The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 5

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Volume 2 Chapter 5

4th Day of the Monster Subjugation

Just like yesterday, I went to the mine to kill off some monsters, then went back to the town. As soon as I got back, I went straight to Serge-san’s place.

“Good evening Serge-san.” – Ryouma
“I’ve been waiting Ryouma-sama. Shall we go?” – Serge

We rode the carriage that Serge-san had prepared. And with it we went to the merchant guild that was just a little bit south of the town’s center. The merchant guild’s building was big but plain. When we got in, there were people, but they were sparse.

We walked towards the receptionist lady, but as soon as we got to her, she immediately let us go into the back room. It seems that this guild treats Serge-san very well. Then again he is the president of a huge firm, so I guess it’s a given?

After a while, a thin man and a woman with a humped back entered the room. As soon as we saw them, I stood up with Serge-san while the old woman covered her mouth as she laughed. At that, the man spoke.

“Well if it isn’t Serge. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been hearing some rumors so I was wondering what you were up to.”

The man started talking with a somewhat Kansai Dialect-esque manner of speech.

“It’s been a while, Pioro.” – Serge

Looks like the man’s name is Pioro.

“I wonder what your business is Serge. It’s truly quite rare to see someone like you who doesn’t show his face around save for the meetings. Oh, and what do we have here? Little boy, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Grisela, an old hag and the guild master of this merchant guild.” – Grisela

“My name is Ryouma Takebayashi. Our business today is to register at the merchant’s guild. I may be inexperienced and young, but please take care of me.” – Ryouma

“Oh? My thanks for such a polite greeting. Serge, is this kid your place’s new servant? You’ve taught him quite well considering his age.” – Grisela
“True, true. There are very few kids who are able to be as polite as you. I’m Pioro Saionji, nice to meet you. When you talk to me, there’s no need to be stiff.” – Pioro
“Ryouma Takebayashi. A pleasure to meet you too.” – Ryouma

Pioro nodded.
“Ryouma-kun, right? I’ve properly taken note of it. Madam Gli had just mentioned it, but why did you guys come here again Serge?” – Pioro
“We just came here to register Ryouma-sama. I’m just accompanying him.” – Serge

Hearing that, the two people’s eyes moved towards me as the guild master took a good look at me.

“Fumu, fumu… alright, wait a moment.” – Grisela

As she said that, she held her cane with her hand and with a thundering voice, poked Serge-san’s head.

“This moron! What are you doing fussing over a kid!?” – Grisela
“It hurts. I’d like you to please stop hitting me guild master…” – Serge
“I don’t know what the situations is, but this child is an earnest child. Even if he shows respect to you who is obviously an old man, all I feel is shame and uneasiness.” – Grisela

Why does she think he’s concealing something!? Is there also a mind reading skill!?  

“Ryouma, right? I can’t read your mind.” – Grisela

Aren’t you reading it right now!?

“I may have put on some years, but my insight as a merchant hasn’t dwindled one bit. You seem to be an honest individual, so I can at least do something this much.” – Grisela
“Is that so?” – Pioro
Pioro-san chuckled.
“This old woman is scary, right? I mean that’s what she always says, but she’s probably actually really reading our minds.” – Pioro
“Rather than being scary though, I think it’s amazing. Unfortunately I’m not very good at discerning people’s intentions.” – Ryouma

Grisela smiled.
“Something like that, you’ll get used to it. As long as the circumstances permit it, you’ll learn it as you put on some years. You still have plenty of years ahead of you. It seems something happened in the past, but don’t worry, you still have a future.” – Grisela
“Thank you very much, however, can you truly not read minds?” – Ryouma
“There’s no way I can. I already knew that you were wondering whether I could read minds the moment I saw you make those eyes that looked like you were looking at something far away.” – Grisela


“My eyes did that?” – Ryouma
“Those eyes were like the eyes of an uncle in his middle years remembering something.” – Grisela

Bull’s eye!

“Anyhow, you may be a bit surprised, but you came here to register, right? Shall we hurry up and process your papers?” – Grisela

Having been told that, I filled up the registration forms.

“Hmm… what is ‘occupation’? Isn’t the occupation supposed to be a merchant?” – Ryouma
Pioro replied.
“Write the trade you want to pursue. If you want to sell weapons, then write weapons merchant. But you can add to that later, so there’s no need to make that much of a fuss and write so many things now. Also there’s a list of the basic occupations written at the back, so just take look at that, then write that into the blank.” – Pioro
“I understand.” – Ryouma

Now that he mentions it, I remember hearing something about the adventurer’s guild also dealing with peddling… well for the mean time I guess we’ll go with that, and then… I guess I’ll also write, ‘a shop keeper of the store I want’.

… By the way, what is this, ‘minstrel’ occupation? I understand what the word means, but is this also considered a merchant?

While I was thinking that, I handed the registration forms to the guild master. The guild master looked over the form, and then said this.

“Oh? So you’re an adventurer? Then in that case you should take care of your body. It’d be a waste after all. And also, you want to have a store?” – Grisela
“Actually I’ve been thinking of a slightly different occupation. At the start I had wanted to have a job on the side that I could do in between my jobs as an adventurer, but then Serge-san told me that I should make my plans bigger.” – Ryouma
“Serge, did?” – Grisela
Pioro chuckled.
“Heh, that’s quite interesting. What kind of work is it?” – Pioro
“A laundromat.” – Ryouma
Pioro glanced at me, then to Serge-san.
“A laundromat? You plan to receive money and wash clothes? Serge, why did you have to go through all the trouble of registering for this? While it’s that there isn’t any loss in registering, but the same time it doesn’t really matter for something like this, no?” – Pioro
“I also thought that at the start. But after hearing from Ryouma-sama, I thought that his idea was nothing short of a gold mine! And so, since it will become a problem if he makes too much money without registering at the guild, I urged Ryouma-sama to register.” – Serge
“Can a laundromat really make that much money?” – Pioro
The guild master made a curious face.
“I’d also like to hear about that laundromat. In all my life, I’d never heard of a laundromat that will earn so much money that it would have problems with the guild.” – Grisela

After that we finished the registration. Serge-san was the one to explain about the managerial policies we discussed yesterday. When Pioro-san and the guild master heard that, they started to groan, then they started to laugh.

“Hee hee hee! Living a long life is interesting because things like this happen from time to time! Ryouma, your idea is really interesting. There’s never been a guy like you who’s attempted to make a profit with those methods.” – Grisela
Pioro nodded.
“Certainly, if this were implemented it would certainly reap great profits. And if you don’t register, it would certainly cause a huge commotion in the guild.” – Pioro

But as Pioro was praising me, he said this.
“But you know… In order to implement this, you need to increase the effectivity of your laundry. If you just increase the number of employees, the expense will just pile up. Do you have some sort of plan? You have some kind of secret, right? Mind telling it? Don’t worry I won’t copy you.” – Pioro
“Alright.” – Ryouma
“Is that really ok? Even if I say I won’t copy you, it may be a lie, you know?” – Pioro
“Well, you’re an acquaintance of Serge-san, so you probably won’t lie. And also…” – Ryouma
The guild master gave me a quizzical glance.
“And also?” – Grisela
“Even if you try to fake it, I don’t think you’ll succeed with my method.” – Ryouma

As I said that, I got permission from the two. I then opened the Item Box and the Dimension Home, and took out a cleaner slime and a goblin’s loin cloth from inside. After that, I explained to them in the same way I’d explained to Serge-san.

First, they were shocked by the fact that I could use a mid-level space magic. And then they were shocked by the fact that I was in possession of a new type of slime. Lastly they were shocked by its abilities.

“Ha~ Never thought I’d be shocked this much today. This shock is probably worth 8 years of shock. But now I understand. That kind of business is impossible for us. Those business policies aside, unless one has those slimes it just won’t be worth it. But since you have those, you can definitely do it. You should puff your chest up, you have a great opportunity in your hands.” – Pioro
The guild master chuckled.
“I’ve come to take a liking to you. At this age, I don’t get surprised by trivial things anymore… and also you have quite a promising future, so you should go show your face around here lots. I’ll bring out some sweets and tea and we can have a good chat.” – Grisela
“Thank you very much. I’ll do my best.” – Ryouma

“Then, let’s decide on the temporary store next. Guild master, please.” – Serge
“Good grief, you shouldn’t be use old hags roughly, Serge. Pioro, see that shelf to your left? Take the second bundle of papers in the upper section of that shelf from the left.” – Grisela
“If you’re going to complain about being used roughly, shouldn’t you move!?” – Pioro
“Just hurry up and get it.” – Grisela
“Yes, yes. I’m on… wait, what is this? Isn’t this the collection of the documents of the problematic stores? Since Ryouma’s store is quite promising, shouldn’t we take out something else? If anything I can even invest some of my own money.” – Pioro
“Moron. Weren’t you listening to Serge? The kid’s unusually serious. If you bring out your own money, he’ll obviously turn you down.” – Grisela

Ah looks like she’s managed to figure me out in this short time that we’ve met.It’s true that I’ve always been called too serious, or stupidly honest. But that’s not all, she has actually also managed to understand that I don’t want to borrow other people’s money to make my store. A merchant’s insight is scary… in this way, even though it’s not brute force, it’s still quite scary.

“Well then, this document is a collection of the buildings with some sort of issue. But it’s thanks to this that the prices are cheap. Also, for you, you’ll be fine as long as it has a reception and a stock room, right?” – Grisela
“Yes, since I’ll be leaving everything up to the slimes, there won’t even be a need for a watering hole.” – Ryouma
“Hah! Normally, if someone said something like, “I’m going to make a laundromat, but I don’t need a watering hole.” You’d go, “What are you saying!?”… anyway, how much money did you bring with you again, boy?” – Grisela
“I have 700 small gold coins with me.” – Ryouma
“Oh? You unexpectedly brought quite a bit, huh?” – Grisela
“There were some bandits near the place I lived in before. I beat them with poison and because of that I got quite a bit of cash.” – Ryouma
“With that much… guild master, couldn’t he take an empty plot of land near my store?” – Serge
“Right… If I’m correct there should be one…” – Grisela

As she said that, the guild master started looking through the documents.

“…Ahh, there is. A place facing the residential area. It has a huge bar and lodging, and then it also has a storehouse for storing furniture, but because of a fire, more than half has been burnt. Right now, there’s plenty of grass growing all over, and the building can’t be used anymore.

Before building, you need to demolish the current building, and then prepare the soil. So it’s going to take quite a bit of time. What’s more is that the land is wide, so demolishing and preparing the land will both take quite a bit of time and money.

Another reason it’s expensive is because it’s in a good location. In the end, no one’s bought it, and it’s been left there like that for some years now. But aside from preparing the building and the soil, there’s no other problem.” – Grisela
“Ryouma-sama, I’ve heard that Ryouma-sama is an accomplished earth magician. This land is wide, and Ryouma-sama can change the land as he wishes.” – Serge

True, it’d be nice to be able to make it to my liking.

The guild master hearing that, said.
“Since you can use earth magic, given the time, you should be able to do something, right?” – Grisela
“That’s right…” – Ryouma

Earth magic’s ‘Create Block’, and the sticky slime’s ‘Hardening Liquid’… yeah, I can definitely do something.

“From what I can see from the map, this is close to the residential area, making it a good location for a laundromat.” – Ryouma

The Town of Gimuru is surrounded by a sturdy wall.
There is a main street that connects the center, the north gate and the south gate. To the left is the residential district, and to the right is where the steelworks and the likes are, the industrial district so to speak.

The lodging that people come here to stay at, can mostly be found near the south gate. The lodging I’m staying at right now is also there.

The north gate leads to the mine. It’s mainly used by workers and so it isn’t really used much by other people. When that mine became an abandoned mine, even miners had stopped using it.

In the east gate, there’s another road leading to a mine. That mine isn’t an abandoned mine. And since it isn’t abandoned, the miners decided to live at the eastern district to make it easier on themselves to get to the mine.

The plot of land that has been introduced just now, is east from the center of the town. It’s located right in the space between the residential district and the main street. From here it’s close not only to the residential district, but also to the adventurer’s guild. This place is probably the best I could ask for.

As I said that to the guild master, she gave me her approval.

“That’s right, in the past it was a very popular bar. The location was good, and the people would come in after finishing their work. It was always packed. Even now, if you open a store here, then it will surely attract peoples’ eyes.” – Grisela
“I see… then in that case I’ll take it.” – Ryouma

To be honest, I don’t really know much about land. But I don’t think its location is bad. Not only is it close to the residential district and the adventurer’s guild, but I can even make the place as I please. Also, these guys were introduced by Serge-san. They seem to be nice people. So it’s fine if I trust them, right?

The guild master asked me again.
“Is it ok?” – Grisela
“Yes. There’re no problems with its location, and I can deal with all the preparations with my magic and my slimes. What makes it even better for me is that I can make the store as I wish.” – Ryouma
“I’ve already said it before, but it’s quite expensive. First of all it costs 580 small gold coins. Then on top of that because the land is wide, the land tax is 10 small gold coins. And then in order to earn the right to put up a business you have to pay an additional fee of 60 small gold coins, totaling to 650. Even then, is it ok?” – Grisela

“Yes. There’re no problems. After all I still have some allowance for my living expenses.” – Ryouma
“True, with 50 small gold coins left over, you’ll still be able to live like a noble for a year. Also I forgot to mention it, but the fee to start a business is a one-time fee you have to pay during registration. The land tax, while not a one-time payment, is doubled when you purchase land for the first time. So from next year onwards, you’ll only have to pay 5 small gold coins.” – Grisela
“I understand, thank you very much.” – Ryouma

After that, I was taught all sorts of things, but from what I gather, owning a store in this world isn’t that difficult. You just have to go through the guild, buy a land and property, and start your trade there. Then all you have to do next is record your income and expenditures, then calculate the tax in line with your profits and your land tax, and then pay that to the guild. If you can do that, then it doesn’t matter what your age or gender is.

Furthermore, the doubled tax can be considered to be the same thing as a reward-deposit back in Earth. As for the fee for the right to open a business, it changes depending on the size. Stalls go for 5 middle silver coins. Buying land like I did, will go for 2 small gold coins at the minimum. Then, how come I’m being charged 30 times that? Aren’t I being ripped off?

The fee for the right to own a business has a minimum fee, but there’s no maximum fee. If one were to pay a lot, then it will go to show that, that person has that much assets. And the accommodation and information that the merchant’s guild will give, will respond to that.

By the way, the price they used as reference, was the price the owner of the bar who owned the place before me had been paying for a long time now.
After that, I finished all the procedures, gave my thanks to the three, and then left the guild.
It would appear that in the near future, Serge-san will have to attend the meeting at the guild. In relation to that, the guild master and Pioro-san seemed to have something they wanted to talk about with Serge-san, so we separated there at the guild.

After I finish my job at the guild, I guess I’ll start constructing my store… this reminds me a bit of the part-time job I had in my previous life. I’m a little excited… Although the job was difficult, I think being able to see the result of your work easily is really fun. 







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