Sorry about the short notice, but  I don’t think it’ll be possible for me to release a chapter today. 

Actually, I have another exam tomorrow. I thought I’d be able to finish up my preparations quicker, but unfortunately it looks like I won’t have time to translate today. 

I’ll try to post a chapter tomorrow Saturday instead after I finish my exams.

Also there won’t be any chapter on Sunday because I have to go somewhere, so the extra chapter will be released next week. 






21 responses to “NO CHAPTER TODAY”

  1. doug89 Avatar

    I was laying on my bed reading a novel when I hear a faint sound from my headphones. “ping” is goes, my RSS feed announcing that a new chapter has been released. Getting up and rushing to my PC, I'm joyous because at this time of day, it must be a new “The Man Picked Up By The Gods” chapter.

    I excitedly open new tabs, one for a new submission on /r/lightnovels, another for my previous submissions so I can copy and paste the template to make a discussion post. This is one of my favourite series and I was looking forward to it.

    I click on my RSS reader and to my great disappointment read the title “NO CHAPTER TODAY”.

    Why? Why did you do this?

    I'm going to lay down and cry now.

  2. dung tran Avatar

    it ok dude, rl such . wish you luck

  3. dung tran Avatar

    you are mean!!!

  4. JigglyPuff Avatar

    Sorry mate. Don't cry so much, I'll post tomorrow. .

    How about a song to make tomorrow come faster?

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Good luck on your exams.

  6. LygarX Avatar

    As a Translator myself for some novels, I have to say that you already work too hard.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    so the extra will not be on monday huh, , , ,, goodluck on the exam.

  8. Dauntes Avatar

    No worries man. 🙂 Take care!

  9. Zed Avatar

    GL mate!

  10. Kevin Christian Avatar

    Take care of your exam first, yo!

  11. Mahyuddin Hanannan Avatar

    Good luck, just kick the exam successfully

  12. rubah Avatar

    Thank you for spoiling us so much with the lengthty and fast updates, Jiggly-sensei. Very surprised hearing you having an exam, and still able to bring us these lovely reads. I wish you all the best, looking forward to your comeback.

  13. Anonymous Avatar

    Best of luck with the exams! Please make sure to study carefully.

  14. Anonymous Avatar

    Best of luck.

  15. Anonymous Avatar

    itßs alright RL comes first ^^

  16. Sansern Phasukthaworn Avatar

    Go get an A, you can give us A chapter later.

  17. libraryrocker Avatar

    Best of luck on your exams!!! Thanks so very much for all your efforts!!!

  18. Anonymous Avatar

    As sad as I am, it doesn't compare to the happiness of knowing that more chapters are to come. – Gizmo
    P.S. Go make that test suffer by making it look like a piece of cake for not allowing for a translation today.

  19. lace_ficker Avatar


  20. Raibin Zamuar Avatar

    which novel are you working right now? can i have the link?

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