Announcement – Vacation, Goblin Fridays, and Schedule Change

Hi guys, Jiggly here.

So basically, these past two weeks I’ve been taking exams on the weekends, and have been unable to bring you guys chapters. 

Unfortunately, though, I ‘ll have to take yet another leave on the weekends. But this time, it’s for a family vacation. So, yeah, next chapter will be on Monday, and I’ll post the extra chapters, next week as well. 

By the way, I know I said this before, but really, thanks for all the support for my exams.  ^_^

Goblin Fridays 
I’m sure quite a few of you guys won’t like this, but I’ve really been wanting to get that goblin chapter out. It’s been half-way for a long time already, so I decided to dedicate a day for it. Just one though, Fridays. So, every Friday will be Goblin Friday. 

For those who don’t know, the series I’m talking about is:

So in summary, I will be on vacation on the 18th and the 19th. Next chapter of ‘The Man Picked up by the Gods’ on the 20th. And every Friday starting next week, will be Goblin Friday, and a chapter of Goblin Kingdom will be posted instead. 






9 responses to “Announcement – Vacation, Goblin Fridays, and Schedule Change”

  1. Aquarilas Avatar

    Have a good trip~

  2. Elemintabni Avatar

    Have fun~ Don't sing too much k~

  3. hoaian1 Avatar

    lol Ryo just said workers need day off 😀

  4. Ridenzel Yu Avatar

    Have fun you need the day off cause tranlating while taking exams is hard i'd say this vacation should be considered well earned

  5. Kevin Christian Avatar

    Lebaran ya?

  6. libraryrocker Avatar

    Have lots of fun on your vacation!!!

  7. Kazekid Avatar

    Have a nice vacation and be safe~

  8. Xanon Avatar

    Enjoy your vac!

  9. mike lynn Avatar

    Enjoy you vacation! Very excited you decided to pick up the Goblin series! LOL Goblin Friday XD

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