The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 1 Chapter 10

TL Note: I found this chapter quite confusing, so if any kind soul could help me out with understanding the following sentences, this Jigglypuff will be very happy.





~Side Ryouma~

It’s been 3 days since the day I’ve made Elia cry. After the landslide our trip had proceeded without a hitch. And today, we have finally reached our destination, Gimuru.

“We’ve arrived, this is the town of Gimuru”

The Town of Gimuru is tranquil despite being a big town because of the greens surrounding it. Near this town appears to be a mine. It seems, however, that the iron that this mine should be producing has been decreasing. Especially this time’s observation. Three years ago the production has become mostly 0, and as such, today’s visit was for the purpose of affirming whether the mine should be abandoned or not.

It would appear, though, that the fact that it will be abandoned has mostly been decided. Rheinhart reasoned that since there isn’t one mine, there won’t be a problem even after 10 years. So I guess it has already been assumed that it will be abandoned.

Considering, that the mining rate has been nearly 0, unless they find a new vein, they will immediately abandon the mine. Also, it seems the miners from the village haven’t really been working on this mine since last year. But that’s something to be expected, after all anyone would prefer to work at a place that could bring out results.

“Then, let’s go to the lodging, leave our belongings there, and then go to the Tamer Guild to register!”

The Tamer Guild is the guild to which the two classes of practitioners that control magical beasts, the Slave Magic Users and the Conjurers, belong too. Their job is to provide information and certain services to the members.

In the same way, there are also other guilds, such as the Adventurer Guild or the Magic Guild, and there’s also the Merchant Guild. But compared to the other three, the members of the Tamer Guild are fewer because the beasts get scared of people easily, so it’s not as popular.

As a result, the scale of the guild becomes smaller, and the places where the guild is can be found has also becomes fewer. That kind of rare guild is here in this town. As for why, it seems it’s because they use the beasts to carry things from the mine.

Today, the Madam is in high spirits and is pulling me and Elia while humming. When we reached the lodging, there was something bothering me, so before going to the guild, I brought up my concern to the Madam and the others.

“I… how much of my information… should I give to the guild?”
“Well… the information offered is entirely up to the discoverer… so up to how much Ryouma-kun thinks is good will be fine” Replied the madam.

I see, then in that case…

“Then, I’ll register the evolution conditions for the Slime and the Big Slime, and the 2 new variations as well”
“Are you going to keep the methods of using a Sticky Slime a secret?”
“Yes, since we’re going to be selling waterproof cloths… if we teach it to them, similar goods… might appear on the market”
“Ah, there’s also that. Right, then let’s keep that a secret”

After talking, we were planning to go straight to the Tamer Guild, but before that Rheinbach-sama said this.

“Ryouma-kun hasn’t been able to go to church yet, right? Then, in that case, how about we go to the church first and see your status?”

At those words, Rheinhart-san and the madam made a face that said, “Right, there was still that!”

It seems that the status board that the church can bring out doesn’t just show the status and the likes but can also make the process for the guild registration to go smoother.

There is a condition before joining the Tamer Guild that one needs to be able to use Slave Magic or otherwise Conjuration. If one hands over one’s status board and there is Slave Magic written in the field for the skills shown, then the answer will immediately be ok.

In the case that one isn’t able to show his status board then, you will be made to wait for a while and will have to perform the Slave Contract with the prepared slime in front of the clerk in charge. If one is unable to perform the instruction, then one cannot register.

In other words we changed our plans and went to the Church of Genesis of the Town of Gimuru. By the way, since we ended up going to the church, we made the slimes wait at our lodging. Although if we were only going to the Tamer Guild it would have been fine.

When we got to the church, what greeted us was the warm smile of an elderly woman wearing the kind of clothes a nun would wear.

“Welcome, esteemed guests. Is there chapel today?”
“We would like for this child to receive his status board. Because of some circumstance, until now he was unable to receive his status board.”
“Please take care of me”
“Is that so? Then, please come this way. I will lead you to the Room of Baptism”

I went with the woman who was dressed in the clothes of a nun and walked inside the church. It seems, aside from the people who will receive the baptism, entering the Room of Baptism is prohibited. So, as soon as we reached the room, the others had to go to a different room and waited there.

“This way please”
“Excuse me”

In the room I was brought to, a crystal ball like the one I saw at the guard’s room in the Town of Kereban was there on top of the pedestal. That pedestal had a depressed area that was around the size of palm, rectangular in shape and positioned in the portrait orientation. The girl brought a transparent board that looked like it would fit just right into that.

“This will become your status board. I will insert this board into the pedestal and once you touch the crystal, the baptism will be complete. Once you touch this crystal, the crystal will emit a strong light, however, it won’t hurt you, so please don’t worry.”

As the girl said that, she inserted the status board into the pedestal, and walked away from the pedestal.

“Please, go ahead and touch the crystal.”

While being a little excited, I began to slowly touch the crystal. As I did that, in an instant, a strong light like the one when I came to this world, shone from the crystal and filled the room with light. When that light stopped, what was in front of my eyes wasn’t the Room of Baptism anymore, it was the same pure-white room as when I met the gods for the first time.

“This is…!”
“Hey! Ryouma-kun!”
“Over here!”
“Behind you!”

As I turned to face that voice, the three gods that sent me to Seiruforu was standing there.

“Gayn, Kufo, Rurutia… Did I die again?”
“No, no, you’re alright. We just made the time in that world stop for a bit and we pulled only your consciousness” – Gayn
“I also didn’t think that we’d be able to meet again but because you prayed to our stone statue which you made in the forest everyday…” –Kufo
“You isolated yourself in the forest, trained, researched, and practiced over and over again, right? You were also able to provide for your own food, in a sense it was also just the bare necessities, making your daily life pretty much the same as the discipline of a believer.” – Rurutia

“Umu, I thought you wouldn’t be able to meet us no matter how many times you go to church, but since you’ve actually met us for real, you believed in our existence from the bottom of your heart, and for 3 years you prayed every day to us. Because of that you satisfied the requirements for the skill, Oracle. Being in the Room of Baptism served as an impetus for that. Once you wake up, you should have received a new skill, Oracle, which will be around Lv2 or Lv3.” – Gayn

“I see… well regardless, I’m happy that we were able to meet again.” – Ryouma
“We are, too. Thank you for coming to the church just as you’ve promised.” – Rurutia
“It looks like you’re having fun in the new world. I’ve always being watching and it seems you’ve been doing interesting things one after another.” – Kufo
“I didn’t think that you would actually isolate yourself in the forest for 3 years. Though for us that was a short time, but for a human that’s not the case. First of all, although relatively it may be a safe forest, it’s not without danger. We thought at most it’d only be 1 year, but…” – Gayn

“You used the skills you had freely, you researched magic and used it in your day-to-day life, and in not even 3 years, although you can’t say it’s luxurious, you’ve managed to create an environment you can live in.” – Rurutia
“When you look at that by its appearance it may seem frugal, but when you take into consideration the environment it’s a really great house. It’s very safe, wide, and clean. The facilities are also complete. Especially the fact that it has a bath, in this world, only the houses of the wealthy have baths in them. And also, the fact that you have a toilet, and yet it’s so clean it doesn’t stink. Even if you look all over the world, such a thing could only be found in your house.” – Kufo

“To think that you were able to produce that much result from your slime research. I also didn’t think of that. In the first place there aren’t any people that researches Slimes. I was especially surprised by those two variations, the Cleaner Slimes and the Scavenger Slimes. That’s a new variant, right?” – Gayn
“So, it’s like that after all. I also asked the members of the family of Slave Magic Users and they said they didn’t know, so I thought that might be the case.” – Ryouma

“Umu. I made the slimes but I only gave it the ability to adapt easily to the environment and the power to reproduce so it ended up having infinite possibilities for evolution. But because it was too weak and was exterminated by other animals to some extent right after a seed was born it didn’t increase in number at all

In the end it ended up such that the slimes that would be born would be decided based on the environment of the area. That’s why even I completely forgot about the possibility of a new kind of slime being born! You’ve done a wonderful job!” – Gayn

“For a person to have researched slimes to that extent, I think you’re the first one” – Rurutia
“Even more you’ve managed to produce results even beyond what we gods imagined” – Kufo
“Hey, hey, was slime really not researched to that extent”

“It wasn’t!” – Kufo, Gayn, Rurutia

“Even I, who made it, actually managed to forget about it. When it comes to slimes I have a feeling you already know more than me” – Gayn

“Even if it’s limited to slimes, to have knowledge greater than god. What’s up with that?” – Kufo

“However… when it comes to slimes, there’s still a lot of things you’re thinking about, right? I took a peek at your research and you’ve been thinking of things I haven thought of. In the first place, even if I’m a god, it doesn’t mean I’m omnipotent. The gods have their respective specialties and places where they’re bad at. There are also times when someone is born in the world I’m protecting that manages to discover something and leaves me wide-eyed” – Gayn

“Is that so?” – Ryouma
“Un. For example we are gods and you are humans so we can’t be hurt by you guys, but if you were to, right now, come try to beat us up, you can easily do it. Because we don’t have any fighting abilities. Using the power of god we can protect ourselves and make ourselves untouchable or make the pain go away but using techniques to win against you is impossible. The only one who can fight is the God of War, who specializes at fighting.” – Kufo

“Is that so? I didn’t know.”
“Well, when you say god, humans normally imagine someone that can do anything. But more than anything it’s fun. And also to think that you’d end up related to that family~” – Rurutia

“Mn? Do you know the people of the Jamil Famil?”
“Well yeah, since the ancestor of those people is a person we sent from Earth” – Rurutia
“Really!?” – Ryouma
“Mn. She was a good child~. It seemed he was aiming to be a trainer of animals. She didn’t seem to understand the situation very well but she asked for an ability that allowed her to subdue animals, then went over to that world.” – Kufo
“Was that perhaps slave Magic?” – Ryouma

“Bingo! Well, at that time there was a similar ability but she studied that ability, and mixed it with the power we gave her, and what came about was Slave Magic.

She received merit for completing Slave Magic and at the same time receive a Court Rank from the king. Her face was good so she was quite popular, and eventually fell in love with a noble and got married. Ever since then, her linage continued and while having an ancient and honorable origin, her descendants practiced Slave Magic.” –

“Moreover, amongst the 3 currently existing members of the Jamil Household, Rheinbach has received my divine protection, while Rheinhart from Kufo, and Elize from Rurutia. And that daughter, Elialia, the blood of the person we sent over runs deep in her veins and has inherited her ancestor’s traits. It’s not like you shouldn’t already be aware.” – Gayn

“You should at least properly look at what’s right below you” – Kufo

“Seriously!? Oh, wait. If she takes after her ancestor then that’s why her magic power is over 200,000”
“That’s exactly correct but, it’s not because of the reincarnated person we just mentioned. Of course, she has extraordinary talent in Slave Magic but that talent comes from her dad’s lineage.

As for her magic it’s because of a different person who was reincarnated, whose blood flows in the veins of her mother. This one is a typical representation of an Otaku who was reincarnated. It seemed he hated exercising, so he gave up completely on martial arts and became peerless in magic. Because he put everything into his talent for magic and magic power, he possessed a frightening amount of magic power… Elialia inherited that part from him. He was quite the eccentric, though.” – Gayn

“That kid, at first, didn’t know how to take care of himself~” Kufo
“Because he was weak and was a coward, until the day he died he didn’t do any evil and was happy. During those days until he died he was always scared.” – Rurutia
“From the little I’ve heard it seems there’s quite a bit of people that have been reincarnated” – Ryouma
“The ones I’m pleased with, and the ones I’m not, there are quite a lot. A person from Earth will definitely bring magic power with them, so we will definitely take one person. Even an interval of 200 years is short for a reincarnated person to get here so it is unlikely for there to be multiple people who have been reincarnated at the same era.” – Rurutia

“But there were times when the situation was aggravated because of the use of magic during war, at which point we would hurriedly bring someone from Earth. Well, it doesn’t happen all the time. Especially nowadays where there’s no war, so there probably won’t be one in your lifetime” – Kufo

“Since people who have been reincarnated receive high level skills and special skills from the gods, there’s a lot that end up in fairytales and legends and stories of heroes and the like

For example. There was that story I talked to you about Elilia-chan and her mother’s side of her family. In that family there was a guy that was peerless at magic that would be quickly called out during times of war and at the same time, they would go on a rampage and be called heroes or brave warriors.

And then I don’t know if you can remember, but there was this story you talked about before about a figure that used a power that mostly couldn’t be used and was persecuted. And that arrogant man received treatment like he was a demon king or something and was subjugated and ended up becoming a fairytale. You’ve heard of the story of the Alchemist King right?” 

“Yeah I’ve heard of the story of how Alchemy came to be. Was the Alchemy King someone who was transferred?” – Ryouma
“That’s right. But it’s a person that was reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy annoying!” – Rurutia
“When we were giving him a gift he said he wanted to use alchemy. When we told him it didn’t exist in the other world, he ordered us to go make it” – Kufo
“It couldn’t be helped so I listened and created it irresponsibly” – Gayn

“Hey, it couldn’t be that the method of using Alchemy was strangely easy because…”
“Umu. I made it irresponsibly after all” – Gayn
“I knew it! Write a simple magic formation, on top of that, just put your material there and imagine the thing it’s going to separate into, put some magic, and boom! Success! I thought it was too easy, so that’s why! I thought it was strange that other things common in other magic like controlling the amount of magic power or regulating it wasn’t needed.” – Ryouma

“That’s right, because of his selfishness I didn’t want to take the time. No matter how free I am, rather than doing something I’m unhappy about it’s better to be leisurely” – Gayn
“I agree with you on that point but…” – Ryouma

“Well it is difficult for the humans of this world, you know? Because the people of this world don’t have the knowledge of the people from Earth. The Alchemist King was a student from Earth so there wasn’t any problem and he was able to use it to amass a fortune. But after the golden age of alchemy, there were plenty of people who couldn’t even use separation once.

The Alchemist King was a money monger, and he didn’t want his profits to be taken away from him so he died without teaching his techniques and knowledge to anyone.” – Gayn

“And so… he did as he pleased… and even other people who were transported here…” –

“That’s right. In that case you’re similar in that you do whatever you want but at least you’re more docile. Although you may feel like you’re just going with the flow, it’s not like that. You at least make your decisions yourself, you obey the rules you should obey, and within that in its own way you do what you want. Right now, you are the most desirable person to have been pulled in this world, Seiruforu, you know?” – Kufo
“What’s up, all of the sudden?” – Ryouma

“Fu~Fu~n, even if I’m like this I am still pretty much a god, so I thought I’d say something fitting for a god. It seems you’re worrying about when Elia asked you to be her friend, and you just went with the flow and agreed.”
“Aah, I see…”
“It’s fine not to think too much about it. Since in your previous world you lived your life by going along with your surroundings, isn’t right now the same? And besides it’s not like going along with your surroundings is a completely bad thing.” – Rurutia
“Elia-chan was happy, right? Then isn’t that just fine?” – Gayn
“Yeah, you’re right. Thank you, you three”
“Don’t mind it, we’re gods after all. An advice of this level is just like taking a walk for us” – Gayn
“We’re having fun because of you, so consider this our thanks.” – Kufo
“Your time here is about to run out, so we just gave you a little advice before that.” – Rurutia
“Thank you. And also I’m sorry, but, it seems I lost much of my vocabulary since I came into this world so I can’t say it very well, but, thank you.” – Ryouma
“You’re feelings have reached us” – Rurutia
“Well, it’s because we’re watching over everyone” – Kufo
“Recently other gods have also been watching you, you know?” – Gayn
“Eh, other?”

“You’ve caught the interest of the God of War and the God of Magic. It’s actually quite strange since they actually hate people that have been transported here.” – Gayn
“The God of War is interested in your martial arts. It’s not a cheat we gave you so it’s different from this world and also because it’s something you’ve mastered with your own effort.

The God of Magic doesn’t hate cheat abilities as much as the God of War does, but he hates the people that have been transported here who goes on a rampage with their power, or goes around making lots of money. You see, that guy likes people that practice prudency. With that in mind, since you’ve been researching magic and slimes a lot, and you haven’t really been hasty in your matters, you’ve manage to pull his interest.” – Kufo

“The ones who are always watching are only us, but, whenever they’re in the mood, those other two gods also watch” – Rurutia
“What’s up with that?” – Ryouma
“It’s not like they’ll actually do something so isn’t it fine? Ah, but the God of Art and Craft actually gave you his protection. For the meantime it’s not a bad thing so don’t mind it.” – Rurutia

“He said he came to like you because he liked how you drink the sake from your previous world. It’s because that guy is also the God of Wine. In your previous life it seems you didn’t drink sake enjoyably, but he seems to value the fact that’ve drunk so much. Also he said your Drunken Fist which you practiced was quite interesting.” – Gayn

“Drunken Fist? Oh right, I did practice it from to time in the forest… so that was seen. In my previous life, I didn’t have any money to play with, and since my dad died, I just studied several martial arts to kill time. To think someone would actually find that interesting…” – Ryouma

“Well, no one knows what will happen in life, right? The settings of your lineage includes having the grandpa who raised you up be a dwarf. So, Tekun, may be the God of Wine, but he is mainly worshipped by the dwarves, so it’s just perfect for you.” – Gayn
“Oh, right, now that you mention there was something like that. Is that ok? Isn’t it weird?” – Ryouma
“It’s fine. Well then, it looks like we’ve run out of time.” – Gayn

“I see… then, see you.” – Ryouma
“Un, come again” – Kufo
“When you come to the church again we’ll be able to talk again for a short while. Though, it’s impossible immediately, but one day I think we’ll definitely be able to talk again. Actually, this is fact is also something unexpected.” – Rurutia
“You are really an interesting person. I will be eagerly waiting for the day we meet again, and until then, I’ll be watching over you” – Gayn

As Gayn said that, a warm light began to overflow in front of my eyes, as soon as the light calmed down, I saw the woman in nun clothes again.

“What an amazing light. The stronger the light the stronger the love god has for you. At this rate, sooner or later, you might be able to receive the divine protection of god. Afterwards please look at your card, ok?”

Looks like just as Gayn mentioned, the time over here stopped. Nevertheless, should I ask her about the divine protection?”

“Thank you very much. Is there anything I need to know regarding the divine protection?”
“The divine protection is something granted to you by god so no one has the right to say anything except for you and the god that has given you the divine protection.

If you want to ask about the protection you have, I can teach you as much as I know, but I won’t try to ask anything from you. And also your status card will basically only show the name, age, race, and everything else aside from this will be hidden, because it’s private information. If you wish for an information on your card to be hidden, you only need to pray silently and it will become hidden. Please try it out.”

Being told that, I looked at the information shown in the status board. 







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