The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 19

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Volume 2 Chapter 19

The Next Day

“Ryouma-san, are you awake?” [Elia]

Early in the morning, Elia came over to visit me in my room. Sebasu-san was also with her.

“What’s the matter?” [Ryouma]
“I’m going to be instructed by my father regarding slave magic. Would you like to come as well?” [Elia]

Slave magic, huh? … Come to think of it, the only things I can use in regards to slave magic, are the contract and the ‘Monster Identify’. And then, there’s the ‘Contract Release’… are there any other magic aside from these? Well, I have time, so why don’t I go and see?

But then, there’s also that incident with the ruffians yesterday…

While I was thinking that, Sebasu-san came over and whispered to my ear.

“It’s a bit sudden, but I heard Ryouma-sama has been able to get some free time lately. Since there’s some time, won’t Ryouma-sama please consider going out with the Ojousama? After all, it’s been decided that she will be separating from Ryouma-sama soon. So I want to create as much time as possible for the two of you. I’ve also already arranged for someone to watch over your employees today.” [Sebasu]

Ah~… Now that he mentions it, it’s certainly true that ever since I’d decided to go independent, I’ve been spending my time with matters regarding the store, and because of that, I haven’t been able to make any time for Elia… She’s also concerned about her colossal magic power, so she’s probably quite happy to have been able to make a friend. I guess I did something bad…

“I understand. Then, shall we go learn together?” [Ryouma]
“Really!?” [Elia]

As Elia said that, she gave off a dazzling smile.

For some reason, I feel guilty. Or rather, since I didn’t notice that I was wrong until I was told, I guess I am at fault…

After that, I went to the store once, to let the employees know about this. With a smile they replied, “Leave it to us!” even though something like that happened yesterday, they haven’t uttered a word of complaint. Really, what a nice bunch. I’m glad to have hired them.

After that, we went to the abandoned mine. From the looks of things, our training area will be here, in the abandoned mine.

And right now, standing before me and Elia, is the Madam, who is holding a bird cage.

“Well then, let’s begin the training for slave magic. First, what is a slave magic user? Elia?” [Madam]
“A slave magic user is someone who contracts with a magical beast, and uses magic to borrow the power of the magical beast. When performing the slave monster contract, a connection is formed between the magical beast and the practitioner via magic power. Because of that, it is possible to come to understand each other.” [Elia]
“Precisely. And what we’re going to be teaching you two today, is a magic that takes advantage of that connection. This magic is known as ‘Sensory Link’. Just as the name implies, this is magic that allows the practitioner and the magical beast to share senses, and in this way acquire information. This magic is mainly used to warn the magical beast that the practitioner is in danger.” [Madam]
“This is something that conjuration can’t accomplish. So it’s something unique to slave magic users.” [Rheinhart]


“Why can’t conjurers use this ability/’ [Ryouma]
“In general, the conjuration contract forcibly makes the magical beast submit through the use of magic. Even if there’s a connection, it’s one sided.” [Rheinhart]

So that’s how it is… I don’t know much about matters concerning conjuration.

“I see. So that’s how it is.” [Ryouma]
“There’s a need to get used to ‘Sensory Link’. The longer you’ve been helping each other, and the deeper your understanding is with your slave monster, then the clearer the connection will be. Today, we prepared a magical beast inside this bird cage for you two. Contract with it, then we’ll have you guys practice.” [Rheinbach]
“Why go all the way to get a new magical beast? Isn’t it possible with a slime?” [Ryouma]
“True, it’s definitely possible to use ‘Sensory Link’ with the slimes. However, the effect is hard to grasp, and there’s no meaning to it.” [Rheinhart]
“Since slimes don’t have nose, ears, and eyes, even if you use ‘Sensory Link’, you won’t be able to understand sight, hearing, smell, and even taste. And I also don’t know how you’re supposed to understand your surroundings with that.”

Certainly, that would definitely make it hard to understand the effect.

“I understand.” [Elia]

And so, me and Elia went over to the bird cage and contracted with the magical beast inside, called Crew Bird. Oh, speaking of which, this is my first time contracting with a magical beast other than a slime!

When I noticed that, I became a little nervous. But without anything going wrong, the contract ended safely.

“Looks like you were able to contract them. Then next, become aware of the connection you have between you and your magical beast. Once you’ve done that, strongly visualize an image where you’re looking through the eyes of your magical beast. If you can do that, then even without any incantations, you’ll be able to use, ‘Sensory Link’.” [Madam]

Being told that, I used a camera connected to a TV as my image. When I did so, an image flowed through the back of my head… but…

“Somehow, it feels kind of unpleasant…” [Ryouma]

The sensation of having both my own field of vision, and the magical beast’s field of vision, go inside my head at the same time is difficult to describe. But it’s kind of like being forced to watch two TV screens at the same time, while having to understand it. It isn’t something that feels very pleasant.

“Ara, Ryouma-kun, you’ve already succeeded?” [Madam]
“As expected of you. This is actually a difficult magic, because there are many people who find it difficult to grasp the image.” [Rheinbach]
“It’s difficult so I wanted to teach it early, so you can take your time practicing it. But it looks like you’ve already managed to learn it. That unpleasant sensation after having just succeeded at ‘Sensory Link’, is something that every slave magic user has to go through. You’ll manage as long as you practice, so do your best and get used to it. I suggest you start by closing your eyes, and focusing only on your slave monster’s field of vision.” [Rheinhart]

So I need to get used to it, huh? … Just like I was told, I close my eyes, and focus only on the field of vision of the magical beast. Yeah, this way is better than a while ago. The crew bird I’d just contracted with, is currently standing on the ground, so the field of vision I’m seeing is extremely low. Because of that, it feels kind of out of place. But that’s it. Aside from that, there’s no other problem.

After that, I continued to practice for 2 hours. In the end, I was also able to order the crew bird to fly, while using ‘Sensory Link’ to see through the magical beast while it’s in the sky. This ability is quite useful for scanning the surroundings.

While I was thinking that, it would appear that Elia had also succeeded at using ‘Sensory Link’.

“This is… a rather unusual feeling.” [Elia]

Looks like Elia is also feeling that sense of being out of place.

I thought this just now, but Elia is quite amazing, huh? I used my experience in Earth to grasp the image, but Elia actually had to start from scratch. Yet, she was able to learn it within the day. Amazing.

After Elia had succeeded once, we decided to take a short break, and Araune-san prepared us some tea.

“Still, you two did pretty well to be able to actually learn it this fast.” [Rheinbach]
“Elia carries with her the lineage of Jamil, so I thought it’d be fast. But who would’ve thought that it would actually be to this extent. I also thought Ryouma-kun would have a hard time with it, but…” [Rheinhart]
“Isn’t it fine? Like this, they were able to learn it easily without any problems. Now, all that’s left is to train.” [Madam]
“So that feeling is going to continue, huh?” [Elia]

Looks like, even with her eyes closed, Elia still finds it difficult to get used to that feeling.
Well, you are suddenly having your vision changed and mixed, after all… It’s still fine for me who thinks it’s like watching television, but Elia is seeing things as if it’s actually her own field of vision… Even if I teach her, she doesn’t know about TVs, so she won’t understand. I can’t teach her. Do your best, Elia.

As we continued to discuss like that, the madam asked me this.

“Ryouma-kun, how’s your first time contracting with a magical beast other than a slime? Does anything feel off?” [Madam]
“There isn’t anything in particular.” [Ryouma]
“Then in that case, Ryouma might also have an aptitude for bird type magical beasts.” [Madam]

Aptitude? What’s she talking about?

“What’s an aptitude?” [Ryouma]

The one who answered that question was Rheinhart-san.

“You didn’t know? Slave magic users, and conjurers, all have their own respective aptitudes. What kind of magical beast one should tame, depends on the individual. And whether he should contract a lot of magical beasts or not. Then there’re also those who can’t contract with a lot of magical beasts, but are able to contract with several very powerful magical beasts. Ryouma-kun’s aptitude with slimes is probably quite high. Otherwise, I don’t think you’d be able to contract that many magical beasts.” [Rheinhart]

“After you find out what your aptitude is, it’s important to make sure what kind of magical beast you’re suited for. Aptitude isn’t strictly decided, it’s something you have to vaguely understand by probing within yourself. For example, I have good aptitude with magical beasts that have scales. And while I can’t contract with a lot of magical beasts, my magical beasts are individually strong.” [Rheinbach]

“As for me, I have an aptitude for magical beasts that walk on four legs. On the other hand, I have absolutely zero aptitude for magical beasts of the bird type. And so, I can’t contract with those.” [Rheinhart]
“My aptitude is…” [Madam]

As the Madam said that, she suddenly chanted an incantation. As she did so, light began to radiate from her side, and all of the sudden, a wolf with silver fur appeared. I was slightly taken aback by that, but the Madam laughed and said that it was alright.

“Sorry for scaring you. This child is Rogue. My little fenrir, slave monster.” [Madam]

Fenrir…? Isn’t that, that thing that comes out in legends!?

“Ara, did you perhaps think that the Fenrir and a little fenrir were the same?” [Madam]
“Are they different?” [Ryouma]
“They are. Fenrir is a divine beast, but a little fenrir is a magical beast. Little fenrirs are wolf type magical beasts that can use a little bit of ice magic. But it’s true that they’re quite strong.” [Madam]
“So that’s how it is…” [Ryouma]

Little fenrirs are amazing… and the madam too, for being able to actually win it over. Right now that amazing little fenrir is being caressed by the madam. And as if the Madam’s foot felt good, it began to turn over to its side.

“This child is the boss of its pack. I have 20 more little fenrirs. And then, I still have around 100 other wolf type magical beasts. I can do this since my aptitude with wolf type magical beasts is good.” [Madam]

20 more beasts like this little fenrir!?

While it can’t compare to the number of slimes I have, its quality is too different. And it’s at a different league compared to the black bear’s intimidating aura.

“It’s because Elize is really skillful as a slave magic user. You normally can’t make a little fenrir obey you just like that, you know? In fact, when I first met Elize in the past, I actually suffered from an inferiority complex.” [Rheinhart]
“Ara, is that really true? Weren’t you going around saying, “I have my sword!” and without minding it, zealously tempered your sword arm? Also, I don’t recall you having such a lack of talent for slave magic.” [Madam]
“… If you compare me to you or to my father, I end up getting completely overshadowed.” [Rheinhart]
“Even then, you don’t really need to mind it that much. To begin with, as a kid you always neglected your training as a slave magic user, and was always fussing over your sword training instead. So tell me, are you still going to imply that it’s my fault?” [Rheinbach]

Afterwards, Rheinbach-sama kept finding fault after fault with Rheinhart-san as he gave him a sermon. While listening to that, I looked at that little fenrir called Rogue as I thought to myself.

The Madam can make 20 and 100 of these wolf type magical beasts submit. For Rheinbach-sama to be considered at the same level as her, isn’t that amazing? No, it’s definitely amazing.

While I was thinking that, Elia called out to me.

“Ryouma-san, what are you thinking about?” [Elia]
“I just thought that Rheinbach-sama was pretty amazing, considering he’s actually on the same level as the Madam.” [Ryouma]

When Elia heard that, she smiled. I wonder if it’s because her family was praised. But when the Madam beside me heard my words, she denied it.

“Ryouma-kun, you’re a little off there. Father-in-law and I are not of the same level. Father-in-law is in fact, on a level higher than me.” [Madam]
“Really?” [Ryouma]
“That’s right. I may have more slave monsters, but father-in-law’s slave monsters are on a different level. He may not even have 20 of them, but if the adventurer’s guild were to put up a subjugation request for those, each one of those magical beasts would be classified as an A rank magical beast. In fact, half of his slave monsters are dragons.” [Madam]
“Dragons!?” [Ryouma]

I may have never seen a dragon, but I know that having close to 10 dragons, is something dangerous!! Moreover, all of them possess the power of a magical beast that’s A Rank, up. And for one person to actually possess all that, that’s overkill!! … Isn’t Rheinbach-sama an even bigger cheat than I am?

“… What’s the matter with dragons?” [Rheinbach]

Asked Rheinbach-sama, when he heard my voice.

“I heard about Rheinbach-sama’s slave monsters just now. Amazing. To think that Rheinbach-sama would be able to tame several dragons.” [Ryouma]
“In my case, I was just lucky. I may have also had the aptitude for it, but starting out with a dragon was really strong. I collected those kind of dragons and I made them my slave monsters. As allies they’re quite reassuring, but I can’t call them out for petty things, otherwise it would cause a huge commotion.” [Rheinbach]

Well that’s true…

“Moreover, I’m nothing compared to the founder of slave magic, Shiho Jamil-sama. From what I’d heard, the founder didn’t have any restrictions on the number of contracts that could be possessed. Moreover, the founder had an aptitude for all magical beasts, and was able to contract any kind of beast, regardless of how strong, or how hard they were to tame. And according to the records, the number of slave monsters the founder had couldn’t be counted.” [Rheinbach]

By founder, he’s referring to an otherworlder, right? Then in that case, isn’t the reason she was able to do that, because of her cheats? Although, from what I’d heard from Gayn and the others, she seemed to be a nice person.

For someone like me who understands that, I’m more interested in what Rheinbach-sama’s dragons normally do, rather than any story about the founder.

“That Shiho-sama seems to be an amazing person, huh? … By the way, what do Rheinbach-sama’s slave monsters normally do?” [Ryouma]
“They’re staying in a mountain within my territory. It’s a dangerous mountain because the magical beasts there are too strong. With no one coming there, I had them stay there while preventing the monsters from going down to human settlements.” [Rheinbach]
“I see.” [Ryouma]
“Slave magic users that possess powerful magical beasts have an inclination to have a problem with finding a place for those beasts to stay. So in the future, when you tame a powerful magical beast, and find it difficult to find a home for it, just let us know, ok?” [Rheinbach]
“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

When I run out of space in my space magic, I’ll talk to them about it. 







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