The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 2

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Volume 3 Chapter 2

The next day.

I went out as soon as I opened my eyes only to notice that it was still dark.

“Did I sleep too early yesterday? It’s too early to go to the town.” [Ryouma]

So instead, I decided to expand the tunnel by making a storehouse and a kitchen. Then I also decided to arrange the things in my ‘Item Box’. I’ve already put everything related to medicinal herbs on the shelves of the alchemy room, but there are still things that haven’t been dealt with like the unsold pelts.

Pelt, pelt, pelt, pelt, pelt, black tea… black tea should be put in the kitchen.
Pelt, pelt, pelt, pelt, pelt, pelt, money… ah, these are from the bandits… weapon, armor, armor, weapon, weapon, weapon………… Come to think of it, I’ve forgotten about that Melzen’s spear. I should try it out next time. Next is… pelt.

“More pelt? There’re too many pelts! Why did I take everything so diligently!?” [Ryouma]

And so I arranged things for a while like that when I suddenly found something strange.

“What is this?”

What was in my hand right now was a goblet. All of my utensils are made with earth magic, so pretty much all of them are made out of stone, or shaped out of wood… But this goblet is silver. Moreover, there are decorations of gold here and there, and it even had gems embedded into it.

Why do I have something so luxurious in my ‘Item Box’? This shouldn’t be something that belongs to the bandits. I confirmed everything before leaving the forest, and I didn’t have anything this amazing. Still… I feel like I’ve seen this before.

Thinking that, I used ‘Identify’.

Sacred Treasure; The goblet of the God of Wine, Tekun.
This sacred treasure was created by the God of Wine, Tekun.
This sacred treasure has been enchanted with the power of the God of Wine, and can bring forth limitless wine in exchange for magic power.
Owner: Ryouma Takebayashi

!?!?!? Wait a moment, what is this! Why do I have something so exaggerated like a sacred treasure!


“I remember! This is something I got when I met Tekun! Wait! I brought it with me!?” [Ryouma]

Now that I think about it, I was quite panicked that time, so I just put everything into my ‘Item Box’… Did I accidentally put it in?

“Isn’t that rather clumsy? Well in any case, let’s go to the church!” [Ryouma]

I gently put the goblet into my ‘Item Box’, and have the slimes enter into the ‘Dimension Home’, and then I quickly rush to the town. Actually, I’m already going at full speed.

As soon as I got to the town, I headed straight to the church. And when I got to the church, the door of the church opened. The one standing there was the girl who greeted me when I met Kufo last time.

“Ara, are you here to worship?” [Girl]
“Yes, would it be alright to go now?” [Ryouma]
“Yes, go ahead. Still, it’s certainly quite strange to have someone come this early.” [Girl]

I don’t really have much time to chat, but…

“I’m quite busy lately, so I don’t really have time to come except around this time.” [Ryouma]
“Oh, really?” [Girl]

I was also brought to the chapel today. Actually, I already know the way, so there’s actually no need, and I could have just refused and ran. But of course, I have to keep up appearances. I give my thanks to the girl, sit at a chair, and pray.

Tekun! Take me to the divine realm!! As I asked that, a few seconds passed, and the world was filled with light. My prayer reached him!

As the light stopped, I turned my head. There, I saw Tekun. As I confirmed Tekun’s appearance, I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Ryouma, you called? Actually, how did you manage to call me? I clearly heard your voice just now.” [Tekun]
“I prayed at the church.” [Ryouma]
“Oi, oi, you shouldn’t be able to call me with just that, you know? If we could be called with just something like that, then we’d always be getting calls.” [Tekun]
“Even if you tell me that… But anyway, rather than that, I have something to talk to you about.” [Ryouma]
“What is it? Did something happen?” [Tekun]

I used my ‘Item Box’, and took the goblet out. When Tekun saw that, his eyes opened wide as if he were shocked, and he alternately looked at the goblet and the hole from the ‘Item Box’.

“Last time we met, you just left this with me and left, right?” [Ryouma]
“Y–yeah.” [Tekun]
“That time, I tried to look for some snacks in my ‘Item Box’ to eat while drinking, but then I ran out of time… So I quickly cleaned up, but in the process I accidentally took your goblet with me. I only noticed it this morning while I was arranging things from my ‘Item Box’… So… I’m sorry that I took it without asking you.” [Ryouma]
“You know, I don’t actually mind it. But that aside, you were able to take it with you?” [Tekun]
“I accidentally put it in my ‘Item Box’ so I guess that’s why. I was also able to properly take it out over there on the other side.” [Ryouma]

When Tekun heard that, he scratched his head, and then said this.

“Can you show me that for a bit?” [Tekun]

I gave him the goblet as he said that while pointing at it. Then Tekun looked at the goblet as he caressed it.

“… Ryouma, I don’t mind if you take this. Sacred treasures might be something that the humans revere, but I can make something like this anytime. Moreover, this has already become your possession.” [Tekun]
“Mine? Now that you mention it, when I used ‘Identify’ it said, “Owner: Ryouma Takebayashi.” [Ryouma]
“That’s it. From the looks of things, ever since I passed that to you and left, it had apparently already been considered as me granting you a sacred treasure. So this is already completely yours. Anyway, drink.” [Tekun]

As Tekun said that, a bottle of liquor appeared out of nowhere, and he poured that into the goblet.

“Is it alright? To give it that simply. Also, it’s still morning…” [Ryouma]
“Don’t mind it. Right now you’re only a soul. Your body won’t get drunk. And more than anything, a drink comes before talking, right? As for the goblet, I already mentioned it, but I can make something like that anytime. So don’t mind it. Besides, there’ve also been humans who received our sacred treasures in the past. The otherworlders had all sorts of request you know? Abilities were also popular but the most common one was receiving a sacred treasure. And as for receiving sacred treasure, there’s no problem with that at all. So enough of that, liquor’s more important.” [Tekun]

Is it fine to be that irresponsible!?

“Well if someone finds out that you have a sacred treasure, it will certainly cause a commotion, so you better make sure to hide it. It’s fine as long as you use it drink by yourself, right?” [Tekun]
“I see… alright. For the meantime, it’s good that there’s no problem. While I didn’t do it on purpose, I was still really scared when I found out I took something from the divine realm.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, I drank the wine in the goblet. The liquor is delicious as always, but the alcohol feels weaker today than before. Is Tekun being considerate?

“Gahaha, rather than it be problematic for you to just take – although it’s also kind of clumsy – but since that kind of thing is being managed thoroughly, rather than just being able to take this kind of thing carelessly, most shouldn’t even have been able to see this. So don’t mind it.

Besides, that goblet just brings out wine, you know? Compare that to a sacred treasure that allows its wielder to become stronger, and depending on their strength, cut castle walls like paper, this is way safer. That aside, I’m more concerned about how you were able to take a sacred treasure with you, but… eh, whatever.” [Tekun]

“Is that alright? Or rather, was I not supposed to be able to bring it with me?” [Ryouma]
“Of course you shouldn’t have been able to! To take something carelessly from the divine realm? Under normal circumstances, there’s no way that should be possible! To begin with, a human coming here is already plenty weird!” [Tekun]

Oh yeah…

“I’ve gone here so many times I forgot.” [Ryouma]
“Well, coming is one thing, but humans shouldn’t be able to invocate space magic here, you know? I don’t understand magic theories, so I don’t understand it well, but… It’s probably because Gayn’s trio called you here from your world, and that had some kind of effect.” [Tekun]
“Actually I’ve been told that often. Is that ok?” [Ryouma]
“Beats me… I’m the God of Wine and Craft. No way I can answer a question like that. That’s something you should ask Fer Noevir. If it’s him, then he might know something.” [Tekun]

Fer Noevir? It’s a name I’ve never heard of before.

“Who’s that Fer Noevir?” [Ryouma]
“Oh, you don’t know? It’s the magic god, Fer Noevir. That guy isolates himself in his own place. And while I don’t know what he’s doing, he’s the most informed when it comes to things related to magic and all sorts of stuff. Only, it’s very rare to meet him even as a god myself. I don’t know if you’ll ever have the chance to meet him.” [Tekun]
“I see. Well there’s no problem normally anyway, and Gayn’s group did tell me that it’s not a bad influence. I just wanted to know the reason is all.” [Ryouma]
“Well I guess it’s normal to think that, since the strange things are happening to you.” [Tekun]

As Tekun said that, my surroundings began to illuminate. Isn’t it earlier than normal?

“Ah, it’s time.” [Ryouma]

I quickly drink up the wine, and put back the goblet in my ‘Item Box’.

“Ho, so this is what it’s like when you’re going back.” [Tekun]
“Oh, now that you mention it, you weren’t here last time so you didn’t see, huh? By the way, did you meet up with Gayn’s group after that?” [Ryouma]
“Yeah, I caught them while they were going back. They really did go to your world. Next time, I’ll have them let me go to the other world!” [Tekun]

Said Tekun as he began to heartily laugh.

“I see, then please drink moder… ah, what am I saying. There’s no way the God of Wine would get drunk.” [Ryouma]
“Of course! I could drink enough to bathe!” [Tekun]
“Speaking of which, what would happen to the liquor in the world when you do something like that? Will it suddenly disappear?” [Ryouma]
“That won’t happen. Whether it’s there or here, the things of that world and the things made by god can also be eaten or drunk. Your goblet is the same. As long as you pour magic power into it, liquor will come out. No matter how much you drink, the drinks of other people won’t disappear.” [Tekun]
“I see, then I’ll use it without holding back.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, Tekun laughed and said this.

“Exactly. Just enjoy it! Wine’s something to be enjoyed after all!” [Tekun]

I tried to reply, but light completely filled the place, and before I knew it I was back at the chapel.

“… Guess I didn’t make it. If I pray here, will it reach?” [Ryouma]

Thank you, I’ll enjoy myself plenty with your wine here. And I hope you enjoy drinking there as well.

I prayed that prayer, then I left the church after donating.

Now, I guess I’ll go to the store. It’s a bit late though… After all, it’s already past the store’s opening time.

As I walked towards the store. I heard the laughter of many people near the store

Somehow I can hear people laughing. Where are their voices coming from……… my store?

It turns out the voices are coming from my shop. Looking at the crowd gathered outside, I noticed that the people were all laughing. What’s going on?

Thinking that, I peeked inside the store. There, I saw Li Ling-san knock two men out. What are they doing?

“Good morning, Li Ling-san.” [Ryouma]
“Ah, boss. Good morning. I’ll just tie these two up, so please wait a moment.” [Li Ling]

Li Ling-san quickly tied the two up. During that time, I asked Carm-san who was tending to the store.

“What happened?” [Ryouma]
“It’s been quite a while since the last, but those two came here as thugs.” [Carm]
“Eh? Then what’s up with the people laughing? I’d understand it if they were screaming, but why are they laughing?’ [Ryouma]

Apparently these two guys stained their clothes with something really hard to wash of so they could complain. After all, if the store can’t wash it properly, then the store’s reputation would drop.

If it was a normal laundromat, then washing it off would certainly have been a problem. However, with the cleaner slimes being able to wash even the filth of a goblin’s loincloth, such things are meaningless. But they didn’t know that, so the ruffians shouted in a loud voice in front of the curious onlookers. “Look! They can’t take the dirt off my clothes!” At the same time, the perfectly clean laundry were spread before them.

Seeing such foolishness, the onlookers couldn’t help but begin to laugh. One after another, they began to laugh. And as if it were infectious, before anyone knew it, the entire crowd had already burst into a great laughter. Infuriated, the ruffians tried to act violently, but they were quickly put down by Li Ling-san, and arrested. Right after that is when I entered the store.

Furthermore, those ruffians were handed to the guards for disturbing the shop’s operation. The guards apparently passed by the store by chance because they heard the voices of the customers, so like that they were able to take the ruffians away.

Going deep into the store, I called Karla-san and Fei-san to discuss, but in the end we arrived at the same conclusion of just continuing to be on guard. And after deciding to hold a meeting again after we find something else we can do, we ended our discussion.

Oh, I know. Just in case, I should leave the antidotes I made yesterday here.

“These are antidotes which I’d just made yesterday. In the unlikely case where you happen to need it, I’ll leave it here.” [Ryouma]
“Understood.” [Karla]

As I said that, I handed 11 bottles of medicine to Karla-san and Fei-san.

Now, what should I do next? …Isn’t there something that I can do to protect the store? Come to think of it, this store’s window isn’t that robust, huh? …Then, if I were to use that!

In order to put into practice my idea, I went to the abandoned mine.

When I got back to the abandoned mine, I went over to a slightly bigger tunnel and drew 3 magical formations on a big box of stone. After I completed that, I had the sticky slimes spit hardening liquid inside the box.

After finishing that, one of the magic formations was a magic formation of separation. Using that I separated half the water content of the liquid from it. I drained that excess water, and then I had the sticky slimes spit out more hardening liquid into the box that has less volume. Next, with the magic formation of mixing, I combined the two liquids. Then I separated the new liquid from its water contents again, put in even more hardening liquid, mixed it, and then separated its water contents. I repeated this process several more times.

If you’re wondering what I’m doing, well I’m making the sticky slime’s hardening liquid more concentrated.

When I used alchemy to separate the sticky slime’s liquid from its water content and dried it, only a lump of that liquid was left. From the looks of things, that material was the ingredient that gave the sticky liquid or the hardening liquid its properties. When I saw that, I wondered to myself what would happen if I were to concentrate it.

The results were that the hardening liquid became even harder than normal. Normally, if you dried the hardening liquid, with just a little bit of strength it would already start making noises as if it were about to break. But the concentrated material has strength comparable to something strengthened with magic.

I drew two circles with a square inside the magic formation, and shifted it 45 degrees to make it match. This is the magic formation of transformation. Inside that, I placed the lump of concentrated hardening liquid that couldn’t be destroyed easily even if I tried to at full power.

If I turn this into a plank, I’ll be able to use this as a window glass.

“I wonder why I couldn’t think of this until now.” [Ryouma]

This concentrated liquid has high transparency. While it’s not colorless, it’s only slightly tinged with yellow. In fact, you wouldn’t even notice it unless you were told. So as long as I turn this into a plank shaped object, I’ll be able to use this as glass for the windows.

By the way, the windows of this world are normally made with wood. There’re are also window glasses but they’re absurdly expensive. Bottles and other wares made with glass are normally created by craftsmen so they’re cheap, but the glass used for windows are manufactured with magic, so they’re expensive.

While it’s also possible to make window glasses with hand-blown glass, it might be because of quality check, but only a handful of skilled craftsmen can make it, making it scarce.

Because the windows are made out of wood, in order to get light to go in, there’s no choice but to keep it open. But because of this, it gets quite troublesome when it gets cold and the wind enters. This is something common in the stores of this world.

When I thought I wouldn’t be able to acquire window glasses, I checked my ‘Architecture’ skill, and it turns out it’s possible to get one with 1 middle gold coin. But, of course, I wasn’t able to pay that amount.

That’s why I gave up on it, and made the window with wood just like the other stores.

However, with this concentrated hardening liquid, it’ll be possible to use it as a substitute! Moreover, its hardness can prevent crime, and it has extremely strong properties against fire and heat.

And although I’m digressing, the hardness and strength of the concentrated sticky liquid are both fragile. Moreover, on top of not having a muddy color and not being transparent, it burns easily. While the normal dried sticky liquid doesn’t burn as much as cloths do, the lump of concentrated sticky liquid burns easily and vigorously. I was surprised to find out that the two liquids were basically opposite each other in properties.

The concentrated hardening liquids were too hard, and the concentrated sticky liquids were brittle, and because I had fire magic, I had no need for fuels, so I left it alone too. Who would’ve thought that I would be able to use the concentrated hardening liquid like this!

“It might be because I just used my barriers to keep the cold out that I wasn’t able to think this up at all.” [Ryouma]

Like this, I continued the process while I whispered to myself from time to time. By evening, I was able to make 50 windows of concentrated hardening liquid planks.







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