The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 18

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Volume 2 Chapter 18

I steady my breath, then I release magic power towards the three slimes before me.

That magic power caused the slimes to shake and jump. Because it can’t be seen, if someone were to see this, they’d just assume that the slimes were shaking.

But because I have the ‘Magic Perception’ skill, I know what’s happening. The slimes are reacting to the magic power, and are absorbing it little by little.

“As expected…” [Ryouma]

I thought of this when I saw the slime’s evolution yesterday. That time, the slime released magic power, and then it absorbed it. And because the heal slimes were able to use healing magic, I knew that the slimes definitely possessed magic power.

I think the reason the slime can evolve to heal slime, is because of healing magic. Following that train of thought, if I used fire magic and ice magic, then I should also be able to make a slime according to that, right? Or so I thought before, and at that time I failed, but… what about now?

That time, I used magic several times to no effect. And with offensive magic, the slimes would only end up hurt, so I stopped. But what about this?

I release magic a second time. This time I release it while visualizing the magic power as if it’s burning up, just like when I use fire magic. The image one comes up with is different from person to person, but by doing this, one who possesses neutral magic power will be able to change that magic power into that of the fire element. Whether one is able to do this or not depends on the person, but it also depends on the attribute one possesses.

Normally, when I change the attribute of my magic power, I’ll end up firing off magic at the same time, but just right before that, I stop myself and release it as only magic power.

“Doing this is more sensitive than using magic normally.” [Ryouma]

As I kept releasing magic like that towards the slimes, the slimes slowly began to absorb magic power, slower.

When I tried changing the attributes after that, I understood that two out of three of the slimes, liked earth attribute. And one of them preferred dark attribute.

After that, while waiting for the cloths to dry, I continued to give the three slimes magic power until I almost ran out. It would be great if I could make the slimes evolve like this… anyway, there’s no harm to the slimes, so I guess I’ll keep this up.

After that, I took a break, and when the cloths finished drying, I went back to the town, and headed towards Zeke’s store.

When I got there, a boy around 14 or 15, greeted me.

“Welcome! May I know what kind of meat you’re looking for?” [Boy]
“Excuse me, I have business with your boss.” [Ryouma]
“I see. Boss! There’s a customer who’s looking for you!” [Boy]

At those words, Zeke-san, who was covered in blood, came out.

Pale skin, and thin to the point where he looks sick. On top of that, blood-stained clothes… Looking at this person, he’s quite scary, although in a different way from Wogan.

“Well, if it isn’t Ryouma-kun. What business do you have?” [Zeke]
“Actually…” [Ryouma]

I explained the situation.

“There was a slime like that? Alright, then in that case you can take as much blood as you want from my store. Since, I won’t be using them anyway.” [Zeke]
“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]
“Do you need it now? I have a lot right now, since some young adventurers brought a lot of spoils with them.” [Zeke]
“I’ll take it then. Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

I entered Zeke-san’s workplace. In there, five men were working. Alongside the wall, there was a joist with many hooks attached to it. On those, several beasts hang by a cord, as it was drained of its blood.

“Over here.” [Zeke]

I was brought to two big containers that were right underneath the beasts. Inside those were all of the beast’s blood. That container was nearly as long as the room, itself.

“Thank you very much. Is it ok if let the slime drink this?” [Ryouma]
“Go ahead.” [Zeke]

After getting permission, I let the bloody slime go inside the container. In the blink of an eye, the bloody slime sucked in all of the blood.

The men who were working also told me, that it was convenient for them. Apparently, they need to get rid of all these blood when it gets full, but doing that is a hassle. And even if it’s not full, they still have to wash it thoroughly. So it’s quite convenient for them to have it cleaned like this, since on top of being big, it’s quite heavy.

“When a big game comes, just like today, it take a lot of effort just to drain all of the blood.” [Zeke]
“I see.” [Ryouma] 

After that, Zeke-san told me to come whenever I need blood. On top of that, I also got some spoiled meats and bones. It would have just been thrown away, so Zeke-san generously gave these to me. With this, I’ve managed to secure some feed for the scavenger slimes and the acid slimes.

Thank you, Zeke-san.

After that, I left Zeke-san’s store…

“Walk briskly!” [Man]
“It hurts!” [Man 2]
“What are ya bitches looking at, huh!?” [Man]
“This ain’t a show!” [Man 3]
“Shut up and walk!! [Man]

From my store, I saw some ill-bred men leave as they were escorted by the guards. Did something happen!?

I hurriedly enter my store, and when I got there, the employees were gathered.

“Is everyone ok!?” [Ryouma]
“Ah, Boss!” [Karma]
“I happened to pass by chance, and I notice some guys were being escorted by the guards. Is everyone alright?” [Ryouma]
“We’re alright~, and no one was injured either. ~” [Jeanne]
“Fei-san stopped them, all by himself!” [Maria]
“Really? Thank you very much, Fei-san.” [Ryouma]
“Don’t mind. This is also a part of my job.” [Fei]

“Fei-san and Li Ling-san were the guards of this store, huh? We didn’t know that at all.” [Fina]
“Well, it’s because there was no need to talk about it.” [Fei]
“You really saved us today. Fei-san and Li Ling were, of course, a great help. And because Ryouma-sama employed the two of you, the store, the employees, and all the customers were unharmed.” [Karla]
“Oh, no, no. I didn’t do anything at all.” [Ryouma]

After all, I got there when everything had already ended.

As I was thinking that, Li Ling-san said this.

“Boss, I have something I need to talk about with you. It’s about a countermeasure that will be necessary from here on out.” [Li Ling]

Being told that, I went with her inside the store, along with Karma-san and Karla-san, while the store was left to Fei-san and the three girls.

When we got to the office, she began to talk.

“Although I say it’s a countermeasure, there’s nothing particularly wrong with the way things are now. As long as my dad is around, there won’t be any problems. If it’s just something along the likes of ill-bred ruffians, then my dad can handle it all by himself. But there’s something I want to ask Boss. Boss, do you remember anyone holding a grudge against you?” [Li Ling]
“Someone who hates me?” [Ryouma]
“It seems that those ruffians were hired by someone. While waiting for the guards to arrive, we used some truth serum to make them spill the beans, so it’s definitely correct.” [Li Ling]

Hearing that, I tried thinking about it, and…

“I once had a dispute with an adventurer group of 40 people, and I beat them up… And then, there’s that guild master from the tamer guild who seems to hate me.” [Ryouma]

I guess it’s possible that they hold a grudge. And then there’s Matthew. But while I don’t think there’s any reason for him to hate me…

“Then in that case, I think the suspicious one is the guild master. The ruffians did say that they were paid quite a bit. The amount they were paid wasn’t something you’d pay to a ruffian, even if there were a few of them. There might be someone who would pay that much, even at the cost of being able to live. But then, the number of people who would do such a thing is exceedingly small.” [Li Ling]
“The ruffians today, quarreled with the customers, and started ranting with a loud voice.” [Karma]
“Fei-san, being cautious of that, subdued them, but…” [Karla]

Certainly, that isn’t the kind of act you’d pay someone at the cost of your own lifestyle. After all, if such a person hated me that much, he’d personally come to hurt me, right?

“Then in that case, it’s Matthew, huh?” [Ryouma]
“Is that the name of the guild master of the tamer guild?” [Karma]
“Yes. He looked down on the fact, that I haven’t tamed any monster aside from slimes. And because I have a relationship with the duke, he’s quite envious of me.” [Ryouma]
“Well, that kind of person can be found anywhere… While we haven’t confirmed whether that man is the culprit or not, we should take some precautions.” [Karla]
“It’s good that the ruffians knew, but it looks like the other side’s also being careful not to be found out.” [Li Ling]
“If our profits were to get out, then this kind of thing will more or less happen. There’s nothing else to it, aside from preparing, and dealing with it each time it happens.” [Ryouma]

The discussion proceeded like this. First, Karla-san and Karma-san will go to the merchant guild, and inform the guild master about today’s incident. As for me, I’ll let the duke know of what happened today.

And then, from today onwards, Fei-san and Li Ling-san will be in charge of the security during the day. During the night, I’ll release the slimes to patrol the premises and the store. Like this, we were able to finalize our course of action.

When I got back to the lodging, I talked to Rheinhart-san. But because he wanted me to hire some guards using his influence, it almost became a serious matter.

The ones he wanted me to hire immediately, were all either former soldiers or knights. They were all apparently veterans who had retired after suffering a wound, but unfortunately, those are not the kind of people that my store would hire. Incidentally, one of the people he wanted to introduce to me, was a former leader of the knights. Apparently, he was Rheinbach-sama’s comrade in arms… you think I can hire someone like that!!?

We took some time negotiating, and after a while, it was decided that it’ll be under observation for now.

Come to think of it, I inadvertently ignored it, but Li Ling-san actually even had truth serum with her… Well, she’s dependable, so whatever.

I guess I’ll retire for the day.







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