Chapter 10 will be delayed

I have to run some errands today so chapter 10 will, unfortunately, be quite late. But, it should come out today. Unless something happens I don’t think I’ll be out that long. I guess you can expect the chapter before 23:00.

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  1. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for your dedication. I got bored yesterday and tried translating the next chapter for the first time but it was horribly slow.

    If anyone wants a preview I did the first page of this chapter before giving up.

    Chapter 10

    Three days later.

    ~Side Ryoma~

    Three days have passed from that day I made Elia cry. Since the landslide we have been traveling smoothly with no problems, and today we have finally reached our destination Gimel (TLN: Gimuru).

    “We’ve arrived. This is the town of Gimel.”

    Gimel is large, but it’s an idyllic town surrounded by greenery. Apparently this town has a large mine nearby. For several years the iron production of the mine has been declining to almost zero. The purpose of this inspection is to decide whether to abandon the mine.

    The mine closing seems inevitable. “Because there isn’t just one mine, it isn’t a problem to close it because the town has ten more.” said Reinhart, continuing our conversation.

    The mine was producing almost nothing since about three years ago, and the miners were told it would close unless a new vein was discovered. It seems the miners stopped working there last year, since no one wants to work in a place that will yield no results.

    “Well let’s go to the Tamer’s Guild after we take our luggage to the inn”.

    The Tamer’s Guild is for those who study either summoning or slave magic. Its main purpose is for registering or brokering information.

    Similar to the Tamer’s guild, there is also an Adventurer’s, Magicians, and Commercial Guild too, but the Tamer’s guild has far fewer members than the other three, because slave magic is unpopular as it is frightening to people. Therefore the size of the town guild building is small. Usually a town of this size would not have a Tamer’s guild, but its existence is valuable because slave demons are use to haul loads for the mine.

    Today madam is in a good mood, humming and singing while leading me and Elia by the hand. While moving the baggage to the inn there is only one thing on my mind.

    “Information about research… should I tell… the guild?”

    “It’s up to you. As the discoverer you are free to publish your findings or not.”

    Is that so…?

    “Then evolution conditions… method to tame big slime… two new slimes…

    Should I not tell about sticky slime fluid?”

    “You shouldn’t publish that. Waterproof cloth is going to be a huge product, and we don’t want imitations.”

    “Oh. Then it’s a secret.”

    When the talk ended I expected to be taken the Tamer’s Guild immediately, but we were stopped by Mr Rhinebach.

    “Ryoma has never been to the church? Wouldn’t it be better to go there first and disclose his status?”

    At his words Ms. Reinhart agreed. Is seems to be possible for the status of a person to be projected by a thing called a status board which is issued by the church. Such a thing would be required to register at the guild.

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