Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission 2/2 (TEASER)

“Please wait for a moment.” [Boy]

The boy said when we reached the cliff.

There wasn’t anything around, so I thought he was waiting for another of his slimes, but to my surprise, the boy instead used ‘Break Rock’ on the cliff up ahead to open a path.

“Here…” [Boy]

So this is the home the boy was talking about. It is indeed a sturdy cave that could shelter against beasts and monsters.

When we entered the cave, the boy put up a barrier behind us, making the cave even safer.

I didn’t think he’d know barrier magic. It’s useful but it’s not something just anyone could use. In fact, Camil himself pointed that out.

“Is that barrier magic? You sure know some strange magic, boy. The effect of this barrier is concealment, right?” [Camil]
“Don’t worry… You’ll be able to… run anytime.” [Boy]
“I see… Thanks.” [Camil]

The boy nodded curtly, then he passed us and went deep into the cave.

“He’s pretty considerate.” [Reinhart]
“Indeed, Master Reinhart.” [Jill]
“Hey, you’re going to get left behind.” [Zeff]
“Ahh, we’re going, we’re going.” [Jill]

When we entered the cave, we immediately noted that the walls and the floor had been properly leveled. The whole place was even furnished with furniture made of stone and wood, while magic stones set onto the walls illuminated the area.

“Wow…” [Jill]
“This is more homely than I thought.” [Reinhart]
“The wounded, lay him down, here…” [Boy]
“Sorry, Hyuzu. We’re gonna have to put you down for a bit.” [Reinhart]
“R…Right…” [Hyuzu]
“Wait… I’ll bring… potion…” [Boy]

After laying Hyuzu on the bed, I watched the boy as he went deeper into the cave.

“Well, in any case, with this we can finally relax a bit.” [Reinhart]
“The place is a lot better than expected. Hyuzu should be able to rest well.” [JIll]
“We owe him one.” [Reinhart]
“…” [Zeff]

Zeff had a grim look on his face as he examined the surroundings. Zeff was the most knowledgeable among the escorts when it came to stealth and traps, so he’s been assigned as the scout. The fact that he was making a grim face could only mean…

“Zeff, is something wrong?” [Reinhart]
“Don’t you think there’s something odd about this place? I’m not talking about traps. I’m saying it feels like someone has been living in this place for a long time depsite there only being enough furniture for one person.” [Zeff]

It was normal for a camp to have little furnishing, but a map could be seen laid out on one of the walls here. There were even drawings of the different animals and a musical instrument at the corner of the room.

Although the room looked dreary, it felt just like a kid’s room. Moreover, just as Zeff had mentioned, there’s only enough furnishing for one person. It’s strange indeed.

“Is that boy living here all by himself?” [Reinhart]
“No way. Sure, I was surprised to see him use familiar magic, barrier magic, and even earth magic, but no child could normally live by himself out here in a forest like this. There’s probably someone else here.” [Camil]
“Or he could be older than he looks. For example, if he were an elf…” [Jill]

As Camil and Jill conversed, the boy came back with a slime carrying a lot of potions.

“Potions.” [Boy]
“Thank you. I’ll definitely repay this debt one day.” [Reinhart]
“Don’t mind… I can make them, so… Take as much… as you need.” [Boy]

When the boy said that, we all looked at each other in silent shock. The first to exclaim out loud was Camil.

“You made these!?” [Camil]

The boy flinched for a moment at Camil’s sudden outburst, but he quickly nodded his head to answer. Camil’s reaction was a bit over the top, but the boy’s potion was indeed comparable to the ones sold in the stores. This boy is getting more mysterious by the second.

“Water.” [Boy]

While I was thinking to myself, the boy offered me a stone cup. It was filled with water generated through magic. It was chilled just right.

“Thanks.” [Reinhart]
“Thank you.” [Jill]
“Thanks, boy.” [Camil]
“Thank you.” [Zeff]
“Oh…” [Boy]
“Hmm? Something wrong?” [Reinhart]
“Name… Ryouma…” [Boy]

Oh, right. We haven’t introduced ourselves yet.

“So your name is Ryouma. Please excuse my belated introduction, I am Reinhart Jamil, the feudal lord of the Ducal Household of Jamil. I thank you for aiding me during my subordinate’s difficult period.” [Reinhart]
“Duca-!? Please excuse my manners!” [Ryouma]

I tried to speak as gently as possible to avoid scaring him, but the moment I named myself, he stiffened up and bowed deeply. What was surprising was that his movements were much more refined despite his difficulty in talking.

“Please stand up. You are my benefactor. You don’t have to be formal with me.” [Reinhart]

It seems he didn’t know I was from a duke’s household. He lifted up his face just as I asked him, but unfortunately, he stopped talking.

I don’t really mind, though; good grief…


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