New Schedule

Three chapters for each series a week; to be posted alternately. GK today, TMPG tomorrow… etc. This puts us at a six chapter a week schedule. 

GK: M, W, F

Time: until 0:00 (GMT+8)

I have a tendency to procastinate the chapters until the last moment so… yeah.
Queue reopened, every time the queue reaches 70$, an extra chapter will be scheduled. This is available for both series.
Chapter will be posted on that week, or next week if the queue was filled late into the week. Chapters will mostly be full chapters this time around. 
Just make sure to mention which series you want your donation to be added to when donating. 


 If there are any delays, just check my twitter @NeoTranslations. It’s the holidays so I’ll probably have to go out several times in a week. Most likely on the 25th, 31st and the 1st.  
 That’s all, folks. Happy holidays.






3 responses to “New Schedule”

  1. Anno1982 Avatar

    you are my hero, thanks in advance for all the coming chapters

  2. Bad robot Avatar

    I love you

  3. ives1979 Avatar

    Yay thank you! these will now be my favorite days of the week: TMPG: T, TH, SAT ^.^

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