The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 31

Volume 3 Chapter 31

With the ghouls and the zombies gone, we were able to freely go down the spiral staircase. We still did meet a few along the way, but there were mostly none.

When we finally got down to the execution grounds of starvation, we were greeted by a wide, empty area. The only things in there were the mossy surfaces, the glossless black grass growing directly in front above, and the Eternal Darkness that Remiri-san and I needed.

“There’s a lot of Eternal Darkness growing here, huh?” [Remiri]
“Well, there’s not a lot of people who would come here to gather them.” [Shiva]
“How’s the quality?” [Rheinbach]

I walked near the herbs, and checked the quality, and I found out that the quality was almost first-class.

“It’s pretty good. I can make use of this.” [Ryouma]
“Same, but I do want to pick out the ones that haven’t been stepped on by the undead.” [Remiri]
“There’re so many. I’m sure we’ll find something as look as we look.” [Sebasu]

Like that, we started looking for Eternal Darkness that hasn’t been stepped on. But as we were looking for and gathering the herbs, I suddenly felt a strange sensation.

“Mn?” [Ryouma]
“What’s wrong?” [Shiva]
“Ah, no… It’s nothing. Must’ve been my imagination.” [Ryouma]

I wasn’t sure what it was that I felt, and after a few moments, I started to doubt if I had even felt anything, so I didn’t bother to mention it anymore.

“If there’s really nothing, then it’s fine, but say something when something is wrong, alright? [Rheinbach]
“Alright.” [Ryouma]

After that, we continued gathering Eternal Darkness, but I didn’t feel that strange sensation again. But then just as we were about to fill all five of the bags we prepared beforehand with Eternal Darkness, I felt that sensation again. This time though, it was much clearer.

“Guys…” [Ryouma]
“What’s wrong?” [Shiva]
“Did something happen” [Remiri]
“Something the matter?” [Sebasu]
“Is something the matter? Wasn’t there something worrying you just a while ago too?” [Rheinbach]

Whispering, I said,

“I can’t say for certain what it is, but didn’t you guys feel something?” [Ryouma]
“Something? That’s a bit too vague, but no.” [Remiri]
“There’re no undead either…” [Rheinbach]

No one else felt anything, but since they believed me, we searched the area anyway.

In the end, although I still didn’t know what that something was, I did find where it was coming from.

“I think it’s somewhere around here. That weird sensation is coming from the ground here. [Ryouma]
“Here?” [Shiva]

Going over to a corner of the execution grounds, away from the spiral staircase, was a completely normal area. Absolutely nothing amiss. But it didn’t change the fact that that strange feeling I’ve been having since a while ago was coming from here.

I’m not sure either why I think so, but it feels really disgusting.

“I want to dig around here, is it ok?” [Ryouma]
“It’s not illegal.” [Sebasu]

I grabbed my iron slime sword, and ordered it to transform into a big shovel. Then cladding it in the ‘Break Rock’ spell, I dug the ground.

As I dug, the sensation grew stronger and stronger.

What is this? It doesn’t feel bad, but it doesn’t feel good either. It’s not the presence of a living being either. It’s something unknown, something I can’t understand. And it’s getting stronger. And the stronger it got, the more I became sure of its position.

After digging 4m down the ground, my body was completely fitted into the hole.

“Ryouma-kun, are you ok?” [Rheinbach]
“You’ve dug a lot, but what exactly is going on?” [Remiri]
“I’m getting closer, I know i––– Ah!?” [Ryouma]
“What’s wrong!?” [Shiva]
“Ah, no, I think I came hit something.” [Ryouma]

Shiva screamed out when I suddenly screamed. And so I told him that I was fine, and then I looked over to the area where I hit something.

“Could this be… A magic jewel?” [Ryouma]

There, in front of me, was the same magic jewel that we saw underneath the elder treant before. A jewel as big as two of my fingers with the attribute of darkness. After using ‘Identify’ on it, I found out that my conjecture was correct.

Apparently, the tip of my shove. hit this. And there are even more magic stones around the area I hit. Cladding my shovel in the ‘Break Rock’ spell, the ground broke, and more magical jewels fell. I even got one bigger than what I got just now. Is this what I sensed? In any case, I should report this.

“I found magic jewels! Dark attribute magic jewels!” [Ryouma]

As I said that, I passed to Sebasu-san a magic jewel. Sebasu-san used ‘Identify’, and with praise in his voice, he said,

“There’s no doubt about it. This is definitely a first grade dark attribute magic jewel.” [Sebasu]

The others made a fuss when they heard that. I didn’t know it was first grade though. My ‘Identify’ couldn’t tell me that much. Since it’s first grade, the quality’s probably good. But I wonder what the difference is.

Curious, I asked them what the difference was, and I found out that magic jewels are divided into three classes. 1st class, 2nd class, and 3rd class. And within those three classes are 6 different grades.

The attributes within the 1st class are: Light, Electricity, and Wood.
For 2nd class: Dark, Poison, Ice
For 3rd class: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Neutral

This division was decided based on the rarity of the magic jewels. Since the 1st class stones are the rarest, they are the most expensive. And naturally, the 2nd and 3rd classes are cheaper. As for dimension magic, no magic jewel has ever been seen imbued with its attribute, so it wasn’t included into the division.

Also, the prices of the magic jewel in the same division increase according to grade.

Using the 3rd Class as an example:
1st Grade = over 32,000 suits
2nd Grade = over 16,000 suits
3rd Grade = over 8,000 suits
4th Grade = over 4,000 suits
5th Grade = over 2,000 suits
6th Grade = less than 2,000 suits

The 5th grade is the lowest grade that can be used for staves. The 6th grade is the cheapest and can be bought even by the masses. Causing it to be commonly used in operating magic tools. Like a battery in other words.

There are some 5th grade wands that have 6th grade stones mixed with them during manufacturing, but the 6th grade is generally considered trash.

Next is the 2nd class. This class is rarer than the 3rd class, so they’re three times more expensive. But that doesn’t mean that as long as one is 2nd class it has to be more expensive than 3rd class.

The prices are as follows:
1st Grade = over 96,000 suits
2nd Grade = over 48,000 suits
3rd Grade = over 24,000 suits
4th Grade = over 12,000 suits
5th Grade = over 6,000 suits
6th Grade = less than 6,000 suits

As can be inferred from these prices, a 3rd class magic jewel can be more expensive than a 2nd class magic jewel depending on the grade.

But in our case…

”Umm… This magic jewel has the dark attribute. A 2nd class magic jewel under the 1st grade. Both the attribute and the quality are good, so it should sell well, right?” [Ryouma]
“Yes, it is exactly as Ryouma-sama has said. Magic jewels are luxurious, but difficult to find. So these jewels can be sold to craftsmen and magicians. Quality and grade on this level are rarely found though, so as long as these stones are sold in the right place, they should sell for two or three times more than the normal price.” [Sebasu]

2 or 3 times those prices just now!? But just rounding one of those to 100,000 suits would already get you a big gold coin! And 2 to 3 times of that!?

“Umm… Sebasu-san?” [Ryouma]
“What is it?” [Sebasu]
“There’s actually a lot more of those down here.” [Ryouma]

When they heard that, they were shocked. And so we decided to dig out all the jewels we could.

Opening my ‘Dimension Home’, I had the earth slimes and dark slimes help as well. I originally intended of only using the earth slimes, but the dark slimes wanted to go out as well, so I let them. The dark slimes apparently wanted to absorb the magic power in the area.

I do feed the slimes with my own magic power in different attributes, but that amount is realy no more than a snack to them. So they still need a natural source to feed from. And this place here is a great place to feed from.

As we dug, I had the earth slime use their magic to dig, while the dark slimes gathered the earth, and I transported it away. The other four who were outside of the hole would then use ‘Identify’ on the magic jewels.

After digging, our haul totaled to 22 dark magic jewels. But then suddenly, that sensation that I’d forgotten came rushing back.

“Tch! …” [Ryouma]

Immediately, I used earth magic, dug a hole. What I saw was –––

“This magic jewel is… huge.” [Ryouma]

What I found was an absurdly giant magical jewel, hidden behind various sizes of pillar shaped magical jewels. That magical jewel had a height of around 60cm.


When I saw that I tried to touch it. But then a chill wrapped around my body, forcing me to immediately jump back, drenched in sweat.

What is this? Is this stone dangerous?

“Ryouma-chan? Did something happen? Eh? Wow, you’re seriously sweating! What’s wrong!?” [Remiri]

Yelled Remiri-san as she used light magic from above the hole.

“I found a really huge magic jewel just now. But when I tried to touch it, I felt that strange, disgusting sensation.” [Ryouma]
“Ryouma-chan, can you get back up here for a bit.” [Remiri]

They told me to go up, but I was really concerned about that stone. But when I remembered that chill I felt, I shook the thought away. And I left the hole along with my slimes. As soon as I got out, Remiri-san aimed her wand at me, and chanted,

“’Dispel’” [Remiri]

When she used ‘Dispel’, I suddenly felt better. Did I get cursed?

“As I thought. I forgot because it doesn’t normally happen. But when digging for dark magic jewels, accidents sometimes happen. The dark attribute, after all, attacks mentally and indirectly.” [Remiri

So that’s how it is… That was dangerous. What would’ve happened if I was alone?

“You saved me. Thank you, Remiri-san.” [Ryouma]
“It’s fine. I’ll teach you how to deal with curses properly later. Just rest for now. Onee-chan will take care of that magic jewel down there.” [Remiri]

Said Remiri-san as she rubbed my haed. Then she jumped down the hole.

“Here’s some water, Ryouma-sama.” [Sebasu]

Then right after, Sebasu-san gave me a glass full of water and a towel from his ‘Item Box’.

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

Using those, I wiped my seat, and quenched my thirst. Around the same time, light flashed down the hole, and after a few seconds, Remiri-san came out.

“Remiri, how was it?” [Rheinbach]

Asked Rheinbach-sama, to which Remiri-san replied with her eyes sparklilng,

“It was amazing! It was cursed too, but just as Ryouma-chan said, it was a magic gem!” [Remiri]

Magic gem? Isn’t that the same thing as the ruby in the necklace Elia lent me? It should be a super luxurious item.

As I thought that, Remiri-san asked me for help to get the stone.

We went down the hole again, and after taking a better look at it, I saw that it was a large cluster of black crystals. I’ve seen a crystal cluster before in the waiting room of a client company, but I’ve never seen anything this big. I wonder why I didn’t notice what it was a while ago? I guess my observational skills must’ve gotten poorer.

This is quite the luxury though… I wonder if it’d be too much to use it as decoration for the house? Hmmm… I kind of want it.

But although it’s been dispelled already, I still kind of don’t want to touch it. Because of that, I used ‘Create Block’, and I turned the earth surrounding to the cluster into one giant block.

I then ordered the earth slimes to widen the path, and then using Qi Gong, I carried the block out of the hole.

Outside the hole, I used ‘Break Rock’ to break the earth surrounding the cluster. And out came that large black crystal. When everyone saw it, everyone except me and Remiri-san was speechless.

Not only was this crystal a magic gem, it was also of the dark attribute with good quality. It was also big, so it’ll definitely sell for hundreds of times the normal price.

As for how much, I don’t know for sure. The price is just that big. Selling it would probably cost a commotion too, so I probably shouldn’t sell it. Let’s just leave it at home.

As I was thinking that to myself, Remiri-san asked me.

“Ryouma-chan, can you give me this magic gem?” [Remiri]
“Eh, this?” [Ryouma]

I thought of refusing her right away, but then I remembered that strange feeling I felt before. Huh? Then again why did I want to refuse her? If I sold it, it would make a huge commotion, and Remiri-san didn’t even say she was asking it for free… I’m not so attached to it that I’d refuse without even asking either, but… Maybe I actually want it deep inside. Well the again it is a luxurious object, can’t blame me, right?

As I was thinking that to myself, Remiri-san panicked, and quickly added,

“W-Wait Ryouma-chan, you don’t have to worry about it that much. You should actually be refusing me here, you know?” [Remiri]
“Eh?” [Ryouma]
“Sheesh… I wouldn’t actually ask you to just give something like this away. Rheinbach-chan told me you didn’t really care much for money, so I just wanted to test it is all. You don’t have to worry so much.” [Remiri]

Oh, she wasn’t serious.

“Ah, so it was a joke.” [Ryouma]
“Naturally. This crystal here is a huge fortune. It would have been normal to just refuse outright. And you can’t get a lot of money out of this either, unless you negotiate seriously, Ryouma-chan. But instead, you suddenly started to worry for real…

We’re adventurers, so it can’t be helped if disputes come out during times like these… If you’re like that, you’ll make me worry that you’ll get scammed somewhere.” [Remiri]

It’s true that I don’t care much for money, but I don’t think it’s to the point where I would be swindled.

“In any case, Ryouma-chan was the one who dug these magic gem and magic jewels out, so it’s yours.” [Remiri]
“Ah… The magic gem aside ,let’s share the magic jewels.” [Ryouma]

They did come with me after all, and they even taught me various things, and even looked after me, so they do have some right to it, right?

“Hmm… Then in that case, we’ll each take one. Any more than that is too much.” [Rheinbach]

Said Rheinbach-sama as he took out his own portion from the bag containing the magic jewels. The others also took theirs, and Remiri-san happily embraced me.

Remiri-san is apparently going to be using it for her new wand. There, I suddenly remembered the branch of the elder treant, so I took a branch and gave it to her. Remiri-san became even happier, and she hugged me even tighter.

It was almost as rough as last night, but at the same time, I was also a little happy.

After that, with nothing else left do to in the area, we left with the Eternal Darkness (herbs) and magic jewels in the ‘Dimension Home’. As for the magic gem, I turned it into a block again with ‘Create Block’, and then hid it in my ‘Item Box’. And so, we decided to spend another night outside the labyrinth, and then make our way home.






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