The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 5 Chapter 23: The Price of Fame

“We’ll need Kanan-chan’s help, since we’ll be making it together.” [Remiri]

When I asked Remir-neesan what her plan was, that was her response. Now, I know Kanan can imbue magic tools with other people’s magic, but…

“You know it won’t work unless she’s compatible with the person, right?” [Ryouma]
“I know. That’s why I told you we might not succeed. But you know, if it’s you, then I think it’s doable. I don’t have much of a basis for it, but you know that Kanan-chan can make a magic tool with Elia-chan, right?” [Remiri]

Right. Kanan did mention that the bracelet she’s using is a magic tool she created with Elia.

“Right.” [Ryouma]
“And this isn’t directly related, but among my coworkers back at the palace was a royal court magician who could create and maintain magic tools. According to that person, the first people who could use enchant magic was a child of god.” [Remiri]

The founder of enchantment is an otherworlder?

“Really!?” [Ryouma]
“That’s one explanation. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until many generation later that enchantment magic started to spread. There aren’t a lot of documents about that person, and his existence is apparently something closer to a rumor than fact. But there’s more to it…” [Remiri]

I listened closely to Remiri-neesan.

“As the story goes, it turns out that the child of god who might have been an enchanter had a follower, who helped him create magic tools. As it turns out, that follower was also apparently a child of god.” [Remiri]
“The follower too?” [Ryouma]
“Right. But unlike his master who could only enchant, the follower was blessed with the power to use all sorts of magic. For the record, there are other stories too where there were two children of god in the same era.” [Remiri]

There was also that story about the otherworlder who became this country’s king and the otherworlder who became a hero. Two children of god, one era.

“Two possible children of god worked together to create a magic tool. And now someone with the talent and disposition like Kanan-chan was able to make one with Elia-chan who has a child of god’s blood running through her veins.

A method to create magic tools that can only work with another compatible person. Moreover, the requirements for that compatibility is exceedingly hard to meet. Don’t you think that the reason why it’s so hard to find someone compatible might be because it’s a method that could only work with another child of god?” [Remiri]

The logic… I can follow, but… When you think about it…

“The only people who can enchant are those who have the blood of an enchanter, right? I’m pretty sure I heard something like that before.” [Ryouma]
“Right! There’s that story too! The number of enchanters have been increasing lately, so it’s no surprise for nobles to start asking where they were born. The magic really might be inherited.” [Remiri]
“That is probably the case.” [Ryouma]

It might be worth trying out. But if that’s the case, then I might have to reveal my identity as a child of god.

“It wouldn’t be right to just ask her to try without any reason why I think it might succeed. And if we’re working together, we’ll have to discuss the risks too, or it’ll be bad after we do create a magic tool.” [Ryouma]

If we’re doing it, then we might as well do it consensually.

“So what are you going to do?” [Remiri]
“I’ll tell her.” [Ryouma]

That was my conclusion after thinking about it.

“You sure?” [Remiri]
“If it was just someone you introduced to me, I’d refuse, but I know Kanan, so it’s alright. Let’s tell the other girls too. If it’s them, then I don’t mind. I trust them. And besides, Kanan is a horrible liar, so we might as well get this out of the way.” [Ryouma]

She might try to protect my secret, but she’s not really good at lying. And I’m sure Elia and the others would be curious if I ask her help. Of course, they won’t pursue the matter much if Kanan doesn’t want to talk, but then the atmosphere between them will become tense.

If it’s those girls, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Besides, Elia will find out about it one day anyway. The rest of her family already know about it.



After that we discussed up to how much we should talk about and what kind of magic to imbue the magic tool with. During that discussion, someone knocked hard on the door.

“What’s up?” [Ryouma]
“Finally!” [Kanan]
“We’ve been calling you since a while ago, so we thought you weren’t in.” [Michelle]

When I opened the door, Kanan and Michelle were standing right outside. I suppose it was Kanan knocking?

“Sorry about that. We had a barrier up, so we couldn’t hear.” [Remiri]

Remiri-neesan said as she came up from behind.

“What in the world is a man and a woman doing in a small room with a sound-concealing barrier?” [Michelle]
“I hope you’re not thinking of anything strange. We were just discussing how to defeat the lich.” [Ryouma]
“Well it is you we’re talking about, so I suppose… That aside…” [Michelle]
“There aren’t a lot of people in the dining hall now, so one of the servants came to ask if we’re going to eat. It was looking pretty bad though.” [Kanan]

Looks like our talk lasted a lot longer than I thought. Hmm… Looking bad?

“People were pestering Shiva-san a while ago.” [Kanan]
“Word of the lich has apparently already gotten around, and lots of adventurers have started coming, asking Shiva-san to fight with them. Heckard tried to stop them, but they wouldn’t let up. In the end, the adventurers even started to cause a ruckus.” [Michelle]

So they called us just in case. The other three: Elia, Miyabi, and Riera apparently went to call Seabsu-san and Rheinbach-sama.

Now that they mention it, it sure is noisy downstairs.

Putting our talk for later, Remiri-neesan and I came downstairs, where a furious voice shook the inn.

“Enough!!!” [???]

Uwo!? Who was that –Huh, Shiva-san? Wow, he looks mad.

“—Wanting to work with me is one thing, but causing trouble for the inn, uninvited, is not! And to think you would even raise your hand against a mere citizen! What is wrong with you!?” [Shiva]

Looking through the opening in the crowd of people, I saw Heckard-san bleeding from the corner of his mouth. I saw the servants help him back up before the opening closed.

From the attire these people are wearing, it seems everyone here is an adventurer. There’s twelve of them all-in-all. Shiva-san’s earlier yell seems to have left them as meek as lambs.

“B-but the enemy is a lich. That’s a B-Rank magical beast.” [Adventurer 1]
“Exactly! We need to get rid of it before anyone else gets hurt! That’s why we came here! To ask you to lend us your strength, so—” [Adventurer 2]
“I refuse. I’ve already explained why many times. Or do you still not understand?” [Shiva]
“You’re going with your friends, right!? Then let me come too! It’ll be better with more people!” [Adventurer 2]

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long, as some persistent adventurer lit the flame anew. That fire spread until it eventually reached me.

“Ah! That’s him! That’s the guy traveling with the former knight-commander!!” [Adventurer 3]

The man in front of the group did a double take when he saw me, then he yelled that out, causing the rest of the adventurers to turn toward me.

Damn. That baldy with his loose lips and that twisted timing… I ended up glaring at him because of that.

“Oi, you sure this is the guy?” [Adventurer 4]
“Wow, he’s young. I definitely have more experience than him.” [Adventurer 5]
“He probably has skill to show for since the former knight-commander is taking him along, but…” [Adventurer 6]

And now they’re saying whatever they want. Well, it is true I’m not even past 20, so I am pretty young for a B Rank adventurer—

“You said you have people you’re going with, and it turns out to be some kid! You’re better off with someone like me than that!” [Adventurer 7]

That one sneered when he looked at me, then he started to try and convince Shiva-san.

“Oi! You!” [Adventurer 8]
“Don’t try to get an inch over us!” [Adventurer 9]
“We’re definitely better than that guy—” [Adventurer 10]
“We have more experience than some greenhorn kid—” [Adventurer 11]

The moment one of them made a move, the rest followed. I ran into people like these a lot when I was under the influence of the demon king’s fragment, and I’ve sort of gotten used to dealing with them.

” ‘What did you say about me?’ ” [Ryouma]
“Eek!?” [Adventurer 12]

My voice, brimming with magic power, blew away the fight from the noisy adventurers. And their bodies shook as if cold water had been poured over them. Some of them fell down and some turned around, their faces pale.

Ah~… Was that a bit much? Perhaps just the pressure or the Cursed Song would have been enough, but eh… whatever. If I don’t go this far, the noisy ones among them won’t shut up, and they won’t listen. Shiva-san’s earlier yell didn’t work either, so it should be fine. Besides, it’s not like they’re dying or anything.

” ‘You people are causing quite the ruckus, you know? Do you perhaps need help or something?’ ” [Ryouma]
“N-No…” [Adventurer 1]
“T-That’s…” [Adventurer 2]
” ‘From what I’ve gathered, it seems you’ll be taking my place against the lich?’ ” [Ryouma]

My voice, brimming with magic power, fanned their fears as I slowly, yet carefully interrogated them. Though terrified, they tried to justify their earlier actions.

“D-Don’t get mad. We were desperate, you know. We just wanted to share fortune with the knight-commander.” [Adventurer 3]
“R-Right. We just slipped a bit. Sorry if it seems like we were making a fool out of you.” [Adventurer 4]
” ‘Seems? Oh, I’m fairly sure you were – in fact – making a fool out of me.’ ” [Ryouma]

I spoke more and more as I pointed out various, petty points. And when I’d finally pushed them into a corner, Shiva-san spoke.

“Unfortunately, you people just aren’t strong enough for us to trust our backs to.” [Shiva]

Those words blew the last of the ebbing ember, and the adventurers all apologized. Heckard-san warned them that the guards would be involved should something similar happen again, and they all left, afraid. Surprisingly, most of those people weren’t even guests.

We let out a breath of relief when the last person finally left.

“Dear guests, please accept my apology for this disturbance.” [Heckard]
“It’s not your fault, Heckard-dono. The one who should be apologizing is me, since I’m the one who caused this whole mess.” [Shiva]
“Thank you, hearing that puts me at ease. I shall prepare your supper then, please just wait for a moment.” [Heckard]
“Before that we should heal you. ‘Heal’ ” [Ryouma]

Heckard-san apologized to Shiva-san and me. I healed him before letting him go. His lips were cracked and his face was swelling a bit, so a single cast of Heal should immediately fix him up. He thanked me before leaving to prepare our supper.

“That was a mess.” [Ryouma]
“It happens a lot. Sorry for getting you involved.” [Shiva]
“I don’t really mind. I’m also used to it. So, this happens a lot?” [Ryouma]
“This bad is rare, but yes. People who want me as their master, people who want to join my party, all sorts.” [Shiva]

Remiri-neesan joined in the conversation while Shiva-san was talking. Behind her were Kanan and Michelle. Further behind were Sebasu-san, Rheinbach-sama and the three girls who called them.

Just where and what were these people doing all this time?

“It would have been bad if they saw me too, so I used Hide to run away. Sorry for leaving everything to you.” [Remiri]

So that’s what. Well, they did react like that just seeing me.



After that we sat ourselves at a corner of the now empty dining hall, and talked about what had happened before we arrived. It turns out everything was just a series of unfortunate events.

Shiva-san had gone to the dining hall ahead of us, only to end up meeting an adventurer who had forgotten his belongings, who then turned out to be one of Shiva’s diehard fans. That was all it took to start a fire apparently, as people suddenly started crowding him, some of which were the people who wanted to join his party. It seems Shiva-san and Remiri-neesan being here has already become a rumor in the town.

According to Shiva-san, most of those pushy people weren’t actually B Rank in ability, but C Rank. And what they really wanted to do was to fight with Shiva-san, defeat the lich, and perhaps continue to journey together and gather achievements, so they could eventually be promoted.

Apparently, stuff like this started happening ever since Shiva became an adventurer. Normally, he just refuses, but the group this time just wouldn’t take no for an answer. And eventually, the fans and the people wanting to join with Shiva started arguing, one of which started accusing the other of just wanting to bask in Shiva-san’s glory.

Heckard-san tried to stop them, but being a lone man, who was also weaker than them, he was pushed aside. This led to Shiva-san to finally lose his temper, and he yelled at them.

“I don’t mind grouping up with someone, but people like those are no good.” [Shiva]
“Someone understanding would be nice.” [Remiri]
“Fame has its own problems too, I see.” [Ryouma]

Rheinbach-sama suddenly remembered something, so he asked me.

“Speaking of which, Ryouma-kun, just how many of your slave demons can participate in the lich hunt?” [Rheinbach]
“There’s one mimic slime and emperor grave slime. There’s a thousand for the metal and iron slimes. A hundred for the scavenger slimes. 10 for the shadow slimes and the other elemental slimes.

In total, if you count the emperor grave slimes as 10,000 grave slimes, then that’s 12,231 slimes all-in-all. Oh, and there’s the 8 rimel birds.” [Ryouma]

My Dimension Home is already full of slimes, so I left the sticky slimes and acid slimes to watch the house back in Gimuru.

I left Rai too because of the narrow road and the stiff cliffs, as he wouldn’t be able to move much. Which is why the number ended up becoming like that. It would be great if I could learn the advanced spell, Another World, soon.

After that supper came, so we put off all the gloomy and dangerous stories for later. Our supper consisted of bread, stew, salad, and a big, fat, delicious steak. To make things even better, we could eat as much as we wanted.

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