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I am Jigglypuff!
Right, I’ll try to keep this short. Basically I’m a really whimsical person and I chose the series I’m translating now randomly, I also chose my name, blog name, and site randomly. Didn’t even know if I could actually translate with my level of Japanese, although, I have read novels in Japanese… but I’ve never translated.

Anyways, I’ve finally decided on a more apt name for myself. I chose my avatar randomly too, but it’s grown on me. And as such from this day on, I shall be referred to as Jigglypuff! Jiggly-sensei! 😀

Translation Schedule

TLDR: 1 Chapter everyday. If it’s one of the longer ones I’m cutting it into parts.
So I’m going to change the schedule again. This time I’m going to do things by parts. A normal Chinese webnovel chapter actually goes for around 2k to 2.5k words in English after translation. Or at the very least CD does.

The Man Picked up by the Gods goes from 2k to 6k+ words in English after translations. This discrepancy is just ridiculous. So I’ve technically been doing double or triple releases on some days. Chapter 22 is an example of almost 6k words at 5.6k words, and no, that’s not the longest one. Just one of the more recent long ones. 

And so I’ve decided to post chapter parts every day from now on instead of full chapters for a total of seven chapter parts. Don’t worry, I’m not just doing this because I like cliff hanging people. It’s because it’s actually annoying to randomly realize that I have to write a 6000 word translations on some days. Anyways each chapter part will have around 2k to 2.5k words. That chapter part may or may not actually be a full chapter. It’s so random so who knows, you might actually get seven chapters in a week or just two long ones and one short. But regardless you’ll get similar number of words.

If there’s any discrepancy in the number of words between chapter parts from now on, that’ll be because I’m looking for a good place to cut the chapter. So one may end up longer or shorter than the others. But you won’t get a situation where one chapter is 2k and another is 500words. That won’t be happening.

Donation and Extra Chapters
So this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, I hope you guys don’t get mad. It’s optional anyway. I’ll do an extra chapter part whenever the donation box reaches 50$. And I’ll commit to releasing a total of at least three of these in a week. Anything more than that, depends on me. If I can afford to release more, then I will. I’ll make some site changes to make the queue number viewable.

Schedule for Extra Chapters

In every week from now on there will be 7 regular chapter parts each at 2k to 2.5k words. With extra parts I’ll simply increase that from 7 to 8 to 9… etc. And I’ll be releasing it sometime in that week.






22 responses to “Jigglypuff, Schedules, and Donations”

  1. Arthur Dent Avatar

    Well….i was happy with the past schedule (even if some chapter was shorter) and i find a little weird to translate with the nomber of word…. i don't know what to think of THAT.

  2. Aquarilas Avatar

    The 7 chapter parts are only during the Friday-Monday timeframe more or less (and the random aspect on Saturday). The Tuesday-Thursday days off still apply for school I assume? Just checking I understand it correctly.

  3. JigglyPuff Avatar

    But 6k words a day is crazy man. It takes 8 hours to translate 6k.

  4. JigglyPuff Avatar

    one chapter part every day from now on… I'll fix the sched on the toc and the sidebar.

  5. Aquarilas Avatar

    Ah okay. So I did misunderstand a bit. Thanks for clarifying.

  6. Laclongquan Avatar

    shintranslation does the same thing with long-assed chapters of The New Gate.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    A bit random but it works! I was beginning to grow anxious over the fact that I would have to endure three days a week without translations. It's torturous! Thanks for the schedule change and I await the glorious humiliation of Sachi and the rest of “Fang of Orbtem.” – Gizmo

  8. Arthur Dent Avatar

    well shintranslation is once a week not a every day work……but i don't know…. 2,5K is… I believe if you do just like for the 24 chapter it will be good no?
    Cut in 2, but a chapter in more than 2 part…… that make me think of some other LN (don't remerber exactly what LN), they cut the chapter in 6-7 part but each part is like a chapter medium or big so it's ok. But for a 6K like chapter 24 you cut in 3part?!
    Man~ i really don't think it's a good idea. You cut in 2 and it was good, if you cut in 3…..

  9. Anonymous Avatar

    I can live with one chapter part per day. At least I know it will be regularly released. Thank You for translating it in the first place! but try to hold back on the (stopping at) cliffhangers to at least only one every other release or I might cry.

  10. JigglyPuff Avatar

    That's true. I'll think about it when I see the chapter. But as you've mentioned I'll prbalby just cut it into 2 3k slices. Heh, slices.

  11. libraryrocker Avatar

    Please don't stress yourself out…

  12. klkj101 Avatar

    humiliation is not enough i want the annihilation of sachi and the fang of orbtem

  13. Mee Avatar

    So you're saying I should donate 50$?

  14. JigglyPuff Avatar

    Nah, it's optional. You'll get a chapter everyday with or without it or a part of it if the chapter is long as per the new schedule. I'll just increase the chapters in a week whenever the donation box reaches that amount. Please don't stress yourself over this.

  15. Anonymous Avatar

    …this means ch 25 will be FULL of cliffhangers? XD

  16. merru Avatar

    hmm..parts eh….I might as well wait for several days and then read your stuff

  17. Nydestroyer Avatar

    Time to end each chapter segment with a bit of fan fiction just to really confuse people 😀 also after you finish the whole chapter are you going to post the thing compiled into the same post after the chapter is done?

  18. JigglyPuff Avatar

    Yes. I'll be compiling it just as I've done for CH 24.

    I'll also be providing a link in the compiled chapter to the previous part(s) so readers that want to read the old comments or want to experience the chapter that way could. After all there are some minute differences. LIke cliffhangers for one. :D.

  19. Sniter Avatar

    You are doing a god job eitherway but the cliffhangers are killing me Jiggly-sensei! http://youtu.be/A14qyN0rVGA

  20. Unknown Avatar

    How many chapters does this series have? Or is it still ongoing and active?

  21. Anonymous Avatar

    If you do this, I hope you'll start leaving markers to show where these chapter bits start/stop… something like a small number or something.

  22. JigglyPuff Avatar

    Alright. I'll mention where to Ctrl+F in the TL Note.

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