The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 6

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Also I’m not sure whether that girl talking right underneath Miya is Mizelia or Wereanna. She’s not doing any of Wereanna’s pattern (アタイ, カイ, もん… those kind of stuff), so I just wrote it there as Mizelia since that’s the only other female in their group that speaks colloquial.

Volume 2 Chapter 6

Day 5 of the Monster Subjugation
Day 1 of the Construction

As I was having my lunch break, Wereanna-san and the others came over. Behind them, were Asagi-san, Jeff-san, and Raypin-san. Everyone seemed to be covered in blood.

“Ryouma, please save me, nya…” [Miya]
“Can you get rid of all this blood with your cleaner slime? It’s so stinky, I can’t stand it.” [Mizelia]
“Goblins? You did something showy again, huh?” [Ryouma]

As I said that, I ordered the cleaner slimes to clean all seven of them.

“Ah~ I’m finally clean… Ryouma-kun, your slimes are really convenient.” [Mizelia]
“You’ve saved me, de gozaru. Leaving it like that would have made it really difficult to get lunch, de gozaru.” [Asagi]
“Good grief, Jeff makes these things so complicated, de aru.” [Raypin]
“Didn’t I already apologize?” [Jeff]

I waited for them as they went to get some food. When they came back we chatted over lunch. Apparently they found a new goblin nest built by the remnants of the goblins we killed, and went to crush it. The nest was around the size that could be destroyed by seven people along with a few others.

Part of the reason why they were covered in blood was the goblin subjugation. But more than that, while they were dealing with the corpses, Jeff-san gathered the corpses by piercing a corpse, dragging it, and then throwing it over to one place.

It’s great that he was able to quickly gather the corpses, but it just so happens that while they were planning to go back, that pile of corpses suddenly fell over, and came crashing at them.

Even though they had tried to dodge the falling corpses, they were unable to dodge the spurts of blood. Raypin-san in particular, who couldn’t be said to have good motor reflexes, took a direct hit.

“It must have been rough…” [Ryouma]
“Seriously. If it wasn’t for Ryouma, we would have eaten our lunch while we stank and continued our job like that.” [Jeff]
“To be able to clean a goblin’s filth this easily, that’s really amazing.” [Syria]
“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

At that, I remembered that I haven’t talked to them about the new events regarding the laundromat, so I decided to talk to them about it.

“By the way three days ago, I talked to you guys about a laundromat, right?” [Ryouma]
“I remember. What about it?” [Jeff]
“It’s been decided that I’ll be doing that from now on.” [Ryouma]
“Seriously? From what time?” [Jeff]
“I haven’t made the preparations for the store yet, so it’ll still take some time. As for the price, it’s just as we’ve discussed before, it’ll be at 1 medium copper coin.” [Ryouma]

“Store? So you’re going to have a shop, de aru?” [Raypin]
“When I went over to the place of a merchant I knew, to look for some bags. We talked for a bit, and because he expects me to make a lot of profit from this business, he feared that a problem might come if I don’t register to the guild.

I had some reward for subjugating bandits in the past, so when I went to register at the guild, I used that to buy a plot of land. As for the employees, I can get them from the guild, but I’ve also been told by the merchant I’ve talked with, that he’ll be providing them for me. Like this, I’ll still be able to continue working as an adventurer.” [Ryouma]

“I see. I’m a bit surprised to know that you have a shop at that age, but when I try thinking about it, it seems obvious, de aru. Adventurers like us who know about Ryouma’s slime’s ability will undoubtedly come to make use of your services, de aru. Moreover, if word of it were to get out, there’s no way you’d be able to accommodate that many people without a store, de aru.” [Raypin]
“I don’t think anything is impossible, but even so, you’ll definitely find less time to work as an adventurer.” [Syria]
“I was really surprised to see it become far bigger than I’d expected, but it would be nice if I could keep up my job as an adventurer. The store hasn’t opened yet, but please do make use of my services. There’s also a discount for those that come in groups.’ [Ryouma]
“Really? Then I wonder who I should invite…” [Mizelia]
“Ryouma-kun already looks like a merchant, nya.” [Miya]
“Because he’s always been talking politely, there’s nothing unusual at all about the way he talks, de gozaru.” [Asagi]

We chatted like that while we ate. After I finished my job in the afternoon, I went back to the town. Then, I paid Serge-san a visit and went over to check out the plot of land I’d bought.

“This will become Ryouma-sama’s.” [Serge]
“It really is big, huh?” [Ryouma]

What was in front of me was a two story building that has crumbled. The empty space was only slightly smaller than that of an elementary school’s baseball practice area. I guess it’s around 20m x 100m? If it’s just the size, then it should be even bigger than Serge’s store.

I thought it would be a bit narrower when I’d seen it from the map, but…

“I believe Ryouma-sama is already aware that there was a bar here before, but aside from that there was also an inn. The cause of the fire was apparently a customer’s carelessness.

They tried to split the land and sell it, but when the prospective buyers had thought of the cost of removing the debris, they all declined. Because of that, it wasn’t bought for a long time, and as time passed the state of the land became even worse, making it even less desirable to buy. This vicious cycle continued until Ryouma-sama finally purchased it.” [Serge]
“I see… is it really ok for me to do as I please with this?” [Ryouma]
“Yes. Please feel free to do as you wish, as long as it is within your premises. Are you going to start today?” [Serge]
“Thank you very much. I think I’ll start working on the weeds and the demolition a little bit now.” [Ryouma]

I took out the scavenger slimes from my Dimension Home, and had them eat the weeds. While they were doing that, I entered the building and put up a sound proof barrier. I then went up to the upper floor and started slowly destroying the roof. After that, I used the magic, ‘Break Rock’, on the stone walls on the side, turning it into soil as I threw it out.

And then I used the wind magic, ‘Wind Cutter’ to cut the pillars and disassemble the building little by little. Because of the effects of the Lv. 3 skill, ‘Architecture’, I was able to know where I should do what, in order to demolish the building.

My ‘Architecture’ skills came about from my part-time job where I just did what I was told, but since coming here, even the knowledge regarding designs have been included. Because of that as long as the building is simple enough, if I put in effort I can demolish it.

The architecture skill is amazing. And as for magic? Super useful.

After around an hour, I managed to get rid of half of the weeds, as well as finish half of the demolition work. It’s gotten quite late already, so I decided to go back home.

By the way, Serge-san had been watching me do my work intently right from the start. Seeing the pace at which I worked at, he was greatly shocked. Thanks to my slimes and my huge magic power, I was able to bulldoze my way through. Of course it’d be fast.

6th day of the Monster Subjugation
2nd Day of the Construction

The monster subjugation in the mine has finally ended today.

“A lot of things happened, but with this, the request has been completed,” [Wogan]
Said the guild master to everyone.

From here on, this will be under my management. I’ll be very busy, but I have to do my best. At the very least, until I start leave on the other side, I need to patrol this place at least once a week.

As I was thinking that, the guild master called me.

“Ryouma, come with me for a bit.” [Wogan]
“Yes.” [Ryouma]
“Good job today. The corpses of the monsters are at the usual place. And also because you’ve completed this request, you are now officially an E Rank… Lastly, from what I’ve heard from the butler of the duke, you’re going to be managing this mine, right?’ [Wogan]
“Yes, that’s correct.” [Ryouma]
“If it’s you, then I think it’ll be fine, but be careful. If you can’t do something by yourself, say it. That report is also a part of your job after all.” [Wogan]
“Got it.” [Ryouma]
“Still, to actually refuse the duke’s support and become independent, you sure make some crazy decisions, huh?” [Wogan]
“I realized that I’ve been depending on others a bit too much, so I thought I should try focusing my mind.” [Ryouma]

“You’re a brat you know? Don’t push yourself. Also, I heard that you’re apparently starting up a laundromat with your cleaner slimes… is that for real?” [Wogan]
“It’s true, but how did you find out about it?” [Ryouma]
“It’s become quite a famous rumor amongst the adventurers here who took the subjugation request. They know about your cleaner slime, so they seem to be waiting for the store to open.” [Guild Master]
“I see, then in that case I’ll have to hurry up with the construction. It’s being built with my magic, so please just wait a little bit more.” [Ryouma]

“I can also use your services, right? In that case, I want to know what the price will be.” [Wogan]
“Of course, anyone can use it. The price is 1 medium copper coin per bag. And then, there are two options targeted at groups of people. Those options provide a discount.” [Ryouma]
“Oh? Then putting it bluntly, if I were to gather my staff, how much of a benefit will those options be?” [Wogan]
“Comparing the payment one would pay in a week for the individual course to the biggest course, the price one would pay person will go down by around 20%.” [Ryouma]
“It’s that cheap?” [Wogan]
“Yes. Since to begin with I thought of this as a way to make some extra coins, at least enough to live on, during my spare time as an adventurer. Because of that I’m selling my services at a low price. Also, the discount isn’t limited to first timers. As long as one takes the course, then one will get the discount as many times as they use it.” [Ryouma]
“Then in that case, I guess I’ll have to call a bunch of people over, huh?” [Wogan]
“Thank you for your consideration.” [Ryouma]

After we finished talking, I went back to the town and continued disassembling the building. Because I was able to get more time today compared to yesterday, I was able to completely finish the building’s disassembly and the weed’s removal. After that I looked over the direction of the street and noticed that several kids were surrounding me from a distance. I ended up going nuts over my work again, so I didn’t realize them at all.

Trying not to scare them, I walked towards them, and then spoke up.

“You need something?” [Ryouma]

Within that group of kids, a remarkably young boy replied.

“You’re not from around here, right? Who are you!?” [Boy]

Because of those belligerent words, the young girl beside the boy scolded him and the boy who seemed to be the oldest among them apologized.

“Rick! That’s rude!” [Girl]
“Sorry all of the sudden. Rick is a bit of a rascal you see. Also, sorry for getting in the way of your work.” [Oldest looking boy]
“Not at all. Actually, I hadn’t notice you guys at all because I was too caught up in my work. And I’m almost about to finish, so it’s not a problem.” [Ryouma]
“Really? Thank you. You’re quite amazing, huh? Even though you don’t look that much older than me, you can actually use magic to that extent.” [Oldest looking boy]
“Oniichan, magician?” [Child]
“Adventurer?” [Child]

The children around me bombarded me with questions.
As I was about to answer them while I was panicking, a woman’s voice flew over.

“Calm down for a moment! If you all ask at the same time like that, that kid won’t be able to answer!” [Woman]

Facing towards the direction of that voice, what stood there was a woman with a good physique.

“Sorry about that. My kids and the kids in the neighborhood bothered you.” [Woman]
“Oh, there’s no such thing, please don’t worry. And also, thank you very much.” [Ryouma]
“Oh? You’re quite polite for your age. Are you an adventurer?” [Woman]
“Yes, I’ve just registered some few days ago.” [Ryouma]
“I see, do your best, ok? Did you receive some sort of request today? It seems the rubble here has been cleaned out, but…” [Woman]

“No. I’m going to be opening a laundromat here to make money during my spare time as an adventurer, and so I came here today to build that store. Are you perhaps living near here?” [Ryouma]
“Yes. We’re all living in the residential area near here. Also, I work at a flower shop near here.” [Woman]
“I see. Then in that case I guess we’ll become neighbors. It’s a pleasure to meet you. In the future please feel free to call out to me.” [Ryouma]
“It’s fine it’s fine, no need to mind me. Rather than that, you said you were making a laundromat, right? If I were to pay, you’d wash my laundry?” [Woman]
“Yes.” [Ryouma]

I take out a bag that’s catered to individuals from my ‘Item Box’ and then begin explaining.

“This is a bag for home use. I will wash the clothes you put in this bag for 1 medium copper coin.”

As I said that, the woman appeared to show interest.

“This 1 bag for 1 piece of medium copper coin? That’s quite cheap.” [Woman]
“If you’d like, when the laundromat opens I can give you some service and wash one of these bags for free. Your neighbors as well.” [Ryouma]
“Really? Then, I guess I’ll try it out once. I’m Poline by the way. And this rascal of a boy is my son, Rick. While this tomboy over here is Lenny.” [Woman]
“I’m rick. I don’t mind making you my henchman.” [Younger looking boy]
“What stupid thing are you saying!? I’m sorry. My name is Lenny, it’s nice to meet you.” [Young girl]
“And I’m Toll, nice to meet you.” [Older looking boy]
“I’m Ryouma Takebayashi, It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” [Ryouma]

After that we talked about the neighborhood around here. When we finished, I gave my thanks and then went back home.

At the lodging I began the design for my building. As I thought about it, I figured that making the entire land a store would be too big. So I decided to make half a store, a quarter of the land as lodging for the employees, and the remaining quarter as a backyard.

Well even though I say it’s a backyard, I’m not really going to do anything with it. At most I’ll just make some walls and get rid of the weeds. 







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