The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 1 END

TL Note: Remember, suit is their currency.

Volume 1 END
~Side Ryouma~

After the job, I was called over by the guild master. Apparently I have the rights to the money and equipment of the members of the Fang of Orbtem.

I got a bag and the Tear of Keromi that I gave to Sacchi. Inside the bag were all the money of the members of the Fang of Orbtem, totaling to 140,800 suits. As for the equipment, it’s worthless so it’ll all be sold. The money, will of course, be kept.

Unfortunately though, I was told by the guild master not to expect much from selling the equipment. The equipment I got from the Fang of Orbtem definitely used to be good, but because of the acid of the acid slime, many of it has been damaged. Some of the obvious ones were the melted spear that had no spearhead left, and the armor whose leather strap and metal fixings have become brittle, making it impossible to wear.

One exception would be Sacchi’s axe. Because Sacchi was leading, he wasn’t able to use it, leaving it undamaged. It’s also apparently been enchanted with harden, make it a magic weapon. Like this, it should sell for a bit of price.

After that, Ryouma went home after also receiving the gathered corpses of the magical beasts.

When Ryouma rode the stagecoach, a large number of people showered him with praises. And now, he’s leisurely enjoying the quiet ride.

During that, he remembered what had happened again today.

It’s been awhile since I’ve let loose… I wonder when I got mad last was… most likely it was when my boss insulted my deceased mother. So the last time I acted violently was before I retired from that company…

As the people around me saw me thinking about what had happened today, they told me not to mind it. They were the ones were wrong. You’re still a kid, so it can’t be helped.
But am I kid? Wrong. Even if my body is that of a kid’s, I’m already a 42 year old grown man. I’m an adult that should be capable of reason.

Reason, do I have that?… No. Today I gave into my emotions and flew off the handle. Although I may not be completely out of mind, it still wouldn’t be strange for me to go on a rampage given the chance. Today I got provoked by the first six, and then because of Sacchi’s words, I was really just a little bit off of completely losing all sense of reason.

Because of the poison, I was able to cool my head a bit. And then, after that because I brought out my slimes from the Dimension Home, I was able to keep my distance and calm myself down. However, if I hadn’t let the slimes fight and instead fought by myself. I would probably have killed all of them. When Sacchi came at me the last time, I seriously wanted to strangle him to death.

Will I kill when I’m not liked? Will I kill whenever someone picks a fight with me? …if so, then how would I be any different from the Fang of Orbtem?

Somehow someway I was able to keep myself, but saying something like “I wanted to kill Sacchi by impulse” is unacceptable.

Right now, my abilities are more than enough. The only problem left is… my mind.

Now that I think about it, during my school days, did I really try to hold back? At that time there was already a difference in power between myself and my opponent. Would it have been possible to deal with them without hurting them? While I say that did my best at holding back, isn’t there also a part of me saying that I wanted to hurt them?

…I can’t refute that.

Now that I think about it… since I’ve come into this world, nothing has changed. I isolated myself in the forest, and avoided interacting with other people because I hated it. And then just like that, I kept living by myself in the forest.

And then, at a time like that, I met Rheinhart-san and the others.

If I hadn’t met them, I would have put off leaving the forest, and in the end I probably wouldn’t have been able to leave it. Since I’ve met them, I’ve troubled them a lot. They provided for my lodging and my food. They welcomed me warmly… and, slowly, I started relying on them.

Thinking back on the things that have happened since I’ve come here. Running from the things I don’t like, having no hardships, and being spoiled by the duke and playing around……………………… no good. If I keep going like this, I’ll end up being worthless.

I’m grateful to the household of the duke, but I’m going to try leaving them. I need to retrain myself. Continuing to rely on the duke like this is also no good… I need to become independent.

Until now I’ve always been thinking on how I can show them my gratitude. But after everything they’ve done for me, to say I’m going to pay that back, it’s really quite shameless.

I kept thinking about that until I got to the town, then I made up my mind. When I got back to the lodging, I headed to where the four members of the Jamil Household were.

I was greeted by Aro-ne-san, and then brought to the table where the four members of the Jamil Household were.

“Welcome home, Ryouma-san.”
“Welcome home.”
“Welcome home. Looks like today got a bit rough, huh?”
“It’s not good to push yourself too hard.”

Looks like they already know about today.

“Everyone, thank you very much. This is quite sudden, but there’s something I’d like to talk about.”

The words I spoke after giving my thanks, immediately caused the four people’s faces to stiffen.

“What’s wrong?”
“What is it all of the sudden, Ryouma-san?”

The one who asked first with a serious expression was Rheinhart-san. And the one who said the next line with an uneasy expression was Elia.

“I’ve decided what I should do now from here on. I’ve been greatly taken care of by everyone but… I’m leaving because I want to become independent.”

The moment I said that, Elia stood from her seat and pressed me for answers. The other three remained seated without saying anything.

“What do you mean by that!?”
“I thought that if I were to keep going like this, being taken care of by everyone, I’ll end up becoming some no good guy. I’ve been spoiled much by everyone in these past few weeks, and I accepted that like it was perfectly normal. On top of that, today I lost control of myself, and giving in to my emotions I acted violently. It may be just me who’s saying this, but I believe I’m quite strong compared to other people. Because of that, if I were to lose control of myself and act violently, a lot of people could get hurt. That’s why I intend to become independent and retrain myself.”
“That… can’t we go together?”
“If we’re together, then I believe I’ll end up being spoiled. That’s why I’d like to take some distance for a bit.”

At that, the Madam asked.

“A bit, so in other words it’s not like we won’t meet again right?”
“Yes. I’m not keeping distance because of something like hate. That’s why if it’s alright, I’d like to meet again after I’ve retrained myself.”
At those words, the Madam exclaimed.
“Of course! Although really it would be fine to keep being spoiled. Ryouma-kun, you’re still only 11 years old, you’re at an age where it’s not strange at all for you to be living with your parents. Ryouma-kun, we’ll welcome you whenever you want!”
“Mother!? You’re not going to stop Ryouma-san!?”
“Elia, it’s not like we’ll never meet Ryouma-kun again. Elia, you’ll be going to school, and as for Ryouma, he too will be going to study on his own. Although, honestly speaking, I don’t believe there’s any need. Rather, I believe what’s important for Ryouma right now, is for Ryouma to be spoiled.”
Seeing the Madam start changing the flow of the conversation. Rheinhart-san interjected.
“Hey, hey, Elize. Haven’t we already made our decision on this?”
“I know. That’s why I’m not objecting. I’m just giving my opinion, that’s all.”

Decided? What is?

“Umm… what do you mean by ‘decided’?”

The ones who answered that question were Rheinbach-sama and Sebasu-san, respectively.

“Actually, we’ve already expected Ryouma-kun to say something like that since we’ve arrived at this town. After all, even though I’m like this I’ve already lived for a quite some time. Colleagues, subordinates, enemy, there are all sorts, but I’ve seen kids like you plenty of times.”

“Ryouma-sama may have felt that he was being spoiled, but we thought no such thing. It’s true, that until now the food and the lodging have been provided for by the duke, but that’s all there is to it.

Ryouma-sama did not make any requests, registered into the guild, and continued to work earnestly. Ryouma-sama is the kind of person that will do his best even without being told to. So we believed that the day would come when Ryouma-sama would bring up something like this. Of course, it was far earlier than we had expected.”

Rheinbach-sama nodded.

“We won’t stop you, but you’re not allowed to overdo it. In the past I had a subordinate that was like you. He was quite talented at the sword, and so he eagerly trained himself in its ways. He did nothing but train under harsh conditions, and in the end his body broke and he became unable to wield it.

Children like you are able to do their best by themselves, but in exchange they don’t know how to pace themselves. For some reason, these types keep going on until they destroy their body, and in the end before they’re able to get anything done, they end up broken. People like that are too serious and when they’re not able to reach their goals, they persecute themselves. And then there are also those who put their efforts in the wrong places so be careful.”

Sebasu-san continued.

“Other than resting there’s also asking other people for help and relying on them. Please treasure the fact that others can also help you. Ryouma-sama take on everything by himself a bit too much. Just doing what one is capable of by themselves like what the Ojousama had done in the house in the Forest of Gana, isn’t only limited to the Ojousama. I believe this also applies to Ryouma-sama.”

Rheinhart-san heaved a sigh.

“Seeing you, sometimes reminds me of a good friend I had. Your personality is completely the opposite though. You’re serious, whereas he’s not. He would normally throw all the annoying things to his subordinates or to other people while he’d slip out from his work. That much is a bit troubling, but I think that’s something that could be important to you. Just like what Sebasu and my dad told you, you should rest properly and rely on others. That kind of stuff isn’t bad, you know? My good friend for example, even though he does things like that, he’s doing pretty well.”

………………. I didn’t notice it at all. To think that they were actually thinking about me to this extent. I am truly grateful.

Now that I realize it, unconsciously, I suddenly started to shed tears.

“Thank you………very much.”
Rheinhart-san smiled.
“It’s fine. In exchange, I want you to make several promises. First of all, it’s alright if you separate from us for a bit, but you must come back. This world is dangerous, and all the more so when you’re an adventurer. I think Ryouma also understands this, but please come back to us without dying. It’s also fine if you come frequently.”

Rheinbach-sama nodded.
“Second, you have to continuously send us letters. And if anything happens, report it to us, so we can warn you if anything’s amiss.”
“Otherwise please let me personally visit Ryouma-sama with my space magic.”

Suggested Sebasu-san as the Madam began to vehemently push the third promise.

“And third, if something happens I want you to rely on us without holding anything back! You absolutely have to! Ryouma-kun, your magic, knowledge, and fighting abilities are already more than enough. You’re already more than good enough to be employed by us, so if anything were to happen you can also come work for us.”

I don’t know what I should say anymore… all I can really say now is that I’m grateful. At times like these it’s really unfortunate that my vocabulary is so limited.


Hearing that voice, I looked at Elia, who had come to my side. Then while staring straight at me, Elia said this,

“I’m a little disappointed, but… if that’s what Ryouma-san has decided then I’ll respect that… however!”

And then Elia pointed her finger at me and then declared this,

“I have a condition!”
“On top of the conditions my father, my grandfather, and mother had given. I’m going to give one more condition. Our reunion will be after 3 years, and then after 6 years.”
“After 3 years and then after 6 years?”

“I believe I’ve said this to Ryouma-san before, but I’ll be going to the school in the imperial capital this year to study. In that school, the graduation is after six years. Halfway through that, I’ll be given a long holiday. So at that time, let’s meet again. Until that time, I’ll do my best by myself in studying and practicing my magic.”

[TL Note: The meet used by Elia when she says, “Let’s meet again.” Uses 逢う and not 会う. Meaning it is an emotional meeting. The kind of meeting where you’re going, “My love, my love! Where art thou? Thou hast left mine chest cold. And mine heart in tatters. Ah! If I could fly I would and embrace thee now! Ah I want to meet thee!”… ♫ well something like that. Basically, it’s emotional whereas the other is just routine.]

I see, so it’s like that.

“I got it.”
“Good. I won’t forgive you if you forget because you got too caught up with something.”

As she said that she glared at me hard. Certainly, I do have the tendency to lose track of time when I’m fussing over something.

“I’ll do my best not to forget.”
“At a time like this you should say that you won’t forget! Seriously…”

Said Elia with an amazed voice. At that, Rheinhart-san asked me while laughing.

“Hahaha, well I think it’s going to be fine. By the way, have you decided what you’re going to be doing from now on?”
“I have my slimes, so I thought I’d try living around this town. And also I can live in this town as an adventurer, and while keeping my relationship with others I’ll be able to practice my Alchemy.”
“I see… then in that case can I ask you to care of something for me?’
“What is it? If it’s something I can do, then by all means.”

“I want you to take care of the abandoned mine you’re clearing out right now. We had only left it alone for a year and yet it’s already been infested by magical beasts and has even had a nest created within it…

It’s not good for there to be a nest of magical beasts not that far away from the town. That’s why I want the abandoned mine to be cleared out from time to time. If it’s not possible alone, then I’d like for you to post in the guild.

I’ve thought of blocking the entrance with earth magic or something, but then the cave mantises could just use their scythes to dig and make a nest anyway so there’s no meaning to that.”
“If it’s something like that then I’ll accept it.”

“Thanks. As thanks, you can use that mine as you wish. If it’s over there, then even if you train and practice your magic it won’t be a problem.”

Isn’t that place perfect for me?! There’s space for me to make a house, it’s at a good distance away from where the people are, it’s doesn’t attract people so it’ll be good for my training, and I can also let the slimes muck around freely and on top of that I can make ingots as I please. There’s more to it for me than money, but…

“If you treat me this well, then I’ll end up being spoiled again…”
“I’m not spoiling you. This is a proper deal. Within the magical beasts, there are even more dangerous races. If those were to make nest not far away from the town, you understand what will happen once they multiply, right?”
“I understand that, but to allow me to do as I please with that mine…”

At that time, Rheinhart-san stopped me from talking with his hand, and with a serious face said this.

“It’s not strange to hire someone to take care of an abandoned mine. Normally the public office will send someone to check its condition and employ people, but… apparently this town’s public office doesn’t have that kind of management. That’s why I’m employing someone right now who has the ability and is someone that I can trust.

Technically speaking giving a different payment is a given, but we are actually able to settle that issue by just allowing you to do as you please with this mine that no longer holds any value to us or to the town. We are also able to decrease the work load, and there’s also no expenses for us.”

…Certainly, that may be true. Putting it that way, even I can understand. While I think that they’re spoiling me with their good intentions, it also makes me feel bad to just flat out reject them…

Realizing that I was thinking about such things, Rheinhart-san smiled wryly as he said this.

“Oh boy, looks like you really are too serious… you don’t’ have to think so much over something so trivial. Alright, let’s do it this way. Make some ingots over there, and then from that we’ll make some profit. Oh, and please don’t push yourself too hard making ingots.”
“I understand, I’ll do my best!”

Ok, I’ll set the quota for every month and then sell it whole sale to Serge-san every month. I have to be able do at least this much, otherwise it just wouldn’t be right.

“No, there’s no need for you to be that fired up…”
Seeing Ryouma like that the madam smiled.
“Also, while you’re here, come stay with us in the lodging.”
“Umm, that’s…”
“No. Even though I thought we would finally be able to travel together. Really, Ryouma-kun, you made up your mind too fast. That’s why you absolutely have to stay here!”
Rheinbach-sama continued.
“It’s only for around 1 or 2 months. Even if you retrain yourself after that time period, it still won’t be too late. This should be fine even for you, right?”

…If I don’t reject this I’ll end up being spoiled again

“You won’t be spoiled, Ryouma-sama.”

Sebasu-san read my mind!?

“Ryouma-kun. It came out on your face, you know? Just like a while ago.”
“It’s a face that’s really easy to understand.’

Did I really make that kind of face?

The madam puffed up and with a really strong tone said.
“In any case! Ryouma-kun, while we’re here in this town you’re going to be staying with us! Ok?”
“It’s alright right!? Good!”

Doesn’t look like the madam will agree to anything else except a yes… it can’t be helped… or rather… was I always this weak-willed? Really, I’m extremely grateful but…

“I understand, then until everyone leaves the town, please take care of me.”
The madam grinned as she nodded.
“Right! That’s good~”

Well this kind of goodwill is something precious, so in the end I wasn’t able to reject.

After that, I gave my thanks one more time, then went back to my room.

Having gone back to my room, before going to sleep, I thought back to what the others said.

As I did so, tears naturally flooded my eyes.

I truly cannot express the gratitude I feel to those people…







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