Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission: Thousand Li to the North, Embrace the Dawn I (2/2) (TEASER)

Gi Go carried the yugushiva to the cave he and Yoshu stayed at before, then he had Yoshu begrudingly treat the yugushiva. When he thought to step out for a walk, he came back with a giant lizard.

Gi Go proposed to take care of dinner in hopes of quelling Yoshu’s dissatisfaction.

“I tied up her up well, so…” Yoshu said.

When Gi Go followed Yoshu’s gaze to the yugushiva, he noted that the yugushiva had herbs and bandages properly applied on her. Yoshu had even prepared a proper place for her to rest, including even a blanket. As far as ‘tied up’ went, Yoshu only tied up her hands with a rope.

“You’re unexpectedly kind,” Gi Go remarked in surprise.


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