the walls that are connected to the workshop ahead and the rooms inside the walls that we passed by after passing through the gate.” [Ryouma]
“There are rooms inside those walls? Is there anything in those?”
“There’s a kitchen where sandwiches and other simple food are made. The food made there is sold to people passing by, who are hungry after their training. The proceeds from those goes to helping out the training facility. Also, since last year, once a year during the Grell Frog outbreak, several stores open there in those windows that we saw by the gate, selling food, drinks, deodorant liquid, and other various things.” [Ryouma]

Those stores sell goods aimed at adventurers hunting grell frogs, so their profits are huge. After all, there are many young adventurers who fail to prepare adequately, and even experienced adventurers sometimes fall into unforeseen situations.

Even though the products sold by the stores are all priced higher than Gimuru’s – especially the food – there are still a large number of adventurers who buy food before going home due to being hungry after a day’s hard work.

Incidentally, the cooks cooking the food are the chef and baker apprentices of the training facility. The people selling the goods are merchant apprentices. And because we’re allowing them to accumulate experience while letting them help, the labor costs are zero.

The students themselves planned for this for several weeks themselves in order to have a place where they can show off the skills they have learned. There are also people amongst the teachers who consider this to be a good graduation test. And more than anything, as it is a kind of event, everyone is having fun. Unfortunately, this year’s is already over. It might have been better if the girls visited during the season.

“I see…” [Riera]
“Do any problems occur during the event?” [Elia]
“Of course. But in cases such as that, there are students studying here who are tasked with the duty of guarding the area, so it won’t be an issue.” [Ryouma]

There are a lot of people who come here to study fighting techniques, but not everyone studying how to fight is aspiring to be an adventurer.

For example, Crais-san, who we met yesterday as a gatekeeper of the first town, is also one of the students that trained here. His job, however, isn’t an adventurer, but is instead a guard. That’s because aside from those aiming to be adventurers, there are also those who are studying here with the intent of one day becoming knights. And as even aspiring adventurers are sometimes tasked with escort missions or missions to guard a residence or a store, the training area here can also train those aspiring to be knights.

“Now that you mention it.” [Elia]
“Right? That’s why it’s not a problem even if magical beasts or evil adventurers come. Also, other than the stores, there are also the students who make carriages, operating a stagecoach. There’re also the students studying how to make clothes and accessories, selling clothes for adventurers to change into… Basically, the students here do whatever they can do.” [Ryouma]
“This place is perfect for adventurers coming to work, huh?” [Kanan]

As the other girls laughed, seemingly saying, ‘exactly!’, I took them, and we went to a door that was in an opposite direction from the gate we entered. On either side of that door were paths leading to a kitchen, but we ignored that, and kept going until we reached a crossroad.

“Near the sides of this crossroad were two rooms. The one close to the parking area had workshops for weapons and armors, and on the other side were the changing rooms for men and women, a workshop for creating magic staves, and a medical office.” [Ryouma]

If we kept going this path, we would eventually reach the training area, but Riera-san should change her clothes first. After all, she couldn’t possibly want to fight looking the way she is right now, being dressed in an attire meant for a walk downtown, now would she?

As I pointed to a partitioning screen on the left hallway, I said.

“If you enter the hallway at either side, at the end of each can be found a changing room. The girl’s changing room is to the left–––“ [Ryouma]

As I was saying that, it dawned on me. I haven’t decided the rules of the match yet… What should I do? Riera-san is aiming to be a knight, so should we use the knights’ rules? What do they do at their academy? If we’re doing it, then if possible I’d like to go at it at full force…

“Ryouma-kun?” [Michelle]
“Something the matter?” [Riera]
“I just noticed that we haven’t discussed the rules in our match, Riera-san. What should we do? If you teach me the rules of the academy that you’re used to, I don’t mind going with that.” [Ryouma]

I might have said that with a hint of provocation, but even if I were to fight on Riera-san’s terms, I wouldn’t lose. Although this might be a bit excessive, I’m confident I can beat most people unless the rules are against me.

As I waited for Riera-san’s reply, I noticed Riera-san’s feelings weren’t hurt in the slightest as she replied with a serious face.

“I’m fine with the rules that are used normally when matches are held here, but…” [Riera]

Mn? Is it something difficult to say? I wonder why?

“But?” [Ryouma]
“…Please excuse my shameless request, but would it be possible to have the match between me and Ryouma-dono be held one against five?” [Riera]

One on five? I don’t really mind, but…

“Why?” [Ryouma]
“The gap between my strength and yours is too big. Alone, I would either lose as soon as I made my move, or lose before using up all my power if you were to hold back. I’ve been feeling this way this since I saw you fight the bandits on the way to Gimuru.” [Riera]

Ahh, that time, huh?

“Then what’s the reason why you want a one on five match?” [Ryouma]
“There’s also the difference in number, but… Since us five entered the academy, we’ve been training together these past three years as one group. And although it wasn’t easy, before this extended vacation, we managed to take the seat of the most excellent group. So last night, we talked amongst ourselves, and wondered whether or not the five of us would be able to put up a fight against you.” [Riera]”
“Mn, so the other four are also in agreement then?” [Ryouma]

The other four nodded.

Then it’s fine. I’ve also fought against parties of two or three adventurers from time to time, and aside from Elia’s magic and magic power, their fighting experience is shallow, so I should be able to manage.

“I understand. The rules don’t prohibit matches of one on five. Also, although it’s a bit early, anything goes in the match. Magic weapons and tools are fair game. The referee will be the one to decide on the winner.” [Ryouma]
“Thank you. And sorry for just saying whatever I want.” [Riera]
“Oh, no, no… It was just a little unexpected is all.” [Ryouma]
“Unexpected?” [Riera]

With the image I had of Riera-san, what she said just now was almost miraculous. I mean… she struck me as a somewhat foolhardy girl after all.

“How should I put it… straight forward? In any case, you strike me as someone who would wish for a fair match regardless of the difference in strength.” [Ryouma]
“Mu…” [Riera]
“Pf! …!” [Michelle]

Riera-san looked like she just swallowed a bitter bug when she heard my words. All the while, Michelle-san who was behind her did her best to keep herself from laughing.

“True… I certainly do give off that sort of image, but… After seeing you beat those bandits… After hearing from Sebasu-dono about how you’re strong enough to be an A Rank adventurer… And after seeing that you have a B Rank magical beast with you, even I can understand that it’s impossible for me to win.” [Riera]
“Riera’s dad and her two older brothers actually warned her in the past. They told her not to be too idealistic, but––––“ [Michelle]
“Please don’t tell him that.” [Riera]

Ah, so she had that sort of temperament.

But on the other hand, it seems she’s able to make a proper decision based on the events that unfold before her and the information that she has. She might still be a bit rough when it comes to determining the strength of her opponent, but it should be fine so long as she improves that gradually.

She’s able to borrow her friends’ help when she knows she can’t do something by herself. I don’t know if Riera-san was the one who asked for this herself, but regardless, there are also people who are too stubborn to accept other people’s help… Also, my initial impression of Riera wasn’t low by any means, but with this, I think I should raise my initial assessment of her.

Speaking of which, I wonder how good Elia’s gotten at her magic? That’ll be another thing to look forward to.

As I was thinking that, Elia and the others received their equipment from Sebasu-san, and I sent them off to the girls’ changing room. After that, I went to prepare as well.





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