The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 2

TL Note;
De aru = Raypin (mage)
De gozaru = Asagi (samurai)

Term changes:
Magic Power Recovery Potion -> Magic Recovery Potion 

I dont want to use MP recovery potion, because it’s too game like for the other characters to mention it. 

The story has game elements, but the other characters don’t really act like it as they barely use any game terms. 

So I’d like to hold off on using game terms as much as possible.

Volume 2 Chapter 2

The battled continued as we substituted several times, taking turns to take rest. After we were able to slay over 2,000 goblins, they finally stopped coming.

Because of the efforts of the healers, and the heal slimes, there weren’t big injuries on our side. As for the front line of the partitioned part of the ditch, it had so many dead bodies scattered on it that there was no more place left to step on.

Some time passed and 4 men came out of nowhere with space magic. These four were Raypin-san, Asagi-san, Gordon-san, and Shell-kun. Everyone else aside from Raypin-san was covered in blood.

“Is everyone alright, de aru?”
“Sorry guys! Relief really came too slow, what’s the situation?”
“It looks fine, yeah? By the looks of things there also seems to be quite a lot of dead bodies here.”
“Raypin-san, Asagi-san, Gordon-san, Shell-kun, you guys came, huh?”
“Hey! Ryouma, you’re safe, de aru!”
“Looks like you also had a rough time, huh? You’re covered in blood.”
“We’re the same too, so we really can’t be speaking for others.”
“That’s true, but anyway, what’s up with this number? More than 2,000 goblins came you know? And from the way you look, it would appear there were also quite a lot on your side…”
“Umu, we have to explain this.”
“Umm… who is the person in charge here? I’d like to talk about the situation.”
“It’s me!”

That voice came from Poly-san as she came over to explain the situation.

“I see, so that’s how it was, de aru.”
“Yes. If it wasn’t for Ryouma-kun and his slimes, the goblins would have broken through and our unit would have been destroyed.”
“It can’t be helped. Just being able to fight against this many without losing anyone is already a miracle, de gozaru.”

“In any case, it’s great that everyone is safe.”
“Umm, how are the people in the main force?”
“For the meantime, the situation’s been settled, de aru. However…”
“No one also died on our side, but many have been injured. The scouts weren’t able to grasp the opponent’s number completely and as a result there were far more than what we had originally expected. They even had a goblin king and a bunch of goblin knights serving it.”
“There was a goblin king!?”

The people around started chattering at the words ‘goblin king’.

“You guys! The goblin king’s already been taken care of so you don’t have to worry!”

At Gordon’s words, everyone calmed down a little, and then right after, people started to cheer. Ignoring that, Gordon continued his explanation.

“The tunnel that the goblins were using as a nest that the scouts found was actually connected to a different place and to a different tunnel just a little bit deeper inside. ‘Search’ apparently wasn’t able to reach until the deeper parts, and we used the map of the mine as a reference and then put up a battle plan.

According to the map, there shouldn’t have been a connecting route there, so the goblins must have dug a path themselves. More than likely they did it in order to widen the path and make their village bigger. There were also several pick axes which the miners seem to have forgotten.”

“The goblin village we attacked was really just a small part of the real thing. A lot of them came from a nesting hole that had become really big, de gozaru. The real village and boss was on the opposite side of the tunnel, it was already after some time after we had begun attacking when we noticed that.

Until then, a large number of goblins were able to escape through a different nesting hole. When we realized it, we immediately tried to stop it, but then the goblin king and the goblin knights resisted, as a result a lot of goblins came at us, de gozaru. This is the result of our incompetence, I truly feel regretful, de gozaru.”

“I see… but since no one was hurt that much, please don’t mind us. However, I do wonder how these many goblins had managed to keep themselves hidden for so long.”

“Raypin-san says that it’s most likely because they were able to feed off the small mice, the cave bats, and the cave mantises who had made their nest here. Because of that they didn’t have to go near the town, and so they were able to multiply to this extent. Within the goblin’s nest, there were plenty of bones belonging cave rats and cave bats. Add to this the fact that since last year no one has been coming close to this mine.”

“Since this mine wasn’t producing iron anymore, the public office has become negligent in managing it. And on top of not making any iron, because this mine wasn’t producing anything, the administration costs regarding it has already become nothing but unwanted expenses. However…”

As Raypin-san said that, he looked around and then said this.

“I’m really glad that everyone’s safe despite fighting so many, de aru. Since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of problems on this side, would it be ok if we took some healers with us? I want to entrust them with healing the injured ones on the side over there, de aru.”
“I understand. Those who still have some magic power left, and can use healing magic, please gather!”

The ones who came out to respond to Poly-san’s words, were me and three other adventurers.

“Sorry but we can only take three people at most with my space magic, de aru. One needs to go by himself, but…”
“Then in that case I’ll stay. Recently I’ve also started to learn ‘movement magic’ so I’ll be able to follow fairly soon.”
“Ryouma, you’ve also become able to use ‘movement magic’? That’s good to hear, de aru.”
“Ah, Raypin-san. Is it ok if you to take something with you?”
“As long as it’s not too big, then it’s fine.”

Hearing that, I called the two heal slimes over.

“Then, please take these two slimes with you, since I still can’t use ‘movement magic’ while taking someone along with me.”
“I understand, de aru. However, what are these slimes, de aru?”
“They’re heal slimes. They’re slimes that can use healing magic.”
“Oh! So this is a heal slime, de aru!? I’ve been researching magical beasts for a long time, but this is my first time seeing one, de aru. Alright, I’ll take responsibility for these two, and take them with me, de aru.”
“Please take care of them.”
“Umu. Then, I’ll be waiting for you there. ‘Warp’ “

As Raypin-san said that, he took the three adventurers with him, and then warped. Next is me, I guess. I’ll go give my greetings to Poly-san, and then I’ll warp over there as well.

“Poly-san, I’ll leave my slimes here, so please take care of them. It’s fine even if you just leave them alone.”
“Please leave it to me.”
“Yes. Then… ‘Teleport’ “

I use the low level short ranged movement magic several times until I reached a place where no one was around. There I used the mid-level magic, ‘Warp’. Naturally, if I were to make it known in front of so many people that I could use mid-level space magic, it would cause a huge commotion, so I went through all the trouble to do this.

When I had warped to the where the others were, I saw many adventurers who have been injured that were receiving treatment.

“Ryouma, over here, de aru!”

Hearing that, I rushed over to Raypin-san, took the two heal slimes, and while drinking the magic recovery potion I got from Serge-san, I continuously healed the injured people.

I and my slimes were healing relatively lightly injured people. Because of this they were fully awake and were able to see the slimes healing them. Seeing the slimes use healing magic, they couldn’t help but be shocked.

It would appear that the heal slimes are rare even amongst the different slime races, because of that there are plenty of people who haven’t seen them. But then again even if you say that they’re rare, I brought two with me so it may not seem like that at all.

After I finished the lightly injured, I went over to heal the more serious ones next.

The people who were injured heavily were only a few, but those few people have bled a lot, and so it took several healers, using the middle class healing magic, ‘High Heal’ in order to heal them.

The low level healing magic, ‘Heal’ won’t work on bigger wounds, but it can serve to delay it from getting worse, so with that in mind, we also joined.

I also distributed the magic recovery potions I had to the other healers.

After some time had passed, the person I was treating and the other healers who were treating others suddenly raised their voices. Hearing that, I asked the other healers in a loud voice.

“What’s wrong!? Do you need more help!?”
“N– No! There’s no problem!”
“It’s just that, the slime here that was helping out suddenly started using ‘High Heal’, I was just surprised!”

Haa!? My heal slimes are!? But my heal slimes can’t use any other healing magic other than ‘heal’. I’ve never seen it use anything other than heal…

The men who heard that reply looked at me and asked,
“Your heal slimes could use ‘High Heal’?”
At that I immediately shook my head.
“It probably learned how to use it just now, since I’ve never seen it use it before.”
“Well I’m grateful that the helping hands have increased!”

As he said that, we went back to healing the adventurers. Then after a while, it would appear that the heal slime who had been treating the patients that screamed a while ago and another patient have also started to use ‘High “heal’. Because of that, after using a lot of magic recovery potions, we were able to save everyone.

After the situation had settled down a bit, I tried checking the skills of the heal slimes, and apparently the skill level had become 3. Incidentally, I also took the opportunity to check mine, and it would seem that it had risen up to 2.

While I was doing that, I was suddenly surrounded by over 10 people, and they showered me with thanks. From what we’ve heard, they were apparently the comrades of the people we healed. While crying they said that if it weren’t for me, my slimes, and my magic potions, their comrades would have died.

As I was having a hard time dealing with them, the guild master came over and ordered me to act as a messenger to the unit I was a part of. Thanks to that I was able to run away. The message he had entrusted with me was to gather by the entrance of the mine.

I give my gratitude to the guild master inside my heart, and then quickly go back to my unit.

After that, I gave the guild master’s instructions to Poly-san. Then, I retrieved my slimes, and then went over to the entrance of the mine where everyone had gathered.

“Good work everyone! Today’s work ended up becoming bigger than expected, but as a result of that, the pay will also increase!”

The moment the guild master mentioned that, cheers began to erupt from all over the place.

“This time, everyone will at the very least, receive 1 big silver coin!”

At those words, the cheers became even louder. The voices of the F and G Rank adventurers were especially loud. 1 big silver coin is equivalent to 5000 suits. That’s enough to live on for 50 days. I guess this is their first time receiving such a big reward, huh?

“Does anyone have any complaints? Good! It’s still early, but we’ll proceed to dealing with the goblin corpses, and after that we’ll end the job here!”

At that, as if the guild master had remembered something, he looked at me and said this.

“Oh yeah, Ryouma!”
“What is it?”
“You’re paying for the corpses of the magical beasts, but you can have the goblins’ for free.”
“If you’re giving it, then I’ll gratefully accept, but is it really ok?”
“The goblins don’t really have any parts that can be sold, so… Hey! you guys are also cool with this, right?”

There were many adventurers who didn’t know that I was buying the corpses of the magical beasts and were greatly surprised, but no one came out to object. Many of them were saying that it’s good that they didn’t have to use magic to deal with the corpses, so they were actually grateful instead.

The method of dealing with the corpses is by incinerating them. It would appear, however, that in spite of the fire magicians being close to using up their magic power, they find being asked to use their magic to be painful and so they don’t really feel like doing it.

“In that case I’ll gratefully accept it. As a reward to the slimes, I’ll have them eat their fill.”

Just accepting is also bad. So I guess after all of this is done I’ll have the cleaner slimes service the adventurers.

After that we went back to where we had waited for the goblins before, and threw the goblins to the ditch were the acid slimes were. Because I’d already retrieved the acid slimes, there were no longer any acid left in the ditch. Along with the acid, the melted goblins had also disappeared, because the acid slimes had already absorbed them.

After we finish throwing off all of the dead bodies, I put the poison slimes and the sticky slimes inside, and made them eat the goblins. As for the scavenger slimes, I had them eat the blood and pieces of guts on the ground, as a result not even a single speck of blood was left.

Now that I think about it, isn’t this quite useful for removing the evidences of a crime? I really don’t want to give these slimes to a bad person. Not that I have any interest of handing these to anyone.

While the slimes were eating, I told the E, F, G, Rank adventurers, who I had worked with first, about the ability of the cleaner slimes, and showed it to them by using the cleaner slime on myself as a demonstration. Seeing my body, my equipment, and the smell that had clung to my clothes, all become clean, the number of people that wanted to try it overwhelmed me. In the end everyone came and asked for it.

After I had the eleven cleaner slimes clean everyone, I waited until the slimes that were eating in the ditch finish, and then after that I went over to where the main force was.

And then in the same way, I offered to have the cleaner slimes clean the people who had helped carry the dead bodies. I also had the scavenger slimes eat the dirt on the ground and the dirt in the nest of the goblins.

Just like a while ago, because the smell of the blood and bodily fluids of the goblins became extremely thin, the adventurers greatly thanked me for the cleaner slimes’ service.

And then as soon as we finished dealing with the corpses, everyone dispersed, rode the stage coaches and then went home. As for me, I rested in a place a little bit separated from where the stagecoaches were, along with the slimes.

Because of all the food the slimes have eaten today, the poison slime, the acid slime, and the cleaner slime have all become able to split. But because I didn’t have enough magic power in order to use the slave monster contract, I had to wait until I got enough magic power.

 In order to allow my magic power to recover faster. I didn’t scramble with the others to be one of the first to ride a stage coach, and decided to be one of the last to ride instead.

I really used up quite a bit of magic power today. As expected I’m quite tired…







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