The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 5 Chapter 5

After storing the wine in the wine cellar, Elia and the others went with Ryouma to a particular room where the atmosphere was reminiscent of that of a school cafeteria. As for why the girls followed him into this room, that would be because they said they also wanted to help with the cooking. In the oval room they entered, could be seen a kitchen counter at the center, and several giant stoves and iron plates along the edges of the room.

“You sure brought out another amazing room.” [Miyabi]
“I think the five of us could actually ride on this curved frying pan.” [Kanan]
“Can you even lift this thing?” [Michelle]

What Elia and the other four girls were looking at were the cooking utensils Ryouma created to be used with Qi Gong. And by curved frying pan, they were of course referring to the wok. These giant utensils were made for times when Ryouma needs to create a large amount of food such as when trainees come or when he needs to feed the goblins. Without paying much attention to the girls, Ryouma took out the giant utensils and ingredients he’ll be using today one after another, placing them on top of the kitchen counter. After which, he then took out of the Dimension Home the slimes he picked up after he separated from Elia’s group.

The slimes he took out are as follows:
Big Cleaner Slime x9
Big Metal Slime x10
Big Water Slime x1
Flame Slime x10
Mimic Slime (Transformed into Ryouma) x1
Total: 31 Slimes

As Ryouma gave out orders to the slimes, the big cleaner slimes washed the tools and ingredients over the kitchen counter, while the big water slimes filled the water tank in the room with clean water, and the flame slimes entered the stove ready to light a flame at any moment.

“First, let’s prepare the vegetables.” [Ryouma]

Ryouma’s menu for the day is fried rice, Gyoza, and Chopped-Burdock Root. He chose these dishes after thinking of what’s easy to make in large volumes. After he taught the girls how to cut the vegetables – Finely chop the cabbage. Cut the Snake Burdock into thin strips… etc. – the girls spoke.

“Making so much food seems so hard… I can’t believe you actually prepare all these by yourself.” [Michelle]
“Yeah, but I manage somehow with the help of the slimes. As you can see, the big cleaner slimes are working hard, and the flame slimes can start a fire at a moment’s notice.
There’s also the mimic slime who’s helping me out. And more than anything, the big metal slimes are a huge help.” [Ryouma]

As Ryouma said that, he took a ball of cabbage, cut it with a knife, and removed the pith. Meanwhile, a cleaner slime was cleaning a big metal slime. After being cleaned, that big metal slime extended its body vertically, and then it protruded out two tentacles from its sides.

At that, Ryouma set a giant bowl, and he ordered that same big metal slime to transform its body’s upper part into a 40cm x 30cm oval. On the edges of that oval shape appeared a row of blade and holes similar to that of a plane used for woodwork. In front of which a sharp blade, facing up, would appear periodically.

After transforming, the hollowed tentacles of the big metal slime stretched towards the bowl that Ryouma had earlier set.

“With this, everything’s good to go.” [Ryouma]

Elia and the others looked like they wanted to ask Ryouma what exactly it was he had prepared, but Ryouma just ignored them as he placed the pith-less cabbage over the transformed big metal slime.

“Please watch carefully.”

Ryouma smoothly pushed the cabbage into the blades, and as the vertical blade entered the cabbage, the blade at the side cut the cabbage off, causing it to fall and enter the holes. As it entered the holes, the cut cabbage passed through the slime’s tentacles, sliding itself smoothly into the bowl, splendidly and finely chopped.

Ryouma continued this process at a good pace, changing the way he held the cabbage from time to time. Then in a twinkle, the whole ball of cabbage had already been finely chopped.

“Something like this… I guess. The speed changes depending on the strength of the user, but in general, slimes can be used like this to cut soft and light things easily. So it’s really convenient to have a slime like this in one’s home.”

Ryouma puffed his chest out as he gave that salesman-like talk, while the girls reacted.

“It’s certainly convenient.” [Elia]
“Doesn’t this tool look similar to the tool used to cut meguribushi?” [Miyabi]
“With this even I can do it!” [Michelle]
“…Isn’t this technically just another application of slave demon magic?” [Kanan]
“Does it matter? With this, everything’ll be easier.” [Riera]

Understanding, happiness, curiosity, the emotions the girls felt were all different from each other, but regardless, they all understood what the tool did.

After that, Ryouma had the big metal slimes split. Then he had one of the slimes transform into a peeler, and he showed the girls how to use it to peel off the skin of vegetables. He showed several various goods from his previous life to the girls, teaching them how to use them.

As the five girls were cutting the vegetables, Ryouma ordered the mimic slime while he was steaming the rice to prepare the wrapping of the Gyoza. After which, he started preparing for the Gyoza’s red bean paste.

What he needed to prepare were the cut meat, the cabbage, the garlic, the other finely chopped vegetables, the sesame oil, the salt and pepper, and the rest of the various seasonings he needs. After gathering all of those he took them and put them all inside one giant pot. Then he used magic.

“‘Food Processor’” [Ryouma]

In that instant, a small tornado summoned up inside the closed pot as blades of wind whirled about inside, cutting and mixing the ingredients within the pot. This is an original magic Ryouma created, taking inspiration from the advanced magic ‘Storm Cutter’. The killing potential of this magic is certainly there, but overall, it’s a magic not catered toward battle, but for cooking.

With the help of the slimes and his magic, and even the girls’ help, Ryouma did his best to make the rest of the menu.

As a result, Ryouma and the girls cooked until the sun was down. After cooking, Ryouma ordered the mimic slime and the space slimes to distribute the food. As for what Ryouma did during that time…

“…My arms are so heavy…” [Ryouma]
“After all that, it’s not surprising.” [Elia]

Because Ryouma’s load was lightened thanks to the girls offer to help, he decided to add Gyoza and fried rice to the menu. As a result, he’s been doing nothing but shake the wok all day long.

After this, Ryouma and the others had the remaining food for supper, then Elia’s group went back home. With the fatigue from making so much food and the sense of having accomplished something, Ryouma and the girls had a good night’s rest.

TL Note: Changed Chahan to just Fried Rice.

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  1. Fooood!!!!
    I’m hungry already! I imagined eating at Oriental Connexions yesterday. And today this.
    I’m suffering from not being able to eat the food I want!
    Ah Thanks for the chapter!

    But food!!!!

    1. If u are talking about food don’t read the common sense destroyer(death march).It is almost a eating novel and I fell hungry every time after I read it .

      1. If you want food than read The Other World Dining Hall. The food descriptions are too appetizing. It straight up is an eating novel, shame only 12 chapters are translated as of now

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  3. The chef picked up by the gods.
    I wana see the gods again, and some fun with trouble. And I think the author’s ideas about the story really changed since the start. At first Ryouma was made to be some amazing OP child that can do anything and has limitless potential, but at some point (over those “few years later”) he changed it, him just being good. He’s still amazing, but the perception given is mellow, only with some rare mentions of others having suspicions that he’s a god’s chosen child or something like that. I know there was the decision to go the domestic cheat route, but it’s not very “cheaty” now.

  4. Why. Why OP chara tends to love food or cooking? Oh why?? Are those words really true? That food shall conquer everyone, no matter what their background are, through their stomach? Oh the horror—!! 😐

  5. King Slime < Emperor Slime < Ancient Slime < Titan Slime < maybe a god slime if the gods decides to get a pet or something xD

  6. Slime Den Catering Service … when you need to feed a big group of people, or monsters.
    Whichever cuisine you want. Chinese, Mexican, Italian, or Otherworld. From a group of students and their butler, to a throng of goblins for research and slime feeding.

    For reservations, contact Takuma Ryouma via the Slime Den Restaurant in Gimuru

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  14. “to prepare the wrapping of the Gyoza. After which, he started preparing for the Gyoza’s red bean paste.”
    This actually isn’t supposed to be red bean paste. “gyoza no an” is not referring to “anko” but gyoza filling
    You can see in episode 6 of inazuma to amaama

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