The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 1 Chapter 11

TL Notes: 

Here’s your crack boys. Remember to say grace.

I added the changes from the status in the prologue here. It wasn’t there in the raws so I just added it myself.

Regarding Template:
I don’t really get it so take it with a grain of salt until someone can confirm but maybe the world he is in is just similar to this light novel in his world which happens to be called Template and he is comparing his experiences or grabbing explanations from that book or something…

Changes to some terms:
Mental Resistance -> Emotional Resistance
Vitality Strengthening -> Stronger Vitality
Super Heal Power -> Super Healing
Mental Concentration -> Focus Spirit
Endurance -> Stronger Endurance
**** Resist -> **** Resistance
Magic Restore Speed Up -> Magic Recovery Rate UP

Translation stuff:
石版 is apparently a lithograph but that didn’t really make sense in context, so I read it as a stone block instead.

射技八節 Eight Stances of Shooting (Heavens I know nothing about this stuff, so I guessed)

弓道 弓術
I know nothing about archery but I’m guessing kyuudou’s relationship to kyuujutsu is as kendou to kenjutsu, the former has been changed to a sport friendly version while the latter is about killing. I don’t know someone who knows their stuff please explain.

Volume 1 Chapter 11

~ Side Ryouma ~

Name: Ryouma Takebayashi
Gender; male
Age: 11
Race: Human

Physical Strength: 11,052
Magic Power: 198,000

Strength: B
Speed: A
Defense: B
Spirit: SSS
Endurance: A
Handiness: SS
Luck: B

Everyday Life Skill

  • Domestic Chores Lv10
  • Etiquette Lv7
  • Musical Instrument Lv3
  • Singing Lv3
  • Calculation Lv5

Battle Skills
  • Taijutsu Lv7
  • Kenjutsu Lv7
  • Short Sword Arts Lv6
  • Hidden Weapon Arts Lv7
  • Spear Arts Lv4
  • Bow Arts Lv6 (From 4 -> 6)
  • Staff Arts Lv6
  • Fundoujutsu (Art of Weight/Counterweight) Lv4
  • Throwing Arts Lv7
  • Covert Arts Lv7 (From 6 -> 7)
  • Trap Lv6 (From 4 -> 6)
  • Body Manipulation Lv6 (From 5 -> 6)
  • Kikou (or Qigong) Lv5

Magic Skills
  • Slave Magic Lv2
  • Barrier Magic Lv2
  • Healing Magic Lv1
  • Alchemy Lv2
  • Fire Magic Lv3
  • Water Magic Lv3
  • Wind Magic Lv2
  • Earth Magic Lv4
  • Neutral Magic Lv3
  • Electric Magic Lv1
  • Ice Magic Lv2
  • Poison Magic Lv2
  • Wood Magic Lv3
  • Light Magic Lv2
  • Dark Magic Lv1
  • Space Magic Lv3
  • Magic Perception Lv3 (From 1 -> 3)
  • Magic Manipulation Lv4 (From 1 -> 4)
  • Magic Recovery Rate UP Lv2 (From 1 -> 2)

Production Skills
  • Pharmacy Lv6
  • Smithing Lv1
  • Architecture Lv3 (From 2 -> 3)
  • Woodworking Lv3 (From 2 -> 3)
  • Modeling Lv4
  • Drawing Lv4

Resistance Skills

  • Physical Pain Resistance Lv8
  • Emotional ResistanceLv9
  • Poison Resistance Lv7
  • Disease Resistance Lv7
  • Sleep Resistance Lv7 c
  • Cold Resistance Lv7
  • Heat Resistance Lv7
  • Resistance to Foul Odor Lv3 (New)

Special Skill
  • Oracle Lv3
  • Survival Skills Lv5 (From 3 -> 5 Note: was buffed by Kufo in the prologue)
  • Stronger Vitality Lv3
  • Super Healing Lv3
  • Stronger Endurance Lv6
  • Focus Spirit Lv5


  • Gekokujou (
  • The Man Who Overcame a Life of Misfortune
  • [Alternatively: The Man Who Overcame a Life of Unhappiness]
  • (During the prologue this was originally: The Man Who Lost His Life to Bad Luck)
  • Favorite Child of the Gods
  • Disciple of the Sage
  • Disciple of the Martial God

Divine Protections

  • Divine Protection of Gayn the God of Creation
  • Divine Protection of Kufo the God of Life
  • Divine Protection of Rurutia the God of Love
  • Divine Protection of Tekun the God of Wine

I was told beforehand that my Magic Power will increase once I get here so that’s fine.

There’s quite a bit of skills that had levelled up. Looking at this, the Magic Skills are quite numerous… hmm? Survival Skills… what is this? Now that I think about it, I should have had some Survival Skills but disappeared for some reason, is this it? It also looks like the titles have changed for the better, and this disciple thing, it’s that, right? That thing that was written on the letter the gods sent to me when I got here, to make it so that my skill level won’t seem suspicious.  

(TL Note: His Survival Skills used to be written in katakana and now it’s written as生存術, seizonjutsu, as for the signifance of that I don’t know. Also I’m keeping it as Survival Skills for now)

And as for the divine protections, I have the divine protections of the three gods and the God of Wine.

Well in any case, let’s do as she said and hide everything else aside from the name, age, and race… Done.

“I’m done”
“Then let us go to the room were your companions are waiting. If you want anything please ask them.”

At the woman’s suggestion, we left the room. When we got outside we heard the voices of some children.

“Wait! Wait!”
“Ahahaha! I’m over here!”

Looking at the direction of the voice, through the window, I saw some children wearing worn-out clothes, playing. When I saw them, the woman explained to me.

“They are the children that this church is looking after. They are always cheerful and when they’re done with their chores, they go outside and play like that.”

An orphanage, huh? Well I don’t know what circumstances their family has, but I understand.
Having finished her explanation the woman suggested for us to go.

“Well then, let us be on our way”

Following the woman, we eventually reached a room inside the church. In there were my companions, Rheinhart-san, Madam, Rheinbach-sama, Elia, and Sebasu-san.

“Sorry for making you wait, the baptism has finished with no problems”
“Sorry for making you wait guys”
“No problem”

Right after Rheinhart-san said that, the woman took her leave.

“Well then, I will be taking my leave. Please feel free to use this room until you wish to leave.”
“Thank you very much”

Immediately, I also gave my thanks.

“Thank you very much”
“You’re welcome. Well then.”

After Rheinhart-san saw her out the room, I asked Rheinhart-san.

“Hmm… She left rather hurriedly… is there something wrong?”
“It’s because the information in the status board is one’s personal information and is a secret from everyone. That’s her showing her consideration.”
Said Rheinhart-san as the Madam followed.
“This room was also prepared with the intention of allowing the people that have been baptized and their family to be able to talk about the status here without being bothered”
“So that’s how it is”

“Umu, it’ll be bad if one talks about the information in the status bord indiscreetly. Although in the past it was actually illegal to hide one’s status, but because there were many who tried to abuse that information, it has become customary to hide that information.” – Rheinbach

“The skills that a person possesses can show how one fights, and how much power one has, having this information out in the open is inconvenient.  Physical Strength and Magic Power was said to be peerless in the battlefield and the best warriors and magicians of the country’s limits was exposed and received the attack of the enemy and was killed. Such things happened many times. Nowadays no one really shows the contents of their status outside of the people they permit. And also, for the same reason, people also don’t show their divine protection. The only thing people show is their name, race, and age, and also depending on the person, their title.” – Sebasu

“I see” -Ryouma
“That’s why you should keep your information a secret. And if there’s something you don’t know, I can give you advice, but if there’s something you don’t want to talk about then you don’t have to talk about it, ok?” – Madam

These people are so gentle…. Well then regarding which to tell them about… well there’s something I need to show them first.

“Got it… but… there’s something I need to show you first”
“What is it?”

I unhide the information field for the Magic Power and show it to Elia.

“Yes? … !? Ryouma-san, this!”

My magic power isn’t as high as Elia’s but it’s close. After that I showed the other four the information field for my magic power as well. When I did, their eyes opened wide.

“I lost to Elia… but… it shouldn’t be that different”
“This is amazing, while it won’t surpass Elia’s, it’s close”
“I only meant it as a joke that time but to think that you would actually be on the same level as Elia in terms of magic power”
“Ara ara, you really are an amazing child Ryouma-kun”

When Elia saw the information field for my magic power, she shook a bit, then took my hands. She seems happy.

“That’s amazing Ryouma-san! For there to be someone who possesses magic power on the same level as me, I’m so happy!”

Elia took my hands and jumped up and down for a minute until she ran out of breath because of how happy she was.

“Haa, haa…. I’m sorry, I got a bit too excited…”

I don’t know if it’s out of embarrassment or because she’s out of breath but her face was flushed red. Either way, madam spoke to me.

“Hmmm…. Ryouma-kun, if you have this much magic power then… what about your magic techniques”

“I’ll show… my magic skills… if it’s you guys… it’s fine”

As I said that I showed my different magic skills.

  • Slave Magic Lv2
  • Barrier Magic Lv2
  • Healing Magic Lv1
  • Alchemy Lv2
  • Fire Magic Lv3
  • Water Magic Lv3
  • Wind Magic Lv2
  • Earth Magic Lv4
  • Neutral Magic Lv3
  • Electric Magic Lv1
  • Ice Magic Lv2
  • Poison Magic Lv2
  • Wood Magic Lv3
  • Light Magic Lv2
  • Dark Magic Lv1
  • Space Magic Lv3
  • Magic Perception Lv3
  • Magic Manipulation Lv4
  • Magic Recovery Rate UP Lv2

“What amazing variety. And also the skills are quite high considering your age. I remember hearing that you possessed All Attribute Aptitude but to think that you would actually use all attributes” – Sebasu
“All the low level attributes are over lv 2, and considering that your mid-level attributes also have level 2 or 3… it’s more than enough” – Rheinhart
“As expected your Earth Magic and Space Magic level is quite high. Even though it’s so difficult to raise the level of Space Magic… you’ve done a spectacular job going this far” – Madam

“In regards to one’s prospects, you’ll probably surpass me. And you actually also possess, Magic Detection, Manipulation, and Recovery Rate UP.” – Sebasu
“Because I was living in the forest, I had to use magic, and so it somehow ended up like this… Most likely, fire and water leveled up during cooking and when I had to take baths. And… as for Earth and Space Magic, I used them for hunting… so, they were mostly used everyday” – Ryouma

“Fumu… did you use things like attack magic?” – Sebasu
“No… during hunting… it was mostly traps and bow. I could use fire ball but the meat would get burned and the parts I can eat… will become few. And then there’s Earth Needle, which I would use to substitute for a stake, which I would usually put inside my trap holes. “ – Ryouma
“I see, so because you’ve been using magic a lot in your daily life, you ended up levelling up. Then in the case, I suggest you practice attack magic since, there’s no disadvantage if you can use it… and also so that you’ll be able to deal with a monster that can’t be killed with anything except for magic” – Sebasu

… I forgot. Right, there was that kind of monster. Just like the monster of the light novel in the other world, Template, that kind of monster. It’s because I‘ve isolated myself in the forest for too long that I completely forgot. Anyhow, I’ll train in offensive magic from now on.

“Now that you mention it, I think I’d like to try that out”
“Low level attribute magic is relatively easy, so even at your current level if you practice it for a bit you’ll be able to use. Since, you were able to attain Earth Magic, I think you’ll also be able to use the higher levels. I don’t really think it should be that difficult.” – Sebasu

“Ryouma-kun has a lot of magic power, and you even have the Magic Manipulation Skill which reduces the amount of Magic Power consumed, and even Recovery Rate Up which increases the recovery rate, so with that in mind you could definitely do a lot even in only a single day of practice.” – Rheinhart
“You have a lot of advantage in regards to magic so don’t waste it, ok?” – Rheinbach
“”Yes, I’ll do my best.” – Ryouma
As I said that, Rheinbach-sama nodded at me with a satisfied face. However, after that he made a serious face and said this.

“Ryouma-kun there’s something I need to tell you beforehand”
“What is it?” 
“Your abilities compared to kids your age, are ridiculously high. Because of that there will be many people who will come at you with bad intentions. If you don’t want that to happen then hide your abilities and quickly gain a social status so that you may be able to protect yourself. Only, in your case, your abilities are too high, so hiding it will definitely be difficult. So you should register at the guild quickly, and get a high rank. Regardless of what happens, we will also lend you our strength but it’s important that you, yourself, takes care.” –

Said Rheinbach-sama as the madam followed up.

“In your case since your abilities are too high, it becomes obvious that you have divine protection. We only had a vague feeling, but after seeing your skills it becomes clear that you have divine protection. You need to be careful, someone who possess divine protection will definitely be targeted.”

Seriously?… It’s true I’m not really restraining myself but was it that weird? I better be careful.

“I understand, I’ll be careful.”

So we did the baptism in the church and then after that I was warned and now we are about to go to the Tamer Guild.

Going to the Tamer Guild, in its surrounding there’s a place where many magical beasts are connected, and there many places for carriages to stop at. Just as what you’d expect from a mining town, magical beasts that work for transportation are numerous. Also, it seems that it’s ok to bring small magical beasts inside the guild, so if I were to make the slimes use the compress skill, I’d be able to bring them in.

Inside the guild there were only mostly humans, but from time to time I would see some Goblins and Kobolds who were made to carry things. In there, with Rhenhart-san leading us, we went to the counter where the staff member was at.

“Welcome to the Tamer Guild Branch of the Town of Gimuru. May I know what the purpose of your visit may be?”
“I want to register my daughter and this child, and also we have new information”
“Understood. Please go inside.”

Under the guidance of the staff member we were led inside, and were served tea. And after a few minutes, another staff member, a male, who wore pompous clothes came in. At that time, even without him saying, I had a bad feeling from him. … What is this? This bad feeling…

“Welcome. I am, the Branch Manager, Matthew Ganteyn. My greetings to the famous Household of Jamil. Everyone it is my pleasure to be meeting you all today. Your errand for today is the registration of the Ojousama, yes?”
“I want to register my daughter and this kid.”
“This kid?”

The man who named himself Matthew saw me. At that moment I noticed it, this kind of guy is exactly like the higher ups in my previous life. They flatter those above them but fail to remember even the names of those below them. They’re horrible people who refuse to look at those below them as humans and treat them like tools. This guy is that type. From the looks of things, it seems that my existence hasn’t even entered his sight until now.

He probably decided it based on the clothes. Those toady eyes he had before when talking to Rheinhart-san, without changing his expression, changed the moment he saw me. In his eyesight were a combination of contempt and jealousy. Even now you could see his eyes asking, “Why is someone like you with the members of the Household of the Duke?”

“This person too?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“Understood… Hey” (TL Note: I can’t show it in English but he basically goes from heaven to hell in terms of politeness here)

Matthew took 2 sheets of paper from the staff member behind him and gave it to me and Elia.

“Please fill out this form. Do you need someone to write for you?”

“Thank you for your concern. But, I can write just fine.”

I quickly filled out the form with the necessary information, which includes, the name, the age, race, and the length of time I’ve known Slave Magic or Conjuration.

“Well then please allow me to confirm. Ojousama, you tamed your first slime a few days ago, much congratulations. From now on I’ll be expecting great progress from Ojousama. And you as for you… 3 years ago? What slave monster did you bring with you?”
“Heh, Slime, huh? Even though you’ve already known Slave Magic for 3 years…”

As Matthew said that, Elia unhappily asked him a question. Because of this Matthew was a bit panicked. I guess he remembered that for Elia’s first Slave Monster, she also started off with a slime.

“Is there something wrong with a Slime?”
“No, I won’t say it’s bad but Slimes are weak monsters. So, unfortunately, there are only few missions that Slimes can accept in this town. The jobs of Slave Magic Users in this town is mainly the transport of things from the mines, so at the very least you’d need a Goblin or a Kobold. Otherwise, you’d only be able to take the introductory missions. “

Matthew gave that excuse but it didn’t work and the Madam came with the covering fire.

“Certainly, the work may be a bit few. However, because his master died while he was learning he was not able to learn completely. So, couldn’t you be a bit more understanding?”
“So that’s the case, please pardon my rude behavior.”

As he said that he lowered his head. Not to me, though, but to the Madam. I didn’t even enter his line of sight.

“Well then let us please continue with the registration. There doesn’t seem to be any defects in the documents, so please bring out the proofs that you can use Slave Magic. You can show me your status board that proves you have the Slave Magic Skill or you can you can show me the enactment of the Slave Magic contract. Which will it be?”

At those words we, Elia and I, showed our status boards and the field that shows the Slave Magic Skill.

“Yes, this is sufficient. Well then, please put your status boards on top of the stone block over here.”

The stone block that was brought out seemed to be quite similar to the one in the Room of Baptism in the church, also having a four sided depression. Except this time there is a metal plate inlayed into the depression. Looks like you’re supposed to put the status board on top of the part of the plank that doesn’t have anything on it.
The first one was Elia, and after her I put my board on top of that stone block, and then a character showed on the metal plate.

“With this, the two of you have been registered. We welcome the two new members of our Tamer Guild.”

After Matthew said that we moved into our next topic.

“Well then, I heard that today, you have information to give me.”
“Yes, it’s this child’s discovery.”

Saying that, the madam looked at me, and Matthew also looked at me.

“This child, was it?”
“Yes, this child was able to tame a slime that we four believe to have never been tamed before. If you investigate it, I’m sure you’ll find there to be no information of it all. We believe it to be a new type”
“Oh… is that so…”

At Madam’s words, it’s obvious that Matthew had lost all interest. With the smile he smoothened out, he looked at me with eyes that looked like he was looking at trash.

… I changed my mind. I’ll just report the information about the new slimes.

“Would it be ok if I report?”
“Ahh, yeah…”
“Then… What I had discovered, which we believe to be a new kind of slime, is the Cleaner Slime and the Scavenger Slime. This was confirmed with the Magical Beast Appraisal so there’s no mistake. Their characteristics include having a particular fondness for eating dirt but Cleaner Slimes don’t eat anything aside from dirt, and won’t attack or eat people or animals.

Scavenger Slimes are similar to Cleaner Slimes in that they won’t attack humans or animals. However, they can eat anything. Especially rotten meat, which they seem to love.”

“I see… that’s certainly a slime I’ve never heard of before. That disposition is strange, it’s probably a new kind. Then I’ll register the information of the magical beast here. Thanks for the new information.”

“Don’t mind, I just came across it by coincidence”
“Right… Well then, members of the Household of Jamil, I still have things I must attend to and I apologize as I am unable to see you out, please excuse me and I’ll take my leave here.”
“Thank you very much”
“Thank you very much”

I and Elia gave our thanks, and after that we left the guild.

“Well then, what should we do now?”
“Special Training! Ryouma-san!”

Why all of the sudden?

“Why do you want a special training all of the sudden?”
“… Because it’s mortifying… Ryouma-san has always been researching and yet, Ryouma-san aren’t you mortified?”
“That’s right… but it’s not like I’ve been researching to be praised, and I’ve also gotten used to that kind of interaction, especially that kind…”

Because the workplace in the otherworld was full of people like that… and even if you get angry at those kind of words, there’s nothing you can do.

“And also I don’t want to teach that person so I only gave him the minimum information so… something like this, it’s nothing at all.”
“Thank you for worrying for me and getting mad on my behalf”

And then it suddenly hit me. I, can talk normally. This past few days I’ve been staying with Elia and the rest, it’s mostly been ok but, do you remember how I talked to that guy a while ago? That time for some strange reason the words came out smoothly. It was as if I was back in the company in my previous life… I wonder if it’s because of the will power of the corporate slave identity that has already been deeply ingrained into me…

“Ah, yes, what is it?”
“What’s the matter?”
“Nothing… it just seems that my speech has come back completely. In the past I was surround a lot by those kind of people so it looks my speech which was deeply ingrained by guys like those came back.”
“… Please talk just as you’ve talked until now. There’s no need to humble yourself to us”  (TL Note: By humble, he’s referring to the use of polite language)
“That’s right. Ryouma-kun, I don’t like the way you talk now, it’s too cold”
“Kid’s shouldn’t be reserved”
“It’s similar to how nobles talk, it’s pressuring and make me feel uncomfortable. Ryoma-san, please talk just as you had before” or so… complained the Madam.

Being told that… well, whatever, let’s go with the more casual one then.

“Got it. Then I’ll do my best to talk just as usual.”
“It’s ok even if you call me your mother, you know?”
“Well it will be good if you take it slowly, well then what will you do now? Are you going back to the lodging?”
“I think it will be good if Ryouma-sama also registers at the adventurer guild”

Said Sebasu-san at which everyone seemed to approve except for me and Elia.

From the looks of things, what that guy said was true. There are a lot of transport jobs here in the Tamer Guild. But those kind of jobs can’t be taken by someone with only slimes. To begin with, Conjurers and Slave Magic Users have less jobs compared to others. So most of the members of the Tamer Guild also register at the Adventurer’s Guild and get jobs from there.

And so we went to the Adventurer’s Guild and just like the Adventurer’s Guild in Template we did not have any troubles with the hoodlums.

The guild rank goes from G to S, so there are 8 ranks. In general you can’t take jobs except for jobs on your level. But if you were make a party and if several parties were to gather in the guild and take part in a large scale mission with many people the difficulty will go down, and you can take missions one to two ranks up your rank.

The registration requires one to at least be 10 years old, so I have that cleared. However, until the age of 13, the guild will need to check the individual fighting abilities and will only be able to accept jobs that look like they will be able to bring out the results. Even if your rank were to be the same that is.

This is a safety measure to prevent kids who lack self-control from doing something reckless. Consequently, from 14 years old onwards that limitation and warning is removed, but of course if one were to fail the contract, one still has to take responsibility, pay the money for the breach of contract, loss of payment and of course the danger to one’s own life.

Also when the town is exposed to danger, if one were to be in the town during that time the guild will hold a meeting and will have to attend. While it’s possible to reject this, one would need a justifiable reason and a large amount of money to be excused.

Right now I am being made to wait at the back of the examination area after again receiving the explanation of Template. Because I’m under 13 years old they need to check my fighting abilities. However there is a problem here.

“Everyone, should I go at full strength?”
“Right… I’m uncertain whether or not you can receive a justifiable appraisal from the person at the Tamer’s Guild. So you should go at all out here, you should show what you’re capable of.”
“Umu. That will be good. ”
“If there’s something make sure you report”
“Please do your best”
“Go at while being relaxed”

As I was receiving various encouragements from everyone, the receptionist along with a man with a good body build, entered the practice area.

“You are the examiner for today?”
“Yes, my name is Ryouma Takebayashi. Please take care of me”
“And you guys would be his companions?”
“That’s right, nice to meet you.”
“Do feel free to watch, however, please don’t try to meddle with the examination”
‘Of course”

After saying that the man faced me.

“The weapons you specialize in is a bow, huh? Alright, let’s begin right away. First off, hit those five targets from that line. The number is five. Hit the targets with one shot one at a time.”

I stood at the line exactly as I was ordered and aimed at the target I was ordered to aim at.

I opened my legs wide shoulder-length, I nocked my arrow, pulled my bow, and accurately fired at my target. This entire movement was done without hesitation, smoothly quickly changing targets as I fired at my targets.

Without panicking, without making a fuss, just calmly shooting the five targets and after I’ve finished shooting. The five arrows all pierced the center of their respective targets.

My ability to handle the bow has significantly increased since I came to this world. I also did archery in the past but I couldn’t shoot this fast in my past life.

Incidentally, the school I come from is not the modern time Kyuudou but Kyuujutsu, because of this I didn’t stop my movements like Kyuudou would in their Eight Stances of Shooting. I could stop midway if I wanted to, but the essence of the Kyuujutsu that has been passed on in my family, goes like this. However faster you can shoot, and how accurately you can shoot your enemy lies in following through with your bow. In the past if I were to stop even once for a moment, in the next instance, my dad’s fist and his abusive voice will come flying at me.

As soon as I finished shooting, I remembered such things. Recollecting something during the exam, I immediately looked at the man who was observing.  He was already walking towards the target. And after confirming everything separately, he went back.

“Everything was dead center. Even if you say that the targets weren’t moving, that was pretty good. The next one involves moving targets, look at the wall across.”

The wall he pointed at had pillars at either ends. And beside the pillars was a hole.

“That was something proposed 300 years ago by an adventurer called Kengo who used a magic weapon called a shotgun. It’s a magic tool that fires off projectiles for the sake of training.”

That’s definitely a guy who was transported. Hey, this is a world of sword and magic, and you brought a shotgun?

“He stopped being able to use the Magic Weapon and ended up at Rank C but he kept proposing the use of this equipment until he died, somehow in its own way it became a good story. To that extent this equipment has that kind of value for the sake of training.”

Stopped being able to use? Is it because of poor maintenance? No ammo?… That guy definitely pissed off the three gods! Otherwise he would have at least received a way to make ammo or maintain it… Unless you’re upfront with those three gods they won’t give you appropriate support you know? As I was thinking that the explanation continued.

“Then, the whistle will be the signal. Do your best”

As he said that the guy handed me the quiver and he backed down. I held the bow in my hands and waited for the signal. 







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