The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 4 Chapter 29: End of the Tournament

After the match ended, I was made to wait in my room until the awarding ceremony. But before going to the room, I went outside first to put back the Emperor Scavenger Slime into the Dimension Home. It’d get in the way to leave it just like that after all.

It wasn’t until an hour later when they called me out to the stage again. When I went back to the stage, there was a winner’s podium at the center of the stage.

Including me, there were three of us all-in-all who would be going up the winner’s podium. At the highest place was me. Then for the second place should be Matthew, but I’m not sure whether he’ll come or not if he is still receiving treatment. But contrary to my expectations, Roodman was the one to take the 2nd position instead. The management said a few words in regards to this.

<<While Participant Matthew was receiving treatment, it was found out that he was in possession of a “Magic Tool of Conjuration” which is forbidden both by the law and by the regulations of the tournament – not to mention the fact that said participant’s magical beast also went wild – As such, Participant Matthew has been disqualified.”

At those words, the crowd grew noisy. They spat hateful words filled with disbelief, anger, and contempt, not trying one bit to hide their anger. They couldn’t believe that of all people to cheat, it would actually be the guild master of the Gimuru branch’s tamer guild himself.

Within that commotion, the officials of the tournament all appeared to apologize for the lack of security and their incapability to prevent foul play. They also expressed their regrets for Matthew as well as the tamer guild.

According to their explanation, apparently, the reason the magic beast went wild was because of the magic tool breaking. At first, Matthew couldn’t move right after the match, but after being treated with some healing magic, he was again able to move his arms a little, and he started acting odd.

Matthew tried to casually hide his left arm, but the healer found Matthew’s wound suspicious, so he investigated the matter. When the healer did, what he found was the broken magic tool. The illegal use of a magic tool coming to light instead of some injury could be said to be Matthew getting his just desert.

Without the time to hide the evidence through injury or even the time to run, Matthew was immediately handed to the guards, who are now investigating where he got the magic tool from and how he managed to get pass through security.

When the awarding ceremony began, the atmosphere in the arena immediately changed, and the crowd applauded the three of us standing at the winner’s podium. The ceremony here wasn’t much different from back in Earth. The officials said a few words, then we were handed   giant wooden planks where the amount of money won was written along with ceremonial swords that had no blade attached.

The ceremonial swords are the equivalent of a medal or trophy back in Earth. Likewise, the color also differs depending on one’s position. Mine was gold, Roodman’s was silver, while the third placer was bronze. On the body of the sword was engraved, ‘Champion of the First Magic Beast Tournament’.

After that was mostly just us waving back to the crowd and bowing our heads as we answered back to the cheers until the ceremony finally ended.

When I got back to the storehouse, I answered some questions from the officials. The first question was in regards to how I would be receiving the prize money. I could apparently get it in cash if I were to just wait a bit, but I just told them to deposit it via the merchant guild.

The next question was in regards to the slimes, but I just told them to talk with the research facility like I said before.

The last question was about whether I would like them to get rid of the people outside since they would probably crowd me if I were to just go out like this. There are some people who are able to go home while being surrounded, but I don’t want the trouble, so I decided to have them buy me time while I escape via dimension magic.

After that, I was informed that Elia and the others asked them to inform me to wait. So for the time being, I couldn’t go home. Times like this make me wish I had a cellphone. For a moment, I wondered whether I couldn’t do the same thing with magic, but it probably wouldn’t work out well. Ah, wait a moment, right…

It wasn’t related to cellphones, but while waiting, I decided to write a letter. Before ten minutes could even pass, however, Elia and the others came. We didn’t meet elsewhere, they just went directly here in the storehouse.

“Ryouma-san, congratulations!” [Elia]
“You did it!” [Kanan]
“Good job. And thanks for a while ago.” [Riera]
“I was really surprised when the axe came flying.” [Elia]
“I was more surprised when Ryouma-kun flew though.” [Michelle]
“Congratulations on winning the tournament, Ryouma-sama.” [Sebasu]
“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

Around this time, Elia noticed the object in my hands.

“Hmm? Oh, were you writing something? I hope we didn’t disturb you.” [Elia]
“Oh, no, it’s nothing like that. I just thought I should ask an acquaintance of mine to find out what would happen to the tamer guild’s guildmaster from now on.” [Ryouma]

It seems like it’d take a lot of effort to walk around the town myself after all.

“Are you curious?” [Riela]
“Well, it was a big incident. And Matthew isn’t a stranger either.” [Ryouma]
“Are you close?” [Miyabi]
“Nah.” [Ryouma]

I firmly rejected the idea.

“More like enemies if anything. It’s mostly one-sided from him though… Regardless, I am curious about what’ll happen from now on.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, the officials who cleared the people outside went back to tell me the people were gone. So with that, we decided to leave through Dimension Magic.

When we got out of the service entrance, I asked a rimel bird to take the letter. Then we teleported through Dimension Magic to the front of the town gate. Before it grew noisy, we teleported again until we got to my house.

“We’re here!” [Ryouma]
“That’s fast.” [Kanan]
“Is this Ryouma-san’s house?” [Elia]
“Huh? Elia, you haven’t been here yet?” [Riera]
“Ah… Now that you mention it, it was only after Elia left that I built the house. So it should be Elia’s first time here as well.” [Ryouma]
“At that time, this place was nothing but tunnels.” [Elia]

But now there was a house and even a bamboo thicket. I had to work hard in order to use up my magic power after all.

“For the meantime, let’s go inside.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, I invited Elia and the others inside. I wonder what their impressions will be.

“How to put it…” [Riera]
“It doesn’t feel like it’s been lived in…” [Miyabi]
“I think it’s really clean.” [Kanan]
“Erm, wasn’t it just made to be simple?” [Michelle]
“It feels like a house no one’s lived in.” [Elia]

I guess it’s only natural. After all, there aren’t even any chairs or desks or even shelves. Actually, I don’t use this place much.

The place I really live in is actually in the hidden path ahead of the kitchen. So inside the tunnel in other words. From the outside, this house looks like the place where I rest at, but it’s actually only being used to catch intruders.

The spears of the metal slimes would pour in from the gaps between the ceiling or the sleeping mist of the portion slimes would fill the house. There’s nothing to worry about though as I can easily order the slimes lurking at the ceiling to release the effects of their attacks, and they also won’t attack without my orders, so it’s safe.

As I told Elia and the others that the house is just being used to ward off against criminals and that this place could also be entered through the passage in the training room in the cave to the side, I used ‘Teleport’, and I brought them to the hidden passage leading to the kitchen.

I thought of making some sort of hidden trick to open the hidden passage, but unfortunately, my so-called secret passage is just a passage behind a wall. It’s simple, but it’s hard to find. And it’s no inconvenience to someone like me who can use Dimension Magic too.

After a short walk with the Light Magic, Light, illuminating our path, we arrived at the living room I usually used. On the four sides of this room were rectangular papers pasted over rectangular-shaped bamboo. There were magic stones meant for lighting inside, so there’s plenty of light in the room.

After we sat on the couch made from a magic beast’s hide and filled with the fluff of the fluff slime, I paused to catch my breath.


Somehow, I feel burnt out after the tournament ended.

“Oh, right. I should bring out tea.” [Ryouma]
“In that case, please let me make it.” [Sebasu]
“Ah, thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

Just when I thought of making tea, Sebasu-san went ahead of me before I could even stand up; he left the room. Sebasu-san has come here many times before, so he already knows his way around. It’s already late anyway, so I might as well leave it to him…

“Oh, speaking of which, what about supper? Should I make something?” [Ryouma]
“Please don’t mind, Ryouma-san’s tired after all, so…!” [Elia]

As Elia answered, she suddenly made a face that seemed to say that she thought of something. I wonder what she’s thinking.

“Ryouma-san, if it’s no trouble, how about letting me make supper?” [Elia]
“You will?” [Ryouma]

I was a bit surprised, but the other girls started agreeing. I’m happy to have a girl cook for me, but – and I’m sorry for being a bit rude – can Elia cook? As I was wondering whether I should ask that out loud or not, Elia sensed what I was thinking, and she glumly spoke.

“Please rest assured, Ryouma-san. I might not be able to cook as well as you, but I can definitely cook something edible. Even if I’m like this, I’ll have you know that I’m good at Girl Power Class.” [Elia]
“Girl Power Class?” [Ryouma]

It’s been awhile since I heard Elia say something unique to this world, so for a moment, I was dumbfounded. I mean, it’s not like I don’t understand what she’s trying to say, but what exactly is “Girl Power Class?”

After asking them for a while, apparently, “Girl Power Class” is close to the so-called “Home Economics” in Japan. Also, while the girls are having that class, the boys are apparently having martial arts training. The words “Girl Power” sounds like something students or alumni would use, but it sure feels odd in modern context.

But whatever. In any case, Elia will be making supper for today. I explained to Sebasu-san, who was busy making tea, what happened. After that, we went to check the ingredients in the kitchen.

“You can use any of the ingredients here as you please.” [Ryouma]

The ingredients here come from the harvest in the farm, and then there’s also the huge stock of ingredients that were bought to feed the goblins, so there should be more than enough.

“Ryouma-han, there seem to be things here I don’t see even in my family’s store… Like this pot for example. What exactly is inside it?” [Miyabi]
“That’s a still experimental chili.” [Ryouma]

As I was studying medicine from my grandparents’ books, I came across a certain antidote for a poison plant. When I learned that its taste and smell was similar, I wondered to myself, “Couldn’t I use this as chili if I just got rid of the poison?” So like that, I ended up researching it in my spare time.

But just because I thought of it, doesn’t mean things would proceed smoothly. And as it turns out, because of the medicine mixed into to remove the poison, there’s a bitter taste left in the mixture. The jar Miyabi is holding now is the best one I’ve made yet, but it’s too sour and tastes odd, so it’s still not complete.

For now, I usually just use it as sauce when cooking yakiniku or yakitori or as an insect repellant after mixing with alcohol.

“How about this wood-like thing?” [Riera]
“Riera, that’s a meguribushi.” [Miyabi]

Meguribushi is this world’s katsuobushi. Riera doesn’t seem to know about it, but Miyabi seems to know. But then again, there’s nothing odd about that since I bought it from her family.

Speaking of which, this meguribushi is made from fish caught at a certain season once a year in the village of the dragonewts. They seem to be using migratory fishes. The amount exported depends on the amount of fish caught and the local demand. And with the production time taking more than half a year, the price is fairly expensive. Which is why the Slime Den Restaurant rarely brings it out.

But I have more than enough for my own purposes, so there’re always some at home.

As I answered their questions one after another like this, I left them to Sebasu-san as I exited the kitchen. I’m looking forward to what they’ll make.

TL Note: Katsuobushi = perserved fish flakes.

It’s the brown flakes thingy in the video below. Btw that’s just an onion katsuobushi rice meal down there. It’s literally onion + katsuobushi + rice + sweet soy sauce.

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