The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 5 Chapter 8: Promotion Exam

Smiling, Glen walked over to where Ryouma was, and Ryouma greeted him.

“I’ll be in your care today, Glen-san.” [Ryouma]
“Sure, leave it to me! So it looks like we can finally fight, huh. You know, I’ve always wanted to see how strong you are.” [Glen]
“We only happened to pass by each other. I’m amazed that you actually remembered me.” [Ryouma]
“Ain’t easy to forget a guy calmly walking through the land of death. Especially, when that “guy” happens to be a kid. In fact, I would’ve actually fought you right there and there if it weren’t for my job!” [Glen]

Glen laughed as he recalled back to their first meeting. Seeing that, Ryouma again realized how much he liked to fight.

“But why is my partner Glen-san?” [Ryouma]
“I only came here to try my hand at the arena, and didn’t do any jobs, so I ended up being strapped for cash. I dropped by the guild to get a job to hunt some A Rank beast and make some money, but I ended up being dragged here instead.” [Glen]
“From the perspective of the guild though, we enjoy having strong adventurers work for us… Of course, I’m not just talking about Glen, but you too, Ryouma.” [Wogan]

While Ryouma and Glen were talking, Wogan interjected. From the guild’s perspective, Ryouma who goes to and fro the Great Forest of Shurus to gather ingredients isn’t that much different from Glen when it comes to their achievements.

“We’ll start as soon as you’re ready. If you are, you can go ahead and enter the arena.” [Wogan]

As Wogan said that, Glen happily obliged. As for Ryouma, he seemed to be thinking for a bit, but not long later, he entered the arena as well. As soon as both of them entered the arena, they took some distance from each other.

Glen started swinging his hammer. Meanwhile, Ryouma did not touch his sword, but instead took out a rod with his dimension magic. That rod reached up his shoulders from the ground, and had a golden color on both ends. Other than that, it also had a faint blue luster to it. It was a metallic rod.

“Is that mythril and orichalcum?” [Glen]

Glen guessed what materials the rod was made from as soon as he saw it. Just as he said, Ryouma’s rod was indeed made out of mythril and orichalcum. However, it was made by creating a hollow adamantite tube first, and then filling it with mythril to serve as a stuffing. On top of that, the exterior was further reinforced by coating it in mythril, and then orichalcum was furnished on both of its end, resulting in a product much more durable than something just made out of mythril. On top of that, it also has the same effects of a wand.

On top of the ingots Ryouma received from his inheritance, he also used the mythril and adamantite he mined himself to make other weapons and wands, but in terms of function and ease of use, there’s nothing better than this staff. If there’re any weak points that would be––

“Never knew you had the same taste as those old nobles…” [Glen]
“Don’t say it. Please.” [Ryouma]

Because of its golden hue and faint blue luster, the staff looks conspicuously expensive. So despite its ease of use as a weapon, Ryouma normally keeps it inside his Item Box, only bringing it out when absolutely necessary.

Ryouma decided to bring it out this time because of Glen’s hammer. While Ryouma’s sword might also be made from adamantite, making it extremely resilent and unlikely to break, the possibility for it to break under the force of an adamantite hammer wielded by someone like Glen can’t be denied. Of course, Ryouma would of course do his best to dodge, but there’s no doubting that he would definitely end up crossing weapons with Glen. So in order to lessen the odds of losing his weapon during the battle, Ryouma decided to change his weapon to a staff.

“Well… as long as you’re able to fight, it doesn’t really matter.” [Glen]

Glen didn’t care much about minor details such as one’s choice of weapon, so after Wogan finished explaining the rules, the signal to start was given.

“Are you both ready? I’ll be the one to decide on the result of this exam, so please don’t die. That goes for the both of you, alright? So don’t try and fight with the intention of killing each other or something. We’ve also prepared two healers for the two of you. They can use advanced healing magic, so most injuries shouldn’t be a problem. The battle will last until one of you admits his defeat or once I give the signal to stop. Understood? Good. Then in that case, let’s start the exam! Ready!? Fight!” [Wogan]
“Let’s go!” [Glen]

As soon as the signal was given, Glen bolted for Ryouma with his hammer raised. In response, Ryouma gripped his staff, tight, and took a step forward. The two weapons looked to clash.

“ ‘Ha!’ ” [Ryouma]
“Oof! Huah!” [Glen]

Although it was only a short cry it caused Glen’s movements to slightly dull, allowing Ryouma to make the first strike. This is a small trick Ryouma thought of by applying the spell, ‘Cursed Song’. Though only a moment, the fear and anxiety roused by the spell allowed Ryouma to take a small advantage.

But the reason he was able to take only a “small” advantage was because of Glen himself. Whenever Ryouma used it with other normal adventurers and bandit, they always ended up showing a huge opening. Just as one would expect of an S-Ranked, he wasn’t someone to be taken lightly.

Moreover, Glen is a man who’s overcome many bloodbaths himself. So although his movements have been dulled, he hasn’t completely stopped. After Glen dodged Ryouma’s staff, he immediately went on the counter attack. The fierce exchange between the two fighters resulted in opening some space between them. On Glen’s face could be seen a huge smile. He truly looked like he was enjoying himself.

(…I never expected it to have much of an effect, so I just used it to take the initiative, but… It looks like I dug my own grave instead.)

Ryouma’s hypothesis was correct. People who have been inflicted by Intimidate and Cursed Song normally stop in fear. But Glen is different. To him such tricks have a completely opposite effect. Of course, it goes without saying that the spell did have an effect, but the only thing it induced was that very fear that Glen himself wanted. As someone who has fought time and time again with magical beasts, there is nothing more Glen could ask for than to have a fight with someone who could instill in him a sense of dread.

Which also means to say that if Glen had instead not felt any threat from Ryouma, his appetite for battle would have probably been smothered. But with the current situation, Glen’s appetite for battle couldn’t have been any more whetted.


From here on Glen’s attacks became fiercer. In contrast, Ryouma continued attacking calmly. Because Ryouma avoided meeting Glen’s hammer with his staff, the sound of wind being cut filled the examination hall.

Ryouma focused on dodging while looking for an opening, but Glen wouldn’t let up. There were some openings, but because Glen was aware of them, Ryouma couldn’t make a move. If anything it looked like Glen was purposely leaving some openings to bait Ryouma, so Ryouam couldn’t just rashly attack. On the other hand, because Ryouma refused to make a move and was focused on dodging, none of Glen’s attacks managed to land.

Suddenly, Glen took a step back and casted magic.

“ ‘Rock Rain’ ” [Glen]

The Intermediate Earth Magic ‘Rock Rain’.
It’s a spell that creates several rocks in the air to fall onto one’s target.

Because of Glen’s ‘Rock Rain’ rocks of various sizes appeared in the air. As they fell down to the ground, clouds of dust whirled up as the sound of crashing filled the hall. But because Ryouma was able to calmly predict were the rocks would fall after inferring from the magic power, he was able to safely run away. After a few seconds, the rain of rocks finally came to a stop. But now, there were obstacles littered all over the arena.

When Ryouma saw that, his brows immediately furrowed. Meanwhile, Glen resumed his attack. His hammer was the same as before, but from time to time it would crash against a nearby rock, causing the exploding fragments to hurl toward Ryouma. Moreover, because of all the rocks, Ryouma’s movements were being hindered, making it hard for him to dodge.

With his staff and his ki-strengthened body, he’s been able to barely dodge everything so far, but at this rate, the situation will only get worse. So with that in mind, Ryouma passed through the gap between two rocks, and he casted his magic toward Glen who was chasing after him.

“ ‘Earth Needle’! ” [Ryouma]

3 thick rock needles lined up, and flew diagonally toward the ground. Ryouma wasn’t the only one affected by the rocks, Glen’s movements were also being hindered. So with a rock on each flank, and rock needles coming in from the front, Glen had no choice but to jump back and dodge.

In that moment, Ryouma focused hi ki on his legs, and he bolted off toward Glen. Glen swung his hammer again, but Ryouma jumped off of his needles and he landed on one of the nearby rocks that blocked Glen’s movements. Ryouma kicked that rock, dodged Glen’s hammer, and then swung his staff.

“Tch!” [Glen]

As Glen dodged Ryouma’s attacks, he realized that the battle would be much harder with Ryouma on the offense, so he swung his hammer diagonally up, and left that area with the rocks and needles.

“This is fun!” [Glen]

As he yelled that, he ran. Ryouma followed after him.

(Never expected Glen-san to actually run away.)

Ryouma chased after him while being wary of any schemes, but before he could think of anything, Glen stopped before a rock as big as an adult, and then he suddenly dropped his weapon. Ryouma immediately understood the reason behind that ridiculous move.

“Take this!!!” [Glen]
“Haa!?” [Ryouma]

Glen took the giant rock in front of him, and in a flash, he threw it at Ryouma.

Although Ryouma was still shocked by Glen’s display of strength, he immediately concluded that he wouldn’t be able to dodge the flying rock. So he made the decision to crush it with his staff which he imbued with the earth magic ‘Crack’, pulverizing the rock and destroying even the smallest fragments.

However, this was the wrong choice.

“Got ya!” [Glen]
“!!” [Ryouma]

While Ryouma was caught up with defending against the rock, Glen had already picked up his weapon and rushed toward Ryouma. Ryouma might have managed to defend against the rock, but in exchange, he left a huge opening. Glen wasn’t going to let this chance pass by. He immediately bashed his hammer into Ryouma’s left shoulder. Not even magic could make it in time now.

(I can’t dodge.)

Unable to dodge, Ryouma moved his staff to block the path of the hammer, while reinforcing his shoulder, his arms, his staff, and his whole lower body with ki.

“Gu!” [Ryouma]

Receiving the full impact of the hammer with his body and staff hurt, but Ryouma didn’t have the time to think about the pain.

(‘Magic Hand’!)
“Not good––“ [Glen]

The magic power that Ryouma released took on the form of a giant hand. Glen noticed it, but in the next moment, that hand had made a fist and buried itself into his stomach. Then under Ryouma’s breath, Ryouma muttered some magic words, and Glen’s giant body was blown almost five meters away.

“’Rocket Punch’” [Ryouma]
“!?” [Glen]

‘Magic Hand’ is the magic Ryouma created yesterday in the training with Riera and the others. Ryouma then used the spell ‘Rocket Punch’ with ‘Magic Hand’, resulting in Glen being flicked off almost five meters away. Both these spells rely on the application of the neutral magic ‘Telekinesis’.

“ ‘Mega Heal’ …Whew. I didn’t think I’d actually end up using something I just created yesterday… Well, a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do I guess.” [Ryouma]

As Ryouma muttered that, he used healing magic to restore his shoulder. As he wielded his staff again, he looked toward the area Glen was blown off to. From over there could be seen Glen standing up while rubbing his stomach. He seemed impressed by the fact that Ryouma could counterattack despite the position he was in.

“That one was good. Wait a sec… didn’t I just  break your arm? How are you still using that?” [Glen]
“I healed it.” [Ryouma]
“The heck? So you can keep on fighting even after being injured? Damn, kid, you a zombie or something?

Hah? What are ya making that face for? It’s a compliment; a compliment. You know I fought with a C Rank before, and he cried so much from the pain that he couldn’t focus on casting magic.” [Glen]
(Since when was being called a zombie a compliment?)

Ryouma wasn’t sure what to think of Glen’s “compliments”, but their conversation didn’t last long.

“Anyway, our battle ain’t over yet, kid. Time for round two!” [Glen]

Their battle was just beginning.


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