POLL – Do you want a darker theme?

I don’t know how to make a button fir the blog that will allow you guys to choose a theme. So make a decision. Either it’s dark or light.

P.S. I highly recommend flux for those who have a hard time with bright screens like me. CLICK HERE FOR FLUX

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7 responses to “POLL – Do you want a darker theme?”

  1. doug89 Avatar

    Thanks for being considerate of the wishes of your readers. It doesn't bother me since I invert the colours on pages like this by default.


  2. Laclongquan Avatar

    Not particularly. Though if the darker themes have bigger fonts than this then I dont mind if you change.

  3. Unknown Avatar

    I think it is perfect as is…

  4. Joseph Orellana Avatar

    dark themes are easier on the eyes even more so if your like me who reads at night or gets little sleep due to my work….. i get headaches from all the white theme sites lol

  5. DarkN3sck Avatar

    How did you do it?

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    We're all bad people to want darker screens. We read when we're supposed to sleep… -Gizmo

  7. WillTell Avatar

    Well, I don't care about the theme, since my browser has a reader mode that I can customize.

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