The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 4 Chapter 14: Reflection Meeting

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Volume 4 Chapter 14: Reflection Meeting

After cleaning the area, I went with the others to go the clinic. As I quietly opened the door to the clinic, the first thing I saw was the doctor in charge. After that, eight beds could be seen lined up to the right with only curtains dividing them.

There are healers who use healing magic, but they’re generally waiting by a corner of the training area ready to fix an injured person up as soon as they get injured. The patients who normally come here are either people with small wounds or people with big wounds that would take a lot of time to heal even with healing magic. Other than that, the only patients that are sent here are patients like Riera-san who fainted or emergency cases. There are a lot of students who come to the training facility, but the beds here are barely being used.

After asking the doctor where Riera-san was sleeping, we found out that she was sleeping at the bed furthest into the room. We also found out that her consciousness had also already long recovered. I had Elia and the others go first, telling them to call us once it’s alright for me and Sebasu-san to enter as well.

“Excuse me. Oh, please don’t force yourself.” [Ryouma]

As we entered, Riera-san tried to get up, but I stopped her. She did just recover from fainting, so it’d be best for her to remain lying down a little longer.

“Riera-san, is your body ok?” [Ryouma]
“It’s alright. I’ve dealt with something on this level plenty of times during practice with my dad and my older brothers. That aside, how did the match go after I fainted?” [Riera]

I suppose that comes first, huh?

With that, I gave a detail explanation of how I won and how far the three rearguards went.

“I understand. Thank you for the explanation. Ryouma-dono, if you don’t mind, could you please tell us how strong we are?” [Riera]

Riera-san said that as she looked straight at me. The other four were also looking at me, so I gave my thoughts on the match.

“Honestly speaking, you all did far better than expected. Witht more experience, Riera-san’s and Kanan-san’s swordsmanship as well as Elia’s and the other’s magic together should allow you all to form a party with the strength of a D Rank.” [Ryouma]
“Can I hear the reason?” [Riera]
“First, the three rearguards’ magic had sufficient firepower behind them. Especially Elia’s Fire Storm. If that were to hit, then it should be able to deal even with a C Rank magical beast. And even a B Rank magical beast, unless it’s highly resistant to fire, won’t get out unharmed. Unfortunately, the three girls can’t fight in close quarters, and their movements are a lot slower than the other two. Because of that they have to be protected by the two vanguards just like you did in the match just now.” [Ryouma]

Here, I paused for a moment, and then I continued.

“The vanguard, Riera-san, is already strong enough to be a D Rank in my opinion, and Kanan-san could also show plenty of strength with that magic tool of hers. But because they have to protect the three rearguards, they can’t focus on the fight. Moreover, because of that need to protect the backline it’s easy to find one at a disadvantage when fighting multiple opponents. There are humans and even magical beasts that fight in groups after all… Lastly, due to your lack of experience, despite being strong individually and being able to cooperate with each other, there are plenty of openings that can be used. Because of all that, I categorized your group under D Rank.” [Ryouma]

The girls were able to assent after hearing my words. It seems they were actually prepared regarding the matter of their weakness.

“We have a similar opinion actually. We did suffer a lot during the practical tests back in the academy after all.” [Michelle]
“But even when we tried to find a way to fix things, we couldn’t really do much even with a sword on hand.” [Elia]
“And if we can’t focus, the strength of our magic will also decline.” [Miyabi]
“You’re all already plenty good as magicians, so how about stretching yourselves a bit?” [Ryouma]

There’s also the saying that there’s a right person for every job though… And thinking about it again, Miyabi-san is a merchant, Michelle-san is a researcher, and Kanan-san is a magic tool craftsman. And although Elia’s good at magic, she’s the young lady of the duke’s house… The only one that really seems to be really pursuing strength among them is Riera-san who is aspiring to become a knight… Well, in any case, with this they’re at least strong enough to fit a D Rank.

“It’s best not to rush, and just progress at your own pace. You’ve all surprised me plenty in our match just now anyway.”  [Ryouma]
“Really?” [Michelle]
“Yes. The two vanguards were strong too, but I was in quite a pinch when Elia sealed my movements with Telekinesis… Oh, right, there was something I wanted to tell you, Elia.” [Ryouma]
“What is it?” [Elia]
“Telekinesis is good at stopping people, but if your control slips, it can be quite dangerous. Especially when you focused on my left arm. If it weren’t for the fact that it was strengthened, my bones would have definitely broken. Also, because it uses up a lot of magic power, it can make you easy to spot even in forests where it’s normally hard to see each other, so please be careful.” [Ryouma]
“Really!? Is your arm alright?” [Elia]

When Elia heard my words, she panicked.

“My arm was strengthened, so there was no problem. Then again, I could’ve just used healing magic if it broke. That aside, weren’t you aware?” [Ryouma]
“We just thought of using Telekinesis last night. Riera didn’t seem to have any problems when we tried it out on her.” [Elia]

So she wasn’t used to it. I guess that’s probably why she almost broke my arm when I resisted, and she ended up using all of her strength.

“I’m really sorry.” [Elia]
“It’s fine so long as you take care when using it against others. Besides, it is still a fairly good way of using it after all. And it’s perfect for someone like you who struggles with magic control. Aim for the neck in a real battle, and it can become a formidable weapon.” [Ryouma]

By the time I finished saying that, Elia seemed to have finally pulled herself together. Seeing that, I shifted the topic to the magic formation plates.

“That issue aside, I was quite surprised by those plates that had magic formations drawn on them. To think those things could actually have that sort of effect.” [Ryouma]
“I handpicked the ones that might prove to be useful from all my research. They were able to stop you for a moment, but in the end, you were able to find out their weakness.” [Michelle]

I should teach her how to deal with that.

“You can use poison magic, right?” [Ryouma]
“Right. I specialize in earth magic the most, but poison comes next.” [Michelle]
“Can you use ‘Smoke’?” [Ryouma]

‘Smoke’ is an elementary poison magic. It’s a magic that summons a smokescreen to block vision. And no, it doesn’t actually have any poison.

“I can.” [Michelle]
“Then I recommend you use ‘Smoke’ first before throwing your magic formation plates. If you do that, even if your opponent does sense that you threw something filled with magic power, it’ll take him time to find out that what you threw was actually a plate with a magic formation drawn on it. After all, I was only able to come up with a countermeasure after I found out that it was a magic formation that I was dealing with.” [Ryouma]
“Ah~, right. It makes it harder to aim with magic, so I completely forgot about ‘Smoke’. But now that you mention it, it certainly could buy more time.” [Michelle]
“It’s probable. Also, about that ‘Paralyze Mist’ you used at the last moment. There’re magical beasts immune to poison and people that are resistant to it, so it’s best if you refrain from using it. If you’re unlucky, you’ll only end up hurting yourself.” [Ryouma]
“Just like a while ago, right?” [Michelle]

Michelle-san wryly smiled a bit when she said that. Then continuing, she asked.

“Come to think of it, where did you learn that ‘Antidote’ spell? After thinking about it, I realize it’s actually my first time hearing about it… Ah, could it be a secret magic? If so, then I won’t press the issue.” [Michelle]

Antidote is a rare magic, so it seems she’s misunderstanding a bit. It’s magic written in one of the books I inherited from my grandmother, but while it might not be the most common of spells, it’s certainly not a secret magic by any means.

“It’s just something that was mentioned in an old book. It’s not a secret or anything. It utilizes poison attribute magic power by allowing it to fill the body to neutralize the poison and the bad poison magic power. The image is a bit difficult, so whether you can actually use it or not depends on you.” [Ryouma]

It should be fine even if I don’t teach her the preventive magic ‘Vaccine’ for now. That’s an original magic I made based on the ‘Antidote’ magic, so if she can’t use ‘Antidote’, then she won’t be able to learn that either.

“And here I thought it was healing magic. To think that it was actually poison magic. If a chance ever presents itself, I’d like to ask for a rematch.” [Michelle]

Looks like her spirit’s been roused…

As I glanced away from Michelle-san, I saw Riera-san, seemingly deep in thought.

When I did, Riera-san almost immediately noticed my gaze.

“Is there something on my face, Ryouma-dono?” [Riera]
“No, it just seemed like you were thinking of something.” [Ryouma]

When I said that, Riera-san said this with a serious expression on her face.

“Actually, I was thinking of receiving instruction from here during my extended vacation.” [Riera]
“Oh, why all of the sudden? And aren’t you in the middle of a trip right now?” [Ryouma]

Riera-san went quiet for a moment before she slowly began to talk.

“Actually, I was scolded by my brothers just a few days ago…” [Riera]

Apparently, Riera-san met up with her two older brothers who are both working as knights in the capital in order to study. She did this before leaving for Gimuru. However, right after her short time with them, her brother told her, ‘What on earth have you been doing these past three years?’

“The second son, my older brother, Reole, told me that my skills have gotten duller. He said that the way I am right now, I’m better off just giving up whatever aspirations I have of becoming a knight. The eldest, Riole, on the other hand, said that my skill hadn’t gotten duller, and had in fact gotten better. However, there wasn’t much of a difference compared to how I was three years ago.” [Riera]

Looks like the training at the academy was a lot easier than the training at the Clifford House, so it wasn’t sufficient for Riera-san’s purposes. She doesn’t seem to have lacked in her self-training, but just that and continuous body training for three years with the real training only starting on the fourth… I wonder what kind of training the academy gave them.

“One of the objectives I had in this trip was to try and gain some sort of insight from watching the matches at the arena. I had heard that a tournament was going to open shortly, so I thought a lot of strong people would come…” [Riera]

I see…

“And so after challenging me to a duel, you decided to gain some training here?” [Ryouma]
“Yes. And if you have the time, I’d like to exchange pointers with you again.” [Riera]

Riera-san spoke those words with a steadfast gaze.

I don’t have any particular reason to refuse her. She’s not the type to stir up trouble either… Right! Then I guess I could give her a hand!

“This training facility is open to anyone that seeks training. So long as you apply, you’ll able to receive lessons. I’ll help you as much as I can too. Only… my lessons will be quite strict.” [Ryouma]
“Thank you. A strict teacher is exactly what I want.” [Riera]

As she said that, she went down the bed, stood up, and bowed her head to me.

“Thank you for your guidance and the rigorous training you’ll be giving me from now on. Also, it’s difficult for me to be receiving so much favors, so if there’s anything I can do for you, please feel free to ask.” [Riera]

I think I’ll take her up on that. For starters, how about having her carry some of my luggage? It’ll help build strength too.

After that, the other four also asked to receive training, and I agreed to their request as well.

A little later, Riera-san mentioned that she was feeling better already, so we decided to end the tour here, and go home. I’ve already shown them the places I wanted to show them, and I also need to think of what sort of training I’ll be giving them anyway.

And although I will be training them, I have a job to do tomorrow, so I won’t have time tomorrow. Every week there’ll be two days where I won’t be able to accommodate them due to work and errands, so during those times, I’ll just have them attended the lessons at the training facility.

On the way home in the carriage, I asked them what sort of lessons they wished to take.

“I want to study swordsmanship.” [Riera]
“Do you remember the instructor I talked to before we started our match? That person, Barbet-san, is the one in charge for teaching swordsmanship. He’s a former knight, so I’m sure he’ll do just fine for Riera-san’s training. So with Riera-san receiving Barbet-san’s training, what will the other four be doing?” [Ryouma]
“I want to study fire and ice magic.” [Elia]
“As for me I want fire and poison magic.” [Miyabi]
“For me, I guess I’ll take poison magic after all… But it’s a rare opportunity, so I’d like to learn some other attribute as well…” [Michelle]

Michelle-san seems to be anxious…

“I’d like to learn how to use a twin sword fighting style.” [Kanan]
“There are also lessons for ornament making, but…” [Ryouma]
“It might not be useful for me in the future, but I want to train my fighting abilities just like everyone else. As for ornament making, I’d be grateful if I could just borrow a workshop, and practice by myself.” [Kanan]

If that’s what she’s decided, then I guess it’s fine. I personally would rather that she be able to keep her good eyes after all.

“I’ve decided!” [Michelle]

Oh, so Michelle-san’s decided?

“I’ll study all the magic attributes while focusing on earth and poison magic!” [Michelle]
“You want to take lessons in all magic attributes?” [Ryouma]
“Yep. Actually, I have all magic attribute affinity, but my specialty so far only involves earth and poison magic. And then I’ve dabbled a little in wind and fire magic. It’s not possible to study more than three attributes back in the academy, so I’d like to study them while I have the chance.” [Michelle]

When I asked her if the school had such a rule, she replied with an ‘of course’. Because of the limits in magic power, studying more than one attribute would result in less practice overall, requiring more time before one is able to reach mastery.

I forgot about that issue because I don’t have that sort of problem. In my case, the problem is more in exhausting my magic power. My magic power is really big, so it’s not easy to exhaust it all even if I want to.

When I said that, everyone’s gaze except for Eli and Sebasu grew a little cold.

“Ryouma-kun says the same thing Elia does.” [Kanan]
“In the world of magicians, magicians would normally go to a labyrinth to speed up their magic recovery, while the nobles would use magic recovery potions, but with these two…” [Riera]
“Must be nice having such luxurious worries.” [Miyabi]
“Elia aside, Ryouma-kun, just how much magic power do you have? Last night, Elia mentioned you having magic power similar to hers three years ago. And since you were able to push back her Telekinesis, you must definitely have magic power proportionate to hers.” [Michelle]

As I wryly smiled at the other four’s words, I answered.

“It’s about 280,000.” [Ryouma]
“280,000!?”: [Kanan]
“Isn’t it bigger than mine now!?” [Elia]
“I put up the buildings and the roads we passed through, and I also practiced and researched on my magic a lot, so I’ve always been using it to the limits. When I had some left over, I would just release the magic power.” [Ryouma]

The released magic power would then be feed for the slimes, so it wasn’t wasted.

Elia was proud to hear that I had increased my magic power, but the other four were so shocked, their facial expressions stopped moving. As for Sebasu-san, he already knew of my magic power, so he was taking it quite calmly.

A little while after that, the conversation fully shifted to magic, and then eventually, the lessons that I teach.

“Ryouma-kun, you’re also an instructor, right? What do you teach?” [Kanan]
“Is it swordsmanship after all?” [Riera]
“Or maybe magic?” [Michelle]
“Ah… Actually, as of now, it’s neither. In the past, I would teach either, but with the increase in instructors, I don’t teach anymore. Nowadays, I’m mostly only called to break the noses of some arrogant students that either came from some other place, have some sort of ability, or just simply grew arrogant after some time. I mostly just help around nowadays when called. The last time I participated in a match at the training facility was actually two months ago.” [Ryouma]

Arrogant students are put in place to remind them of their inexperience by having them repeat a match where they are defeated over and over again. The knights of this country do the same thing. But of course, It’s not good to hurt them too much.

There might be healing magic to deal with their physical injuries, tbut he agony and the fatigue left behind by the pain in their minds won’t be erased. Because of that there are students who, after being beaten and healed over and over, have their mind break along with their nose, causing them to come out scared.

All the instructors take care not to psychologically scar the students, so there’re barely any such cases. But the training is harsh, so there’ve been quite a number of students that were driven away.

We don’t forcefully keep students that don’t want to continue anymore, so nothing exactly is stopping them from leaving. But if possible, I’d like to see them all finish the curriculum… Oops, not good, I’m digressing again.

“As of now, I provide lessons on how to make a magic staff once a week. Do any of you wish to take it? You’ll know whether a staff is good or bad, and there are also parts related to magic, so I’m sure the knowledge you gain will serve you well.” [Ryouma]

As the five of them were interested, it was decided that they’ll attend the next session on magic staff making. As we approached the town, Elia suddenly remembered something as she said.

“Ryouma-san, won’t you participate in the arena?” [Elia]
“Ryouma-dono, you’re good at sword and magic, so surely, you must’ve also dreamt of winning a championship at an arena, right?” [Riera]

It’s because I don’t actually have any interest in championships… Eh? Wait, isn’t Riera-san misunderstanding something?

“Riera-san. Could it be that you think that the tournament being held is to compare one’s skill in sword or magic?” [Ryouma]
“Is that not it? It’s a tournament, so I figured it would be a martial arts tournament, but…” [Riera]
“The tournament being held this time is a tournament between conjurers and slave demon magicians. Contests of martial arts and magic are common, so to do something different, the management of the arena gathered the people of the tamer guild.” [Ryouma]

I’ve broken relations with the tamer guild, so naturally, I wasn’t notified. I only found out when I went to the arena to check on my store.

“Oh…” [Riera]
“Well there’re no cons to learning about the ecology of magical beasts, right? You definitely won’t be wasting your time.” [Ryouma]

As I encouraged Riera-san, who was feeling rather down, we arrived at Gimuru. We passed by the gate, and handed in the girls’ application for the training facility, and then I distributed the permit to enter the facility to everyone. With this, the girls will now be able to take lessons from the facility.

Incidentally, Sebasu-san will be teaching water magic to the students while the girls are taking their lessons.

After that, I saw Elia and the others to their lodging.

“Ryouma-san, thank you very much for today.” [Elia]
“You’re welcome. Let’s meet again the day after tomorrow.” [Ryouma]

I dropped the girls in front of their lodging, and then headed back home with Rai. Tomorrow’s sure gonna be a busy day…





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