The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 1 Chapter 8

The Next Day

~Side Ryouma~

Although in the end I wasn’t able to go to the church in the town of Kereban, since there also seemed to be a church in our destination, Gimuru, I figured it would be fine to go to the church there, instead. Besides I also have that stone statue with me.

Like this, we planned to go there on our carriage leisurely, but…

“It’s a little cold…”
“It’s because of the rain.”
“It’s rare to have this kind of downpour at a season like this though.”
“Guess our luck was bad, Elialia.”

Looks like we met with an unexpected downpour. It’s been quite some time since I’ve met with this kind of bad luck. Ever since I came to this world, compared to my time on Earth, nothing has caused me to think I have bad luck. Well, since I’m inside the carriage, if it’s only on the level of heavy rain, then maybe my luck here is still better.

Ah, the Ojousama is shaking. If I’m correct I should have that with me…

I brought out one coat made out of pelt from my item box. There’s fur within the inner part of the coat, and a cloth affixed on the outer part. Glancing at it, it may seem like a coat, but, the cloth outside has the Sticky Slime’s sticky liquid varnished dry on it.

With this treatment, the sticky liquid will repel the water, turning it into something like a raincoat. Once, by chance, I accidentally touched the dried sticky liquid and noticed that it was quite sleek. So I tried it out, and it was a great success. Thanks to this, hunting under the rain became quite easy~

“Ojousama, please use, this. It may not look good… but it’s very warm”
“Thank you very much, Ryouma-san. I’ll borrow it, then.”

It’s good that the Ojousama took it, but, it seems she thought she needs to turn it inside out.

“Don’t turn it inside out. I treated the outside a little bit so unless you wear it like that, there’s no meaning… although there might be not much meaning, since we’re inside the carriage.”
“Ara, is that how it is?
Curious, Sebasu-san touched the coat, and asked.”
“Exactly what kind of treatment was applied? This is the first time I’ve been able to touch something so smooth.”
“I spread Sticky Slime’s sticky liquid on it… and then dried it. Water can’t penetrate it… will repel the rain”
“Sticky Slime’s sticky liquid had that kind of effect?”

Eh? He didn’t know?

“Were you unaware?”
“In regards to the applications of the Sticky Slime’s sticky liquid, I am unaware of any other uses other than as glue. And speaking of rain gears, there’s nothing outside of simply piling up several cloths and pelts and creating something like a robe. This is my first time seeing such a thin rain gear”

Really? For some reason, Rheinbach-sama’s and the madam’s eyes sparkled. This is also a new discovery!? The slimes were seriously left unresearched. At that, the Madam spoke to me.

“That rain gear, is it ok if I test it out?”
“If it’s testing, then…”

I invocated the item box again and I brought several cloths out.

“Treated cloths. Although it’s thin, water won’t be able to go through… and although it’s worn-out, after being cleaned by the Cleaner Slime, and applying the treatment, it’s not dirty.”

These were originally the scraps of the clothes of the bandits and the loin cloths of the goblins, so please just let the fact that it’s all worn down go.

While thinking those things I presented the cloth, not just to Rheinbach-sama and the Madam but also to Rheinhart-sama and Sebasu-san. They took the cloths and wrapped it on their on their own hands. Then they took their hands and began putting it outside the small window of the carriage.

“Ho! It’s really repelling the water!”
“Amazing, the water isn’t soaking it up at all.”
Exclaimed the Madam and Rheinbach-sama as they showed their admiration.
“The rain drops are a little cold but, if one were to affix fur within the inner part, it should be possible to make it comfortable”
Analyzed, Sebasu-san.
“This can sell! Ryouma-kun, if you work with us and begin…”
“Please excuse me. Is something the matter?”

As the four were testing out the water-repellant cloth, Arone-san opened the door of the carriage. It looks like she was sitting outside the carriage at the back. And when something needed to be done, it appears she would be called by putting out one’s hand out of the carriage and signaling.

“Ah, no, there’s nothing. We were just checking out the effectivity of the rain gear Ryouma-kun had developed.”
“I see, please excuse my behavior.”

As she said that and tried to close the door of the carriage, I noticed that her feet were wet. Apparently the roof at the rear seat isn’t able to cover the feet from the rain.

While hurriedly calling Aro-ne-san’s attention, I took out from the item box the seemingly stolen curtain of the bandits that has been waterproofed.

“Please wait… Aro-ne-san”
“What’s the matter?”
“This, feet… rain, won’t go through”
“Would it be fine if I borrowed this?”
“It’s cold when wet … and like this I can also prove, that water won’t go through even after long exposure, so…”
“Thank you very much. I’ll borrow this then.”

Aro-ne-san smiled at me, gave her thanks, and then left.

After that, a few hours passed with nothing happening. Rheinhart-sama decided to sell the water proof cloth as a new kind of rain gear. The people inside the carriage all put their head together to come with different proposals for the development of this new technology.

Making the best out of my current knowledge, I proposed for things like raincoats and umbrellas. Incidentally, other than me, what the other five wanted to make the most was a waterproof tent. This world also has tents but since they’re not waterproof, when rain comes there is a chance for leaking. And if the downpour is heavy, the chance for leaking is quite high.

Other suggestions also included, using a waterproofed cloth as a substitute for the leather pouch that’s used to store water. And something like being able to fold it when water hasn’t been put inside, making it somewhat compact. And a bunch of other things the others thought of as they played with the experimental cloth I had passed to them.

Finally there’s that feel of being in the different world, Template! Or rather, now that I notice it, it seems that before I knew it I’ve somehow ended up heading on the direction of domestic affair cheat. Wasn’t I supposed to be a magic and martial arts cheat? Current knowledge plus goods = a cheat in this world?

As I thought of how taxing it was to think up new products, the carriage stopped, and a messenger from our guards came.

“Milord, it seems that there has been a landslide because of the rain. We have been able to confirm from afar that the road ahead has been blocked.”
“What? Is that true?”
“Yes, the road has been completely blocked. Some considerably big rocks and trees have also fallen. Like this we won’t be able to cross.”
“The alternative route?”

“From here it will be quite a long detour, and while it’s still unconfirmed, according to our sources there’s a reasonable chance that there’s no other road except for one where a big group of bandits may appear. A person who has the skill, Weather Prediction, mentioned that the rain will likely stop in a few hours. The fastest way to reach the Town of Gimuru would probably be to prepare camp somewhere away from the landslide, wait for the rain to stop, and remove the sand and stones with Earth Magic. Milord, please give me your…”

“Right… it’s bad for Elialia to go through a long journey since she’s not used to it, and I want to avoid a dangerous road. Let’s go with your decision.”
“Thank you very much. We will immediately begin the operation.”

After that, the carriage began moving again. Just a little bit ahead, it seems that there’s a tree there that we might be able to use to take shelter from the rain. Although, I think it’s dangerous to be beside a tree when it’s pouring so heavily… well, there’re no thunders so it’s probably ok. For the meantime, let’s at least keep a minimum distance of 2m from the tree. That way I could feel a bit safer against that lightning.

After around five minutes the carriage stopped again. The surrounding became busy, and around the same time, Aro-ne-san entered.

“We are currently quickly preparing the camp. Please wait just a little more. And also, Ryouma-sama, thank you very much for this cloth. Another maid, Lilian, is also very grateful.
“You’re welcome… did the water get through?”
“No, from what I’ve seen, not even a drop.”
“That’s amazing, this cloth can even stand extend periods of usage! That’s right, Aro-ne and Ryouma-kun, I’ve decided to develop and manufacture rain gears using this cloth. Once the trial products are completed, I want to hear your opinions”
Hearing that, Sebasu-san said this.
“That is certainly a good idea. If a rain gear made from this cloth were to come out, it would undoubtedly become very popular.”

As they said that, Aro-ne smiled. But what caught my eyes and made me concerned were the guards who were working while looking like drowned rats.

I understand that’s their work and I also understand that if an unskilled person were to lend his hand he’ll just get in the way. But as someone who was once in a sweat shop in Earth, when people become dull in their work… I can’t help but become sorry for them and want to help… Oh yeah, in Barrier Magic, there’s a barrier that can avoid rain, I forgot about it since I haven’t used it in a long time. If it’s something like that then it won’t get in their way!

“Is it ok if I use, barrier magic?”
“Of course, what’s wrong?”

No good, it was too sudden. Without explaining anything I just went and said that, of course he wouldn’t understand.

“Outside, there are, people drenched… using Barrier of Rain Shelter… can protect them from the rain. Work will be comfortable.”
“I see, thank you. If you do that, it’ll help them out too.”

Having gotten permission, I quickly invocated the barrier Magic on the place where the people were.

“Surround them, protect them from the rain and become their shield ‘Rain Shelter’ “

After I chanted the magic words, as if wrapping itself around them, a dome shaped barrier appeared and affixed itself blocking off the rain.

With the rain suddenly stopping, the people inside were shocked. Camil-san noticed the barrier magic, waved his hands and gave his thanks. There were also other people that came to give their thanks but, I just ended it by waving my hands, and ascertained my next target.

I wasn’t able to wrap everyone with a barrier with one shot, there are still 4 places where people are gathered that haven’t been affixed with a barrier. So just like before I changed the magic words and affixed a barrier in those four places, and just now, I also put up a barrier around the carriage.
After a while, the preparations for the tent were finished and Zeff-san came over to call us.

“Sorry for making you wait, the preparations for the tent have finished. And, kid, the other guys says thanks.”
“You’re welcome”
“How long until the rain stops?”
“Around 2 more hours according to the guy that has the skill, as soon as it stops we’ll begin to remove the earth and sand.”
“Got it, then, until then, go get some rest, it will be a big job for an Earth Magician so rest well.”

Having said that and given the orders we sent off Zeff-san and went back into our tents. The tent was quite the luxurious tent and inside, it had 4 sections.

“Fu… ah, ouch, ouch…”
The madam gave her a concerned look, and asked.
“Elia, you’re still not used to carriages?”
“Don’t mind it, it’s only been recent so it can’t be helped”
“Also, today, because of the rain, the soil was loose and it shook a lot more than normal. It can’t be helped, it’ll be good if you could properly get some rest. Ryouma, too.”
“Yes, I’ll get plenty of rest, and afterwards I’ll do my best.”

I can’t just leave things at it is, I got to ride the carriage for free and even had the costs of the hotel taken care of. Besides, it’ll also be good training.

Rheinbach-sama looked at me with a curious look and asked.

“Do your best? With what?”
“Getting rid, of the fallen sand and earth… with Earth magic.”
“We’ll let the guards do it, so it’s fine if you just rest, you know?”
“I’ve been indebted to you, very much. It will also be for my sake. Please let me do it.”
“Fumu… If you say it like that, then I guess I’ll get your help. However, if you get tired you have to rest, ok? You’ve already used your Barrier Magic several times, if your magic power gets cut off, it’ll painful”

Ah, so he was worried about that… really what a good person, I’m grateful.

“Thank you very much, I’ll be careful. 







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