The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 37

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Volume 3 Chapter 37

Third Day

I spent the night last night within the Dimension Home. When morning came, I exited it as soon as I finished my preparations. The place I came out to was the base of a large tree only slightly separated from the animal trail. When I came out, my back was facing the tree.

But as soon as I came out, I suddenly felt the presence of a magical beast, coming from the direction of the animal trail.

Unsheathing my sword, I paid careful attention to my surroundings. What came was a lone bird-type magical beast. It’s exterior looked like that of an ostrich. It ran at a terrifying speed toward me.

“Eh? Is this guy…” [Ryouma]
“Gegegegegegege!!!” [Ostrich-like Monster]

The bird-type magical beast ran toward me, but instead of attacking, it avoided me, and continued on the animal trail ahead. As the bird-type magical beast left me, I suddenly heard the sound of a great number of feet moving as the sound of branches and plants being crushed underfoot accompanied it. When I looked over I saw an astounding number of raptors.

“This early in the morning!?” [Ryouma]

The bird-type magical beast that passed by just now is a Take Ostrich. It looks like an ostrich, but it’s mode of life is  closer to that of a vulture or a hyena. That bird is carnivorous, but it’s power is weak. It can’t fly either. But in exchange for those two things, it’s been blessed with strong legs, allowing it to lead other carnivorous magical beasts around by using itself as bait. In doing so, it’s able to lead other magical beasts to kill other preys. After which, the ostrich would run away, and then come back later to grab the corpse.

“The trees are in the way, so I can’t know for sure, but… there should be over 50 of them. Not exactly a funny number…” [Ryouma]

While I calmly said that, the raptors were clearly agitated as they continued to run toward me. Their eyes were bloodshot and their fangs could be seen peeping out of their mouths. That herd of raptors neared me like flowing water. I could tell since a while ago, but it looks like these guys really have no intention of trying out any sneak tactics this time.

The pressure given off by that herd was terrifying. Any other adventurer would lose their calm before it, causing them to take too long to respond and die. According to my investigation from before, apparently the leading cause of death in these areas is the Take Ostrich.

“This number isn’t really something I can just laugh off. ‘Paralyze Mist’ ‘Spark Ball’ ‘Spark Ball’ ‘Spark Ball’ ‘Spark Ball’” [Ryouma]

I calmly casted an intermediate poison spell toward the rushing herd of raptors, followed with four casts of an original electric-type spell.

The Paralyze Mist has an immediate paralyzing effect on all bodies that inhale it, while the Spark Ball fires a projectile that affects the surrounding area with an electric attack.

The paralyzing poison mist caused the raptors’ movement to worsen, but it wasn’t enough to stop them in their tracks. But with their movement slower, they weren’t able to dodge the oncoming Spark Ball, and they were swallowed by the bursting electric shock.

“That took out around 30%, huh!” [Ryouma]

I cut down two more raptors as I said that. The number of raptors that have been knocked down by the magic is about 30%. Against humans, Spark Ball would deal plenty of damage, but against magical beasts, the power is quite weak.

Despite that though, the herd of raptors suddenly stopped in their tracks, and began to run away. I guess it must be because they suddenly lost 30 percent of their men.

After I was sure that the raptors were gone, I went to check the defeated raptors’ status with my magic.

“Ah, as expected…” [Ryouma]

There were still plenty of raptors that weren’t dead, but because of the effects of the paralyzing poison mist and the electric attack, they couldn’t move their body.

It would be problematic if they attack me once they recover, so I might as well finish them off here painlessly, and then recover their corpses.

“Still though… This place really is the home of beasts… to think I’d get attacked this early in the morning.” [Ryouma]

As I muttered that to myself, I left after making sure that the trees hadn’t caught fire because of my electric attacks.

After walking until noon, I found myself before a large rock where the animal trail ended. From here on I’ll have to move without a path to follow.

“There should be a lake southeast of this rock. Right, let’s go there first.” [Ryouma]

I walked as I read out the directions of the village written in the letter Gayn’s group had sent me. There’s really no path here, so I had no choice but to proceed as I cut down the vines blocking my way. From time to time, I met some treants too, so I cut those down too before moving on.

Then after three hours of walking, the journey became even more difficult.

“As expected, this really isn’t simple…” [Ryouma]

The ground in the surrounding area is all mud. So every time I took a step, the mud would swallow my foot all the way until the ankles, making it considerably harder to move. At the same time, the magical beasts would keep on attacking me without holding back.

And right now, there is a 4-meter-tall, brown-colored alligator glaring at me.

This is a Galmos Alligator, a C Ranked magical beast. Its strong jaw could easily tear through the flesh and armor of humans. Unfortunately for it, but right now, it can’t use that jaw it’s so proud of.

I had already taken everything into consideration before setting out after all. Which goes to say that I had also prepared a plan to  deal with the Galmos Alligator.

According to the miscellaneous knowledge that I knew in my previous life, the alligators have strong bites, but have relatively weak power when opening their mouths. So taking advantage of that, I transformed the concentrated hardening liquid plank and created a cylinder the size of a spray can. I then filled that cylinder with the sticky slime’s sticky liquid, and produced a large supply which I brought with me here today.

Taking those cans into my hand, I would throw one into the mouth of a galmos alligator each time I came across one.
The cans are only durable enough not to break when dropped, so naturally they would break when crushed between those fangs that could easily tear off armors. And when it does, the sticky liquid will spill into the alligator’s mouth.

The spilled sticky liquid will cling to the upper and lower jaws and all of the fangs of the alligator, spreading even more with each bite the alligator makes. In the end, the galmos alligator will no longer be able to open its mouth.

“I was worried at first at whether the alligators’ saliva would dilute the effect of the sticky liquid, but things actually worked out better than expected.” [Ryouma]

Of course, I did run some tests to ensure that the sticky liquid couldn’t be washed off by water, but still… I didn’t think it would work this well. I was only really hoping that it would buy me some time to make my move, so I’m really surprised.

Anyway, it’s dangerous to just turn my back to this alligator and run, so I immediately pierced its head with my katana to subjugate it. Then I continued on my way as I retrieved its corpse.

This magical beast’s hide can be used to make armors, clothes, bags, small accessories, and then sold at a good price to the nobles. But the most profitable item are mounts made completely with the galmos alligator’s fangs and hide. And naturally, the less injuries there are on the raw goods, the higher it sells.

After that, it took me another four hours of walking before I finally reached an area with no mud. Along the way, I met a total of 8 galmos alligators. Their sizes varied, but I hunted them all the same.

I quietly continued to walk again, and after two hours, I found myself in another muddy area.

I haven’t reached the lake yet, but since I was planning to take a break anyway and since it’s already getting dark, I decided to stop here and retire for the day… Or at least that’s what I was thinking, but then it suddenly came to me that the area I’m in now had less living things in it than any other area I’ve come across yet.

Normally, there would at least be insects, but… I wonder if there’s something here…?

I walked while paying careful attention to my surroundings. When the third minute struck, I suddenly felt something move!

Immediately, I jumped back. And right after, the sound of the trees’ leaves being rustled entered my ears as a long, cylindrical, green lump the size of a log fell from a tree onto the place I was standing at just a moment ago.

“Is… Is my luck seriously that bad?” [Ryouma]

The lump that fell squirmed as it fixed its gazed at me. Of course, it’s a living being after all, naturally it would have an eye or two, right? It sure hid itself well atop that tree considering how big it is though.

What’s attacking me right now is a large snake that could  swallow several humans in one gulp.

When I searched back in my mind through the information I prepared for this trip, I could only find one entry corresponding to this magical beast.

“Undead Snake, A Rank.” [Ryouma]

There’s more than one kind of snake in the Great Forest of Shurus, but considering its size, this is most likely the undead snake.

The undead snake is a magical beast that lives in the centermost area of the Great Forest of Shurus. The area we’re in right now, however, is a long distance away from that. About a week’s distance of walking.

“Well… it is a magical beast that lives within the Great Forest of Shurus, so it’s not like there’s no chance of it coming out. I guess I could just blame this to my bad luck.” [Ryouma]

As I muttered that to myself, the undead snake crawled toward me, and attacked. It raised its sickle-shaped neck, and as soon as I entered its range, it reached out for my neck like a bullet, biting for my neck. Its speed was a league faster than any magical beast I’ve fought yet.

As I dodged its attack, I struck up with my katana toward its body. But when my katana touched its flesh, a resistance stronger than any other met my blade. I could only leave a shallow wound on its body.

Shallow as it may be, there’s still plenty of blood coming out of that open wound. But the undead snake only ignored that wound as it tried to wine itself around me. In response, I reinforced my legs with ki, and sprung up, jumping over the undead snake. I struck downward toward the snake as I reached the other side. Then when I landed behind it, I took some distance.

While I am more than able to fight A Rank magical beasts, I can’t let my guard down. As I thought that to myself, I cut a nearby tree with my katana, carving an arrow that pointed toward the direction I came from. I could lose my way in this forest if I keep fighting like this, so I’ve been paying attention not to forget. But with this, I’ll be able to focus on the fight.

At that moment, the undead snake–––

“As expected of something named undead…” [Ryouma]

The wounds on the sudden snake suddenly recovered in the blink of an eye.

The undead snake’s special characteristic is its abnormal vitality and its fast regeneration. The speed of its recovery is so fearsome, it’s almost like an undead. That’s the story behind why a magical beast that’s not undead has undead in its name.

Moreover, because the undead snake isn’t an undead-type magical beast, light magic has no effect on it. Despite that, its recovery speed is far greater than that of ghouls. Knowing that, I could imagine fighting with it to be a pain.

“Fortunately, it’s at least not venomous. Still though… this is the sort of magical beast that requires several people to cast magic on it to stop its movements. At which point, it then needs to be beaten repeatedly until it dies…” [Ryouma]

I more or less have a plan to deal with it, but for now, let’s try fighting it normally. If it gets too dangerous, I’ll go ahead and use my trump card. My trump card isn’t really something I should use for various reasons.

“Shaa!!” [Undead Snake]

The healed snake came attacking at me as it sounded out a hoarse sound. Its way of attacking was the same as before: a sort of jumping attack. Dodging that, I clad my blade in cold using magic battle technique and the water-attribute magic power. This time, my cut went in deeper.

“Kishaaaa!!” [Undead Snake]

The wound this time didn’t bleed like before, and instead the wound closed up frozen. The undead snake’s voice was also much more pained this time compared to before, but…

“Shaaa!” [Undead Snake]

The undead snake jumped again. My attack just now had some effect, but it wasn’t enough to kill it.

“If anything it just pissed it off.” [Ryouma]

The undead snake ferociously bit and twirled about. It even climbed up the surrounding trees, and started attacking from all directions as it pleased. It could do that because it lived here. The home court’s advantage so to speak.

I continued to dodge its attacks while I slashed back at it with my chill-clad blade, but no matter how many times I cut, I couldn’t inflict a fatal wound on it. At most, I could only slow down its recovery.

Looks like cutting it just isn’t sufficient…

As I thought that, I dodged the undead snake that had just tried to twirl itself around me, and took an overhead stance with my katana. I held the sword out toward the snake as I reinforced my whole body and my katana with ki.

“Ha!” [Ryouma]

And when the snake attacked me, I dodged it, and slashed down at its neck with all my strength. As my blade sunk 60cm into its neck, I successfully decapitated it. When I use ki, I could cut even with the guard on the sword, so I thought it might work. Without ki, I wouldn’t even be able to cut with the guard of a sword, so cutting the snake in two wouldn’t be possible, right?

“Shaa!? Shaaa!!!” [Ryouma]

Surprisingly, the cut head was still alive. And the body started writhing about. I thought to crush its head, but I had to take a step back in order to not be caught up by its body. Then I took a look at its head.

“…What’s going on with its body?” [Ryouma]

The cut head is actually already starting to regenerate its body from its open wound. I could still somehow come to terms with just not dying immediately, but something like this is… This really isn’t an undead, right?

“I’ve heard that they’re stronger than the C or B Rank magical beasts, but whether it’s this undead snake or Rheinbach-sama’s Ignis dragon, all the A Rank magical beasts are monsters.” [Ryouma]

While I was dumbfounded like that, the snake’s head had already regenerated its body. And it was now the same size as it was just a moment ago.

“Fortunately, it at least didn’t regenerate its head from its body. But if this keeps up it’ll take forever. I guess I’ll have to do it. ‘Exchange’” [Ryouma]

I sheathed back my katana to its scabbard as I casted my original space magic, Exchange. Suddenly, a 1.4-meter-long silver-colored short spear appeared within my hand.

The magic, Exchange, is able to transfer nearby objects. And being a more practical application of Pickup, it’s able to take an item from the Dimension Home or from the Item Box.

Originally, I wanted this magic to work as its name implied, that is exchanging an object I had with something from inside the Dimension Home, but right now I can only take out objects at most. It’s still an incomplete magic. I do one day hope to complete it though.

“This is the end!” [Ryouma]

I ran toward the snake with the short spear in hand. The undead snake was wary of me, having had its head cut off once, but after raising its sickle-shaped neck several times and swaying, it came to bite at me again.

It’s an attack I’ve seen many times, so I calmly dodged its attack as I clad my short spear with ki. Then I thrusted that spear into the undead snake’s body.

Just that wouldn’t be able to stop the undead snake, but this is exactly what I’ve been aiming for. I let go of the spear with my hand, and dodged the snake that tried to twine itself around me.

The undead snake tried to chase after me, but suddenly, the undead snake fell to the ground. And its body started writhing about just like it did a while ago when I lopped off its head.

When I saw that, I knew that my trump card had worked. After that, I checked up on the snake, and when I confirmed that it was dead, I retrieved my spear.

“Good work, it’s enough now.” [Ryouma]

As I called out to my spear to thank it, the form of the spear crumbled, and it fell onto the ground. It then turned back into its original appearance, an iron slime.

What I used just now was the iron slime spear. But what defeated the undead snake wasn’t just the iron slime alone.

Bodily fluids could be seen seeping out of the wound that the iron slime spear had just left. It’s normal for blood to come out from wounds, but what’s coming out of the snake isn’t blood, but a bloody slime.

I had ordered an iron slime to create a hollow iron spear. And then in the hollow portion of that spear, I had ordered a bloody slime to wait. With the iron slime’s natural hardness coupled with the reinforcement of my ki, its strength was more than enough. And I pierced the foe’s body with the spear, upon which the iron slime transformed again. The bloody slime in the hollow portion of the spear then entered the blood vessels of the enemy through its open wound.

After that, the bloody slime sucked the enemy dry of its blood, killing it.

“I guess it does work even against A Rank magical beasts. I shouldn’t use it too much though…” [Ryouma]

This technique is strong, but it’s quite brutal. And chances are, it can kill anything regardless of if its beast or human. But then again, I don’t know everything about magical beasts, so there might be one that could live through it, but for the most part, as long as I’m able to pierce with the spear, I should be able to kill the target.

At the very least, it’s shown itself to be very effective when I tested it against the goblins and other various magical beasts when I first thought of it.

But while it’s efficient, using it too much will dull my skill. Moreover, I also can’t use it in front of other humans. Just thinking of the consequences if word of it gets out, and a villain finds out about it makes me shiver.

One thing’s for sure though: this skill is definitely my trump card.

As I decided that in my heart, I retrieved the undead snake’s corpse, and then retired for the day. Today’s been really tiring…

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