The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 1 Chapter 21

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Volume 1 Chapter 21

~ Side Ryouma ~

It’s the biggest store that gives off a high class ambience so far, but Rheinhart-san and the others went to the reception room as if it were normal.

I was a bit out of place, but… in order not to do anything that would inconvenience the others, I stayed meekly by Sebasu-san’s side.

After waiting for a bit, a man with a good build came. I think he might be the owner of the store.

“Well, well. What a pleasant surprise to have the members of the Duke’s Household come. Welcome.”

Rheinhart-san was the one to greet him,
“Serge, it’s been a while.”
“Indeed. It’s unfortunate that I am unable to get many opportunities to meet with the members of the Duke’s Household like this, but I’m happy to see that you are all doing well.

And as for this young lad here, I believe it’s the first time we’ve met. My name is Serge Morgan. I am the president of the Morgan Firm.”

Uh-oh, he also came to greet me.

“I am Ryouma Takebayashi. Because of some twist of fate I’ve come to be in the care of the Jamil Household. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

When I finished introducing myself, he gave me a smile.

He seems to be an acquaintance of Rheinhart-san. I wonder if he’s a good person. Then again, Rheinhart-san won’t introduce me to a weird person, right?

“Well, going straight into business…”
“Yes. I’ve heard you were planning to sell something new again.”

As I was caught up in my thoughts, these 2 suddenly went straight to business. Wait. Again? Rheinhart-san, exactly how many products have you already proposed to be sold?

“Before I show you the product. I need you to promise me that not a word of what I am about to show you will leak out. I know that someone like Serge can be trusted, but just in case.”
“But of course, the information of our business partner is very important to us. If Rheinhart-sama wishes for us not to allow the information to be leaked, then we shall deal with it in a way that will not attract eyes. However, I must say that this is quite unusual coming from Rheinhart-sama. To think that Rheinhart-sama would like to suppress something like that.”
“It’s just for now, and I do have my reasons. I believe that what am I about to show you today will bring us profit on a completely different level than everything so far.”

Will it really become something like that? In my previous world, things like raincoats were a given so… other than intuition, I don’t really know what he’s basing this on.


When Rheinhart-san said that. Sebasu-san opened his item box and took out from it the waterproof cloth, the slime’s thread, and the iron ingot I made. Rheinhart-san took those and showed them to Serge-san.

“This cloth has been treated in a particular way.”
“Would it be alright to take it and examine it?”
“Of course.”

As Serge-san said that, he took the cloth and took a good look at it. He examined it curiously as he rubbed the cloth.

“Oh, it feels good to touch.”
“That cloth isn’t only good for that, you know? That cloth can repel water and prevent it from going through.”
“…Is that true?”
“If you want you can use Identify on it or try it out for real by wrapping it on your hands and dipping it in water. After all, it’s just a sample we brought, so I don’t mind.”
“Then I’ll accept your offer…”

Serge-san called a servant and asked her to prepare a bowl with water in it. In the meantime, while the bowl was being prepared, Serge-san used Identify and intently examined the waterproof cloth. After a while his eyes began to sparkle. When the servant came back with the bowl filled with water, he quickly wrapped the waterproof cloth around his hand, dipped it in the water, and after confirming that it is in fact able to repel water, he said this,

“Rheinhart-sama, this is amazing!”
“Right? Don’t you think that if we were to turn this material into raingear it would sell?”
“It will! It definitely will!”

Wow! He’s really into it!

“What’s surprising isn’t only that. Next, we have this thread.”
“I will examine it.”

This time he took a spool of thread, looked at it, touched it, and then tried pulling it. After he had done all that, he then said,

“Was this thread, perhaps, created by the same material used to create the treatment of the waterproof cloth?”

He noticed! That’s amazing! Even though he didn’t get any hints, he managed to figure something out by touching it?

Hearing Serge-san’s answer, Rheinhart-san smiled as he nodded.

“As expected of Serge. It is exactly as you have thought. The manufacturing process was changed a little bit, but the same thing was used. What do you think? It’s a good thread, right?”
“Certainly, if we were to have workers that deal with high-class clothes work with this, it should sell. This thread is also beautiful, but more than anything it’s durable.”
“We also have an outfit that was made out of that thread and the waterproof cloth from a while ago.”

Having said that, what they brought out was the jumpsuit and the waders that I made… wait, what? I have mine with me, so did they make a new one?

“This is an outfit for working in wet places and places where it is easy to get dirty. The design is a bit eccentric, but function-wise it is excellent.”
“Indeed, this certainly looks like the kind of cloth that a laborer would like to work with. If we can let the people know just how good this is, it’s possible for this to catch on like wild fire.”
“While that something to make this famous is needed, do keep the potential of this product a secret. Also, we have this for last.”

After Rheinhart-san put aside the jumpsuit and the waders, he presented the last item, the iron ingot.

“Would it be alright for me to use Identify?”
“Of course.”

Serge-san got permission and used Identify but afterwards, as if feeling a little disappointed, his shoulders fell and he said this,

“Since this iron is of good quality it can be put up as a product, however, if I may be so bold there is nothing exceptional about this iron.”
“That’s right, then how about you take a look at this iron over here”

Sebasu-sama brought out another iron ingot (ultra-high purity iron) and handed it to Serge-san.

“Is this aluminum? No, the weight is… I will examine this.”

As he said that, he used Identify. The moment he used it, the results that came shocked him. He was able to keep his composure, but his face was sweating a lot. It’s obvious that he has been greatly shaken.

“Rheinhart-sama, this ingot is…”
“Amazing, right? Don’t you think that if we were to start selling this, that it would cause a great commotion?”
“Of course, that’s a given. It wouldn’t even be strange for spies to come from other countries, looking for its source.”
“And that’s exactly why I want to put up the other ingot. The ingot you held a while ago is the same as the ingot you’re holding now. Only, it went through some process and had its purity reduced.”

At those words, Serge-san gave an understanding nod.

“I understand the circumstances, but in that case it will be treated as a normal ingot and will not have any special advantage. Is that ok?”
“It’s fine. What we want is for this ingot to be sold discreetly and legally. You see, this ingot came from the abandoned mine.”

“Discreetly and legally? If a new ore vein was found in the abandoned mine, then wouldn’t it be best to simply take back its status as an abandoned mine and send people over?”
“That’s not possible. Or rather, even if we were to send people there wouldn’t be any meaning since we didn’t find a new vein. Also, the normal method of mining and refining is also not possible.”

“I see. So Rheinhart-sama wants to sell the ingots produced while keeping the method of production of the high purity ingot under wraps, right?”
“Precisely. More specifically, I want it to be exported to a different country. If we were to simply sell it within the country, then it would be necessary to specify exactly where it came from. However, if we were to sell it to a different country, just mentioning what country it came from would be sufficient.”
“Yes. There should be no problems with that.”

Isn’t that alone a problem!? Isn’t that way of doing things too sloppy!?

“Also, along with the ingot I also want to entrust Serge with keeping the identity of the manufacturer a secret. Of course, I can ask this because I trust you.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Although there are 3 products…… the developer responsible for all these is only one.”

Oops, this really isn’t the time to be shocked. I’m being introduced.

“Each and every one of these three products is amazing. A single person had actually…?”

Hearing Serge-san’s words, Rheinhart-san broadly grinned and said this,

“That’s right. The man who developed these things and will produce it from now on is this young boy over here, Ryouma-kun.”

The moment Rheinhart-san said that, Serge-san’s eyes became a dot and alternately looked at Rheinhart-san and I.

“Right now, what did…?”
“The developer responsible for these products is the Ryouma-kun over here. I understand that this is hard to believe, but it’s the truth.”
“Did Takebayashi-sama truly make all of these?”
“Yes, I made these myself.”
“It’s true. Ryouma, despite being at his age, is already an accomplished researcher and an alchemist. Of course, I’d like for you to keep this confidential.”

When Serge-san heard the word ‘alchemist’ his eyes immediately gave off a quizzical look… as expected, alchemists are hard to trust, huh?

“I understand that you find it hard to believe, however, he created that ingot right in front of my eyes. He’s not a crook.”
“… I see, so he created it in front of Rheinhart-sama. If it’s alright, I would also like for Takebayashi-sama to show me that ability.”

Oh? Doubting is doubting but it seems he’s at least willing to see for himself. Well I am someone that the Duke brought along… I’m not confident about the remaining magic power I have, but I have to do it.

“I’ve already used up a sizeable portion of my magic power today, would it be ok even if it’s something small?”
“If that’s the case, then I can prepare some magic power recovery potions from my shop. It was my request after all, so at the very least I could provide something like this.”

Eh? Is it ok to take something like that? Well if that’s the case, then there’s no problem. Ah right, anything is fine, but I need to borrow something to write with or I can’t draw the magic formation.

“Then in that case, could I trouble you to lend me a potion, two sheets of paper, and a pen? I need to draw a magic formation, you see?”

Serge-san called the servant again, and made her bring over the magic recovery potion, the paper, and the pen.

“Would this be alright?”
“Yes, it’s sufficient. Thank you very much.”

I give my thanks, and then write two simple magic formations on the two sheets of paper. Afterwards, I take out a red stone block from my Item Box.

“This is the soil from the abandoned mine which I’ve hardened with Earth Magic. Please confirm it.”

Serge-san immediately used Identify.

“Certainly, I’ve confirmed it.”
“Also, it’s dangerous, so please don’t put your hand inside the magic formation. With that, I will begin.”

Just like that time while I was in the mine, I allow the magic power to flow through into the formation. The formation started to glow, and the stone block had its color changed from to red to black as it was pushed outside the formation. The formation shone again, and this time the stone block that had collapsed was pushed out, and all that was left in the formation was a silver-colored sand.

I place that on top of the other magic formation and make the formation glow. As I did so, the silver-colored sand transformed into a plank-shaped object. I then hand that object over to Serge-san.

“Please confirm it.”

When Serge-san used Identify on the plank he received, his body stiffened. And immediately, in the next moment, he stood up, kneeled on the floor, and with he’s head touching the ground, said this,

“I’m sorry!”
“No, no, no, no, no!! It’s fine even if you don’t do something like that so, please raise your head! I’ve already heard about alchemists being doubted, so in my opinion Morgan’s behavior was actually quite good.”

That’s just too much! Why does this person have to apologize to this extent!?

“I’m grateful for those words. I truly had not thought that Takebayashi-sama would actually be a true alchemist. By any chance, is Takebayashi-sama’s real age actually different from Takebayashi-sama’s outer appearance?”

…huh? …eh, no way… he found out!?

“Excuse me, what are you saying all of the sudden?”
“I’ve heard that a true alchemist was capable of creating immortal medicines and medicines that can bring back one’s youth. Because of all the swindlers, I had thought that it was a lie, but if it’s a real one…”
“No, that’s wrong.”

So that’s what he meant… he shocked me there for a moment…

I show him my status board.

“I can’t create things like immortal medicines or medicines that can bring back one’s youth. There may be a person capable of such things, but at the very least it’s impossible for me. At most what I can do is what you have seen today, which is simply gathering the iron content within the soil and making an ingot out of it.”
“Is that so? My apologies.”

At that, Rheinhart-sama joined in the conversation.

“Well then, now that you’ve confirmed that Ryoma-kun is the real thing, let’s continue with our conversation. Just as you have seen just now, Ryouma possesses great knowledge and technique, and with it he created the ingot and devised the water-proof cloth.

However, if the knowledge that he is an alchemist were to get out, then he would be grouped together with the other alchemists. And even if we were to show proof of his ability, because of his age, people who will detest him, and people who will try to win him over will definitely come.

As such, I would like for Serge-san to purchase the things Ryouma-kun has brought with him at a fair price. Of course, without making it public that the seller was Ryouma-kun.”
“I understand. If it’s something like that, then there’s no problem at all.”

“Ryouma-kun, Serge is a trustworthy merchant. If there’s anything you want to sell, then it would be best for you to come here. Also, if there’s something you want to buy, then buying from here would be best.”
“I understand, thank you very much. Serge-san, please take care of me from now on.”

“Please take care of me as well. I will be eagerly waiting for Ryouma-sama’s visit.”
“Also, Ryouma-kun, you may take as much soil as you want from that abandoned mine. That is, whether it’s for the sake of feeding it to your slime, or making ingots to sell.”
“Is that alright? How about the profit of Rheinhart-san?”

“It’s fine. To begin with, we’ve already decided to treat it as an abandoned mine. Not having profits from it is a given since we, who do not have the ability to use Alchemy, can’t do anything with it. Even without anything changing, you’ll be able to sell ingots to Serge and make a little profit on the side.

And since we already expect to make sufficient profits from the water-proof cloth you made for us, it’ll be fine for you to sell wholesale to Serge’s store or to a branch. Right, Serge?”
“Yes, there won’t be any problems regarding that. Also, if Ryouma-sama could tell me where he lives, I will be able to inform a nearby branch to buy the goods while keeping quiet about Ryouma’s case.”

I’m grateful, but aren’t these people being too nice?

When I mentioned that I lived in the forest, he was shocked. Since I’m still thinking of whether to go back to the forest or not, it was decided that I’ll let him know where I’ll be living after I’ve made up my mind.

For the meantime I’ll be selling to this shop while I’m still in this town. If I decide to go back to the forest, then I’ll end up selling the waterproof cloths to the branch in the Town of Gaunago.

Having been taken care of to this extent, I really don’t know how to show my gratitude… For the meantime I’ll just sell the ingots and the threads whole sale to this shop while I’m around. If I were to exhaust around two days’ worth of magic power, I’d be able to do something like that… Also, as an apology for doubting me, Serge-san gave me a large number of magic power recovery potions.

Well, at any rate, I’m happy that we were able to decide on a store where we would be able to sell safely. Serge-san also told me to come by whenever there was something that I needed. With this much, there’s no such thing as being ripped off.

After that, we were sent off by the female servant, and then we went back to our lodging.






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