The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 4 End Status & Characters

TL Note: Strength –> Hit Points.

Ryouma’s Status at the End of Volume 4
The parentheses by the hit points and the magic power show the numerical difference since the previous update.

Name: Ryouma Takebayashi
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Race: Human

Hit Points: 12000 (+600)
Magic Power: 284000 (+64100)

Power: A
Speed: A
Defense: A
Mind: SSS
Resistance: A
Dexterity: SS
Luck: B

Basic Class Skills
Housekeeping Lv10
Etiquette Lv7
Arithmetic Lv5
Control Lv4
Torture Lv4
The Power of Life and Death Lv5
Guidance Lv3

Battle Class skills
Taijutsu Lv7
fencing Lv7
Spear Technique Lv4
Hunting Lv6
Staff Arts Lv6
Assassination Technique Lv7
Body Control Lv7
Qigong Lv5
Magic Battle Technique Level 5

*The ‘Hunting’ Skill is the  synthesization of the two skills, ‘Trap’ and ‘Archery’.

Magic Class Skills
Slave Demon MagicLv5
Barrier Magic Lv3
Healing Magic Lv5
Alchemy Lv4
Potion Making Lv5
Construction Magic Lv5
Fire Magic Lv4
Water Magic Lv4
Wind Magic Lv4
Earth Magic Lv5
Neutral Magic Lv4
Electric Magic Lv3
Ice Magic Lv5
Poison Magic Lv4
Wood Magic Lv5
Light Magic Lv4
Dark Magic Lv5
Dimension Magic Lv5
Precise Magic Control Lv6
Increased MP Recovery Lv5
Chantless Invocation Lv5
Cursed Song Lv4

*Precise Magic Control is the synthesization of Magic Control and Magic Manipulation.

Production Class Skills
Pharmacy Lv7
Smithing Lv3
Engraving Lv2

Resistance Class Skills
Physical Resistance Lv8
Mental Resistance Lv9
Wellbeing Lv7
Stench Resistance Lv3
Charm Resistance Lv3

*Wellbeing is the synthesization of Poison Resistance, Disease Resistance, Sleep Resisstance, Cold Resistance, Heat Resistance, and the skill that led to the synthesization, Weakness Resistance.

Special Skill
Oracle Lv6
Survival Technique Lv5
Life Reinforcement Lv3
Super Recovery Lv5
Resistance Reinforcement Lv7
Musccle Reinforcement Lv1
Mental Concentration Lv6

Gekokujou (Note: A junior who overtakes his seniors.)
One who has overcome a life of misfortune.
The Gods’ Favorite Child
Disciple of the Sage
Disciple of the Martial God

Divine Protection
The God of Creation, Gayn
The God of Life, Kufo
The God of Love, Rurutia
The God of Wine, Tekun
The God of Sleep and Death, Meltrize

Volume 4 Characters
This list includes the new chracters who have been introduced in V4. Even those who’ve only been mentioned once have been included.

Training Facility.
Dolt, Delt, Told
Teachers and veteran candle-makers.

Training Area
Grandpa Harold
Taijutsu teacher of the training facility. A former A Rank adventurer.
He is also a slave demon magician, having three B Rank magical beasts, the ogres, under him.

Swordsmanship Teacher of hte training facility. A former knight.

Slime Research Facility
Paul Bilkins
Head of the Slime Research Facility. Former laboratory chief of the national magical beast research facility.

A researcher of the research facility. The troublemaker of the facility.
Affiliated with the vegetation division that studies slimes like the fluff slime.

The man in charge of the security at the research facility. A former soldier.

General Manager of the Slime Research Facility

Magical Beast Tournament Participants
Was in the same group as Ryouma in the preliminaries. He uses the trident snake, a snake-type magical beast.

The man should’ve fought against Ryouma. Uses the B Rank, Barbel Reindeer.

Ryouma’s opponent in the second round. Known as Heaven’s Noble, he is a pretty boy who prefers flying-type magical beasts. He has a good personality.

Ryouma’s opponent in the semifinals. He uses five ogres who are armed to the teeth. He has a steady fighting style.

Gimuru Guards
18-years-old; Man
A guard in Gimuru.
He graduated from the training facility and is already married.
He calls Ryouma, “Dad.”

Riole – Riera’s oldest brother.
Reole – Riera’s older brother; the second son.





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