The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 1 Chapter 3

TL Note: In Japan when they check stuff, a ○ means a check. If they cross things out, it means it’s wrong. So when the slime makes a circle, it means yes, or affirmative… kinda like a thumbs up sign.

Volume 1 Chapter 3

After guiding Rheinhart and going back to the room where the other four where, Jill asked Ryouma a question.

“Ryouma, how do you usually hunt?”
“Trap… Bow… Slime”
“The slime aside… you’re basically a genuine hunter, huh?”

Having seen Ryouma’s skills, they did their best not to make a careless remark. So aside from the sleeping Hyuzu, the other four engaged in idle chatter.

“Uh…! Haa, Haa…”
“Get a hold of yourself!”
“We managed to stop the bleeding with the potion, but this time he’s gone down with a fever”
“Antipyretic… have… Water… Come…”

As Ryouma said that he ran into the deeper halls.

“Master, it seems meeting that boy was truly good luck.”
“Indeed, if we weren’t able to meet him, we wouldn’t be able to save Hyuzu”
“Although his condition is still unstable, even if we were able to use magic to stop the bleeding. The fever would still be able to claim his life, since magic can’t lower the fever.”
“Well, after losing all that blood, plus the fatigue. It’s not so surprising. “

“But that aside, what are you gonna do about the kid? It’s too dangerous out here in the forest”
“I know that. But he’s already lived here for 3 years, he should already be aware of the danger”
“Since he has actually survived…”

“Moreover that number of Resist Skills and level. The village he lived in must have been really cruel. To tell him to go to the town… I don’t even know if he understands that it’s a safe place. The only saving grace is that he’s at least not in a state where he will just come and kill a person on sight.”
“Aah… Yeah, something like that did happen in the past, huh? That level of Resist Skill is at the point where it’s not strange for someone’s heart to break or for them to die”
“Rheinhart-sama, as the father of one child, isn’t there something?”
“Ya know in this room outside of our boss here, there ain’t a single person who has a kid. How are we supposed ta decide?”

“But I’m also at a lost here. He’s a special case and besides, as a father, I haven’t done anything amazing!”
“Don’t throw out your chest over something so sad!”
“Well, jokes aside… When we get home, I’ll have to talk to father and Elize”

After a while, some slimes entered carrying jars of water, an oddly shaped jar, and some kind of pelt.

The slimes stretched their body and put the various jars and pelt in front of the 4 men. After which, the slimes went back, except for one.

“Umm… Thanks”

At Camil’s words the body of the slime shook. Was it trying to say, “Don’t Mind.”? As the four thought that, the slime stretched his body and alternately pointed between Hyuzu and the things that were brought.

“Ah… right. This stuff is for the fever, huh?”
“Right… Well, the water is obvious, but the pelt… I suppose that’s to replace the sheets?”

As Camil said that, the slime extended his body, creating two tentacle-like arms and made a huge a circle.

“Alright–! Wait, this! Isn’t this Black Bear Pelt!?”
“Now that you mention it, certainly. This is without a doubt Black Bear Pelt.”
“That kid managed to hunt a black bear?”
“Unbelievable, but right now Hyuzu’s treatment needs to be prioritized”

At Rheinhart’s words, Zeff and Jill put the pelt over Hyuzu’s body. After which, Camil tried to get water from the stone bowl but was stopped by the slime.

“Eh, what?”

The slime stretched its body and pointed to the oddly shaped small jar.

“You want me to use this?”

At Camil’s questions, the slime responded by making another big circle. Camil followed the instruction and drew water from the jar.

“I’m gonna draw the water now”

Right after, the slime extended its tentacles, and inclined the jar Camil was holding. The inclined jar had a long and narrow protrusion, and inside it lay an empty hole. From there the drawn water came out. Seeing that, the slime pointed at the hole, and then pointed at Hyuzu’s mouth.

“You want me to incline this towards Hyuzu’s mouth and make him drink it?”

The slime answered again by making a big circle. Camil did as he was told and made Hyuzu drink the water.

“… Looks like he was able to drink properly”

Hearing those words, the slime jumped and went to towards the direction the other slimes went back to and disappeared. Around the same time after the slime had left, Ryuuma came back.

“Antipyretic… make him drink”
“Thanks. You’re a great help.”

As Rheinhart said that, he made Hyuzu drink the medicine he got. As everyone heaved a sigh of relief, Camil asked about the jar.

“Hey, is this drinking jar specifically made for sick people?”

Ryouma deeply nodded.

“Oh, that’s really convenient”
“I have one more question, it’s about the slime that was here a while ago. That slime was quite handy. It’s the first time I’ve seen a slime that can respond to questions”
“At some point… it learned… if tamed for long, can learn…”
“I see… A Slave Magic User that has used a slime for a long time is really rare. And a slime like yours that has become able to understand is especially rare. So to say, there’s probably none outside of yours, huh?”

The 4 finally let their guard down as they came to understand that Ryouma truly wasn’t an enemy. Seeing as how effective the medicine was, and Hyuzu’s state stabilizing, the four breathed a sigh of relief. They passed the time by idly chatting about silly stories from outside the forest.

That day’s supper were the monsters caught by Ryouma and his slimes, plus the vegetables he personally cultivated inside the cave. The menu were Stir-fried Chicken and Vegetables (To make it smell good, fruits that resembled lemon and herb were added) and Rabbit Meat Soup. Ryouma chose these for supper because they were easy to make but the other four thanked him a great deal finding them to be very complex dishes.

That day the five men all slept at Ryouma’s place. They were planning to leave after the next day but Hyuzu’s recovery was faster than expected. In order to make sure he was clear headed they decided to leave tomorrow morning before lunch.

“I really thought I was a goner this time! Thanks for saving my ass, sonny!”
“Is… it… really… fine?”
“What, you’re worried about me? I thought you hated people because I heard you didn’t want to go to villages or towns but unexpectedly…”
“Town, village… hate. But… wounded… people… concerned”
“Gahaha! I See! I see! That guy was wrong! Ungh…”

The Hyuzu who was laughing suddenly staggered.

“Hyuzu, you ok?”
“Ah, ahhh… No prob, just got a little dizzy”
“Hyuzu-san, it’s cause you’re still recovering.”
“Hn? What is this bottle? Medicine?”
“”Blood… forming… medicine”
“Blood-forming medicine, huh? Then I’ll quickly–! Argh! It stinks of fish! What’s up with this smell!?”
“… Effect… only, guarantee”
“You heard what he said. He gave it to you out of good will. Drink it.”
“Wai–, this is”
“Besides it would be a problem if you lost consciousness while we were on the road”
“They’re also worried, you see”

Saying that, Jill and Zeff held Hyuzu’s arm and shoulder to keep him from running or resisting. And then…

“Umm… I’m sorry!”

Camil took the blood forming medicine and poured it in Hyuzu’s mouth.


Having swallowed the medicine, Hyuzu raised his voice spouting something that can’t be put into words. After convulsing for a few times, he appeared to be completely exhausted.

“Ahhh, you, guys”
“A good medicine is difficult to drink, Hyuzu”
“Don’t worry, this kid’s medicine is the real thing”
“Since the potion that healed Hyuzu’s wounds of good quality”
“Armor… need?”
“Ah? Aaah… Oh yeah, the armor done in by the bear can’t be used anymore, the weapon too”
“…weapon…armor.. have… will bring, no.. problem”
“Is that ok?”
“It’s… fine”

After having said that, Ryouma went inside. After a few minutes he came back with 10 slimes carrying five spears and 3 sets of armors.

“This… can be used”
“Equipment used by bandits, you gathered some pretty good some stuff”
“Everything is quite good. Is it really ok to give these to Hyuzu”
“Weapon… must use… I… have, more…”
“This kind of spear, would go for around 5 small gold coins, you know?”
“take it…”

“… Then, I’ll gratefully accept it. But, I just can’t agree with receiving something for free. Right now I can’t give you anything in return but if anything ever happens come to me, ok? I serve the household of the duke of Jamil after all. If anything happens come to the town of Gaunago, one of the towns under the Duchy of Jamil. It’s not that far from here and… if you ask around the guard’s room and ask to allow to meet up with the duke’s family’s guard Hyuzu, they will immediately come contact me. So don’t hold back”

Like this the five were able to put in order all of the preparations for their departure.  They gave their thanks to Ryouma and then left. 3 years after coming to this world and living by himself, Ryouma was finally able to properly meet the people of this world.







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