The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 16

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Slight mistranslation at the end of the last chapter. Ryouma hasn’t left the store yet.

The new line for the last line in the last chapter, now reads as: “After that, we were able to safely close the store again.” 
Volume 2 Chapter 16

After closing the shop.

After we closed the shop, I had the cleaner slimes do a simple sweep of the store, then had them drink water. Afterwards, Karla-san came to me to report the profit for the day. For some reason, the atmosphere feels different from the usual report…

“Boss, it’s about today’s earnings.” [Karla]
“What’s wrong? Are we in the red?” [Ryouma]
“No, we’re not in a deficit. We’re good.” [Karla]
“So I guess, we were able to make quite profit today as well, then.” [Ryouma]
“It’s different from yesterday, Ryouma-sama. With just today alone, we were able to make 26,036 suits.” [Karla]

26,036 suits!?

“Wait a moment, yesterday and the day before yesterday should have only been 16,000 suits, right? How did we suddenly add another 10,000 to that?” {Ryouma}
“This morning, when you left, we managed to land a big contract. Apparently, the black smiths, and the boss of the carpenters heard about this store by word of mouth. The workers of the ironworks, too. In total, they bought 50 and 35 people’s portion of bags. But that’s not all, because word of the store has been spread, even the customers who are going for the small group option, has increased. And even the people who come only for themselves have also increased. Lastly, the bags are also still being continually sold.” [Karla]
“Could you count the number of plates? It’s not like I’m doubting you or anything, I just want to confirm with my own eyes.” [Ryouma]
“Of course. Please wait at the office, I’ll bring it now.” [Karla]

Being told that, I went to the office, took a chair, and waited there.

… Come to think of it, this is my first time using this room, huh? Well, I was always either serving customers, or in the employee lounge…

While I was thinking that, Karla-san came with a piece of paper in her hands.

“This is the number of plates for the day.” [Karla-san]
“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

I took the paper Karla-san brought, and looked at it.


Service for individuals 10 suits/plate; 998 plates; 9,980 suits
Service for 14 people 18 suits/plate; 152 plates; 2,736 suits
Service for 35 people 40 suits/plate; 55 plates; 2,200 suits
Single’s bag 20 suits/plate; 159 plates; 3,180 suits
Bag for 14 25 suits/plate; 68 plates; 1,700 suits
Bag for 35 30 suits/plate; 50 plates; 1,500 suits
Armor Laundry Service  15 suits/plate; 316 plates; 4,740 suits
Total 26,036 suits

“Certainly, it is 26,036 suits. I’m speechless, to think that it would actually make this much… I’m really shocked.” [Ryouma]

Even if you deduct the sales of the bags, it’s still around 20,000 suits. This too, is thanks to the cleaner slimes and to everyone.

“Speaking of which, what about the others?” [Ryouma]
“They’re gathered at the employee lounge, and are confirming the earnings.” [Karla]
“Confirming the earnings?” [Ryouma]
“Because the earnings for today have medium copper coins, and small copper coins mixed up, they are currently segregating those while calculating and confirming that the amount is correct.” [Karla]
“So it’s something like that? In that case, let’s go help out.” [Ryouma]
“Please don’t, that’s servant work…” [Karla]
“It’s fine, it’s fine. Even if it’s only in name, I am the boss of this store. I’m also everyone’s comrade when it comes to this job. So I’ll help out.” [Ryouma]
“I understand. However, Ryouma-sama, you are not a manager by name, alone. You are the real boss of this store.” [Karla]

Together with Karla-san, I headed towards the employee lounge… is what I’d like to say, but really, the room is right next to us.

“Thanks for you hard work.” [Ryouma]
“Boss, thanks for today.” [Karma]
“Thanks for today.” [Fina, Jeanne, Maria, Li Ling, Fei]

When I entered, Karma-san was the first to greet me. Afterwards, the other five followed. There is a huge amount of copper coins lying on top of the big table. Looks like they’re counting by hand, one at a time.

“Thank you very much for all your hard work, everyone. It’s really a huge help to me, that I’m able to leave all the work to you guys.” [Ryouma]
“There’s no such thing, you know? After all, this store is treating us really well~” [Jeanne]
“Exactly, Ryouma-sama. Being able to do this much, is only a given, since we were hired as workers after all.” [Karma]

At Karma-san’s words, everyone in the room nodded. Karla-san, who was behind me, also nodded.

“I see. Thank you for that. Then, shall we continue? You were counting these coins, right?” [Ryouma]
“Yes. However, just with us, alone, it should be fine…” [Karma]
“The more hands, the better. Besides, this is a huge amount.” [Ryouma]

Today’s earning is 26,036 suits. And all of that is in small and medium copper coins. In other words, 1 suit, and 10 suits. That’s why it’s only natural, that there’d be so many copper coins.

“Then in that case, please, over here…” [Karma]
“There’s a spot beside me, Ryouma-sama.” [Fei]
“Excuse me.” [Ryouma]

I sit beside Fei-san, and begin counting the copper coins. Still, this is taking quite a bit of time… If you include me, with all 8 of us, the work should go faster, but…

And then, after around a minute of working like that, something hit me. Or rather, I remembered. There was that thing that could be found in a bank, wasn’t it?

I quickly take out a bag of quicklime. As I did that, the other seven looked at me. Without minding them, I used ‘Identify’ on a small copper coin. What is the diameter and the thickness of this coin?

Small Copper Coin; 1 Suit
The smallest coin; made out of copper. Diameter: 0.9cm; Thickness: 2mm

Alright! I’ve changed my opinion. I might actually be able to use this new ‘Identify’.

“Boss? What are you doing? Using ‘Identify’ on the coin… are you actually checking for counterfeit money?” [Fei]
“No, I just thought I’d make a tool.” [Ryouma]
“Tool?” [Fei]
“Please look. ‘Create Block’” [Ryouma]

Using ‘Create Block’ I transform the quicklime, into an oblong building stone. But I made the insides of the building stone, hollow, turning it into some sort of box. I remove one end of the box with ‘Break Rock’, with this, if you incline it, then the object inside will fall.

Furthermore, I use earth magic on the part that has become hollow, and cause a 5×10 square, with each grid extending 1 cm in all directions, to swell and make lines. The height of the swollen part is 2mm. With this, one copper coin can enter one grid.

When I used ‘Identify’, this is what happened.
Building Stone (Quicklime) Length: 14cm Width: 7cm Height: 1cm
Quicklime that has been hardened with earth magic. The shape has been warped according to its maker’s will.

Good, it’s a success!

“Boss, what is that?’ [Karma]
“You use this, like this.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, I put the two copper coins I was holding, inside the building stone. I pin down the end, and shake it, left and right. The coins made a jingling sound, and when all the coins fitted into the grids, I let go of the part I was holding, and the coins that couldn’t fit into a grid, went back to the mountain of copper coins. After that, I had Fei-san count the copper coins that managed to fit into the grids of the building stone.

“Fei-san, can you count these copper coins?” [Ryouma]
“Alright, I’ll count them.” [Fei]

And so, Fei-san began to count. When Fei-san got close to finishing, his eyes gave a piercing gaze.

“50 pieces. Exactly 50 pieces. Boss, you made another convenient tool, huh?” [Fei]

As Fei-san said that, Karma-san, Karla-san, and Li Ling-san all noticed the advantage of using this building stone. The 3 girls didn’t seem to notice, though. So I had them count, next. I quickly put in, the copper coins, shake it, and then distribute the remaining copper coins to the three.

“Umm… it’s 50.” [Jeanne]
“50.” [Maria]
“It’s 50 here, too. How come?’ [Fina]
“Currencies are generally decided by their thickness and size. So exactly 50 pieces are able to fit in the grid, within the building stone. In other words, if you put small copper coins into this, it will be exactly 50 pieces.” [Ryouma]
“Amazing!” [Fina]
“Ryouma-sama, could you also make that for us?” [Karma]
“Of course.” [Ryouma]
“Eh? Eh??” [Jeanne]

Looks like one of the 3 girls, Jeanne, still couldn’t get it. These guys are clearly hardworking people, but it would appear that they’re bad at thinking. Well, it looks like I was at least able to make Fina-san and Maria-san understand the benefits of this. And so, the two began explaining to Jeanne about the building stone.

I went back to the bag of quicklime, and used ‘Create Block’ to make several building blocks, and then distributed it to the others. After that, I also used ‘Identify’ on the medium copper coin, and then made several building blocks that can fit a hundred medium copper coin, and then distributed them as well.

The result of that, was that we were able to proceed smoothly. And without even taking 10 minutes, we managed to count everything.

When we finished counting, I noticed that it was mostly small copper coins. I thought there would be more medium copper coins, but as it turns out, there’re more customers that pay with the small copper coin.

After that, I asked about the state of the store. Like, if there’s anything troubling them or something.

“Something troubling?” [Maria]
“There’s nothing in particular, right guys? ~” [Jeanne]
“This store treats us well, so naturally, we won’t have any complaints.” [Fina]
“Anyone who would have the galls to complain while working in a store like this, is just too spoiled.” [Fei]
“Really? Isn’t the salary too chea–!!” [Ryouma]

Not good. I forgot to give them a rest day! What employee benefits!? I actually made them work without letting them rest!

“What’s wrong, boss? Your face suddenly became pale.” [Fei]
“… I forgot about giving you guys a rest day.” [Ryouma]

When everyone heard my words, they doubted their ears. And then, Jeanne-san yelled.

“Boss! You couldn’t possibly be thinking of going so far as to even give us a rest day!?” [Jeanne]

Eh, what’s with this reaction… isn’t that a given? Well, it’s not really something I should say after I forgot about it, but…

As I take a better look, everyone seemed to be same, and was giving me looks of surprise.

“I think it would be better if you guys had at least one rest day in a week. Have a fixed holiday, once every week, and then by alternating with someone…” [Ryouma]

When I said that, the three girls suddenly became really happy. I was a bit confused at that reaction, and so Karla-san explained it to me.

“Boss, amongst those who leave their homes to work, there aren’t many who are able to get rest. In the case where they don’t possess a certain ability, they get exploited, and are even paid poorly. But, in this store, it’s completely different. Not only are they treated well, they are even given a high salary. With these kind of conditions, it’s only normal to assume that they won’t be given any rest days.” [Karla]
“Moreover, not having a rest day is not only limited to workers that came from somewhere far. Even small stores and groceries, don’t have any rest day except for special events. After all, if they were to give out rest days, then the management will have a harder time. So it isn’t strange at all for there to no rest days.” [Karma]

In other words, stores that can barely get by, huh? Well, there are those kind of stores, too.

“When we went out of our village, our parents apologized to us a lot, you know? “Sorry for pushing this painful job to you,” they said.” [Jeanne]
“I heard that if we were to be hired by someone bad, then forget about being paid dirt cheap and being exploited, even our chastity would be in danger.” [Maria] 

This world handles their employees pretty bad, huh? As I thought that, I looked over to Karla-san…

“Employers that pursue a physical relationship do go against the law, but unfortunately, there are employers that do such things. There’s not that many of them, but still, as an employee, it’s something that one needs to watch out for.” [Karla]

Well, there was also sexual harassment in the previous world. So I guess this is one thing that won’t change, regardless of whether you change worlds or not.

“My store treasures its employees, and aims for a healthy management. So everyone, please rest assured.” [Ryouma]

When I said that, everyone broke into smiles, and said, “Please take care of us.”

Regarding the rest day, they said that it’s a waste to make it now, since we can’t interrupt the flow of customers right now. So it was instead decided, that they would take a holiday in shifts, one day at a time.

While we were having that discussion, I noticed that the time was approaching 9 o’clock, so I bid everyone goodbye, and went back to the lodging. I ended up out late again, so I might get scolded.

When I got to the lodging, Elia and the others had already gotten home.

I leave my belongings in my room, and went to Elia’s room.

There, I heard from Sebasu-san and Rheinbach-sama, that they were welcomed by the public office, today. Several scandalous things had happened, so from the looks of things, it seems that they were trying to curry favor.

Naturally though, such a thing wouldn’t have any effect. And in the end, it turned into Rheinbach-sama giving a sermon to the people in charge.

Several of the top brasses of the public office had already been arrested and fired. And as for the others, they had their pay reduced. But on top of all that, people were hired to manage the members of the public office, including the new heads. Looks like, from here on, the public office will be strictly managed by those guys.

When I asked whether those guys were from the village.

“Well, the town obviously lacks people to manage the town, so…” [Sebasu]
“Unless, we more or less beat the guts of a decent person into them, and train them, we won’t be able to supplement the town with enough usable man power. After all, there’s a limit to the number of people that we can really trust.” [Rheinbach]

Is how he replied. Makes sense…

By the way, because Elia was apparently given wine, she is already sound asleep. Even during my store’s opening party, despite having only drank one glass, her face became flushed. It seems she isn’t very good with alcohol.

Rheinhart-san and the Madam also seem to be asleep already, so I decided not to overstay and cause them trouble, so I left.







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