The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 17

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Volume 3 Chapter 17

After school the three girls chatted at a corner of the school’s courtyard. It was a good opportunity, so they decided to chat and get to know each other some more. But just as they were about to finish, Michelle suddenly said,

“Hey, how about we form our own group?” [Michelle]

In this school, there are assignments or practical work invovling magic or swordsmanship that needs to be done in groups. However these groups aren’t decided by the instructors or by the school, rather they’re decided by the students themselves. 

If the school tried to forcibly dictate the groups, then the nobles would get mad. Part of  the reason is because of compatibilitiy between the members, but there’re also those who simply don’t want to be in the same group as commoners.

However, in cases where there are students leftover without any groups, then they need to be taken in by other groups that don’t have enough members. Neither the commoners nor the nobles have any say in this. But of course, it’s not hard to imagine how uncomfortable of a situation that would be.

Elia and Michelle may not have any problems regarding groups, but of course it’s still best to make a group with people that you get along with ahead of time. And that’s why Michelle suggested to make a group, while Elia and Miyabi immediately agreed.

“But if we’re making a group, then we’ll have to gather two or three more members. We need five or six to make a group after all.” [Elia]
“Yeah, otherwise we’ll end up with students we don’t know.” [Michelle]
“Without considering social standing or anythin’, can ya two think of anyone?” [Miyabi]
“I can think of one.” [Michelle]
“Who?” [Elia]
“Liera Clifford, the eldest daughter of the Baron Clifford.” [Michelle]
“Baron Clifford… From what I know, he used ta be a knight, but after pilin’ up achievement after achievement, he became a baron. Nowadays, they’re known for raisin’ some oustandin’ knights.” [Miyabi]
“Exactly. Her pride’s a bit high, and she won’t shut up when it comes to rules, but she doesn’t look down on commoners, and she honestly acknowledges anyone with skill. She treats commoners as if they’re equal too.” [Michelle]
“She’s certainly qualified. Is she someone you know?” [Elia]
“There was a point in time where we saw each other a lot. But because of my research and because of her training, we’ve rarely had the chance to lately.” [Michelle]

Like this, the three of them agreed to invite Liera Clifford. And immediately, they went to find her.

The place they went to was the training area for swordsmen. As soon as they got there, Michelle pointed at a corner and said,

“She’s over there, let’s go.” [Michelle]

With Michelle leading, the three went over to a corner of the training area where a female student zealously praticed her sword as she gave off a frigid aura. With the girl’s height tall for her age and a face that could easily pass as that of a beauty’s, she stood out. Then from the group of male students that was watching her from a distance came Michelle’s voice.

“Liera, could you come with me for a bit?” [Michelle]
“Michelle? What’s the matter? And that person is…” [Liera]
“Calm down first, then we’ll talk.” [Michelle]

Michelle took Liera with her and left the training area. Following after her were Elia and Miyabi. They then sat at a resting area with few people. On the way, Michelle had already explained to Liera about their plan.

“I see, so you came to invite me… Alright, then in that case, I’d be grateful if you added me into your group.” [Liera]
“Really?” [Elia]
“That’s great!” [Michelle]

Elia and Michelle were both delighted, but Miyabi didn’t look to be fazed at all as she asked Liera,

“Ya sure you’re okay with this? From what I’ve heard, ya have the highest grades in swordsmanship, and many people have already tried ta get ya ta join them.” [Miyabi]
“It’s true that I’ve received plenty of invitations, but they’re all from people I can’t get along with. People who only see me as a tool to raise their grades, or people who don’t even have the slightest decorum to hide their perverted gazes… And more than that, I can’t agree with people who despise commoners. I don’t want to be grouped up with people who mistake their haughtiness for pride.” [Liera]

Although still a student, Liera’s soul was already that of a fine knight.

It was in this way that Liera became their friend. And the four began to discuss who to ask next.

“I can’t think of anyone. To begin with, I don’t have a lot of connections, so…” [Liera]
“Liera’s been obsessing over her sword ever since after all.” [Michelle]
“Well aren’t you one to talk? Even though you’re exactly the same when it comes to your research.” [Liera]
“True, then in that case, I guess we’ll have to rely on Miyabi. I mean you’re a merchant, right Miyabi? I reckon you must have a lot of connections.” [Michelle]
“Even if ya tell me that, I don’t have that many either… It’s only been a month since enrolling, ya see? So… and besides the number of students that haven’t been included in a group has also decreased a lot, ya know? And more than anything, don’t ya all think it’d be best if we got another girl as our member? After all, we’re all girls here.” [Miyabi]
“If it’s possible, then a girl would be best. Although as long as he won’t look at us with a discomforting gaze, then even a guy would be fine.” [Liera]
“It’s because your style is so good.” [Elia]
“I know right? We were just around the same level in the past too… I wonder why the gap is so big now… Even the parts that should be tightened are tightened.” [Michelle]
“Where are you looking!?” [Liera]
“Hmm… everywhere?” [Michelle]
“Don’t look!” [Liera]
“Now, now, please calm down. Anyway, we can’t seem ta think of anyone, huh?” [Miyabi]
“It’s not like there’re none though.” [Elia]
“Well yeah, but the group’s balance will be affected. Right now, I can think of four people, but amongst those, three want ta be magicians. And even now, the only one who can fight in close combat amongst us is Liera. If we took two of the people I have in mind, then we’ll end up with six magicians and one swordsman.” [Miyabi]
“True…. the balance would definitely be quite bad in that case.” [Elia]
“It’s not like I’m fussing over the grades or anything, but there’s also some danger in our assignments and training.” [Miyabi]
“It’d be tough for me to defend five. Once we’re surrounded, it’s over. The teacher will also be watching and supporting over us during training, but it’s not good to rely on that. If we could another swordsman more it would be great, but…” [Liera]
“Unfortunately the last person I have in mind won’t be a swordsman either. The people I have in mind can fight to some extent though. I mean one of them can do some covert ops and put up some traps. A person well inclined for scouting in other words. And…- Well speak of the devil, looks like she’s actually here.” [Miyabi]
“*Sniff… I was rejected again…” [Girl]

As Miyabi said that, Elia and the others looked at where Miyabi was looking. Some distance from where they were was a seemingly vigorous girl with dog ears and short hair sitting there with her head down.

“Her?” [Michelle]
“Her name is Kanan. A commoner. She’s skilled with her hands and specialsizes in making small accessories and other crafts. Ta keep the story short, she’s an artisan. Apparently she wants ta take her classes ta that direction as soon as she finishes her basic classes.” [Miyabi]
“I see… so now what?” [Michelle]
“As long as her personality’s good, I have no complaints. Even if she can’t fight, I’ll do my best to protect her.” [Liera]
“Same here.” [Elia]
“Aight, I’ll go ahead and call her over then.” [Miyabi]

As Miyabi said that, she called out to the girl whose head was drooped. When the girl heard Miyabi’s voice, she raised her head and saw Miyabi.

“Kanan-han, are you free right now?” [Miyabi]
“Eh!? Ah, you’re Miyabi-san, right? Do you need something from me?” [Kanan]
“I’m looking for members ta invite ta our group. And seeing ya here, I thought I’d invite ya too.” [Miyabi]
“Really!?” [Kanan]

Soon as she heard Miyabi’s words, Kanan enthusiastically agreed. Kanan’s overly vigorous agreement as she took Miyabi’s hands, shocked Miyabi.

“In any case, the other members are also here, so let’s go meet with them.” [Miyabi]
“Yes, please!” [Kanan]

Miyabi brought Kanan to where Elia and the others were, and with her sparkling eyes and her loud voice, Kanan greeted the others full of zeal.

“My name is Kanan Shuza! It’s a pleasure to meet you all!” [Kanan]

Having noticed her last name, Michelle was the first to reply.

“Nice to meet you too. By the way, by Shuza do you mean…” [Michelle]

As soon as Michelle began to talk about her last name, Kanan’s face grew cloudy, so Michelle bit her tongue and kept herself from asking any further. But because Kanan already knew what Michelle wanted to ask, she answered.

“Yes. I come from a reputable family of magic artisans. I am a daughter of the Shuza family. However, I am a dunce when it comes to magic craftsmanship, so please don’t expect anything from me in that regard.” [Kanan]
“A dunce?” [Michelle]
“Actually, I am a specialist enchanter of the enchantment branch of magic.” [Kanan]
“I see…” [Michelle]
“Sorry, but can you explain?” [Liera]

Kanan, Michelle, and Miyabi seemed to understand the situation, but Liera and Elia didn’t, so Kanan began to explain about enchantment magic.

When one refers to enchantment magic, what they’re actually referring to is the magic responsible for creating magic tools, weapons, and or armors. However, the only ones who can use that magic are the descendants of enchanters. Story says that a long itme ago, the first ones to use enchantment magic were a number of people who were born with a special constitution. And today, the only ones who can use that magic are those who carry the originals’ blood in their veins. 
As their descendants have increased, there are people being born today who are able to use enchantment magic. Within those people, however, is sometimes born a special enchanter who possesses the same kind of constitution as those of the first ones. These people are unable to use any magic other than enchantment.
“In enchantment magic, it’s essential to be able to use both enchant magic and the magic you want to enchant into the object. But because I’m only able to use one type of magic, I haven’t been able to create a single magic tool for anyone.” [Kanan]
“So that’s why… I asked you something sensitive, I’m sorry.” [Liera]
“Not at all! You’re recruiting me after all! So it’s only a given for me to answer whatever questions you have!” [Kanan]

As soon as Kanan said that out loud, the group made up their mind. Of course, it’s a given that entering a group that will be undergoing perilous trials will require an interview of some sort regarding what one can and can’t do. However, whether one can say his or her weaknesses out loud is another question. It might be important information, but that fact alone doesn’t make it easy to say. There are those would try to say it, but make it vague. While there’re those with worse personalities who wouldn’t hesitate to lie through their teeth. 

The fact that Kanan was able to say something like that out loud goes to show that she’s a trustworthy person. And the four girls understood that very well.

“I have no complaints with her.” [Liera] 
“I’m also in agreement.” [Michelle]
“I’d also like to have her as a part of our group.” [Elia]
“Then it’s decided.” [Miyabi]

When those words entered Kanan’s ears, her jaws dropped to the floor. And what came out of her mouth were these words,

“Eh… you- would take me? Me? Even though I can’t use magic? Even though I’m mostly a beginner at swordsmanship?” [Kanan]
“You don’t have to worry over something like that.” [Elia]
“Ability comes second.” [Michelle]
“If you can’t fight, then I’ll protect you.” [Liera]
“So with that, we’ll be welcoming you, Kanan-han. But of course, if you don’t want to, then we won’t force ya.” [Miyabi]
“Of course not!! Thank you very much!! I’ve been refused so many times, I didn’t know what to do anymroe!! I’ll be in your care!![Kanan]

Today, Kanan succeeded at avoiding a disastrous school life. Although after this she later found out that all of the three girls aside from Miyabi were all nobles. Moreover, two of them were daughters of a duke and an earl. This fact greatly shocked her, but that’s not really important.

What’s important is that the five of them had managed to make friends that they’re able to talk to easily. They might quarrel from time to time, but there’s no doubt that their school life has become better than ever. 






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