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Sorry for the lack of chapters guys. Especially to those who waited for the Wednesday chapter. Unfortunately, there’s no internet at my house. I won’t be able to post chapters until the internet guys come over to fix it.

 I am currently posting this on my ipad by borrowing my uncle’s wifi. My main computer doesn’t have wifi and I can’t use my ipad to translate the chapters. Again, sorry for the incovenience. I’ll let you guys know when the net comes back.

EDIT: Just to confim, there will be no mass release. I can’t translate anything without the internet, and  I can’t look at my ipad for too long without getting headaches. Translation will resume from chapter 22 when the internet comes back.

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  1. No worries, thanks for updating us. And I am pretty sure we're pretty happy with getting so many chapters so far.

  2. no problem, ty for informing us. ty for the work you put into the chapters even if we cant read it/them yet.

  3. no problemo. But cant you translate it on the pc and tranfer it to the ipad to post? It is a bit troublesome but should work, that said it is your call. P.S.: Sorry for the bad english i not a native speaker of english AND a poor writher.

  4. Noooo you have to apaciguate the Internet gods sacrificing a Virgin móviles modem and chant the rules of the Internet

  5. Ah so that's what happened~ Quite unfortunate, hope things get sorted quickly (Hopefully I didn't jinx that).

  6. thanx 4 info juz keep translating and release all of them to match lost schedule when u r back online.

  7. theres no worries we understand no net= no raws= no translations. ty for all the work you have done and will do when you get net back. doesn't ipad connect to computer and allow file transfer?, if so you could try print page to a doc on ipad then load it to your pc(just an idea dont know if ipad could do that)

  8. Let me tell you a secret, if You live in America theirs free WIFI every where. Just go to any commercial fastfood restaurant or store. EX. MacDonal, carls jr.

  9. No worries, take you time.
    It might be a good idea to buy a USB wifi adapter for you pc, they go for around $10.

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