The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 5 Chapter 24

After a hearty meal fit for an adventurer’s inn, I waited for Remiri-san and the rest of the girls in my room. We could not talk about the magic tools there in the dining hall, so we had to wait until after when they could speak in private to bring it up.

After waiting for a while, I heard the footsteps of six people approaching. They were here.

“Ryouma-san, are you in?” [Elia]

When the footsteps stopped, the person behind the door knocked four times, then I heard Elia’s voice. I invited them all in as I opened the door. There were six of them all-in-all, and with me, there were seven of us in the room. That’s a lot of people for just one room, so it came as no surprise that we all felt cramped. To make things more comfortable, we decided to use my Dimension Home instead. No one can hear what we’re talking about inside and there’ll be way more space to move around in too.

…Though it’s certainly not that spacious anymore.

“Wow…” [Miyabi]
“Like 80 to 90 percent of this whole place is slime.” [Riera]

There was a hint of both shock and admiration when they muttered that.

Incidentally, the remaining 10% of the place was taken up by preserved food, tools for making medicine, weapons, and armors.

“Anyway, let’s go sit somewhere.”

I ordered the slimes to make way for us, then I distributed floor cushions made out of the fluff slime’s fluff for us to sit on. After that I made tea for everyone, and Remiri-neesan and I talked to the girls about why we think I might be able to make a magic tool with Kanan. And of course, we told them that I’m a child of god.




“—And that about sums it up.” [Remiri]
“…” [The Girls]

Sensing the atmosphere around me and Remiri-neesan, the girls kept quiet despite the surprising news of my being a child of god. They kept quiet until the end, not interjecting even once.

“Umm… If there’s something I can do to help, then by all means please!” [Kanan]

The first one to break the silence was Kanan.

“You sure?” [Ryouma]
“You did go out of your way to tell me everything, and I also want to help defeat the lich, and… More than anything, if there’s anything that might allow me to create a magic tool, then by all means… And while I’m surprised to hear that Ryouma-kun is a child of god…” [Kanan]

Kanan looked to the other girls sitting nearby, and they all nodded with a smile on their faces.

“We’re surprised, of course. But when you think about it all makes sense.” [Elia]
“Like how many slimes you have contracted or how strong you are, and all those crazy stuff you do. But when it turns out that you’re actually a child of god, then it finally clicks like ‘Ah! So, that’s why!’” [Michelle]
“Besides, we’ve all gotten used to it by now. You being out of the norm, that is.” [Riera]

It was a bit disappointing that they weren’t all that surprised, but Remiri-neesan was just, ‘That makes everything easier then,’ and pushed us to hurry up and try make that magic tool.

“I’ll be in your care, then.” [Ryouma]
“Same here.” [kanan]

I asked what we needed to do. And it turns out that we just have to prepare the weapon to imbue my magic into, and then for me to use my magic.

“Since you’re doing this to subjugate a monster, then I recommend using an accessory. It won’t get in the way of your hands, and you can attach it easily to your body.” [Kanan]

“Then let’s go with that.” [Ryouma]

So I took out the ring and the necklace I made from working on my engraving skills from my Item Box.

“To raise the quality, we should use something that was made with silver or gold.” [Kanan]
“Silver and gold, huh… If you’re just looking for a better conduit of magic power, then I have some mythril or orihalcum.

I had some left over material after forging some weapons with them, so I used them to make three simple rings. When I showed those rings to Kanan, she sighed.

“The best material there’s ever been. But you know it would be nice if you refrained from taking out something like that like you would a piece of candy, because I’m seriously starting to question my common sense.” [Kanan]

Apparently, the reason she suggested to use gold or silver was because magic tool artisans normally can’t get any mythril or orihalcum.

“Can we use these for our first magic tool?” [Ryouma]
“No problem.” [Kanan]

Magic tools are usually referred to as just magic tools as if they were all made the same way, but there are actually various ways to make one. The method we’re going to use this time is the easiest and most popular method.

“Let’s put the mythril and orihalcum for later, and start out with something simple.” [Kanan]

Kanan appeared nervous as she lifted up the gold ring among the accessories I’d taken out. She placed the ring on the palm of her right hand, and brought her hand toward me.

“When I give the signal, use the water magic ‘Water’ over the ring.” [Kanan]

Magic power began to emanate from her left hand as she said that. That magic power gathered into a lump of magic over the ring, then a part of it stretched and wrapped itself around the ring. It didn’t feel ominous or anything, but it looked like a curse. Looking around, Elia and the other girls looked at Kanan with seemingly praying eyes. Then the signal came.

” ‘Water’ ” [Ryouma]

I used water just as she told me, but no water appeared over the ring.

“The magic power is…” [Ryouma]

I could feel Kanan’s magic power wrapping around mine, stopping the spell just before it invocated. And as that magic power passed through Kanan’s, it flowed into the ring. It was just like a funnel pouring medicine into a vial.

When my magic power made contact with the ring, a blue light began to emanate from the ring, and it gradually grew brighter.

It was at that moment that I realized that the founder of enchantment was truly an otherworlder. Because that light was the same light I saw whenever I went to the divine realm or came back, or when I used alchemy. Did some god make enchantment too? And did the otherworlder anger the gods? Because I can’t imagine them including some demerit of being unable to use any magic other than enchantment.

As my thoughts began to digress, the light emanating from the ring sparkled beautifully. With a face full of resolve, Kanan put the ring on her right index finger, and allowed her magic power to flow into it. When she did, a small amount of water appeared, which she stopped with her left hand.

“It worked! It really worked!” [Kanan]
“Then we should be able to make an anti-curse magic tool, right?” [Ryouma]
“Yes!” [Kanan]

Great! With this we can guarantee a safe hunt!

Just finding someone like Elia with whom she could create a magic tool with was plenty miraculous. She did not think she would find another such person. After that we created ten more magic tools out of the spells, Return Curse and Dispel, creating enough for everyone.


“Thank you, Kanan-chan.” [Remiri]
“I’m glad I was able to help. And more than anything, I’m glad I was able to touch a material I’ve only seen in books. It was a great experience. So, thank you!” [Kanan]

After Kanan bowed deeply, our business for the day was over.

“Then let’s go back and rest. Make sure to keep all of this a secret, alright? It would be troublesome it the other nobles caught wind of Ryoum-chan and Kanan-chan being able to mass produce the otherwise rare magic tools.” [Remiri]

Elia and the others made a stern expression as they again promised to protect the secret. Satisfied with their response, Remiri-neesan hugged the one with the grimmest expression of them all, Riera, and patted Elia on the head as she told them not to worry.

“It’ll be fine. Shiva-chan and Rheinbach-chan know about this too, so if anyone ever asks you about those magic tools, you can just bring up the name of the Jamil Family, mine, or Shiva-chan’s, and say that you don’t know anything since you were just given the tools. As for the details, just make up a story you all know, like the tools being a family heirloom or something.”

The girls’ faces lightened up when Remiri-neesan reassuringly said that. She tends to be really touchy, but that reassuring atmosphere of hers is really something.

After that we left the Dimension Home, and all the girls, including Remiri-neesan, went back to their own rooms.


“Fuu…” [Ryouma]

With everyone gone, there was nothing left to do. I could just go and sleep like this, but I don’t feel sleepy at all. Trying to forcefully sleep at times like these is usually a waste of time… I wonder if there’s something I could do to pass the time.

It’s not that late. The early ones are probably at bed already, but people who work at bars are still working around this time. I don’t really feel like going to a bar though… Oh, speaking of which, Heckard-san just left after he said he would prepare our supper, and we never got to talk about the reparations for the trouble caused by the adventurers. There’s nothing else to do, so I might as well ask.

After making sure that I was wearing clothes fit for going outside, I filled a small bag with money, and left the room. When I got downstairs, I saw Heckard-san working at the books in the counter by the entrance.

“Heckard-san.” [Ryouma]
“! Ah, Takebayashi-sama. Is there anything I can help you with?” [Heckard]
“Actually, I wanted to talk about— What happened to your cheeks?” [Ryouma]

Heckard-san didn’t notice me until I called out to him. Then because the room was dark – the only source of light being some candles – I didn’t notice it right away, but there was a compress plastered onto one of his cheeks.

I healed his wounds earlier already, and the side it’s plastered on is the other side, so that shouldn’t be it.

“Could it be that when you got hit, you—” [Ryouma]
“No, please don’t misunderstand.” [Heckard]

Heckard-san replied in a panic.

“My wife did this…” [Heckard]
“Your wife? You mean Nell-san?” [Ryouma]
“When she found out what happened, she told me I should have called her. She says it’s the duty of the wife to stop quarrels between adventurers.” [Heckard]

Ahh… So that’s why. Well, Heckard-san does seem pretty weak.

“Also, please don’t worry about the reparations. This inn is frequented by adventurers, so we’re no stranger to such quarrels. Besides, I was the one who asked everyone to stay here. I couldn’t possibly ask you to pay.” [Heckard]
“I see…” [Ryouma]

He beat me to the point.

“Gardak-sama also dropped by a while ago, and he gave me permission to put up a sign that says ‘The inn where the former knight-commander stayed’ in exchange for the payment. That’s more than I could ask for.” [Heckard]

So that’s how Shiva dealt with the situation after seeing money wasn’t going to be accepted. I’m not sure how much of an effect that will have, but it should akin to a really famous celebrity giving his sign for the store to show off.

It wouldn’t do to force the issue, but I think I can give them something else to thank them.

But then just as I was about to open my Dimension Home, I realized something. Won’t they just end up hating me if I actually give them that fish?

As that thought was running through my mind, Heckard-san spoke.

“Is something the matter?” [Heckard]
“Huh? Oh, I was thinking of giving Nell-san this delicious fish I caught from the canyon, but it looks pretty bad appearance-wise, so I was wondering whether it would just cause you trouble.” [Ryouma]
“A fish, you say?” [Heckard]

When I said that, Heckard-san showed interest.

“Do you like fishes?” [Ryouma]
“Yes. I used to eat a lot when I was still peddling. I’d love to eat fresh fish again, actually.” [Heckard]
“It’s fresh, but it looks… weird.” [Ryouma]
“If you don’t mind, then I’d love to have a taste.” [Heckard]
“Are you sure? Everyone I showed it to before has hated it.” [Ryouma]
“I’m sure I won’t mind a little ugly on the outside. I’ve always been good with stuff like that.” [Heckard]

Heckard-san led me into the kitchen, where I took out the fish from my Dimension Home.

“This is…” [Heckard]

When Heckard-san saw the fish, his eyes opened wide.

He’s not eating it, is he?

“But, no…” [Heckard]

Is what I thought at first, but then it seems he’s really scrutinizing the fish.

“Are you alright?” [Ryouma]
“Yes, I’ve seen plenty of stuff like this when I was a kid.” [Heckard]

He’s seen a fish like this before? When I asked him that, he happily answered. Apparently, when he was a kid, there were plenty of fishes like this one in one of the caves of Troll Canyon.

Troll Canyon did not have a lot of undead back then, and Heckard-san worked as a garbage man, who would frequently go to the canyon to throw away the trash. That cave was near the place where he and his coworkers threw the trash, so his seniors would usually take him there.

“If you go deep into the cave, you’ll find a place with a vast pool of water, where you can find fishes like this one. There’s just one thing though. Back then, I’m pretty sure those fishes didn’t have such sharp teeth, and I’m also pretty sure they were really small. About this much.” [Heckard]

Heckard-san showed the size with his right hand’s index and thumb finger. It was really small. At most, it would only be as big as the palm of one’s hands.

“That sure is small.” [Ryouma]
“Indeed. And there were so many of them crawling under the water that you couldn’t see them. We got chills when we saw that back at that cave.
The kids nowadays or the people that came from elsewhere don’t know about that though. The cave itself wasn’t dangerous, as there weren’t any beasts back then and it had only one path, so you couldn’t even get lost, but kids frequented it. And so, for some reason, some parents thought it too dangerous to let children frolic at a place like that, so they sealed up the entrance.
I was one of the kids who played there when I felt like playing adventurer, so I remember the place well.” [Heckard]

So that sort of thing happens even in another world.

After that Heckard-san taught me how to prepare and eat the fish.

“I’ll be going then.” [Ryouma]
“Please have a good night’s rest. Not just today, but if possible, please visit us whenever you drop by this town. I’ll do my best to ensure that we prioritize you.” [Heckard]

I couldn’t help but ask when I noticed how good he was treating us.

“Is it really alright to treat us so favorably?” [Ryouma]
“Yes. I cannot thank you all enough for what you’ve done for us. I couldn’t take it if my wife left me too.” [Heckard]

Too? Oh, right! Nell-san went with Oslo-san because her daughter went missing. Obviously, her daughter would also be Heckard’s daughter.

I didn’t know how to reply to his smile, so I just bowed and left.

I’ve only seen that lich once, but I’ll definitely defeat him.

Silently, I resolved myself to defeat the lich.

It’s the only thing I can do for them.

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