The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 10

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Volume 3 Chapter 10

The next day.

“Be careful!” [Miyabi]

Miyabi sent me off, and I headed towards the north gate. I leisurely walked, taking my time to enjoy the scenery of the lively town, but as soon as I got close to the gate, I braced myself.

They’re restricting access, so people aren’t being allowed to pass through the gate. But there won’t be any problems so long as one is able to provide proof of being an E Rank adventurer. From here I should go to a place with plenty of plants that’s near the smash boar’s last known sightings, and begin gathering herbs there.

I have a bow and knife equipped. I’ve also prepared a spear in my ‘Item Box’, but I’m not planning to use it. Spears and large swords are supposedly effective against smash boars, but I’m fighting it under the pretense of having accidentally stumbled onto it, right? Then in order to keep up that pretense, I can’t be using a weapon tailored for fighting against it now, can I? Otherwise, I’ll get suspicious.

And so I went on my way to gather herbs… however, I can’t seem to find the smash boar at all.

I know that just because it’s a magical beast whose whereabouts are generally easy to find, doesn’t mean that it’s going to stay in places where there are plenty of herbs all the time, still… this has to be first time I’ve had to deal with a prey that’s so hard to find. I’ve even used search magic, but I can’t find it at all. Or rather, even the other magical beasts are missing. It’s exactly just as Miyabi-san had mentioned, there’re almost no magical beasts around here.

After that I went to gather some more herbs in other areas while I continued to look for the smash boar. After some time I finally managed to gather enough. The deadline for this request is still the day after tomorrow, so it’s not like there’s really any need to finish it today. But, well… apparently because of the rank restriction on the northern gate, the supply of these herbs has been dwindling, and because it’s not easy to get these kind of herbs anymore, apparently they’ll be purchasing all the herbs I can get. I figured that since there wasn’t any harm in getting more herbs I could go get more , but right as I thought that, I heard a small voice.

“––– Uwaaah.” [Someone]

A person’s voice? It’s a bit far though? Or am I just imagining things?

“––––––– Help me –––“ [Someone]

… There it goes again! It’s not just my imagination, someone’s asking for help!

I grabbed my bow, heightened my senses as I minimized my own presence, and headed towards the direction of the voice. There I saw two adventurers being chased by the smash boar.

But… rather than a boar, isn’t this a pig? It does have some fangs, but they’re quite small, and it’s not even sharp either. The only thing this pig has going for it is that it’s a little bigger than I thought. Hmm, I guess it’s about the size of a cow.

Wait a moment… this isn’t the time to be thinking about this!

Carefully timing my shot, I nocked my arrow and let one fly between the trees. The arrow flew sharply, slipping through the woods, smashing the thinner trees, and as the smash boar passed by, the arrow pierced its right eye. Immediately, the smash boar went into a rampage as its death throes resounded throughout the area.

Noticing the smash boar’s behavior, the two adventurers stopped moving and looked back.

What are these two doing!?

“Don’t stop! Keep on running!” [Ryouma]

When the two heard me, they looked my way and were flustered. I tried calling out to them again, but it was no good. And the smash boar, after getting back up to its feet, already had its gaze locked onto my direction.

It’s a bit different from what I planned, but…

I put the bow onto my back. And as I stared at the smash boar, I let the Ki move throughout my body.

The smash boar was like a pig with short, dull fangs protruding from both sides of its lower jaw. The fangs aren’t venomous, but the strength of those fangs from a head-on collision still isn’t something to be scoffed at.

The main problem is its constitution. It might be a pig, but its size is around 1.5 times that of a cow… probably. Anyway, the point is that it’s covered by thick meat all over. Its body is full of cuts, so those two adventurer’s must’ve cut it a lot, but… Forget the inner organs, I don’t think those cuts have even managed to reach the muscles.

Since attacking the body seems useless, then… the aim should be where the meat is the least! The head!

“Buoooooooo!” [Smash Boar]

The smash boar bellowed out a war cry as it charged towards me. It moved at a speed that made the trees look like nothing but nuisances. In response, I moved to my right and dodged its charge. The smash boar was caught off-guard by my sudden movement, and ended up crashing into the tree immediately behind me. That powerful charge easily mowed down that tree, and the smash boar began to charge towards me again.

This time I moved to the left, and as the smash boar passed by me, I hit its temple with Ki strengthened palm strike.


The smash boar whimpered as it came to a halt. I know from hitting it just how thin the meat was in that area, no wonder it was so effective.

Next, it shook its head, and tried to impale me with its fangs, but I easily dodged that with a single step, leaving its left temple wide open. I threw a kick at that opening, and the smash boar whimpered again.

“Pi, ggy…” [Smash Boar]

Looks like it was more effective this time as the smash boar broke its right foreleg, and is now lying on the ground. Not giving it time to rest, I began my counterattack.

With an uppercut from my left, I sent the smash boar’s head flying. While still in mid-air from the impact, I grabbed its fangs with the same hand, brought it down, made it spin counter-clockwise, and finished it off with a right elbow strike.

As my elbow sunk into the smash boar, I felt and heard the bones being crushed. The smash boar’s feet shook for a moment, and afterwards it immediately fell over, unmoving.

Whew… Did I kill it…? Well, from the looks of things, that seems to be the case.

After I confirmed that I’d killed the smash boar, the two people from a while ago called me as they walked towards me. I didn’t notice it a while ago because of the distance and the armor, but apparently one of the adventurers was a woman..

“U-Umm!” [Adventurer 1]
“Thank you very much for saving us!” [Adventurer 1]
“Eh, ahh… you’re welcome. Are you hurt anywhere?” [Ryouma]
“No, we’re fine, thanks to you.” [Adventurer 2]
“But one of our friends is still injured, and is over there. We haven’t been able to thank you yet for saving us, but please let us go help our friend first.” [Adventurer 1]

Well if someone’s injured we can’t just leave them alone.

“Of course, and if you don’t mind, could I come along as well? After all, I can use healing magic.” [Ryouma]
“Really!?” [Adventurer 1]
“Thank you very much! Please!” [Adventurer 2]
“Ah, but we can’t leave the smash boar here by itself alone, huh?” [Ryouma]
“By the way, you are?” [Adventurer 2]
“Please pardon my delayed introduction, I am Ryouma Takebayashi.” [Ryouma]
“Ryouma-kun, right? Then Ryouma-kun, please stay here. We’ll go and bring our friend here ourselves.” [Adventurer 2]
“There are some malicious adventurers around here, so please be careful.” [Adventurer 1]

Said the two as they left. Malicious adventurers? Isn’t that a flag?

While I thought of that, I drained the blood from the smash boar while they weren’t around. Of course, I used the bloody slime. After the blood was fully drained, I put back the bloody slime into the ‘Dimension Home’, and brought out two heal slimes in its place.

In the end, no malicious adventurer came, and the two adventurers from before carried back an injured female swordsman. She was in pain, covered in cold sweat. At least her internal organs seem to be safe. Together with the heal slimes, we casted ‘High Heal’ on her many times over.

“ ‘High Heal’ ‘High Heal’ ‘High Heal’ ‘High Heal’ …” [Ryouma]

And after a short time passed, the female swordsman’s treatment was over. Apparently she took the smash boar’s charge head-on and was sent flying into a tree. As a result the bones of her feet and shoulder were broken. Fortunately, her internal organs were safe. After the treatment ended, her countenance changed for the better, and she was able to get up.

“Really, thank you very much!” [Adventurer 1]
“Thank you, thanks to you I was saved…” [Adventurer 3]
“You’re welcome, but your lost strength won’t be back for a while, so please don’t push yourself.” [Ryouma]

The wounded female swordsman was named Philly, the two being chased by the smash boar were Ken and Lurie for the male and female adventurers respectively. The three haven’t officially made a party or anything, but since they all lived in Renauph, they were all well-acquainted with each other, and they decided to do their jobs together.

“Something like this is nothing. Thanks to you and your heal slimes.” [Philly]
“You’ve helped us so much, and yet there’s nothing we can repay you with.” [Lurie]
“For the meantime please take this. I know it’s not enough, so we’ll pay the rest after coming back to the town.” [Ken]

Said Ken-san as he handed over a small bag with money inside. I don’t really need it since I don’t have any problems with money, but these three are E rank adventurers, and they shouldn’t have a lot of disposable income… so for the meantime, I better just accept this and end it with this.

“Thank you, but you don’t need to pay any more than this. In exchange, how about just telling me about those malicious adventurers you were talking about a while ago?” [Ryouma]
“Is that really alright?” [Ken]
“I don’t think just this is enough to repay you for everything, but… alright. Normally we do jobs as a three-man team, but today there were two others.」

Listening to the their story, they apparently met a pair of C Rank adventurers from another town at the bar, they got along well, and the C Rank adventurers asked them to be their guide for them to find the smash boar.

In exchange, they were to help them become better fighters, help them pile up some experience, and give them a small part of the reward.

“We had them show us their guild cards, and it was definitely C Rank. Just in case something went wrong, we recorded and checked their guild cards. But nothing was written on the records, so we figured nothing bad would happen.” [Lurie]
“The compensation and the money were just right after all.” [Ken]
“But then they made us fight using “piling up some experience” as an excuse. And when things turned for the worst, they used us as decoys and ran away by themselves. I was sent flying, and ended up unable to move, so in order to protect me, these two caught the smash boar’s attention and ran away. The rest is as you know.” [Philly]
“So that’s how it is.” [Ryouma]

Were they tricked? Well, an adventurer using someone as a decoy and running away by himself is definitely not a good adventurer. At the very least, I don’t think these three are lying. Besides, these two were being chased by the smash boar, and the other one’s seriously injured to the point of being unable to move… No matter how you look at it, this’s just too much effort for a lie.

“Umm, is it really ok with just this? You definitely need some cash as–“ [Lurie]
“It’s fine, it’s fine. Besides, I’m the one who proposed to use healing magic. Just consider this as service, ok?” [Ryouma]
“But…” [Lurie]
“Lurie, I know you feel sorry, but it’s just as rude to force the issue. Let’s just accept Ryouma-san’s offer here.” [Philly]

While listening to Philly-san, it suddenly hit me.

“Ah, right. If you don’t mind, could you guys help me carry this smash boar back to the town?” [Ryouma]

It is a hassle to carry it all the way alone after all. I mean, it’s gotten way lighter now that it’s been drained of blood, so I can carry it as long as I strengthen my body with magic or use Qigong, but my body is still quite small, so no matter what I’ll end up dragging it. Even if I did put it inside the ‘Dimension Home’, I’ll still end up dragging it.

“Something like that’s no problem.” [Ken]
“We’ll help!” [Lurie]
“Thank you.” [Philly]

Like this, I received their help, and we carried the smash boar all the way to the town. The people at the gate were quite shocked, but I gave them a simple explanation, and we were able to pass through. And so, we walked like that until Pioro-san’s store.

A lot of people obviously stared at us along the way, but we managed to arrive at the store safely in the end. But then the customers at the store saw what we were carrying, and they made a fuss. Because of that even the store’s employees went out, and amongst them were Pioro-san and the others.

“Ryouma-han!? What’s that big thing you haf there!?” [Miyabi]
“Ah, Miyabi-san, thanks for all your effort today. This is a smash boar by the way.” [Ryouma]
“I can figure that out b’myself, ya know!? What I’m askin’ ya is why there’s a smash boar here! I told ya it’d be dangerous, and yet ya still fought it!?’ [Miyabi]

It was Pioro-san who calmed down the overexcited Miyabi-san, and Ken-san and the others were the one who explained to them what had happened.

“So in other words, it’s our fault that he fought the smash boar.” [Ken]
“I don’t know what would’ve happened if he hadn’t come to save us.” [Philly]
“Please don’t blame him too much!” [Lurie]

Said the three with their heads bowed. Seeing that, Miyabi couldn’t help but sigh.

“So ya saved some people, did ya? *Sigh, I guess it can’t be helped then.” [Miyabi]
“Doesn’t seem like Ryouma fought recklessly too, so just let him go, alright?” [Pioro]
“Sorry for worrying you.” [Ryouma]
“Seriously, *sigh… anyway let’s leave it at this. That aside, dad! If we don’t do somethin’ ‘bout this meat soon it’ll go bad!” [Miyabi]
“Oh right! We can’t leave it here, hurry! Bring it inside!” [Pioro]

Following his words, we brought the smash boar to the butcher that Pioro-san led us to. As the butchers began to cut the smash boar, Kurana-san came to tell us to wait for a bit. Someone from the adventurer’s guild apparently came.

“What did they come for? Couldn’t ya have them wait for a bit? We’re busy right now, ya know?” [Pioro]
“They said that they want to investigate that smash boar. They just want to confirm that the smash boar rampaging in the north’s been subjugated.” [Kurana]

Come to think of it, I did mention that I’m going to sell it at the Saionji Firm… I guess the guards must’ve informed the guild then.

After that, a short while passed, and the male employee I met yesterday entered the store.

“Welcome.” [Pioro]
“My apologies for intruding on you while you’re busy. I’ve only come here to confirm that the smash boar’s been subjugated, and will be leaving immediately afterwards.” [Adventurer Guild Staff]

As the male employee said that, he went around the smash boar, inspecting it, and after breathing out a sigh of relief, he said this.

“This is definitely the smash boar. Thank you for your cooperation. With this, we’ll be able to lift the entry restriction on the north gate.” [Adventurer Guild Staff]

Continuing, the male employee turned our way, bowed, and said this.

“Please accept my deepest gratitude for subjugating the smash boar. Now, the north gate will be back to normal again.” [Adventurer Guild Staff]

The three adventurers quickly explained what happened to the male employee. The male employee having understood the situation, planned to deal with the issue.

“So that’s what happened… I’ll need a written evidence, so could the three of you come with me? And Takebayashi-sama, you may also come to the guild at any time with a part of the smash boar’s body to receive the payment for subjugating the smash boar.” [Adventurer Guild Staff]
“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

The three adventurers gave their thanks one more time, and then they left with the male employee.

After sending them off, we went back to the butcher. There, the butchers were waiting, already ready to butcher the smash boar.

“We had a bit of intermission there for a bit, but now we’re good to go, begin!” [Pioro]
“Yes!” [Butchers]
“Ryouma, is it ok ta sell all these to our store?” [Pioro]
“Yes. I don’t know any other store to sell it to anyway. Ah, but would it be alright to keep a portion for myself? I’ll sell everything else though.” [Ryouma]
“Of course, somethin like that ‘s no problem at all, right everyone?” [Pioro]

At those words, all the butchers in the room nodded. But as the butchers began to work, they suddenly raised their voices in disbelief.

“What’s wrong?” [Pioro]
“This boar… no blood is coming out of it.” [Butcher]
“What did ya say? Did tha blood coagulate? But if that were the case, then a drop of blood should at least be drippin’, right?” [Pioro]
“No, not even a drop is dripping out.” [Butcher]

When he said that, Pioro-san went to check the meat, and he wringed its neck.

Ah! Oh yeah, I forgot! I’d already drained its blood with the bloody slime…

“Umm… actually that’s because I drained its blood.” [Ryouma]

When I said that, immediately, all of them stared at me.

“Ya drained its blood? With these few wounds? And ya even managed ta do it while keeping it this clean?” [Pioro]
“I have a special method you see. By any chance, would you happen to know of the slime called bloody slime?” [Ryouma]

When I mentioned that, one of the butchers raised his voice.

“That’s a slime that manipulates blood, right? I remember one being found in the forest when I was a kid.” [Butcher]
“Yes, that’s exactly it.” [Ryouma]
“Ta think there was actually a slime that dealt with blood… Ryouma, did ya have that slime suck the smash boar’s blood out?” [Pioro]
“Yes, I always do so for all the preys I hunt. The smash boar was a bit big though, so it took quite a bit of time. The meat doesn’t seem to have any problems, but could it be that it’s no longer purchasable because of that?” [Ryouma]
“The meat’s definitely fine. I’ve also used identify on it meself. And problems you say? Forget problems, this meat here is one helluva of a high quality meat. In fact, it’s enough ta make me want that slime of yours.” [Pioro]

After that I spoke with Pioro-san more about the details surrounding the bloody slime. But I only have one with me right now, and they also didn’t have any slave demon magic users to contract with the beast, leaving them no choice but to leave the bloody slimes that has split off alone by itself, uncontracted. And amongst all others, not having a slave demon magic user around leaves a huge chance for problem to arise, so in the end we decided it’d be best for me not to give them a bloody slime for now.

Well, in the future, once the bloody slime splits, and Pioro-san manages to find a trustworthy slave demon magic user, then I won’t mind handing them one. It’s also necessary in order to spread the value of slimes, and besides, it’s Pioro-san’s store, I can definitely rest assured leaving it here. The bloody slime is also different from the cleaner slime and the scavenger slime in that there’s a possibility that they can be found elsewhere. So there’s not a whole lot of reason to monitor these guys.

While I was thinking that, the butchers finished butchering the smash boar. I got my portion, and sold off the rest of the meat. I got a middle gold coin from the exchange, and at the same time, I also retrieved the proof of subjugating the smash boar, its fangs.

Today was quite exhausting, so I’ll leave handing in the gathered herbs to the guild tomorrow.






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