The Man Picked up by the Gods

Written by: Roy

Translated by: Jigglypuff


ePub: By eCookie

Below are the changes USI made for the PDF vol 1:

  • Corrected grammar and added punctuation where needed.
  • Shale was named Shell in later chapters, changed name to Shale in all chapters (sounds better to me).
  • Updated Aro-ne to Araune (it was changed in v2 but not updated in v1).
  • Mizelia was called Mizeria in v1, changed it to Mizelia as it sounds better for a girl.
  • Added Glossary based on info found in vol 1-3. (figuring out which god was which was a bit of a challenge.)
  • Renamed chapters.
  • added –de gozaru at the end of Asagi’s sentences in chapter 16.
  • added Raypin’s -de aru to the ending of his sentences where appropriate (he appeared in prior chapters, but you didn’t add -de aru until later.)

Below are the changes USI made for the PDF vol 2:

  • Fixed the grammar and punctuation where needed.
  • Changed Shell to Shale to be consistent with v1.
  • Updated and expanded Glossary with new info in v2 and descriptions of Jamil family from the raws.
  • Changed the comma to a dash in front of ‘de aru’ and ‘de gozaru’ to keep consistent with v1. (ex. hello, de aru –> hello –de aru)
  • Changed the ‘character speaking’ ending from ‘- Shale’ to ‘[Shale]’ to be consistent with the majority of v2 and all of v3.
  • Changed Lenny –> Reni in sections where it had not been changed yet (beginning in ch.6)
  • Changed Karma –> Carm in places that hadn’t been changed yet (beginning in chapter 11)

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