Volume 4 Chapter 18: First Lesson

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Today I’ll be teaching Elia’s group for the first time. I am currently waiting in front of the gates to the training area. They said I didn’t have to pick them up, and to just wait here, so that’s what I did. I might’ve come a little too early though, ah… they’re here.

I saw Sebasu-san driving the carriage from the direction of the town, so I asked the gatekeeper who happens to be a student of mine to open the gate. Then I went ahead, and waited by the stable. After the girls’ carriage finished parking, the first one to go down was Elia.

“Sorry for making you wait, Ryouma-san.” [Elia]
“Oh, it’s alright, I didn’t wait long at all. You’re also earlier than the appointed time.” [Ryouma]

Elia came up to me and said that as soon as she got down from the carriage. The other four also went down the carriage one by one, and went up to me to say hi. Today, everyone’s wearing simple clothing and only have their weapons and staves with them. We don’t have any plans of using those today though.

“Good morning, everyone. Umm~ I’ll be in your care today. And since today’s the first day, we’ll be having our lecture in the classroom. The first thing I’ll be teaching is the role of a magic wand and how to make it. After that, I’ll have you make a simple wand. A lot of the things you’ll learn here can be applied to your magic, so I’m sure you’ll benefit from it.”
“Please take care of us!” [Elia, Miyabi, Kanan, Michelle, Riera]

Good, there doesn’t seem to be any problems. After all, there are plenty of magicians who know how to use staves, but don’t know how to make them. But a good understanding of magic is also required in order to make a good staff, so it’s really a good subject to study.

“Ryouma-sama, I leave the young lady and the others in your care.” [Sebasu]
“Same here. Please take care of the students.” [Ryouma]

I exchanged some words with Sebasu-san, then when we got to the crossroads, we went our own ways. I took Elia’s group with me to the magic wand workshop, while Sebasu-san went to the magic practice area as an instructor.

When I opened the doors to the workshop, the first thing that greeted us were the bundles of lumbers to be used as ingredients for making wands and the storages for the tools. Right next to that was the workplace that had a number of windows through which the outside could be seen. The walls blocking the stray magic from the magic practice area are near the windows, but despite that, there’s plenty of ventilation and light.

I invited the five girls inside, and had them seat besides the workshop stand.

“Shall we start?” [Ryouma]

As I said that, I took five new notebooks from my Item Box as well as five bottles of ink and pen. I distributed them to the girls.

“Please use them when needed. These’re given to all the students as presents, so please don’t’ hold back.” [Ryouma]

The five girls each took their own notebook and pen. Then they immediately opened them, and readied themselves for the start of class. When I had confirmed that they were all ready, I began the class.

“Then let’s start… To start off, let me ask you all this question – what do you think makes a good wand?” [Ryouma]

The three magicians amongst the five girls answered.

“A wand with a high-quality magic jewel?” [Kanan]
“From what I’ve heard it’s the wand that conducts magic the best.” [Elia]
“The longer the better’s what I hear in my case.” [Miyabi]

I see…

“None of your answers are wrong, but none of them are right either. I’ll begin today’s lesson by tackling around that topic, so we’ll be starting with the basics.

Magic wands are supplemental tools for using magic. They’re not an absolute requirement to casting magic. But they can increase the force of one’s magic, make it easier to cast magic, and even reduce the magic power consumption. They have various effects, but why? Why are they able to do this? In order to explain that, let us first review how to use magic.” [Ryouma]

When using magic, one must first release magic power outside of his or her body. Then through visualization transform that magic power into an attribute, maintain it, and then finally, cast the magic. Each and every one of these three processes is necessary when casting magic. Fail one of them, and the magic will not be casted.

Amongst these three processes, the most important process – and the process to which magic wands are related – is process number two, the transformation and preservation of magic power.

“You are all aware that magic power tends to disperse when released outside the body, yes?”

The girls who were diligently taking notes nodded. Magic dispersing is basic magic knowledge. It’s written in every textbook, so of course they know.

“When released, magic power disperses. It’s because of this that Magic Manipulation is necessary… If the magic power can’t be maintained, then it’ll disperse. It is also harder to maintain magic power after converting it to an attribute compared to when it’s just magic power, so it’s a lot easier for it to disperse.” [Ryouma]

This is the reason why in the past, when I evolved a slime to an earth slime after feeding it earth attribute magic power, Elia and the Madam couldn’t do the same thing.

“Which is why the faster a magician can convert the attribute of magic power, the faster he’ll be able to cast magic. I’m sure you’ve been taught so when you first started learning magic. The faster the invocation, the less waste in magic power, so it’s also more advantageous during combat.” [Ryouma]

I paused for a moment, and checked whether the girls understood or not. After that I spoke again.

“With this I believe you’ve now come to an understanding regarding the loss of magic power when invocating magic. Going to the main topic – which is the use of magic wand – it can be summarized into this one sentence: ‘To reduce the wasted magic power’” [Ryouma]
“In other words, because there is less magic power wasted when using a wand, the magic power consumed by the spell is reduced, and at the same time, the strength of the magic is also increased, right?” [Elia]
“Precisely. To add to that, it is because magic wands help the magician deal with the two main issues that cause magic power waste. Those two points are the conversion and retention of magic power that I just mentioned.” [Ryouma]

The first point is that magic disperses when the magician fails to control the magic power. Moreover, this magic power needs to be maintained even after converting it, all the way until the magic is finally invocated.

The other point is the loss that comes when magic power is converted. Humans might be able to convert magic power from neutral to another attribute, but some magic power is lost during the process.

“A student I had before likened the loss of magic power during conversion to the withdrawal fee charged by the bank when withdrawing. I think it’s a great analogy. Now, how exactly do magic wands supplement this loss in magic power? With this we come back to the first question, and that is – what makes a good magic wand?” [Ryouma]

I had to talk about magic dispersion first as it has a lot to do with the quality of a magic wand.

“When it comes to choosing the material for the magic wand, it is best to choose a good conductor of magic power. A good example would be treant lumber. Treants have magic power flowing through them just as blood would in a human, so they are exceptional conductors. However, being a good conductor isn’t the only criteria one should take note of.” [Ryouma]
“What else is there?” [Kanan]
“Inside of the trees used to make magic wands, there’s actually a pipe inside that transports the water and the nutrients that were absorbed from underground. This is called the fibrovascular bundle. This fibrovascular bundle has the property of being able to store magic power. When magic power passes through this, the wasted magic power is reduced. Moreover, due to the magic power being managed, the magic power then becomes easier to handle.” [Ryouma]

They’re all showing faces of shock. I guess they didn’t know about this then.

“But while the material might have the property to contain magic power, the amount of magic power the material can retain depends on the kind and quality of the material being used. There are also materials that do better with certain attributes.”

As for what lumber works for what kind of wand, that’s not something I can teach in a short time.

“So in regards to Elia’s previous answer of “The wand that conducts magic power the best” it’s sort of right. However, if the material chosen is a good conductor for magic power, but in exchange, happens to have poor retention of magic power, then the magic power will slip away from the wand, and it’s possible that the wand created could have no effect.” [Ryouma]
“I see…” [Kanan]
“As for Miyabi-san’s “The longer the better” this has to do with the quality of the craftsman making the wand. What retains magic power inside the wand is the fibrovascular bundle, so when the material is cracked during the manufacturing process, then magic power will slip away easily.

If a skilled craftsman were to work with good material, then the longer magic wand will excel at preserving and rectifying magic power.” [Ryouma]

This is my personal opinion, but if one were to use cheap materials, then I think it’s better to just throw away the concept of retaining magic power with the wand, and just make it short, focusing on a wand that simply controls magic power. A shorter wand will be easier to carry. And besides, making a wand unnecessarily long will just increase the holes from where magic power can slip out.

“So that’s how it is.” [Miyabi]

Michelle-san then asked me a question.

“Teacher, how about the quality of the magic jewel used?” [Michelle]
“Magic jewels don’t deal with magic dispersion, instead they make it easier to convert magic power. We’ll be talking about magic jewels next. So first, let me ask: how do you use magic jewels?” [Ryouma]

The ones who answered this question were Kanan-san and Elia.

“Magic power flows from the body into the magic jewel, rolling it in the magic power within the jewel, and pushing it out.” [Kanan]
“That magic power is then mixed with one’s own magic power, and used to invocate magic.” [Elia]
“There is also that method. Usually used when one is out of magic power, but still needs to fight. However, this isn’t the original purpose of magic jewels affixed to wands.” [Ryouma]

The magic jewel is affixed to the wand, so the part about magic power about flowing into it is right. But the real purpose of a magic jewel isn’t to use the magic power inside it, but to simply let magic power flow through it.

“Just let magic power flow through it? Then how is the magic power wasted reduced?” [Michelle]
“As you all know; magic jewels can have any kind of magic power attribute in them except for space magic. Now, neutral attribute magic power is easily influenced by other attributes, so by letting it pass through the jewel first, one can make it easier on himself to convert that neutral magic attribute to another attribute. As a result, the success rate of conversion goes up, and the wasted magic power is reduced.” [Ryouma]

Michelle-san’s eyes opened wide when she heard that. The other four also expressed faces of shock.

Looks like they didn’t know about this too. Then again none of the people I’ve taught so far knew about this, so I suppose it’s more or less uncommon knowledge. A lot of masters know from their experience that the better the magic jewel the better the wand, so they pass that knowledge down to their disciples. There aren’t many craftsmen who know about this tidbit, so it really can’t be helped that few know about it.

But in my case, well… my master is like that, so of course, I was able to learn of it.

“Come to think of it, I might’ve heard something similar from my grandpa…” [Kanan]
“Oh? Kanan-san, you knew about this?” [Ryouma]
“My grandpa is a magic tool craftsman. And he once mentioned that if one were to put a magic jewel of the same attribute as the magic imbued into the tool, then the magic power will flow better. He also said that it is when I’m able to feel that change in flow that I’ve truly graduated.” [Kanan]

As she said that, she went “Ah!” as if she remembered something.

“Could it be? Is it also easier to convert the attribute the better the quality of the magic jewel?” [Kanan]
“Spectacular. That is indeed the case. Magic power converts easier when it passes through high-quality magic jewel.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, Kanan-san made an expression that said “I knew it!”

“Also, your grandpa was most likely referring to the same thing I mentioned just now, and that magic jewel your grandpa was talking about is being used to better the conversion rate of magic power. After all your grandpa said “a magic jewel of the same attribute as the magic imbued into the tool.”

If one wants to use fire magic, then that person should use a magic wand with the attribute of fire. Other attributes can also be used, but the efficiency will be reduced.

“So it’s not only the quality of the stone that one needs to pay attention to, but also the attribute that one specializes in. Aside from that, there’s also the ease of carrying, as well as other things. But overall these are the important points when choosing a magic wand. In my opinion, it’s best to select a wand based on its overall stats rather than just one point.

…Now going back to the initial question of what is a good wand… truth be told, there’s no actual answer to this. The ideal wand changes depending on the attribute one specializes in and how one uses wands, so if you want something strong, it’s best to go for something order made.” [Ryouma]
“Then how about this wand we’re using now?” [Miyabi]
“It’s good enough for beginners. But from what I’ve seen in the fight a few days ago, it doesn’t suit you girls anymore… If you don’t mind, could I have a look at it for a bit?” [Ryouma]
“Sure.” [Miyabi]

Miyabi-san handed me the wand. Immediately, I examined the flow of magic power and the hue of the magic jewel attached.

The wand is made out of treant lumber, but not with the branch which is most suited for wands. Instead, it’s made out of a tree trunk that was crushed, and then cut… It’s not a bad conductor, but it has poor retention. The magic jewel is also just barely passable. Its attribute is neutral… that has a lower effect than the others, but it’s the best choice when you don’t know what attribute the user specializes in. So it’s the best choice for beginner students. In any case, this wand definitely gives off the feeling that it was made for mass production.

I examined Michelle-san’s and Elia’s wands too, and the make and quality of the wands were the same.

“As expected you three should use wands more fitting for yourselves… You’ve come all the way here, so why don’t I teach you all how to make a wand, and then you can go make your own. There’re plenty of materials here, so let’s make them together.” [Ryouma]

As I said that I began preparing the treant’s branches, which we will be using to make the wands, as well as the tools that we will be using.





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