Emperor of the Galaxy – Series Info

Emperor of the Galaxy (星河の覇皇)

1000 years later in the wide galaxy, amongst the four civilizations, the human race is currently in turmoil. In these conflicted times within the many stars, the heroes appear. Will these heroes change the galaxy with their hands? This is a tale about these heroes and the stars around them.

Author: 坂田火魯志
Chapters: 5307
Tags: World, SF, War, Politics, Armada, Serious, Humans, Battle, State/Nation, High Tech, Military History, Army, Nobles, Future, Space
RAW: http://www.akatsuki-novels.com/stories/index/novel_id~2795 

TL Note: I’ve been looking for something less light-hearted to TL for a while now. I haven’t read this yet, so I might translate a few chapters then see what to do. Oh, and I did google around to see if anyone else was TL’ing this, but apparently no one was. So yeah, let’s see where this goes.






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  1. Arthur Gibbs Avatar

    Great. However I have a suggestion. In case you are looking for a new series, would it not good to pick up an existing series rather than a new one. Right now I see lot of good series stuck in middle due to low translation speed or translators dropping it.

  2. Neo Avatar

    It's because I want to start the translation from the start. Also, I fancy the idea of possibly uncovering a hidden gem by tl'ing it for a different audience other than the Japanese.

    And it's not like I've made my decision to pick this up yet, since i haven't read it and don't know how good it is, so I'll be translating a few chapters and then decide what to do.

    For the record, the first chapter will either come out before I go to sleep tonight, or tomorrow morning.

  3. Neo Avatar

    Oh, and I really like the fact that this is really looooooooooooooong. haha.

  4. timetogo Avatar

    How will this effect the man picked up by the gods releases in the coming weeks

  5. Neo Avatar

    It won't for now. I'm not picking this up, just testing the waters for now. The man picked up by the gods will follow the translation schedule, whereas this one won't have any.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Different audience???? you know this is the internet and your readers are from all over the world (i`m from chile) and if you need a looong novel, martial god space ( https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=122400 ) is the real deal (2939 Chapters (Ongoing)) and got dropped by thatguy, so i beg you to check that one :))

  7. Neo Avatar

    Unfortunately, while I am studying Chinese, it's not up to par for translating yet. In the future I'll translate Chinese novels too, but that's quite far off. RIght now I can only translate Japanese novels.

  8. Firestorm Avatar

    Does anyone know if The man picked up by the gods is a harem story? I feel it has the potential

  9. Ronald Green Avatar

    5307 chapters?!?! Jesus how long are the chapters

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