The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 5 Chapter 9: The End of the Promotion Exam

The boulders were crushed, the wind cried, the dust stirred, and the rocks grazed upon their skins.

Glen’s hammer crushed another boulder as his hammer came swinging toward Ryouma.

“You really like to keep things interesting, huh!!!” [Ryouma]

Ryouma’s magic sent Glen flying.

After their battle resumed, the training hall that was filled with boulders had once again changed shape, and was now an empty lot. But the flow of the battle hadn’t change. Glen continued his fierce attack while Ryouma calmly defended as he aimed for the openings in Glen’s defense.

“Take that!” [Glen]
(‘Magic Hand’) [Ryouma]

Ryouma dodged Glen’s attack. His two hands were occupied with his staff, so he used ‘Magic Hand’ to throw Glen on his back.

“Tch! ‘Rock Bullet’ !” [Glen]

But right before that, Glen jumped up in the air. Then he used his earth magic and summoned a rock toward himself. He caught that rock, then he threw it toward Ryouma.

“!?” [Ryouma]

Glen only threw the rock with his arms, but it was actually faster than if he had just used his magic. Confused by the sudden turn of events, Ryouma managed to dodge, but he inadvertently cancelled his Magic Hand, and Glen somersaulted down to the ground.

Ryouma rushed up to Glen and counterattacked, but Glen blocked him with his hammer as a shield. Then with his bigger stature and strength, he pushed Ryouma away. After recovering his posture, he rushed up to Ryouma. The battle was yet to end.

The battle between the two continued, but the situation started to change.

“Not good!?” [Ryouma]

The hammer that Glen swung with all his might took Ryouma’s staff with it, causing Ryouma to let go. The sound of a grating metallic sound resounded near the edge of the arena as the staff crashed into the wall. With this Glen had taken the upper hand, but Ryouma wasn’t going to accept his loss just because he’s lost his weapon.

As Ryouma dodged Glen’s attacks, he wrapped his already ki-reinforced body with magic power. Then as a slight opening appeared, he thrust his palm toward Glen and used ‘Fire Ball’.

“!” [Glen]

Glen managed to barely dodge the palm thrust, but he couldn’t dodge the fireball that shot out of Ryouma’s palm. Because of that he couldn’t get out uninjured, and Ryouma pressed on.

As ‘Fireball’ shot out from Ryouma’s palm, ‘Earth Needle’ shot off from the ground as he sent a kick flying toward Glen. Then right before Ryouma regained his footing from the kick, he casted ‘Wind Cutter’. When he got back his footing, he immediately rushed toward Glen again and thrusted out his palms. None of the magic he used were above elementary level, but because they were casted alongside his Taijutsu, and because of how fast and close he casted them, they were quite effective.

“That’s an odd way of fighting, but… That’s exactly what makes it amusing!” [Glen]

Glen was forced to either dodge or parry every single one of Ryouma’s attacks with his hands or his hammer. It was clear that he wasn’t in an easy position, but despite that, Glen’s expression didn’t change. In fact, he was even laughing as if he was having the time of his life, not an ounce of distress could be seen on him. Only the joy of fighting could be seen on his face.

(It’s probably because he’s like this that he’s so strong.)

Although Glen was born with a strong body, he wasn’t always an S Rank. He suffered plenty of losses too. But because of how much he loved fighting, his heart never broke regardless of who he fought or how big the gap was in their strength. It’s also because of his love for fighting that he was able to endure many situations he would’ve otherwise not. So Ryouma’s hunch was indeed correct.


As Glen survived Ryouma’s onslaught of magic, he went behind Ryouma, and he swung his hammer. Ryouma dodged to the right, but Glen’s hammer followed Ryouma. In response, Ryouma focused his magic power behind him and he casted the electric-type magic, ‘Stun Arrow’.

Right before he could cast his magic, however, Glen had already retreated, leaving the ‘Stun Arrow’ without a target to hit. Not letting himself be disadvantaged, Ryouma took the opportunity to use his dimension magic to take back his staff.

A dent could be seen on his staff after having been sent flying, but it could still be used as a weapon. Ryouma gripped it tight as he met Glen once more.

(Since he could dodge my magic even at point-blank, he might also be able to sense magic. Should I use an area-of-effect spell then? I did get my staff back, so…)

“’Ice Spear’” [Ryouma]

Using ice-elemental magic power, Ryouma clad the edge of his staff and transformed it into a blade of ice, then he executed a triple thrust. That ever changing staff of his could thrust, sweep, and even bash.

“So it’s a spear this time!” [Glen]
(You might be stronger, but I’m faster!) [Ryouma]

Disoriented, Ryouma shot a Wind Cutter spell at Glen’s feet as he thrust his spear. Then immediately after, he casted his original earth magic, and distanced himself from Glen.

“’Earth Fang’” [Ryouma]

In the next instant, the area 3 meters around Glen started shooting out countless earth needles. Unfortunately, barley any of them hit. Seeing that, anyone would think that Ryouma failed, but Glen felt something was off, so he swung his hammer, and destroyed the surrounding needles.

“’Earth Bite’” [Ryouma]

At Ryouma’s voice, the surrounding ground bulged and tried to bite Glen. It was as if the earth with needles sticking out of it was trying to swallow his entire being. In response, Glen bashed his hammer against the ground.

Earth and sand blew up as his hammer descended, and rocks of all sizes shot all over the arena. But this time, Ryouma didn’t defend. Instead, he attacked. With his ki protecting his body, Ryouma rushed through the earth and sand with his wind magic, and he pierced his staff into Glen’s stomach.

That blow contained in it a force strong enough to make any man faint, but right before it could bury itself into Glen, it was stopped.

“–––!!” [Ryouma]

What stopped the staff was the handle of Glen’s hammer. Apparently, Glen had reflexively moved his hammer, allowing him to stop Ryouma’s attack in the nick of time.

To think the thrust of a staff could actually be stopped with something as thin as the handle of a hammer, as expected of an S Class. If this were a public duel, shouts of praises would surely have filled the hall.

But at that moment, what shouted was not the voice of praise, but of the guild master.

“That’s enough! Drop your weapons!” [Wogan]

As Wogan’s voice resounded, so did the signal to end the match. As Ryouma sheathed his weapons, he took a deep breath. The match now over, Glen laughed and went over to talk to Ryouma.

“You really are strong! Especially that last one. Man that gave me the chills. It’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun, if you’re up for it, we can still continue…” [Glen]
“No, that’s enough. Also, if this keeps up, the bill for the repairs is gonna be ridiculous.” [Wogan]

Wogan informed the two with his hand on his forehead, his head seemingly in pain. When Ryouma and Glen heard that, they looked around them, and what they saw was a cracked, uneven land that had been lifted up. Countless traces of the battle could also be seen on the door and the walls around the area. The whole place was now a desolate land completely unlike that of its earlier appearance.

(And naturally, the people responsible for this are none other than me and Glen, with my magic and those rocks and that hammer of his.)

“And so, because of various reasons, the battle can no longer continue. This duel is over.” [Wogan]

Wogan firmly reiterated that, and Glen had no choice but to shrug his shoulders, saying, “I guess it can’t be helped then.”

“Thank you for today, Glen-san” [Ryouma]
“Don’t sweat it. It’s been a while since I got to fight this much. That aside, what about the results?” [Glen]

Glen and Ryouma both looked toward Wogan. In response, Wogan spoke in a tone that seemed to say, “Don’t ask the obvious.”

“Ryouma’s strong enough, so of course he’ll be promoted to B Rank. Besides, if I don’t pass him here, people are going to start questioning me.

Anyway, you’ve both suffered some wounds, so go ahead and get yourselves healed. I’ll get the papers done in the meantime.

Ryouma, you can go home if you want, but make sure you get your B Rank guild card from the receptionist first.” [Wogan]
“I understand, Wogan-san. Thank you very much!” [Ryouma]

As Wogan said that, he took Ryouma’s guild card, and went back into the guild ahead of everyone.

Meanwhile, Ryouma and Glen received treatment for their wounds and bruises. Suddenly, Glen asked Ryouma his plans for the day.

“Oi, Ryouma, you free today?” [Glen]
“I don’t have anything in particular planned, so yes.” [Ryouma]

As Ryouma replied, Glen heartily laughed.

“Then let’s drink! We’ll toast to your promotion!” [Glen]
“I-Isn’t it a bit too early for that?” [Ryouma]
“Who cares! Besides, once we start drinking, it’ll be dark before you know it! You two coming along?” [Glen]

Glen started gradually putting together a drinking party by himself, even dragging with him the two healers. Ryouma was a bit confused by the sudden turn of events, but in the end, he happily accepted Glen’s invitation. However…

“Let’s drink! Let’s drink! All you bastards who want to drink come! We’re celebrating this guy’s promotion, so all drinks are on me!!” [Glen]

When Glen entered the guild, he started calling out to the adventurers. Seeing that, Ryouma couldn’t help himself but ask.

“Glen-san, weren’t you having financial difficulties?” [Ryouma]
“What? It’s not like I’m gonna turn into a beggar or anything’. I can easily just go hunt some magical beast, so the store will just put it on my tab. This celebration is for you, you know. Let’s make a bang!

For that we’ll need people. Lots and lots of people! Anyway, don’t sweat the details, and just get that card of yours.” [Glen]

So Ryouma went to the receptionist to get his B Rank guild card. When he got back there were almost 20 adventurers in their party.

“Glen-san, can we come too?” [Adventurer 1]
“Yeah! Don’t mind the money, I’ll pay it all!” [Glen]
“This is turning into a banquet!” [Ryouma]
“Perfect! Oh, hey, you’re back. Oi, you lot, since our celebrant is back, let’s go out and drink ourselves drunk!!” [Glen]
“Yeah!!” [Adventurers]

Surrounded by a crowd of adventurers way bigger than he expected, Ryouma followed along completely dumbstruck as Glen led the crowd to the pub, where they all celebrated Ryouma’s promotion. Many people congratulated Ryouma, but they also talked about other things.

From what Ryouma gathers, apparently, it isn’t strange at all for Glen to take adventurers or arena participants out to drink. To add to that Glen also has a huge appetite, and he always pays whenever he goes out with lower ranked adventurers.

With that Ryouma finally understood why Glen was having money problems. And immediately after, as if to further prove his suspicions, the great feast started.

Incidentally, when the feast began, people started trying to out drink each other. So since Ryouma was already here, he figured he might as well join. Because of this Ryouma secretly gained a reputation of being a strong drinker of the likes of Glen.





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