The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 4 Chapter 25: Semifinals (Conclusion)

<<What’s this!? Participant Takebayashi’s slime was crushed by the two ogres’ shields! Is it alright!?>>

Just as the host said, the two ogres crushed the king sticky slime, but…

(Safe!! The king sticky slime was able to get away safely…)

The slime was narrowly able to escape death. Its body was crushed, but its nucleus was able to dodge through the gaps of the two shields.

Slimes were originally weak creatures. Because of this their ability to sense danger came to become greater than that of humans or other magical beasts. Unfortunately, normal slimes were so weak that despite their ability to sense coming, they still failed to run away as they were just too slow. But Ryouma’s slimes were an exception, and they were much faster than wild slimes.

Ryouma’s king sticky slimes were not strong, but they were extremely proficient at dodging and defending. With their exceptional ability to sense danger coupled with their heightened mobility, these king sticky slimes are able to escape even from the most perilous of situations.

But that’s not all. Just as the saying, ‘Chance appears in the peak of danger’ goes, the situation took an earth-shattering change as the match turned favorable for Ryouma.

“…? …!? Let go!” [Roodman]

<<Something seems to be off. Participant Roodman is actually giving orders out loud!>>

Just like Ryouma, Roodman usually only gave orders through telepathy, so usually, no one else hears him give commands. The number of times Roodman has ordered out loud could be counted by hand.

Seeing Roodman order out loud, the host couldn’t help but become curious. But just as Roodman’s ogres tried to release the slimes…

“Gu!?” [Ogre]
“Uga!!” [Ogre]

<<W-What’s going on!? The two ogres aren’t following orders? No, that’s not it! They can’t let go!>>

The two ogre slimes that tried to crush the king sticky slimes in between their shields had their shields covered by the king sticky slime’s body. Because of that, even their hands were bathed in the king sticky slime’s bodily liquids. Suddenly, the two ogres realized they could no longer let go of the shield. They tried to pull, but no matter how hard they tried, the shield wouldn’t budge away! In their attempts, the painful sensation of skin being torn off jolted through their bodies.

<<It’s probably because of the sticky slime’s sticky liquid’s stickiness. Once a sticky slime evolves into a big slime, the effect of its sticky liquid will also increase. I don’t know why its this effective though.>>

Ryouma’s slime wasn’t a big slime, but a king slime. Of course its sticky liquid would be even stickier. That’s precisely why the situation became like this. For these two ogres to be completely unable to tug away the shields, if the sticky slime weren’t a king slime, such a thing couldn’t be possible.

(That’s enough! Come back!)

At Ryouma’s order, the sticky slime that was clinging to the ogres, took advantage of the commotion, and picked up the staff on the ground.

<<What’s this!? Participant Ryouma’s slime that everyone thought was crushed has come back to life!?>>

(The nucleus jut out under the two shields and was hidden by the ogres’ body, so it was difficult for the crowd to see. The opponent figured it out much quicker than I expected though. As expected of a semifinalist. But with this, although the two ogres won’t go down just yet, we’ve at least greatly reduced their fighting strength.)

As soon as the slime picked up the staff, it resolutely attacked the two ogres. The ogres tried to resist, but the slime was the only one attacking. But that was a given. After all, one of their hands was completely sealed. With their movements sealed like that, they were in no condition to fight. Moreover, when the king sticky slime picked up its staff, it also stretched for the gap between the two shields, and forcefully pulled away their weapon. So on top of being stuck, they were also emptyhanded.

Suddenly, Roodman’s voice echoed.

“Those two ogres are retiring!!” [Roodman]

Ryouma stopped his slime’s attack on the two ogres, and then he ordered it to meet up with the rest of the slimes still fighting.

<<Participant Roodman has retired two of his slave demons from the battle!>>
<<They’ve also been covering for the other ogres, so with this, this battle might just turn into a defensive match.>>

Was the analyst truly able to discern Roodman’s plans? The unrelenting flurry of Roodman’s ogres said otherwise.

(…It’s hard to read their movement. We should prioritize evading their attacks. Endure.)

Although Ryouma ordered that, it’s not as if the ogres became faster or stronger. They’ve just changed from moving like trained soldiers, to randomly picking whatever they can lay their hands on, and attacking the slimes. But that’s precisely why ogres are “beasts”. There was no strategy this; this was a mindless and unadulterated battle of strength.

<<Participant Roodman’s ogres are really going at it.>>
<<Their numbers have gone down after all. They’re not bothering to defend anymore.With them resolved to go on an all-out attack, Participant Roodman has taken the lead.>>
<<The ogres attack, while the slimes defend. The two sides are locked in a stalemate… Looks like this’ll be a long match.>>

Although the attacks of the ogres also hit from time to time, the slimes were able to protect their staves and nucleus. The king sticky slimes were able to dodge the ferocious attacks of the ogres with the evasiveness and defense they take so much pride in.

5 minutes passed with that deadlock continuing.

<<The match isn’t moving, huh.>>
<<It’s only a little, but the slimes are attacking.>>

After continuing to persist, the ogres’ fierce attacks finally exhausted them, and a small opening was made. The slimes aimed for that opening, and gradually, they were able to hit back.

10 more minutes passed–––

<<The ogres are slowing down! Are they exhausted?>>

The ogres’ breath was ragged. They also handled their weapons relatively poorly now compared to when the match just started.

<<No matter how strong ogres are, if they keep up that sort of rush for 15 minutes, it’s only a given that they’d tire out. Roodman must have wanted to avoid a drawn out battle in fear of the possible openings, so he tried to go for a quick win. But that rush backfired instead.>>

Rushes like that can’t last long. Short battles and long battles have their own respective fighting styles. If ogres could go at full power for 15 minutes without getting tired, then they would already be B Ranked magical beasts.

<<Compared to the ogres, the slimes don’t look one bit tired. Their attacks are getting fiercer! At this rate who knows who’ll win!>>

In a battle of endurance, slimes have the advantage. With the ogres slower, the staves of the slimes were of course able to land. The attack behind each one might not be much, but after receiving blow after blow in one part, even the ogres’ body won’t be able to help, but swell. Especially the lower body and the fingers of the hands holding their equipment as they’re relatively easier to aim because of their movements and the close-up battle. This is another reason why the ogres’ movements have gotten worse. From here on, the ones on the offensive are the slimes.

<<The flow of the match has changed! The three ogres have stopped moving! The slimes are attacking them with two pairs picking on two of the ogres and another soloing one! They are fighting against this enemy with a body visibly stronger than theirs, without taking even a single step back!>>

Ryouma spurred the slimes on as the ogres had no choice but to defend. They tried to fight back, but they couldn’t catch the slimes who just hit back with their own staves.

“Gaa!” [Ogre]

In the midst of the slimes’ relentless attack, one of the ogres bellowed out a howl as it swung its great sword diagonally down to the right. The slime dodged that sword’s point, entered right to the ogre’s feet, and swung its own staff opposite the direction of the great sword, swinging it diagonally down to the left, accurately landing on the ogre’s right wrist.

At impact, the staff bent, and the slime rebounded the staff up right, crashing it into the ogre’s chin, and sending the ogre’s head back. But the slime did not stop its rush just yet.

After hitting the ogre’s chin, the slime lifted the opposite side of the staff, and thrusted it diagonally up. Because of the difference in stature and the angle, the staff sunk into the armor by the waist, piercing right at the ogre’s groin.

“GUAAA!!!?” [Ogre]

The ogre who just had his chin hit, suddenly screamed and squatted right there and there. The males of the crowd that had been watching from start to finish, all grimaced and held their crotch as they empathized

But even then, the slime did not relent. The slime that had just cruelly struck at the ogre’s crotch, went for the finishing blow. Aiming for the back of the head of the squatting ogre, the slime vigorously attacked as it landed a jumping strike. The ogre no longer had the strength, but it still weakly flailed its now empty hands.

<<A-After a magnificent four-hit combo, an ogre has fallen!>>
<<Hitting the weakness of a human-shaped magical beast… How terrifying.>>
(Sorry to the ogre, but the slimes are just too weak, there’s no other choice but to go for the fatal spots!)

After a few seconds pause, one of the two pairs of slimes fighting against an ogre, made their move. The ogre moved toward one of the two slimes coming at it; it swung its hammer on its right. But the moment it tried to––––

“GUWA!?” [Ogre]

The ogre’s elbow was pierced by one of the slime’s staff. The ogre screamed and the hammer fell behind the ogre.

<<What’s this? The ogre seems to have dropped its weapon… The ogre is trying to pick it up, but its arms don’t seem to be working right as it can’t properly hold the hammer! It just keeps dropping it!>>

What the slime’s staff hit was none other than the upper condyle of the humerus in the elbow. When this location is hit, the nerves will be pressured, and paralysis will occur. Because of that, the ogre couldn’t properly hold the weapon it dropped.

This is a bit off topic, but because the sticky slime was weak and couldn’t properly fight against magical beasts with strong bodies, Ryouma focused on training them to fight against humans. Because of this, the sticky slimes are the best choice against human-shaped magical beast. This is the main reason why Ryouma chose to roll with them against the ogres.

Going back to the main topic.

As for the remaining two ogres, while one was weaponless, the other was already full of scars. Its knees were shaking; its movements were dull. But even then, it didn’t lose its resolve. It kept swinging its great sword. The moment it took a stance with its sword on the side, aiming for the two slime’s staves, the slimes made their move. The two slimes pierced their staff into the ground, and jumped like a pole vault athlete would. In that moment, the ogre swept with its great sword. The staves are going to be cut! Is what anyone would think upon seeing that sight, but…

The staves weren’t cut.

<<They jumped!?>>

At the staves peak, the slimes jumped, their tentacles stretched, and they retrieved their staves as they fluttered about in midair. Seeing that, the crowd was left speechless.

Of course, the enemy ogre couldn’t have possibly predicted that. The ogre stared dumfounded at the two slimes. As the two slimes fell, they used all of their strength along with all of their weight to land a full-powered blow against the ogre’s head. Like a marionette whose strings had been cut, the ogre fell to the ground.

<<Against all odds! The one who fell was none other than the ogre!! Now, only one remains!>>

At the slime’s gaudy victory and the host’s hyping, commentators and spectators alike grew endlessly excited. The five slimes all gathered around the only remaining orc: the orc that lost its weapon! The paralysis of its arm gone, the ogre properly picked back up its hammer. But at this moment, Roodman raised his hands and loudly said.

“We lost!” [Roodman]

The host immediately accepted Roodman’s resignation as he announced Ryouma the winner. At the end of the match, the crowd applauded both Roodman and Ryouma.

“Thank you, it was a good mach.” [Roodman]
“Same here. Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

After Roodman spoke a few words to Ryouma, he quietly left the stage. As Ryouma watched Roodman’s back, Ryouma wordlessly returned… But 10 minutes later, the tournament staff asked Ryouma if he could remove the sticky liquid on the weapons and shields, so Ryouma ended up meeting Roodman a second time.

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