The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 8

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Volume 3 Chapter 8

With me staying at Pioro-san’s place having been decided, Pioro-san brought me, and we entered the spice store of the Saionji Firm. Apparently, this store is connected to Pioro-san’s house. When we got inside, just like this afternoon, Miyabi-san was tending to the store.

“Welcome. Eh? What the, if it ain’t dad.” [Miyabi]
“It’s not “what the”. and I’m not alone, Ryouma’s with me, ya know?” [Pioro]
“Sorry for the trouble.” [Ryouma]
“Ryouma-san, tha guest room’s been prepared, so don’t hold back and go ahead n make ya self at home, k?” [Miyabi]

Did she already know that I’m saying over? But we’d only just decided it a while ago…

“I thought you’d be staying over, did I get it wrong?” [Miyabi]
“No, thank you, I’ll be in your care then. It’s just that it so happens that we decided me straying over just a while ago, so it was a little surprising.” [Ryouma]
“The guest room’s always in good condition, since we don’t really know when a guest might decide ta drop by.” [Miyabi]
“I see, thank you very much.” [Ryouma]
“Don’t mind it, don’t mind. Oh, right! Want me ta bring ya ta tha room?” [Miyabi]
“Please, thank you.” [Ryouma]

And so, Miyabi-san brought me to the guest room. As for Pioro-san, it looks like he went back to work.

“Here’s the guest room, please think it as if it’s your own house.” [Miyabi]

The room I was brought to was too big for only a single person, and was furnished with good furniture. It had a warm atmosphere to it.

“As for supper, I’ll bring ya some nice food that won’t bring shame ta tha Saionji name, so look forward ta it!” [Miyabi]
“Thank you very much. I’ll look forward to it.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, Miyabi-san appeared to be satisfied with my response as she nodded her head.

“I’ll be going then. Enjoy yourself till supper, k?” [Miyabi]

Miyabi-san quietly left the room.

“I wonder what supper will be.” [Ryouma]

Well, whatever’s the case, it won’t be like the preserved food I ate last night. Maybe it’ll be meat. Or maybe fish? There’s not a lot of fishes here in this country, so… Well of course, it’s not like there’s none at all, but it’s the inland area so there’re no waters to get fish from. Although there are plenty of river fishes and dried fishes, it’s difficult to acquire fresh marine products. An exception would be the few towns with a lake nearby where the fish industry is going strong, like the Town of Skoom for one.

Regarding marine products, as expected, it should be Japanese cuisine. I haven’t eaten any Japanese cuisine since I got here. There’re plenty of otherworlders, so I thought there’d be plenty of different cuisines, but I haven’t seen any Japanese cuisines at all. Should I ask Pioro-san if they have any miso or soy sauce? If they’re handling food products, then I might be able to get something that’s similar.

Afterwards I rested in the room for a bit and mediated, then a male servant came and told me that supper was ready. The male servant brought me to a room with a dining table.

“You came, Ryouma. Take a seat.” [Pioro]

At the center of the room, Pioro-san, Miyabi-san, and another beastmen fox tribe woman were already seated. The woman looked similar to Miyabi-san, so she’s probably Pioro-san’s wife. She’s beautiful.

I took my seat as I thought that. Sitting at one side of the table, in front of me was Pioro-san, by my right was Miyabi-san, and by my left was Pioro-san’s wife.

“Excuse me.” [Ryouma]
“You don’t haf ta be that stiff, ya know? I think you’ve already noticed it too, but this here is Miyabi’s mother, my wife, Kurana.” [Pioro]
“Kurana Saionji, a pleasure ta meet you.” [Kurana]
“Ryouma Takebayashi, it’s my pleasure as well.” [Ryouma]
“I’ve heard of tha rumors. It seems that you’re quite tha promising young lad.” [Kurana]
“Oh not at all, my luck just happens to be good. And it’s also because of the help of the people around me that I’ve been blessed with. All I’ve really done is employ and rely on them.” [Ryouma]

No, really. The store and the employees were mostly taken care of by Serge-san and the guild master, Carm-san and Karla-san advised me on the store’s management, and Fei-san and Li Ling-san protect the store. The other employees are helping me out with the rest of the work, so if everyone wasn’t around, then forget about getting a branch store out, it’d be strange if I even got a store.

All of my success is thanks to the people I’ve met and their help.

“If you’re able ta say such things from the bottom of your heart, then you’re plenty amazing.” [Kurana]
“’xactly, when young people succeed quickly, they lose sight of everythin’ around them and start thinkin’ that they can do anythin’.” [Pioro]
“Shops are around precisely because there are customers and servants. If a merchant forgets ta thank those around them and make light of their efforts, then it’s the end for that merchant. In that situation, regardless of how much talent one has, you won’t be able to get by unless ya play dirty. Being able to understand that, you’re already plenty amazing, Ryouma-han.” [Kurana]

Something like that, huh?

“A merchant’s conduct is something that will naturally be learned in the distant future. So it’s plenty amazing if ya can at least talk like one now. I mean look at Miyabi, she ain’t one bit polite is she?” [Pioro]
“Dad! Why am I being used as an example!?” [Miyabi]
“Eh, it can’t be helped, after all your already around so it’s easy to use ya as an example.” [Piroro]
“Miyabi, it’s better not to push yourself, and just talk normally.” [Kurana]

Ahh, so she really was pushing herself, huh?

“Ryouma’s also noticed too, ya know? That you’re pushing yourself to talk differently.” [Pioro]
“A little, actually. I don’t think it’s weird to change your manner of speech when talking towards customers, but I don’t think you’re that used to it, so please don’t mind it so much.” [Ryouma]
“See? Even Ryouma-han whom you’d just met even noticed that you’re only putting up a front.” [Kurana]
“How frustrating…” [Miyabi]

Ahh, looks like she’s started to become depressed… is it really something to be bitter about though?

“Sorry ‘bout this, please ignore this kid.” [Kurana]
“Miyabi’s been imitatin’ me ever since she became interested in merchant work and started helping me out. I’m happy, but whenever she shows an opening while negotiating with a customer, she becomes quite stubborn. In fact, just recently, a customer told her that she wasn’t like a woman.” [Pioro]
“It’s not like I want to be seen as a woman that I’m trying to improve. It’s just that…” [Miyabi]
“Just that?” [Pioro]
“I hate the old man that told me I’m not feminine! So I won’t be able ta get rid of this sense of defeat unless I become graceful!” [Miyabi]

That’s what you’re bothered about!? Well, I guess it’s better than being bothered by something weird.

“In other words, my daughter hates losing. You don’t need to mind it, Ryouma-han.” [Kurana]
“Enough of that, right now’s time for meal, ya know? Today, we prepared a rare meal.” [Pioro]

As Pioro-san said that, he signaled with his hand to the servant standing at a corner.

“Rare?” [Ryouma]
“That’s right. Ryouma’s good at cooking, so it’s difficult ta surprise ya unless we prepare somethin’. So in the end I figured we’d make ya something queer.” [Pioro]
“It’d be great if it was to Ryouma-han’s taste though.” [Kurana]

When the smell of the dish reached my nose… this is!

“This smell is… miso soup?” [Ryouma]

When I muttered that, Pioro-san opened his eyes wide in disappointment, while Kurana-san laughed amused.

“What, so ya knew about miso soup, Ryouma? ~Sigh, and here I thought I’d be able to surprise ya.” [Pioro]

Not at all, in fact, it’s a huge success! I’m really, really surprised!

“N-no, I’m more than surprised enough. Pioro-san, you can get miso soup?” [Ryouma]
“Yeah, I can. Few sell it, so we don’t have plenty of stock, but… do you want some?” [Pioro]
“Yes! Please!” [Ryouma]
“It’s not that expensive anyway, so I’ll get ya some. If you come ta like it, feel free ta stop by and buy some.” [Pioro]
“Yes, thank you very much!?” [Ryouma]
“It’s fine, it’s fine. Ah, by the way, if ya know ‘bout miso soup, then d’ya also now ‘bout soy sauce?” [Pioro]
“You also have soy sauce!?” [Ryouma]
“Yep.” [Pioro]

Like this, while the servant was bringing us food, it’s been decided that I’ll be getting some miso soup, soy sauce, vinegar, and mirin.

To think there would actually be these kind of seasonings in this world! According to Pioro-san, these sort of stuff are being manufactured in an island where dragon newts lived. Unfortunately, because most people don’t know how to use it, it’s not very popular. What a waste.

“Let’s eat first. We’ll talk while we eat.” [Pioro]
“Oh, that’s right. Then, itadakimasu!” [Ryouma]

I took the dish and the chopsticks, and first brought the rice to my mouth. Delicious! This is my first rice in three years!! Bread’s staple here in this country, so I haven’t gotten any rice at all. Now it’s not like I hate bread or anything, but rice just happens to have that nostalgic taste. Next, is the fish in soy sauce, and the miso soup… ah delicious… it’s exactly how it was back in Earth…

“How nostalgic…” [Ryouma]
“Oh? Ryouma-han, did use ta live in a dragon newt village?” [Kurana]
“Eh? Ah, no.” [Ryouma]
“Really? Ya looked like a dragon newt that hasn’t gone back home in a long time though.” [Kurana]
“Is that so?” [Ryouma]
“That’s right, and what’s more is that Ryouma’s really good at using chopsticks. Those are really just furnishings, so it would’ve been fine if ya just left them alone. It’s really rare ta see a customer that’s not dragon newt use chopsticks well.” [Pioro]
“Ryoum-han, where did ya come from?” [Kurana]

During times like these, I bring out my grandparents card!

“I come from a small village. My grandmother used to make me lots of miso soup in the past. It was also from her that I learned how to use chopsticks. My grandparents are former adventurers, so apparently they’ve travelled the world a lot. They probably came to know of these sort of things during their travels.” [Ryouma]
“Oh, is that how it is?” [Pioro]

Did I manage to deceive them?

“By tha way, what are ya gonna do starting tomorrow? Tha employees of the store your store won’t be coming till three days later, right?” [Pioro]
“I plan to create furniture, practice, and do some adventurer work during that time.” [Ryouma]

It was there that Kurana asked me a question.

“Ara, Ryouma-han, you’re an adventurer?” [Kurana]
“Yes. Right now, I’m not really sure whether my main job is adventurer work or my store though.” [Ryouma]
“So that’s how it is.” [Miyabi]
“What’s your rank now?” [Kurana]
“Right now, I’m rank E.” [Ryouma]
“E? You’re younger by a year than our daughter, right?” [Kurana]
“I just became E rank two months ago.” [Ryouma]
“At that age, E rank’s more than enough. You also have experience with subjugation requests, right?” [Kurana]

After that, I talked about the subjugation request at the mine, and then I asked them about this town.

Apparently, this town was made by the otherworlder founder of the Saionji Firm for the sake of business. It might be because of that, that the shopkeepers and servants of the stores here go way back. There also seem to be a lot of people who use the Kansai dialect amongst the people who grew up here. Incidentally, Kurana-san was born in this town.

I don’t think the otherworlder purposely tried to spread the Kansai dialect, but when I think about how the otherworlder unconsciously left something behind, a feeling I can’t describe swells up inside me. Will I also leave something behind in the future? …Well, there’s no point thinking about this right now.

I also asked about the guild. From what I hear, there are four guilds, including the merchant guild, being gathered within those walls.

“There’re entrances from all directions, but inside that are the merchant guild, adventurer’s guild, artisan guild, and the dragoon guild.” [Pioro]

Dragoon guild? That’s new. When I asked about it, Miyabi-san explained it to me.

“What’s the dragoon guild?” [Ryouma]
“It’s a gathering of former tamer guild members who use slave magic to carry things with their flying magical beasts. When the airport was built, they went independent, so I guess you could say it’s a guild engaged in the air transportation industry. The tamer guild seems ta do any job, but tha dragoon guild specializes in exporting people and goods, as well as actin’ as bodyguards for those.

It’s quite difficult to have magical beasts carry people and fly in the sky, so the dragoon guild makes their magical beasts undergo special training. And although they’re independent now, they still seem ta have some connection ta tha tamer’s guild, ya know? It’s said that tha first slave magic user who could tame a flying magical beast that could carry people, also took a course from the dragoon guild once.” [Miyabi]
“To think that there’s actually a guild like that…” [Ryouma]

It’s obvious, but it looks I really still have a lot to learn.

“Tha gatherin’  of ingredients and resources are taken care of by tha adventurer’s guild. Then tha artisan guild deals with tha raw material, while tha merchant guild sells tha products and resources. And finally, tha dragoon guild’s responsible for exporting tha goods ta towns far away. And of course, all this is thanks ta our ancestor-sama’s efforts.” [Miyabi]

Said Miyabi-san as she puffed her chest. Pioro-san appeared to also share her sentiment. Apparently, they take great pride in this town, it’s airport, and their otherworld ancestor.

As I listened to their stories about the town, I gobbled up more of the nostalgic Japanese cuisine. After that, I went back to my room, used the cleaner slime shower, and quickly went to rest.

I wonder what I should do tomorrow. As I thought that, a wave of drowsiness attacked me because of a combination of being full and the pent up fatigue. I can endure it, but there’s no point in doing so right now anyway, so I guess I’ll just go to sleep now… I’ll think about what to do tomorrow, tomorrow… I have time anyway…






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